The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1372

Chapter 1372: Differentiating Between Real And Fake

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Damn thing! Don't let me discover your weakness, because if I do, I'll make you die by a thousand cuts and without a place to be buried!

Ji Andu turned his head and viciously glared at Wang Chong. If not for him, he would have never been rebuked by the alliance lord. If not for him, he would have never fallen out of favor. No matter what, he would make this kid pay a heavy price!

"Pei Luanchang, Luo Qiyin, what's the reason for all this ruckus?"

Song Yuanyi ignored Ji Andu and turned his cold and aloof gaze to the Myriad Ghost Ancestor and Black Yin Ancestor.

"Haha, it's been a long time since the martial arts world has been so exciting, and a long time since this old man has encountered something so interesting. Now that we have two Young Master Qingyangs, how can we not determine which one is the real one? Let us have these juniors determine between themselves which is the real one while we seniors watch from the sides to judge. In any case, we've fought with each other quite a few times already. There's no need to rush into our next one.

"And besides, haha, Song Yuanyi, if your Righteous Alliance was treating a fake Young Master Qingyang as the real one, it would truly become the laughingstock of the world!"

The Myriad Ghost Ancestor looked down from the banner, a smirk on his face.

Song Yuanyi said nothing, but Vice Alliance Lord Xie Guangting's eyes twitched and his face grimaced.

The Myriad Ghost Ancestor's words were extremely damning and had essentially forced the Righteous Alliance to agree.

"Heh, good brother, since you've dared to pretend to be me, I presume that you are not some nobody. How about it? Do you dare to determine between us which is the real one?"

The young man on the other side clenched a fist, held it up in front of his face, and stared straight at Wang Chong with a smirk on his face.

On this journey to the northwest, he had not been planning to do too much, but when he learned about this, he felt forced to step forward and expose the other party. He wanted to see just how bold this person was! Would he quit while he was ahead and admit his mistakes or be incredibly audacious and accept his challenge?

The surrounding crowd discussed the matter amongst themselves. They had all come for the Origin Immortal Mountain, but now, it was the conflict between Wang Chong and Young Master Qingyang that had drawn their attention. Just as everyone knew, although Young Master Qingyang was lacking in martial arts, he was renowned throughout the martial arts world for his familiarity with all the martial arts of the realm. Not even grandmasters and leading martial artists could compare.

"Just which one do you think is the real one?"

"Someone who would try to deceive both the Righteous Alliance Lord and the Black Yin Ancestor is quite bold!"

"If they're found out, they would only have death to look forward to!"

"Haha, there's no need to go through so much trouble. The one of these two that doesn't agree is the fake Young Master Qingyang!"

Eyes looked back and forth between Wang Chong and the other young man. Suddenly, two people claiming to be the leader of the Four Young Masters of the martial arts world had appeared. This was extremely rare, even for the martial arts world.

"Heh, why wouldn't I agree?!"

Wang Chong's reply loudly rang out in everyone's ears. Softly chuckling, Wang Chong suddenly strode forward, his expression brimming with confidence. Wang Chong had never expected his excursion into the world of sects to turn out like this, but as someone who had been Grand Marshal of the world, Wang Chong had been through countless trials and tribulations. How could he possibly be afraid of such a challenge?

Moreover, Wang Chong sensed that the Myriad Ghost Ancestor, the Black Yin Ancestor, Xie Guangting, Sikong Yuanjia, and all the others were focused on him. If he made the slightest strange movement, they would probably all immediately attack him.

In this current situation, Wang Chong had to agree even if he didn't want to.

But Wang Chong was not at all panicked. His understanding of martial arts was not lacking compared to anyone, and not even this Young Master Qingyang was guaranteed to surpass him.

"Haha, okay!"

At this moment, the Myriad Ghost Ancestor heartily laughed. Proudly standing upon the banner, he lightly waved his hand.

"Alliance Lord Song, Vice Alliance Lord Xie, you've all heard it. This matter is truly getting more and more interesting. Let's do this. We'll put off the grudges between the Five Ancestor Alliance and Righteous Alliance for now and watch with full attention to see which one is the true Young Master Qingyang."

"Myriad Ghost Ancestor, just what are you planning?!" Song Yuanyi sternly replied.

The Myriad Ghost Ancestor only turned and smiled at Young Master Qingyang on the ground, who immediately took two steps forward and smiled.

"Alliance Lord Song, everyone in the world knows that Young Master Qingyang is well-learned in the myriad martial arts, knowing all of them like the back of his hand and able to instruct martial artists with just a few words, allowing the weak to overcome the strong. Why don't I and that Young Master Qingyang of your Righteous Alliance choose a martial artist as their representative to compete in strength? What do you think?"

The young man slightly raised his head, his face radiating confidence.

"'Young Master Qingyang', what do you think?"

The young man turned to Wang Chong, his eyes brimming with derision.

"Not bad! It's very fair."

Wang Chong smiled at these words.

"Very good! Since that's the case, we'll do as you propose."

Song Yuanyi gave a slight nod. Since the two of them had agreed, he had no reason to stop it.

"There's nothing challenging about picking martial artists who are too strong. Let's choose experts of the Profound Martial realm."

The young man turned to the Myriad Ghost Ancestor and Black Yin Ancestor.

"You may choose anyone from the disciples of the Five Ancestor Alliance!"

The Myriad Ghost Ancestor on the banner nodded.

"Haha, Young Master Qingyang, there's no need to be so polite. Today, all the disciples of the Five Ancestor Alliance are available to you. I only have one request. Expose that brat and humiliate Song Yuanyi and his Righteous Alliance for all the world to see!" Black Yin Ancestor Luo Qiyin added.

"Luo Qiyin, such impudence!"

Sikong Yuanjia couldn't help but roar in anger.

But Song Yuanyi said nothing. He extended an arm and shook his head, holding back Sikong Yuanjia.

"Young Master Qingyang, just this alone might not be enough to prove that you are Young Master Qingyang," Song Yuanyi suddenly declared.

"Haha, you're right!"

The young man on the other side suddenly grinned.

"Alliance Lord Song is right on the mark, so I hope that you will now choose three Righteous Alliance experts of an even higher level of strength. Only if I can instruct this disciple of the Five Ancestor Alliance in defeating all three of these stronger opponents am I qualified to progress further. If I can't, then I am naturally the fake Young Master Qingyang, and there's no need to proceed further. In that case, Black Yin Ancestor, I must trouble you to take my life to set the record straight for the Five Ancestor Alliance!"

The young man turned to Black Yin Ancestor Luo Qiyin and bowed.

"Relax! This old man will not show mercy. If that truly is the case, this old man will crush you into a pulp!"

The Black Yin Ancestor sinisterly chuckled.

His strange laughter made everyone's hair stand on end, but the young man was unperturbed.

"As it should be!"

Wang Chong nodded. He had been coldly watching from the sides, and he couldn't help but inwardly chuckle.

He could already tell that this young man was probably the real Young Master Qingyang.

He embraced both good and evil in his behavior, making him actually rather similar to himself.

All was quiet, the vast crowd of martial artists utterly entranced by this sight. Today's event was simply too bizarre. The Righteous Alliance and Five Ancestor Alliance had both produced a Young Master Qingyang. For there to be a test to determine which was the real leader of the Four Young Masters, and for it to take place in the lands of the northwest, was truly too incredible.

Young Master Qingyang quickly selected a disciple from the Five Ancestor Alliance.

"Alliance Lord Song, please select three opponents for me."

Song Yuanyi nodded. With a light wave of his finger, he immediately chose three Righteous Alliance disciples. One was at the middle of the Profound Martial realm, another at the top, and the last at the peak. All of them were stronger than that Five Ancestor Alliance disciple!

As these three Righteous Alliance disciples stepped forward, everyone waited with bated breath. Even Wang Chong couldn't help but watch.

Young Master Qingyang gently smiled as he walked up to the three Righteous Alliance disciples.

"Alliance Lord Song, there's no need to choose this disciple. If I'm not wrong, his lesser Sanyang meridian from the Quchi point all the way up to his neck has been injured, and it was by some extremely tyrannical fire energy. He can't raise his arm above his shoulder. And, if my eyes don't deceive me, he's been secretly cultivating the Hundred Meridian Divine Art, but because he was too impatient, his Fengfu point and his Du meridian starting at his third vertebra and extending downward half an inch have been injured, the energy and blood clotting. This is a hidden injury.

"Although it normally won't reveal itself, during battle, when energy is maximally circulated, it will immediately cause disarray in one's Stellar Energy. In addition, every night, at the Zi Period, he will feel an intense pain from the Tianshu point on his stomach that will awaken him from his sleep. This kind of martial artist is already not at his full strength. How can he serve as an appropriate challenger?" Young Master Qingyang said.


While the others were still trying to understand what was going on, the Righteous Alliance expert Young Master Qingyang was referring to paled in shock, his eyes widening, and it looked like he had seen a ghost.

Putting aside the other matters, very few people knew that he had been secretly cultivating the Hundred Meridian Divine Art to strengthen himself, perhaps not even the alliance lord, but this young man had seen through everything. Moreover, the symptoms of incorrectly cultivating the Hundred Meridian Divine Art would manifest differently in each person. But this youth had even managed to detect that he would feel an intense pain from his Tianshu point on his left abdomen every day at the Zi Period. It was simply inconceivable!

Could a person so thoroughly understand martial arts that they could even predict what would happen to a martial artist a few hours later?

This had far exceeded his understanding of martial arts!

On the other side, Song Yuanyi and Xie Guangting said nothing, but their eyes flashed.

So little time had passed that the Five Ancestor Alliance probably did not know that the Righteous Alliance had been attacked by those men in black, nor could this young man.

But he had clearly managed to identify the trait of the martial arts used by those men in black as if he had seen it with his own eyes. There was nothing simple about such a feat.

Everyone instantly changed the way they looked at this young man. If they hadn't believed in his words before, they now believed that eighty percent of what he said was true. These were not conclusions that any ordinary person could draw.