The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1366

Chapter 1366: Throwing A Rock At Your Own Foot

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


The Righteous Alliance experts had originally believed that Ji Andu was speaking nonsense and was trying to frame Young Master Qingyang out of envy for the closeness of his relationship with Song Youran. But now that they thought about it, they truly did not know where this Young Master Qingyang had been throughout the battle. He had seemingly disappeared like a puff of steam.

At this moment, even Ouyang Changheng, who had firmly supported Wang Chong, unconsciously shot a glance at him.

Wang Chong said nothing, his expression calm. He did not attempt to retort as he waited for Ji Andu to finish.

"Not only that, it's one thing if Young Master Qingyang doesn't help us, but do all of you know where I found him at the fiercest moments of the battle? At the base of the mountain! I found him at the base of the mountain. That Young Master Qingyang of yours was getting ready to secretly flee this place!" Ji Andu coldly said, his voice oozing with disdain.


The crowd fell into an uproar. However, Song Yuanyi and Xie Guangting remained unmoved.

"How could this be?"

The Righteous Alliance experts began to whisper amongst themselves, shooting glances that were different from before at Wang Chong.

"Hmph, that's not the end of it. Did none of you notice that when these people first arrived, they seemed to charge straight up the mountain with a definite goal, but when it seemed like they couldn't find their target, they began to fight with us? Do you need me to explain to you what might be worth searching for in our Righteous Alliance?"

Ji Andu broadly grinned. He stared viciously at Wang Chong, his intentions clear.


For a moment, all fell silent, save for the sound of the gusting wind. Everyone stared at 'Young Master Qingyang', an invisible tension building up in the air.

At this time, only three people had retained their composure. One was Righteous Alliance Lord Song Yuanyi, the second was Righteous Alliance Vice Lord Xie Guangting, and the last was none other than the center of attention, Wang Chong.

"Are you done?" Wang Chong said indifferently as he walked forward with his hands behind his back. These three words immediately had everyone waiting with bated breath. His expression was composed, and even though all the experts of the Righteous Alliance surrounded him, he showed no fear. When he heard that Song Yuanyi had invited him, Wang Chong had already guessed at what was going on.

There was no such thing as a free banquet. Whether it was Ji Andu, Song Yuanyi, or the vice alliance lord, all of them were difficult customers. The first would find every way to make trouble for him while the other two had succeeded in entrapping the Demonic Emperor Old Man at his peak. From this, one could easily see how shrewd they had to be.

These people had been suspicious of him from the very start, and recent events had probably only increased their suspicion. If he answered poorly, all the Righteous Alliance experts surrounding him would attack.

It seemed like Song Yuanyi was choosing to stand by the wayside or even speak up on his behalf. But Wang Chong was sure that if he didn't step up, the Righteous Alliance Lord would strike more swiftly and viciously than anyone else here!

"It seems like Protector Ji's bias toward me has already reached an irreconcilable level! With just a few groundless accusations, you wish to push me into the abyss! Truly a completely unscrupulous fellow!

Wang Chong shot a glance at Ji Andu, who felt his heart jolt in ill foreboding.

"Hmph, I'd like to see what arguments you can make!" Ji Andu coldly sneered.

"On my first day in the Righteous Alliance, Protector Ji misunderstood me to have designs on Miss Song and wanted to attack me, but Miss Song stopped him. Then, he started to doubt that I was the real Young Master Qingyang. Even now, when the alliance was under attack and everyone was bitterly fighting, Protector Ji was not thinking about ways to deal with the men in black, but ran all the way to the base of the mountain to find me! I thoroughly appreciate Protector Ji's heartfelt concern!"

Wang Chong glanced at Ji Andu and smirked.


Ji Andu felt his heart thump once more, his face instantly paling.

The expression in the eyes of the Righteous Alliance Elders and disciples also shifted. In this battle, the Righteous Alliance had sustained serious losses, with six to seven hundred disciples entering their eternal sleep. When Ji Andu, a Protector of the Righteous Alliance, was needed the most, he had run off to search for Young Master Qingyang. There was no denying this.

"Don't speak nonsense! The entire mountain was covered in enemies. I had rushed there at the time to reinforce the area!" Ji Andu harshly said.

The expressions of the others remained doubtful. Saying anything more at this time was pointless. There was no question that Ji Andu was targeting Young Master Qingyang, and the explanation he gave now was a feeble and unconvincing one.

"Heh, whether that's right or wrong, I won't say. I'm sure everyone understands," Wang Chong said.

"Don't try your word tricks here! You didn't appear once during this night raid, much less command the Righteous Alliance disciples in dealing with the men in black. When something abnormal happens, there's always an evildoer behind it. While everyone else was fighting with the men in black, you were hiding around, even trying to escape off the mountain! If you say that these people weren't coming for you, then who were they coming for? And the elders of the alliance can all serve as witnesses. You can't escape this charge!" Ji Andu coldly shot back, his demeanor imposing and showing no intent of letting Wang Chong go.

"Heheh, I must thank Protector for saying this."

Wang Chong couldn't help but coldly chuckle.

"Firstly, I am no disciple of the Righteous Alliance, and I never said that I wanted to stay here forever! It was Alliance Lord who invited me! In other words, I have no duty to help out the Righteous Alliance!"

Wang Chong coldly sneered, and his words left everyone embarrassed. Although they didn't want to hear, Young Master Qingyang was right. He had never been a disciple of the Righteous Alliance, and it was completely up to him whether he helped or not. The Righteous Alliance had no right to ask him for anything. Moreover, Young Master Qingyang had even helped yesterday in dealing with the Black Yin Ancestor and Black General Impermanence, but now, the Righteous Alliance was creating all sorts of difficulties for him. It was no wonder he was angry.

"Young Master Qingyang, don't be angry. We didn't mean it that way," a Righteous Alliance Elder said, his expression embarrassed to the extreme.

"And at the end, I appeared at the base of the mountain because I was trying to avoid you, right, Protector Ji?"

Wang Chong coldly glared at Ji Andu.


The crowd fell into an uproar.

"Kid, what nonsense are you babbling!" Ji Andu sternly shot back, his expression ice-cold. In his ears, Wang Chong's words were sheer nonsense.

"Hmph, from the very beginning, Protector Ji has been brimming with hostility toward me. In such an intense battle, Protector Ji didn't deal with the men in black, but instead tried to use the chaos to deal with me, chasing me from the summit to the base, and even attempting to murder me at the base of the mountain. Protector Ji believed that no one else knew, but someone noticed all this a long time ago," Wang Chong coldly said.

"That's right!"

Wang Chong had barely finished speaking when Song Jue jumped out of the crowd, his expression burning with rage.

"I saw it with my own eyes! Not only that, in order to deal with Young Master Qingyang, Ji Andu even used the Yin Yang Art that Alliance Lord expressly forbade him from using!" Song Jue immediately blurted out what he had seen.


The Righteous Alliance Elders and Protectors instantly exploded at Song Jue's words. Even Righteous Alliance Vice Lord Xie Guangting creased his brow.

The Yin Yang Art was an evil art, the supreme art of the most infamous individual in the entire martial arts world, Zhang Wenfu, the Demonic Emperor. The Righteous Alliance was a righteous sect that was not supposed to use this kind of evil art. This had been told to Ji Andu many times, but despite knowing this, he still went against this order. Not only that, the Righteous Alliance owed a favor to 'Young Master Qingyang', but Ji Andu, for his own selfish desires, had chased him down to the base of the mountain and then even tried to frame him. Those of the righteous path regarded such conduct with utter contempt.

Countless eyes, oozing with disdain, turned on Ji Andu.

"Bastard! Everyone, don't listen to this nonsense! He's just playing word games!"

Ji Andu's face was pale from rage and shock. Everything had reversed too quickly.

"Ji Andu, you still want to escape the responsibility? Young Master Qingyang might lie, but is Song Jue also lying?" Song Youran couldn't help but speak up at this time, and as she stared at Ji Andu, her face was ashen with anger. She knew that Ji Andu harbored ill intentions, but she had never imagined him to be this despicable.

"Protector Ji, you've truly disappointed us. Young Master Qingyang has assisted us before, so how could you treat him this way?"

"That's right! Even if you like Miss Song, you can't resort to such lowly methods!"

"It's one thing for you to not help out when everyone else was fighting with the men in black, but you even decided to use the chance to attack someone on your own side! You've brought shame on the entire righteous path!"

"Haa, Protector Ji, what can I say!"

The Righteous Alliance Elders sighed as they looked at Ji Andu. And though the other Righteous Alliance experts said nothing, the strange looks in their eyes said enough.

"Youran, listen to me! This isn't what it looks like! This scoundrel pretending to be Young Master Qingyang claims that he doesn't know martial arts, but in truth"

Ji Andu was vexed that his attempt to expose Wang Chong had ended up being a trial against him. Ji Andu hated Wang Chong to his bones at this time, and if there weren't so many people around, he would have already charged up and cleaved Wang Chong apart with his palm.


A thunderous voice resounded. Song Yuanyi's icy voice immediately caused the crowd to calm down.

"Alliance Lord!"

Everyone bowed to the cold and aloof Song Yuanyi, falling silent. When Song Yuanyi spoke, no one dared to talk back.

"This one now understands what is going on. Ji Andu, did I not tell you that since you were now a part of our Righteous Alliance, you should not use the arts of the evil path, particularly the Yin Yang Art?"