The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1362

Chapter 1362: Unexpected Trouble

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Once the elder was gone, Wang Chong extricated himself from the pile of corpses by the bonfire. After glancing in the direction the elder had left, Wang Chong swiftly made his way down the mountain.


Suddenly, as he passed his eyes over Blood Eye's headless corpse, his eyes widened, and he turned around and landed next to Blood Eye. He extended his right hand, removing a secret manual from Blood Eye's bosom.

This book had been placed in a well-hidden position by Blood Eye, but the fierce battle and the final fall had caused a corner of it to protrude outward.

Wang Chong had battled with the men in black many times but had never obtained any treasures from their bodies. The men in black operated with simplicity and efficiency. For every mission, they would always bring only what they needed. Thus, this secret manual that had poked out seemed extremely special.

Wang Chong took it up and immediately saw the three words on its cover.

Void Movement Technique!

Wang Chong felt his heart jolt at these words.

"To think that it would be this!"

Wang Chong was both surprised and elated at this unexpected harvest. These men in black had mysterious origins, but there was no questioning the profundity of their martial arts. Whether it was the Fire of Ju Bi, Fire of Mara, or the Fire of Lu Wu, they were all extremely powerful kinds of energy.

And the movement technique used by this recent batch of men in black was also an extremely profound martial art. This movement technique allowed them to move with such incredible speed that Wang Chong could only keep track of them by tracing their energy trails in the world of energy. For anyone else, even those of a similar level of strength, they would have undoubtedly been struck by the enemy attacks.

Most importantly, movement techniques had never been one of Wang Chong's strong points, and the movement technique recently used by these men in black far surpassed the vast majority of the world's movement techniques. This perfectly complemented Wang Chong's flaw.

And in his current state of cultivation defect, this technique would allow Wang Chong to more easily escape from certain situations and increase his survivability.

Wang Chong swiftly put the 'Void Movement Technique' manual into his bosom.

Chaos still reigned in the darkness, the cries of fighting echoing endlessly in his ears.

Wang Chong continued to make his way down the slope, encountering many battling men in black and Righteous Alliance disciples along the way. Under the cover of darkness, Wang Chong was able to avoid detection and quickly reached an area near the base of the mountain. He would only need a little longer to make his departure.


When he was still several meters from the base of the mountain, a sharp cry came from overhead. This was extremely abrupt and caused Wang Chong to raise his head in surprise. He spotted a muscular black silhouette in the sky, its two wings spread out as it glided by.

It was a black eagle!

The starlight was dim, but Wang Chong could still clearly see the eagle's sharp eyes, dazzling like two stars. This eagle was looking down below and constantly circling the perimeter of the mountain as if it was searching for something.


Wang Chong's expression chilled and a deep apprehension emerged in his mind.

This is a countermeasure of those men in black against me!

Wang Chong instinctively understood what was going on. There were no battles taking place on the perimeter of the mountain, and there was no need for an eagle to keep watch here. There was no doubt that this eagle was meant to prevent people from leaving the mountain. Even in the middle of an intense battle, these men in black had not relaxed their vigilance and had left this eagle to keep a watch out for their target.

Wang Chong sensed that while those three bamboo hat men, particularly the leader who was fiercely fighting with Song Yuanyi, were all occupied with battle, if he were to reveal himself, they would immediately cast aside everything else and pursue him.


As he was thinking, he heard a sound from nearby. Turning to look, he saw a rock rolling down the mountain, apparently knocked loose by a strong wind or a bolt of energy. Creeee! The eagle in the sky cried out!

A moment later, boom! Black Stellar Energy shot over and struck the rolling rock, instantly obliterating it.


Wang Chong looked over to where that Stellar Energy had come from and saw a man in black drawing back his palm, apparently realizing that it was just a rock. With a leap, he quickly withdrew into the distance, his eyes warily observing the mountain. This sight caused Wang Chong's heart to sink.

Wang Chong used this moment to swiftly inspect his surroundings. This time, Wang Chong managed to pick up a few details that he had not the first time around.

Men in black had been positioned around thirty to forty meters from the mountain, standing motionless in the darkness.

No matter how intense the battle on the mountain was, they showed no intention of intervening. They stood guard around the mountain, vigilantly watching their surroundings, the smallest sign of activity immediately drawing their attention.

These people were here to watch, not fight!

The eagle in the sky, the men in black on the ground Wang Chong's heart sank even more. These men in black had meticulously planned out their countermeasures against him. Leaving this mountain without alarming anyone would not be as easy as he had imagined.

This is a problem!

Wang Chong furrowed his brow. With his current abilities, he could naturally force his way through, but this would probably earn him the attention of Song Yuanyi, the golden giant, and all the rest of the men in black.

It would be no easy task to throw off their pursuit.

It seems like I'll have to think of another way, Wang Chong quietly said to himself, countless thoughts running through his mind. Although the men in black had locked down the area, there was definitely a way, even if a slightly more troublesome one.


As Wang Chong concealed himself and began to think, he was suddenly alerted by a sharp voice and an almost inaudible rustle from behind him. Bzzz! Wang Chong immediately shot to the side without a second thought.


A thin silver needle around seven inches long brushed past Wang Chong, sinking into the rock in front of him. That sturdy rock seemed to be as fragile as tofu in front of that needle.

At this moment, a sinister and familiar voice came from behind him. "Young Master Qingyang, where do you think you're going?" Ji Andu, garbed in a black robe whose right shoulder and sleeve were spattered with blood, was gloomily staring at Wang Chong, his eyes like those of a venomous snake.

"Young Master Ji, what are you doing?"

Wang Chong took two steps back, putting on a face of shock and confusion for Ji Andu to see.

"Hmph, stop pretending. From the very first day, I thought that there was something strange about you. Although I don't know what's going on, you're definitely not Young Master Qingyang. Moreover on the mountain, you set me up!"

At these last words, Ji Andu gnashed his teeth, his eyes exploding with killing intent.

The attack of the men in black had been very strange, and then there was that 'black-clothed assassin' who had drawn over that pile of men in black to attack him before completely vanishing. If he had not used the Blood Escape art, he would have already been dead.

And when he tried to flee from the mountain, he discovered that the three bamboo hat men and others were standing guard. In the end, Ji Andu was forced to return to the mountain and hide.

Ji Andu had racked his mind and determined that there was only one person in the Righteous Alliance with the capability and motive to set him up: 'Young Master Qingyang'.

"Protector Ji, I have no idea what you're talking about. Your misunderstandings of me are far too great!" Wang Chong said as he engaged in a standoff with Ji Andu.

"Hmph, it doesn't matter if you know or not. This time, no one will come to save you. I'd like to see how long you can keep up your pretenses in front of me!" Ji Andu coldly said, his eyes surging with a desire to kill.


Ji Andu stomped forward, his robes and hair beginning to dance around him despite the lack of wind. As Wang Chong watched, an energy much stronger than he had exuded before erupted from his body. This time, however, the energy was dark and sinister, tinged with indescribable evil. Wang Chong even smelled a strong stench of blood.

"This is!"

Wang Chong was alarmed as he seemed to think of something.

"Hmph! Ever since I entered the Righteous Alliance and became a disciple of the righteous path, Song Yuanyi has forbidden me from using this art. But since he's got his own matters to worry about right now, I'd like to see who can save you now. It doesn't matter if you're real or a sham; I'll turn you into a shriveled corpse!"

Ji Andu's face was shrouded in black energy and twisted in savagery.


Before Wang Chong could respond, the black energy around Ji Andu's body exploded, the shadows shifting around him. Suddenly, a black sun was suspended in front of Ji Andu's body, exuding tremendous suction that caused stones, dust, and wind to spin around him.

Kacrack! A large rock nearby along with pieces of firewood were pulled up from the ground by the force Ji Andu exuded.

"What is this?!"

Wang Chong's eyes widened. Ji Andu's aura gave him a familiar feeling, as it was somewhat similar to the Little Yinyang Art, but it was also stronger, similar to the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art. However, Wang Chong's Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art would never create this kind of black sun.

"Just what sort of thing did he cultivate?!"

Wang Chong's eyebrows twitched.