The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 137

Chapter 137 Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art

Chapter 137: Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art!

Mother, theres no need!

Wang Chong hurriedly turned her down.


Madam Wang was surprised. She didnt think that Wang Chong would react in this way.

Chong-er, Im doing this for your welfare! Actually, I should have gotten you a teacher long ago. This only happened because of your fathers absence and my negligence. Listen to me this time round!

Mother, wait a moment first. The Kunwu Training Camp isnt opened yet, right? Lets talk about it some time later.

Wang Chong tried to avoid the topic.

Wang Chong knew that his mother was doing it out of goodwill, but given his present condition, he didnt need a teacher. Rather, it was more fitting for him to become a teacher for others instead.

Bringing in a teacher who was ignorant of his condition might constrain him instead. He would have to think twice before doing anything, and he wouldnt be able to operate freely as he wished to.

Take for example, the secret alchemist organization. Given how the other party was tutoring him on his martial arts, it was just a matter of time before he found out about it.

Once the secret leaks out, the entire Wang Clan would be implicated by the matter, and all of Wang Chongs past efforts would have been in vain.

What do you mean by wait a moment! By then, it will already be too late. Preposterous! Listen to me, Ill find a suitable teacher for you. This matter is settled then!

Madam Wang finally brought our her seniority as a parent. It would be too late to start cultivating by the time the Three Great Training Camps open. To treat this matter so lightly, this was no different from fooling about!

Sigh, mother. Ill tell you the truth then. Actually I already have a teacher!

Seeing his mothers determination in this matter, even going to the extent of deciding on his behalf, Wang Chong decided to confess.

You have a teacher?

Madam Wang was shocked.

Indeed! Mother, didnt you realize that my cultivation has grown significantly recently? Didnt I defeat the grandson of Duke of Xu, Xu Xuan, back in the Four Quarters Embassy? Actually, I already have a teacher. Furthermore, its uncle who assigned him to me.

At this crucial moment, Wang Chong hurriedly brought out Uncle Li Lin. As an expert in the Imperial Army, Uncle Li Lins name was extremely persuasive.

Your uncle?

As Wang Chong expected, as soon as mother heard Uncle Li Lins name, she immediately frowned. However, she didnt pursue the matter any further.

Its indeed possible for your uncle to find a teacher for you. After all, your uncle is from the Imperial Army, and the royal palace is filled with experts. Given his capability, it shouldnt be too difficult to find a good teacher for you.

Madam Wang finally relented.

Wang Chong hurriedly made use of this intermission to change the topic, winning him some laughter from his mother. When he left the room, he hurriedly wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead.

I have to inform uncle on this matter to ensure that there are no lapses in our stories.

Wang Chong thought. Even though he had used uncle as a shield for the time being, Wang Chong didnt dare to get careless. His mother might not be a difficult person, but she wasnt someone easy to fool either.

Who knows when she will suddenly feel inspired to ask about this matter.

Looks like I have to bring forward my plan then!

Wang Chong thought as he recalled a matter. Leaving his home, he rode on his carriage all the way to the Wei Residence.

Wang Chong, hahaha! Youre finally back!

Upon hearing the news of Wang Chongs arrival, Wei Hao immediately dashed out excitedly. He stared at Wang Chong so passionately that it felt as though his eyes were about to tear a hole through him. A month of absence and Wei Hao looked significantly bulkier than before. He also seemed much more spirited as well.

Furthermore, there were a few scions who were following behind him.

When I heard that you left the city, I visited your residence a few times but even your guards didnt know where you went. Right, these are a few followers I have accepted recently. Tao Chun and Liu Jin, hurry up and pay respect to Young Master Chong!

Wei Hao laughed heartily as he gestured to the duo behind him.

Paying respect to Young Master Chong!

Upon hearing Wei Haos words, the two scions quickly bowed. When they lifted their head, their eyes stopped momentarily on Wang Chong, who was still within the carriage. Slight fear could be seen in the depths of their eyes.

There was no one in the Eight Gods Pavilion who hadnt heard of Wang Chong.

Seems like youve been getting by well recently!

Wang Chong looked at the two scions in surprise. Wei Hao was a well-known lone wolf in the Eight Gods Pavilion, and other than Wang Chong, he had no friends.

To think that this fellow would actually find himself some followers!

Its still alright! Im doing fine these days!

Initially, Wang Chong visited Wei Hao because he had some matters to ask of him, but he shoved it aside for the moment.

Hehe, true! You dont know how obedient that lad Gao Fei is after I beat him up. Heh, did that lad Su Bai think that itll be that easy to get me? Now, in the Eight Gods Pavilion, I, Wei Hao, am a powerful figure. No one dares to stand in my path now!

Wei Hao patted his chest gleefully.

Haha, Youngster Wei, dont think that you can pull that one over me. Do you think that I dont know you?

Wang Chong immediately exposed his lie. After which, he beckoned him to come onboard the carriage.

Come up, I have some things I need to talk to you about!

Oh. You two should return first, I will find you two later on.

Seeing Wang Chong put on a grave expression, Wei Hai instructed the two scions before diving into Wang Chongs carriage.

Soon, the carriage started moving. Wei Hao took a seat opposite to Wang Chong.

Wang Chong, whats the matter?

Wei Hao, do you remember the person I told you about the last time? The one that I asked you to find for me?

Zhang Munian?

No, the other one. It cant be that youve forgotten about it?

Wang Chong asked worriedly.

Ah, you mean that.

Wei Hao immediately understood what the other party was talking about.

Ive conducted the matter regarding the Charity Hall exactly as youve said. Now, there are more than thirty branches set up around the capital, and every day, well spare some porridge, clothes, and blankets to vagrants. However, the daily expenditure for it is extremely high, and the money you gave me is running out. As for the elder you asked me to look for, Ive asked my men to keep a lookout for him but theres no response yet.

After the matter at the Bluebottle Pavilion, under the plea of his uncle, Wang Chong sold the first Wootz steel sword to Zhao Fengchen at a price of 37000 gold taels.

Wang Chong gave half of the sum to Arloja and Ablonodan, the other half to Wei Hao. It was then that Wang Chong requested him for a few favors.

The first matter was to set up the Charity Hall.

In his previous life, when the Wang Clan became destitute, Wang Chong ended up roaming the streets, and he experienced bitterness, disdain, humiliation, hunger, and coldness.

It was because he had experienced this life and accepted the help and charity of others that he was able to empathize with the plights of other vagrants.

Regardless of which time-space continuum one was in, even in the most prosperous era, there were always destitute, exiled vagrants and beggars.

There were many reasons for their poverty. Some of their clans had fallen, just like Wang Chong; some of them were born with disabilities; some of them had met with disasters; some of them had suffered great traumas; some of them had lost the land which they made a living on

Regardless of the reason, there was a tragedy behind every single one of them!

It was because of his personal experience that Wang Chong thought of establishing this Charity Hall to help those in need, just like how those anonymous strangers helped him in his previous life.

This was one of the wishes Wang Chong had from his previous life!

Other than that, he was also looking for a mysterious old man.

There were several things that Wang Chong sorely desired in his previous life, but never got a chance to obtain! Even at the brink of death, these things remained unfated with him.

One of them was Su Zhengchens Art of God and Demon Obliteration. In the battle at the capital, Su Zhengchen slaughtered thousands of foreign invaders alone with his earth-shattering sword art, thus dulling their powerful offense.

Right after this unparalleled technique showed its edge and took the world by shock, it was buried with Su Zhengchen in the rubbles of the capital, destined to remain lost for eternities to come.

In the days ahead, there were countless desperate battles where such a powerful divine technique was required, but regretfully, no one possessed the knowledge or capability to fill the gap.

In Wang Chongs previous life, whenever people spoke of this technique, they couldnt help but sigh regretfully.

Other than that, there was also the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art.

During the battle against the foreign invaders in the Central Plains, there was a particularly exceptional individual. Without any weapons, he was able to slaughter innumerable foreign invaders.

All of the foreign invaders who stood before him died tragically, reduced to dried rotting corpses.

The strength that this individual displayed with the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art in the war against the foreign invaders didnt pale in the least to Su Zhengchen, who fended off an entire army in the capital by himself.

In that catastrophic era, it was publicly recognized as one of the Five Mystical Arts!

However, it was a pity that even though that person had managed to obtain this unparalleled divine technique, his talent was simply too lacking. His fighting experience, reaction speed, agility, nimbleness, and adaptability couldnt match up to the caliber of this divine technique.

Everyone thought that this mystical art was wasted on that persons average talents.

However, it was after that persons passing that everyone realized that it wasnt the case.

When that person was twenty-seven to twenty-eight, he was working as an employee for a wealthy clan. He didnt have much of an achievement in martial arts, or rather, he didnt even have an interest in it.

However, he had a strength that very few possesseda kind heart. Even on normal occasions, he would help those in need.

One day, out of some sheer coincidences, he actually saved a peerless old demon. When that demon was younger, he committed many evil deeds. The blood of countless people dyed his hands, and his name was a topic of fear in the pugilistic world.

However, he was betrayed by his comrades, and eventually, he ended up being saved by the young man. After which, his nature suddenly changed. Abandoning his evil self, he started to commit himself to doing good instead, thus becoming a kind and compassionate old man.

This old man forced him the young man to accept his Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art and guided him to an entirely different route from what he had been walking on.

As though trying to redeem for his sins, as well as to alter the kind young mans ordinary constitution, the elder eventually gave up his strength and life to channel all of his energy into the other party, thus creating an unparalleled expert.

On the other hand, due to excessive loss of strength, the old man died.

Thus, this ordinary young man turned into a top-notch expert overnight! In order to repay the old mans kindness, the kind young man forced himself to become cruel and callous to exact vengeance on those who had betrayed that old man then. He ended up walking on the same path as the old man, a path that he was unwilling to take from the very start!

Wang Chong had never seen that person before, and all of these were stories that the kind young man spread out himself.

If a person treads on a path which he disliked, then even if he were to succeed, he wouldnt be happy.

When a person of ordinary talents with no interest in martial arts stepped into the pugilistic world to repay anothers kindness, his fate was already sealed.

Eventually, the unparalleled expert who inherited the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art, due to his lacking battle experience, fell into an encirclement by those foreign steel cavalries and died.

As such, the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art became lost!

Back then, Wang Chong hadnt become the Grand Marshal of the Central Plains yet, and the martial artists of the Central Plains had also yet to organize the grand gathering to open up all martial arts to everyone yet!

Similar to the Art of God and Demon Obliteration, it became one of the greatest regrets of the martial artists of the catastrophic era!