The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1371

Chapter 1371: The Real And Fake Young Master Qingyang

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Song Yuanyi's expression was cold. Without the slightest hesitation, he shot a bolt of Eternal Spring Stellar Energy at the Black Yin Ancestor.

This was not their first time exchanging blows, and the Black Yin Ancestor would find it very difficult to defeat him alone. This attack from the Black Yin Ancestor was completely pointless. But a moment later, Song Yuanyi grimaced.

Swish! Just as the two were about to exchange blows, a powerful bolt of evil Stellar Energy shot off to the side, headed straight toward the silent and spectating figure of Wang Chong.

The Black Yin Ancestor's attack was truly dreadful, capable of turning even a piece of steel into scrap. Moreover, his attack against Song Yuanyi had only been a cover, and no one had expected his true target to be Wang Chong.

It was truly shocking that someone of the Black Yin Ancestor's status would attempt a sneak attack. Many sect martial artists would probably not believe it even if they were beaten to death.


That black energy hit the ground, creating a heaven-shaking explosion, but Wang Chong managed to promptly shoot backward, narrowly dodging the Black Yin Ancestor's attack.

These old foxes! As expected, none of them can be trusted!

Wang Chong squinted at the Black Yin Ancestor as this thought ran through his mind.

This trip to the Origin Immortal Mountain was extremely dangerous, with the forces of evil and righteous gathering in one place. No one would dare to be careless at such a gathering. Although Wang Chong was merely observing the battle, he was keeping a close eye on the movements of the Black Yin Ancestor and the Myriad Ghost Ancestor. The Black Yin Ancestor might have been able to hide his intentions from others, but not from Wang Chong, who had been observing this battle of four titans through the world of energy.

"Kid, you've truly got some luck! You were even able to survive that!"

The Black Yin Ancestor's face twisted, his shame turning into rage now that his plan had been exposed and his attack had failed.

"Haha, it's not that I was lucky, but that Senior's skills are lacking. In front of so many people, what need is there for Senior to try and cover up your errors?"

Wang Chong waved his sleeve and grinned. This sight caused shock and surprise to appear in the eyes of all the other martial artists present.

The Black Yin Ancestor was a demon of the martial arts world who would kill at the blink of an eye, and every member of the world of sects feared him. And as one of the five leaders of the Five Ancestor Alliance, the Black Yin Ancestor had many evil path martial artists under his command. For someone of his status to focus on some weak and nameless individual was already incredible.

And then this obscure individual even dared to jeer back at him. To dare butt heads with the Black Yin Ancestor in front of so many people, did this youth not know who he was provoking, that he was doomed no matter where he hid?

"Kid, you're seeking death!"

The Black Yin Ancestor's face went red at Wang Chong's provocation. To be exchanging barbs with a junior in front of so many people left the Black Yin Ancestor utterly ashamed. He had already suffered a loss at the Righteous Alliance's base, and now, he had been completely humiliated in front of all the evil and righteous martial artists of the realm. These two incidents alone were enough to put Wang Chong on the Black Yin Ancestor's kill list.

Although he still couldn't compare to Song Yuanyi and Xie Guangting, he had done enough for the Black Yin Ancestor to think of every way possible to try and kill him.

At this moment, the Myriad Ghost Ancestor, Pei Luanchang, spoke in his sinister voice from atop the banner of his sect, one hand stroking his beard while the other waved in the air. "Alliance Lord Song, Vice Alliance Lord Xie, I heard that your Righteous Alliance has a Young Master Qingyang. Haha, it just so happens that we have a Young Master Qingyang with us as well!" His eyes oozed scorn and disdain.

"Hmph, Young Master Qingyang, come out!"

The Black Yin Ancestor gave a strange laugh and waved behind him.


The surrounding martial artists were still trying to digest what they had just heard, but the Righteous Alliance disciples were in an uproar. Song Yuanyi and Xie Guangting glanced at each other and grimaced.

As for Wang Chong, his pupils constricted as he turned to look.

How could this be? Could there really be such a coincidence?

Wang Chong's heart chilled, his eyes turning sharp.

Based on what Song Youran had said, Young Master Qingyang was an elusive and mysterious figure that very few people in the world of sects had ever met. It was precisely because Wang Chong had noted this that he dared to pretend to be him. But the Myriad Ghost Ancestor and Black Yin Ancestor seemed to be saying that they also had a Young Master Qingyang.

Mere moments after the Black Yin Ancestor had spoken, the Five Ancestor Alliance disciples parted, allowing a youth of seventeen or eighteen dressed in an azure robe, his face rather pale and his appearance rather delicate, to walk out from the back. Behind him was a guard wearing a silver-white robe.

This guard had a thick beard and mustache, and his eyes were bright and energetic. What stood out the most, however, were his two arms that reached almost down to his knees. This was an extremely rare trait, even amongst martial artists.

And Wang Chong sensed a vast sea of energy within this guard's body, sharp and vicious. This was a saber that wanted to cleave apart the earth, the mountains, rivers, and even the sun and moon.


One glance at this guard gave Wang Chong a very ill foreboding.

Cough! "Everyone, this one has never been willing to involve himself in the matters of the martial arts world, and this time is only an exception. I heard that a Young Master Qingyang appeared in the northwest, so I personally came to take a look. Everyone knows that I am not that famous and there is nothing worth feigning about my identity. But after hearing of such a thing, this one had to come and take a look!"

After saying this, the delicate youth turned his eyes to the nearby Wang Chong, standing behind Song Yuanyi and Xie Guangting.

"Although this one doesn't care about much, when it comes to my own reputation, I have to prove that I am me, that Young Master Qingyang is Young Master Qingyang!"

"Haha, yesterday, when this old man was going back, I just so happened to run into the real Young Master Qingyang. If they hadn't seen it with their own eyes, who would believe that someone would actually try to pretend to be Young Master Qingyang, and that they would even deceive the Righteous Alliance and the Five Ancestor Alliance! Kid, you're quite bold!"

The Black Yin Ancestor turned his razor-sharp gaze at Wang Chong.

Never in the Black Yin Ancestor's life had he encountered something like this, been forced into disarray by some nobody so that what was an almost assured victory became a desperate flight. He had gone in high spirits but returned in disappointment. He had even lost the important Black General Impermanence. This was also why the Black Yin Ancestor had made an exception and attacked this 'nameless junior'.

This kid was just too arrogant. The Black Yin Ancestor and the Righteous Alliance Lord were both luminaries of the martial arts world, but this kid paid them no regard and dared to deceive them. This was audacious to the extreme!

The two Young Master Qingyangs gazed at each across the distance. Meanwhile, all the Righteous Alliance disciples were utterly confused and began to whisper to each other.

"What is going on here?"

"How could there be two Young Master Qingyangs?"

"Which one is real and which one is fake?"

"Could this be some scheme of the Five Ancestor Alliance? Are we just going to take them at their word?"

"That shouldn't be! Although the Black Yin Ancestor is sinister and cunning, he still has his status and dignity to maintain. There's no reason for him to lie over something like this and reduce his own prestige. And this won't be able to injure our Righteous Alliance, so why would he do such a thing?"

The eyes of the crowd constantly switched between Wang Chong and that pale and weak youth. It had to be said that purely in terms of appearance, the two of them were rather similar. Both were wearing blue robes, both were seventeen or eighteen, and both seemed physically weak.

The sole difference was that the Five Ancestor Alliance's 'Young Master Qingyang' had a guard at his side.

"Don't listen to the nonsense of the Black Yin Ancestor!" Song Youran suddenly shouted, her expression icy. "How can you believe the words of these outsiders of the evil path? And don't forget Young Master Qingyang saved us!"

She furiously stared at the Myriad Ghost Ancestor and the Black Yin Ancestor as she spoke up for Wang Chong.

"Old scoundrels, it seems age has brought you no wisdom! To think that you would do something like this. If you're dissatisfied, just come at us directly. Instead, you go and produce this fake Young Master Qingyang! Truly shameless!"

"Impudent!" the guard standing behind the young man on the other side furiously rebuked. "Does my Young Master need to pretend to be anyone else? Miss, pay attention to what you say!"

"Haha, Junior Sister, you still don't understand? I said long ago that this kid was a fake, a phony!"

Ji Andu suddenly stepped forward, a smug look on his face. He had believed that his judgment was wrong, but now, he was even more sure that the one on their side was a fake.

"What 'separated from my guard'? Young Master Qingyang and his guard are inseparable, and there's no way that Young Master Qingyang would ever go out alone. This kid is the one that's the fake!"

"Ji Andu! Step aside right now!" a harsh shout suddenly erupted.

This dignified and majestic voice caused Ji Andu to tremble all over, and then he turned in pale-faced shock to Song Yuanyi.

"Alliance Lord?!!"

Ji Andu's lips drained of blood. He would have never dared to believe that only a few days were enough for him to completely lose the trust and favor of Song Yuanyi. In front of so many people, Song Yuanyi was actually favoring the outsider.

Song Yuanyi held his hands behind him and coldly said, "No matter what the Myriad Ghost Ancestor and the Black Yin Ancestor say, he is Young Master Qingyang, an ally of our Righteous Alliance. No outsider is allowed to intervene in the internal matters of our alliance!" His eyes were aimed straight ahead, not even glancing at Ji Andu, and his expression was grim and solemn.

Ji Andu's eyes went wide in disbelief.

Even though he was a Protector of the Righteous Alliance, an outsider had managed to exceed his status in just a single day. He could never accept such a thing.