The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1370

Chapter 1370: Conflict Between Righteous And Evil

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Everyone present shivered at Song Yuanyi's words.

The path of formations was extremely complicated. It was completely different from the strength of martial artists and harnessed the power of nature. Recklessly messing around without preparation might result in harming oneself.

Nearby, Wang Chong mentally nodded in approval at Song Yuanyi's words.

He shared almost the same conclusion as Song Yuanyi. This was an extremely powerful formation, but Wang Chong sensed that this was not purely a formation. He had vaguely sensed something else when Song Yuanyi had attacked.


As he was thinking, the earth suddenly began to shake and a powerful energy began to approach.

"The Five Ancestor Alliance! It's the Five Ancestor Alliance!"

Panicked shouts came from the distance. In a place some distance away, an unaffiliated martial artist standing at a high vantage point turned to look and immediately ran off in panic, and this news soon spread through the crowd like a plague.


A few moments later, the Righteous Alliance disciples scattered around the perimeter immediately flew back and kneeled in front of Song Yuanyi and Xie Guangting.

"People from the Five Ancestor Alliance have been sighted seven to eight li away. The Black Yin Ancestor is leading the force, and they're coming in our direction. Our initial estimates place their numbers at around four to five hundred people!"


As the kneeling Righteous Alliance disciple was speaking, ghostly wails and wolfish howls came from the distance.

A moment later, a massive dark red banner was raised over the horizon. Five different savage, ghostly heads were woven onto this banner, and from a distance, this banner exuded an aura of darkness and evil.


The sight of this banner caused the crowd to scatter with fearful and pale faces.

"Stand aside! The Black Yin Ancestor kills without batting an eye! Everyone, be careful!"

"Damn, why did these demons come?!"

"The people of the Five Ancestor Alliance are willing to commit all manner of evils. Any encounter will end in blood and disaster. This old man wants nothing more to do with this Origin Immortal Art!"

Many of the martial artists gathered here broke out in a cold sweat, and some of the unaffiliated martial artists turned and fled as quickly as possible.

The Righteous Alliance was like the noon sun of the world of sects. No one dared to clash against it, and everyone regarded its members with immense fear. As for the vicious and evil Five Ancestor Alliance, everyone felt fear that came from the deepest depths of their hearts, from their worst nightmares.

The Five Ancestor Alliance was formed from five venerable ancestors, each one powerful and irritable. Provoking them would result only in death.

Waaa! In a flash, the entire region was in disarray.

The Five Ancestor Alliance arrived with utmost speed. In just a few moments, it had closed the distance and was rapidly marching toward the Righteous Alliance.


The Righteous Alliance disciples at the very back saw that surging tide of Five Ancestor Alliance experts and fell back.

"Song Yuanyi! This old man has completely recovered. Let's have a fair one-on-one match!" A loud voice resounded through the world, and then a black beam of Stellar Energy shot through the air toward the snapping banner of the Righteous Alliance.

"Luo Qiyin, you haven't changed at all!"

Song Yuanyi calmly flicked his finger, sending a bolt of energy at the black Stellar Energy fired by the Black Yin Ancestor. Rumble! The Stellar Energies exploded against each other and canceled each other out.

"Keke, Song Yuanyi, it seems like you've consumed quite a bit of Stellar Energy."

Strange laughter broke out as a black figure shrouded in evil energy suddenly emerged, thrusting out a palm. Roiling Stellar Energy, dark and sinister and as tough as steel, hurtled downward. This palm was not aimed at the Righteous Alliance banner, but at Song Yuanyi himself.

"No matter how much I've consumed, I have more than enough to deal with you," Song Yuanyi said icily, his voice echoing through the heavens. A moment later, he shot into the air, and vast torrents of Eternal Spring Stellar Energy flew toward Luo Qiyin.


In just a few moments, the two had exchanged ten-some attacks. Both Song Yuanyi and the Black Yin Ancestor were top-class experts of the world of sects, their Stellar Energy tough and abundant.

Fierce winds erupted from the clash between Song Yuanyi and the Black Yin Ancestor. The air turned into strong and heavy waves that beat and roared. Boom! The earth shook as the waves of air slammed into the ground, stirring up dust and debris.


The people in the surrounding area cried out in alarm and fell back as if they had encountered a snake or scorpion. Being struck by the Stellar Energy released by an expert of this caliber would result in instant death.

"Hmph, Song Yuanyi, let this old man entertain you!"

Cold laughter rang out, tinged with indescribable evil.

Without any warning, the particles of dust in a range of several li trembled and rose from the ground, turning the entire region into a sea of dust. At almost the same moment, sect martial artists, including experts of the Righteous Alliance, grimaced and cried out in alarm as they sensed that the circulation of Stellar Energy in their body had suddenly slowed.

What powerful foul energy!

Wang Chong was alarmed, and he turned to look in the direction of the voice.

He could sense that foul energy was erupting out of the ground from a spot several dozen feet away and filling the air. This foul energy was of the most polluted sort and had not been refined in any way. It was completely out of place amongst the upright and bright Stellar Energy in the bodies of martial artists and the spiritual energy in the air. Even the energy in the body of evil path artists was much purer.

Any martial artist, whether righteous or evil, would find their Stellar Energy begin to slow upon encountering such foul energy. Even Wang Chong was affected. However, Wang Chong only needed a mere thought to send the foul energy that had infiltrated his body toward the Yongquan point at the bottom of his foot and into the ground.

"Myriad Ghost Ancestor!"

Countless martial artists cried out in terror and backed up, even more afraid than when Black Yin Ancestor Luo Qiyin had appeared.

A moment later, black energy roiled and ghostly wails echoed through the world. A figure dressed in a wide-sleeved robe emerged from the rear of the Five Ancestor Alliance disciples and attacked Righteous Alliance Lord Song Yuanyi.


There was a shriek as the Myriad Ghost Ancestor thrust out a palm. The black energy on the ground surged upward, condensing into countless ghost soldiers, ghost generals, skeletons, kings, and monsters, all of them shrieking and wailing. And as the Myriad Ghost Ancestor's palm pressed forward, this vast army of ghosts charged at Song Yuanyi.

At that moment, the dark and foul energy increased by hundreds of times, so dense as to be suffocating. More importantly, everyone could sense a powerful suction from these endless ghosts and demons, but what was being pulled on was not their energy, but their souls.

"The Myriad Ghosts Pilgrimage Great Yin Art! Everyone, back up!" an unaffiliated martial artist cried out, and immediately turned around in frenzied flight.

Panic and terror spread infectiously through the crowd, and they pressed and pushed against each other in their bid to flee. Some martial artists even chose to take to the skies, jumping over the heads of the others.


Sect martial artists, including disciples of the Five Ancestor Alliance, collapsed to the ground, unable to escape in time. Their flesh rapidly began to shrivel, and before they died, their eyes opened wide in extreme terror.

"Damn it! Myriad Ghost Ancestor, I'll play with you!"

With a thunderous roar, another figure shot into the air.

Xie Guangting thrust out a palm, sending immense energy hurtling toward the Myriad Ghost Ancestor's Myriad Ghosts Pilgrimage Great Yin Art.

Kacrack! With the sound of cracking earth, the endless foul energy that the Myriad Ghost Ancestor had summoned was torn to pieces and covered in countless cracks. Even those ghost soldiers, generals, demons they were instantly torn to pieces.

Boomboomboom! Song Yuanyi fought against the Black Yin Ancestor while Xie Guangting fought the Myriad Ghost Ancestor, both sides fiercely battling in the skies.

But a moment later, in an explosion of Stellar Energy, Song Yuanyi and the Black Yin Ancestor broke away from each other. A split-second later, the Myriad Ghost Ancestor spun backward in the air and landed on the banner of the Myriad Ghost Sect.

Only now did everyone have a clear view of his face. This infamously vicious figure of the Five Ancestor Alliance had a hawkish nose and pitch-black skin. His hands were slightly curled like the claws of a bird. What left the deepest impression of all were his callous, pitch-black, and dreadful eyes.

On the other side, Xie Guangting waved a sleeve, drifting down to the ground like a leaf, disturbing not even a grain of dust upon his landing.

The two entered a tense standoff.

The Black Yin Ancestor broke the silence by suddenly saying, "Hahaha, Song Yuanyi, all the people of the martial arts world say that you possess sharp and perceptive eyes, but there is one thing that you might not know!"

He took two steps forward, evilly chuckled, and then took a flying leap. While still in the air, roiling black Stellar Energy surrounded him, and he shot like a black comet toward Song Yuanyi.

"You've run out of tricks!"