The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1369

Chapter 1369: Martial Artists Gather

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Truly incredible! Just what's going on here? Wang Chong mentally remarked. From the situation in the distance, this sight had been taking place for some time, and apparently no one had been able to explain why.

"Everyone, hear my order! Advance at full speed!" Song Yuanyi announced in his dignified voice, and all the Righteous Alliance disciples immediately began to press forward.

The momentum created by several hundred Righteous Alliance disciples advancing at full speed was truly an astonishing sight.


"The Righteous Alliance, the Righteous Alliance!"

"Let's go! The Righteous Alliance is here!"

The banners of the Righteous Alliance snapping in the wind and the forces behind them caused those people who had already gathered to swiftly move to the sides, awe and respect on their faces.

In the martial arts world, the Righteous Alliance was the undisputed number one faction, the leader of all the others. And Song Yuanyi and Xie Guangting possessed thunderous reputations, known by almost everyone in the world of sects. With this vice lord and lord arriving together, no one dared to recklessly oppose this faction.

The force of several hundred advanced like a crocodile entering a pond, stirring up countless ripples. The crowd voluntarily retreated, leaving enough space for the Righteous Alliance.

"Alliance Lord, what should we do now?"

Sikong Yuanjia, Ouyang Changheng, and the others gathered around Song Yuanyi, bowing as they waited for orders.

"Immediately send men to investigate! Don't get careless!" Song Yuanyi said.

"Alliance Lord, these people are all here waiting for the appearance of the Origin Immortal Mountain so they can fight over the Origin Immortal Art. Should we participate?" an elder asked

"There are too many sect martial artists gathered here," another added. "They will have a large effect on the Righteous Alliance's operations. As is customary with the Righteous Alliance, we can simply seal off this entire region."

"No rush!"

Song Yuanyi's face was expressionless and utterly devoid of emotion.

"The Origin Immortal Art has not appeared in many years, and for the Origin Immortal Mountain to appear now is simply too abrupt. This matter might not be as simple as we imagine."

Song Yuanyi appeared relaxed and confident, but his deep and profound eyes seemed to be able to see through all secrets.

As the Righteous Alliance Lord, Song Yuanyi would never just take a person at their word, nor would he believe in any treasure that simply fell from the sky into his lap. When the abnormal took place, there was definitely some evildoer behind it. For Song Yuanyi, any benefit that was too great or came too easily was not as simple as it looked.

"Yes, Alliance Lord!" Sikong Yuanjia and the others called out in unison.

"In addition, remember to keep scouting out the surroundings. Since the Origin Immortal Mountain is here, Demonic Emperor Zhang Wenfu should also be here. Search carefully. If you find any trace of him, strike immediately."

Song Yuanyi's eyes suddenly chilled, seething with thick killing intent.

The Righteous Alliance experts around him all withdrew. Wang Chong had heard all this clearly from the sidelines. Just like Song Yuanyi, Wang Chong was also searching for the Demonic Emperor Old Man.

There are too many people. Trying to find Master in all this won't be easy, Wang Chong quietly said to himself.

Wang Chong wasn't too worried about Song Yuanyi. Although the Righteous Alliance Lord's Eternal Spring Mantra was powerful and profound beyond compare, Song Yuanyi had still not been able to deal with his master in the past. Otherwise, he wouldn't have needed to use Ji Andu.

Moreover, his master had now returned to his peak, meaning that Song Yuanyi was probably just as incapable of dealing with him as before.

Time slowly passed. With the several hundred disciples of the Righteous Alliance gathered together, they were like a crane standing amongst chickens. Everyone kept a distance of ten-some paces from them.

Wang Chong swept his gaze back and forth, attempting to find any trace of his master in the crowd, but both his efforts and the Righteous Alliance's proved fruitless.

Impossible! This region is so large that Master can't possibly not be here. And he wouldn't just cancel his plans because of Song Yuanyi and Xie Guangting.

Wang Chong thought for a few moments. With a glint in his eyes, he quickly had an idea.


A moment later, Wang Chong's eyes gleamed as he entered the world of energy. All the previous scenes vanished, replaced by strange and incredibly complex streams of energy. Countless streams of energy of varying intensity and color radiated from the various martial artists. Each martial artist had their own dazzling energy source that shone brightly in the world of energy.

For Wang Chong, using the world of energy to search for his master was the best method. In the world of energy, living beings did not exist, nor would one be restrained by one's physical vision. Most importantly, Wang Chong was extremely familiar with his master's energy, and he could recognize it at a glance in the world of energy, even over vast distances.

But a moment later, Wang Chong's brow creased.

This doesn't make sense. Is Master really not here? Wang Chong inwardly muttered. He had scanned the entire area through the world of energy but had seen no sign of his master.


At this moment, a roar came from the crowd, instantly gaining Wang Chong's attention. Turning to look, he saw a figure suddenly rise from the crowd, shooting like a bird toward that mysterious and flickering glow and the half-mountain within it.


People in the crowd called out in alarm. Everyone knew that the legends regarding the Origin Immortal Art spoke of many dangers. Putting aside the killings committed over the treasure maps, during the search for the treasure, numerous people had ventured into various real and fake treasure grounds and never come out again. That mountain and the multicolored glow accompanying it oozed danger from every pore.

"This guy is doomed!"

On the ground, various people felt their hearts tense as they looked up at that man, and even Wang Chong couldn't help but focus. Righteous Alliance Lord Song Yuanyi, Vice Lord Xie Guangting, and Elders Sikong Yuanjia and Ouyang Changheng had also turned to look.

In the air, that solitary martial artist was getting closer and closer to the glow around that ethereal mountain. One hundred feet, sixty feet, thirty feet, twenty feet Regardless of sect, everyone held their breath. Time seemed to stop, but a moment later, bzzzz! That person began to get slower and slower, until finally, he simply dropped straight to the ground.


The crowd immediately exploded with laughter, their eyes filled with disdain.

"Who was that? Trying to show off with such little strength!"

"Just go home already! Hahaha!"

The crowd loudly laughed, making no attempt to hide its contempt and scorn.

From that scene just now, that unaffiliated martial artist was clearly lacking in strength for such a scene to occur, and this was with so many people watching and the number one Righteous Alliance here. This was truly nothing more than making a fool of oneself.

"Stand aside! Let me do it!"

Amidst the laughter, another man shot into the sky toward that mountain.

The martial artist this time leaped higher and faster, but a moment later, when everyone's eyes were filled with anticipation, a similar scene occurred. When he was still several dozen feet from the mountain, he got slower and slower until he finally just dropped straight to the ground.


The laughter got even louder, all the martial artists gathered here jeering at these two. Only Wang Chong slightly frowned, sensing that something was wrong.

More and more martial artists made the attempt, lunging at the Origin Immortal Mountain from various directions, but not a single one could successfully touch that mountain in the sky. The jeering laughter got louder and louder. These people were all so lacking in strength, yet they dared to try and show off.

But gradually, after thirty sect martial artists had used various techniques, even throwing out weapons and firing off Stellar Energy, but still failed to reach the mountain, the crowd began to sense that something was wrong.

"Alliance Lord, why don't we try?" a Righteous Alliance expert reverentially said to Song Yuanyi.

"There's no need!" Song Yuanyi softly said, with his hands behind his back and a perceptive light in his eyes. "That is a powerful seal. It wasn't that these people were lacking in strength, but the seal makes it impossible for them to approach."


Song Yuanyi suddenly moved so quickly that no one could see, and the air exploded as a crystalline bolt of energy flew through the air toward the Origin Immortal Mountain.

Rumble! Shockwaves rippled through the air. This time, everyone could clearly see that when this bolt of energy was around ten feet away from the mountain, it was suddenly affixed to the spot.

Countless ripples appeared around the tip of this bolt of energy. While small at first, like a fine drizzle, these ripples swiftly increased in size until they were like great waves.

Ground away by this invisible energy, Song Yuanyi's bolt soon vanished without a trace.

Even at the end, Song Yuanyi's energy bolt couldn't get within ten feet of the mountain.


The remaining half of the bolt of energy was instantly absorbed.

Whooaa! The crowd exploded at this sight, and even that Righteous Alliance expert who had spoken up before appeared shocked.

Righteous Alliance Lord Song Yuanyi was incredibly powerful, and he was regarded as the undisputed supreme expert of the righteous path. Even a casual flick of energy from his finger was imbued with incredible power. But not even Song Yuanyi's attack could pierce through that seal.

"The Supreme and Infinite Origin Immortal Art is the number one art of the Central Plains and was created by the Origin Immortal Lord. This person had an extremely mysterious background. It is said that he was an expert during the Spring and Autumn and Warring States eras. Besides martial arts, he was also known for being a formation master. That invisible energy that prevents people from approaching and nullifies everyone's Stellar Energy is undoubtedly a formation that he laid down.

"The Central Plains has many martial arts, but its understanding of formations has slowly been declining, and many powerful formations have been lost for many years. That mountain and multicolored glow in the sky is probably a powerful formation laid down by the Origin Immortal Lord. We have no understanding of it, so we cannot act recklessly around it," Song Yuanyi lightly said.