The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1368

Chapter 1368: The Origin Immortal Mountain

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Wait a moment! Alliance Lord" Ji Andu suddenly called out, his face brimming with unwillingness. But before he could continue making trouble for Wang Chong


Dust churned as a voice yelled out of the darkness. Everyone turned to look and saw three figures rushing as fast as horses toward the summit.

A nearby elder with sharp eyes immediately recognized them. "It's the scouts we sent out."

After being so suddenly interrupted, Ji Andu immediately lost his chance to speak.

A few moments later, the Righteous Alliance disciples had rushed from the base of the mountain to the summit, getting down on one knee in front of Song Yuanyi and Xie Guangting.

"Reporting! Milords, traces of the Origin Immortal Mountain have been discovered. Many people are gathering over there. It seems like the Origin Immortal Mountain will fully appear tomorrow at the latest."


This news instantly grabbed everyone's attention, and even Wang Chong felt his heart thump as he turned to those disciples.

If the Origin Immortal Mountain is appearing, Master and the Village Chief will definitely be there. Perhaps they're going there now, Wang Chong quietly said to himself.

He had heard the Origin Immortal Mountain mentioned moments after arriving in the northwest, but even now, he still had no idea what it was.

"Everyone, disperse and get ready," Song Yuanyi suddenly said, his eyes erupting with cold and dazzling light. "After some rest, we will set out for the Origin Immortal Mountain. The innate flaw of the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art is that the more one cultivates it, the higher the chance of cultivation defect becomes. Demonic Emperor Zhang Wenfu has appeared in the northwest this time undoubtedly to obtain the Origin Immortal Art. As long as we stand guard around the Origin Immortal Mountain, we should be able to surround him and wipe him out together with his helpers."

Righteous Alliance Vice Lord Xie Guangting stepped forward and declared, "Alliance Lord is right. Demonic Emperor Zhang Wenfu has killed far too many and is public enemy number one of the righteous sects. We weren't able to finish the job last time, so this time, we have to kill this demon and exterminate this problem once and for all."


Everyone sounded off in agreement, lowering their heads.

The people on the summit quickly withdrew, including Wang Chong and Ji Andu. Only Song Yuanyi and Xie Guangting were left.

Without any outsiders present, Xie Guangting now turned to the alliance lord and asked, "What in the world happened? Was it not him?"

"I'm not sure myself."

Song Yuanyi's brow deeply furrowed in extreme confusion.

"Perhaps my guess was wrong."

Upon hearing this, Xie Guangting's brows subtly twitched. This response caught him completely by surprise. In all the years he had known Song Yuanyi, Song Yuanyi's intuition had always been very accurate and was rarely wrong. If he felt that there was a problem with this 'Young Master Qingyang', then there definitely had to be one.

But this time, Song Yuanyi actually said that he wasn't surea simply unprecedented statement.

"What's going on? Could it really not be him?"

Xie Guangting was incredibly confused. But Xie Guangting could not offer any argument. After all, Song Yuanyi had already placed his hand on Young Master Qingyang and done a thorough inspection of his body. There was no way someone of Song Yuanyi's cultivation would have failed to detect a problem.

Anything has a chance of happening. Perhaps Yuanyi really was wrong this time, Xie Guangting said to himself, and his creased brows began to slowly relax.

The night was silent. On the southeast face of the mountain, Wang Chong was seated on a crumbled rock, his robes gently swaying in the wind.


Now that no one was around, Wang Chong could finally relax, letting out a long breath.

It had been incredibly close, but in the end, he had still managed to escape.

Just what's going on with this 'Controller of Destiny'?

In his calm state, Wang Chong could now ponder what had just happened.

'Exemption from the energy of the world' was something that had never happened before. Apparently, this was one of the abilities of the title granted by the Stone of Destiny.

After defeating the Arabian Empire in the Battle of Talas and killing hundreds of thousands of soldiers, Wang Chong had had his Stone of Destiny title upgraded, but Wang Chong had never known what this title did, all the way until that most perilous moment.

With a thought, Wang Chong communicated with the Stone of Destiny. Next to the five reward categories, he discovered something new. This was a golden wheel firmly grasped by a golden hand. Through the openings between the spokes of the wheel, Wang Chong could see several words written on the palm of the golden hand.

Controller of Destiny!

Golden mist emerged from the hand and wheel, imbuing them with an air of mystery.

Wang Chong had an idea and tried to communicate with this hand and wheel. A moment later, some information flowed into his mind.

'Controller of Destiny. Special Ability: In special circumstances, can provide exemption from attacks or threats related to the energy of this world. Can only be used once a month and is only triggered under special circumstances. Costs 1 point of Destiny Energy.'

Wang Chong was stunned as he read this information. After all this time, Wang Chong had still failed to comprehend the secrets of the Stone of Destiny. On the contrary, the more he knew about it, the more mysterious it became.

Up until now, Wang Chong had never known the Stone of Destiny to have such an ability.

I obtained a Stone of Destiny title before, but I wasn't able to see how it was useful. After the last war, I became Controller of Destiny and obtained a one-time exemption from the attacks originating from this world's energy. I wonder what will happen with the next upgrade?

Wang Chong spent a little more time, using various methods to try to plumb more secrets from the Stone of Destiny, but after several failures, he put the matter aside.

I can deal with this later. My first priority is to find Master!

Quite some time had passed since his master and the others had gone missing. Based on what he had heard from the Righteous Alliance, his master had fought Song Yuanyi not too long ago, but he didn't know how they were doing now. Moreover, if the Village Chief and the others returned to the stone formation and found that he wasn't there, they would probably be very worried.

When I go with the Righteous Alliance to the Origin Immortal Mountain tomorrow, that will be the best chance to meet up with Master and the others, Wang Chong said to himself.

It was apparent from the report of the Righteous Alliance scouts that everyone already knew about the appearance of the Origin Immortal Mountain. There was no reason for his master not to know as well. And this would offer the best opportunity for him to join back up with the Village Chief and the others.

Moreover, after surviving the suspicions of Ji Andu and Song Yuanyi one after the other, Wang Chong was actually rather safe in the Righteous Alliance.

With this thought, Wang Chong quickly calmed down.

The skies of the east gradually brightened as night swiftly passed. With the first bird call, a Righteous Alliance disciple on the summit stood up and stretched, his complexion hale and hearty. After a night's rest, the Righteous Alliance disciples had managed to recover, and more and more disciples began to get up.

"Alliance Lord has ordered us to get ready to move out! The target is the Origin Immortal Mountain!" A loud voice resounded over the mountain, instantly causing a stir.

Hundreds of Righteous Alliance disciples were swiftly set into motion, surging down the mountain like a flood and heading straight toward the Origin Immortal Mountain.

The people of the sects truly are different. So many people died in the raid from the men in black last night, but they seem to have already forgotten about it. Perhaps killing is so frequent in the world of sects that everyone is already desensitized to it.

Wang Chong mentally sighed.

"Young Master Qingyang, let's go!" A crisp voice rang out at his ear. At some point, Song Youran and Song Jue had walked up behind Wang Chong.


Wang Chong nodded and quickly joined the Righteous Alliance army as it made its way toward the place where the legendary Origin Immortal Mountain was about to appear.

Time slowly passed as the army made its way northwestward. The surroundings were devoid of people, and it seemed like the only force left in the northwest was the Righteous Alliance.

It seems like all the other factions have already learned about and headed toward the Origin Immortal Mountain, Wang Chong remarked to himself.

The several hundred disciples of the Righteous Alliance continued to press toward their destination, encountering no sudden incidents.


Several dozen li later, a great clamor could be heard in the distance.


A few moments later, a Righteous Alliance disciple rushed over from the front.

"Alliance Lord! The Origin Immortal Mountain is just up ahead!"

In the center of the army, Song Yuanyi slightly nodded and sternly said, "I understand! Keep a tight watch. Report to me as soon as there's a new development!"

"Yes, Alliance Lord!"

With this order, the Righteous Alliance disciple rushed back to the front.

We've finally arrived!

Nearby, Wang Chong felt a rush of anticipation upon hearing the scout's report.

The Origin Immortal Art had been lost for several hundred years now, and though he didn't know what this Origin Immortal Mountain was, it was undoubtedly inextricably connected to the Origin Immortal Art.

Nine li went by in the blink of an eye, and Wang Chong could finally see their destination.

The vast region in front of them was packed with people. Countless people dressed in the attire of various sects were chatting with each other, all of them looking in one direction as if waiting for something. When Wang Chong followed their gazes, he saw dazzling lights twisting and writhing in the air, and within these lights, the flickering image of a mountain.

This mountain was steep and jagged, its crags as sharp as swords.

And given the half of the mountain that was visible, the body of the mountain was undoubtedly immense.

Even someone as experienced as Wang Chong couldn't help but be taken aback by this mountain.