The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1373

Chapter 1373: The Conceited Young Master Qingyang

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

On the other side, the Black Yin Ancestor sinisterly smiled. When he had first encountered this pair of master and guard, he had had his doubts, but now that this youth had shown his hand, all the Black Yin Ancestor's worries had been laid to rest.

Brat! You're quite bold to actually try and deceive this old ancestor. I'd like to see just who you really are!

The Black Yin Ancestor stared at Wang Chong and wickedly laughed in his mind.

Wang Chong remained silent, but his eyebrows slightly rose. This Young Master Qingyang truly was rather capable, able to obtain so much information with just a single glance. Not even Wang Chong was capable of such a thing. But he quickly calmed back down, maintaining his relaxed and confident appearance. He had a completely different style of instruction from Young Master Qingyang, but in the end, they achieved the same result. Young Master Qingyang had his advantages, but Wang Chong had his own things that his counterpart could not do.

Song Yuanyi said nothing. He waved his hand behind him, having that Righteous Alliance expert with the hidden injuries withdraw and switching him out with another.

"Yon Young Master, do you have any other objections?"

Song Yuanyi looked at the young man, for the first time taking the initiative to speak with Young Master Qingyang.


"Then begin!" Song Yuanyi lightly said.

Without further remark, Young Master Qingyang turned around and began to size up the Five Ancestor Alliance disciple behind him.

"Display all the martial arts you know for me."

"Yes, Young Master!"

The disciple agreed and swiftly began to fulfill Young Master Qingyang's requests. He performed the techniques slowly and did not use any Stellar Energy. But after using only twenty percent of the martial arts he knew, he heard a voice at his ear.

"It's enough!" Young Master Qingyang slightly raised his head and indifferently said, "In a little while, listen to my orders. Do whatever I tell you to and perform any technique I say. Take note: I demand that you use only one move to defeat your first opponent!"


The crowd fell into an uproar at these words. The Five Ancestor Alliance disciple first looked at the Black Yin Ancestor and the Myriad Ghost Ancestor, and then he looked at the crowd, his face fraught with unease.

"But I, I I'm afraid that"

The Five Ancestor Alliance consisted of evil path disciples, all of them unreasonable in conduct and incredibly arrogant with their words. But no matter how brash he was, he also understood the gap between him and his opponent.

He also recognized this Righteous Alliance disciple on the other side. His nickname was 'Five Willow Step', and he was extremely fast, his martial arts of a much higher level. Owing to the relationship between the Five Ancestor Alliance and the Righteous Alliance, the two had exchanged blows many times. Of the ten times he had been wounded in those conflicts, it had been this Five Willow Step that had inflicted seven or eight of them, and it had already cast a psychological shadow on his heart. When their two factions fought, he would intentionally try to avoid him.

This was fine in the past, but now, two ancestors were watching. If he failed, he would probably be killed.

Young Master Qingyang finally opened his eyes and confidently proclaimed, "Relax! Just do as I say!"

Although the Five Ancestor Alliance disciple was still incredibly reluctant, with so many people watching him, he could only gather his courage and step forward.


The wind howled, and in a flash, countless people had focused their eyes on this pair. Until the Origin Immortal Mountain appeared, this was undoubtedly the most interesting thing going on.

"Zhao Dayong, your leg recovered rather quickly! I let you escape at the Jing Prefecture's Mount Wutong, but I'd like to see where you run off this time!"

On the other side, 'Five Willow Step' coldly sneered.

Anyone else would have been a suitable choice in Five Willow Step's eyes, but this Zhao Dayong truly wasn't anything worth talking about. In choosing such a weakling, Young Master Qingyang had only earned his disregard.

The evil path disciple called Zhao Dayong went pale, but despite his rage, he did not dare retort. The martial arts world emphasized strength above all, and without the strength to back it up, words were meaningless. If his opponent was stronger, then no matter how dissatisfied he was, he could only swallow his pride.

The Black Yin Ancestor, having already lost his patience, firmly ordered, "Cut the chatter! Begin already!"


The Black Yin Ancestor had barely spoken when that expert nicknamed 'Five Willow Step' shot forward, leaving a blur behind him. He was incredibly fast and incredibly strong, and his first move was to use his strongest skill.

"Five Steps to Snatch Life!"

He had heard loud and clear the conversation between Young Master Qingyang and Zhao Dayong just now, and he was enraged that Young Master Qingyang had said that he would have Zhao Dayong defeat him in a single blow, so he showed no mercy. This 'Five Steps to Snatch Life' was a technique he had comprehend through his own understandings. There were five steps in total, and with each step, his Stellar Energy would get stronger and stronger. When he made the fifth step, his speed and strength both reached their maximum, far exceeding his original level of power.

One step, two steps, three steps When he reached the third step, a young and proud voice suddenly called out.

"Now is the moment! Kan position, Little Ghost Offering Blade!"

Zhao Dayong's entire body was tense, and he almost instantly responded to these words, thrusting his saber at the Kan position. Plush! Saber plunged into flesh, and hot blood splashed onto his face.


Cries of alarm came from the crowd as if the inconceivable had taken place. Zhao Dayong raised his head and saw Five Willow Step right in front of him. The saber in Zhao Dayong's hands had already sunk half its length into Five Willow Step's left abdomen, and blood was pouring out of the wound. Five Willow Step's eyes were wide open, his face stricken with shock and disbelief at the fact that he had lost to Zhao Dayong, lost in a single blow, and even lost to the most ordinary technique, that Little Ghost Offering Blade.

Whether in the righteous path or the evil path, this was a rudimentary technique that usually wasn't even worth using.

"How could this be?!"

Zhao Dayong was even more astounded than Five Willow Step. No one knew more than he did that he had truthfully done nothing at all. He had only done as Young Master Qingyang had said, thrusting his saber to the side, but this had been the result. This was simply unbelievable!

Zhao Dayong almost instinctively turned to Young Master Qingyang behind him, his eyes brimming with awe and respect.

"Withdraw," Song Yuanyi suddenly said, his eyes on the Black Yin Ancestor.

"Luo Qiyin, your man won."

Pa! Pa!

Song Yuanyi flicked his finger, sending two bolts of energy through the air. The first one snapped Zhao Dayong's saber with a clang while the other flew into Five Willow Step's body and rapidly stemmed his blood loss and stabilized his energy.

"Take him away!"

Song Yuanyi waved a hand. Immediately, two Righteous Alliance experts flew forward and helped Five Willow Step off the field.

At this moment, all the Righteous Alliance disciples were dumbfounded, staring in shock at the young man across from them.

When they first heard the Black Yin Ancestor claim that this youth was Young Master Qingyang, they thought that he was joking, that the Five Ancestor Alliance was using this matter to attack the Righteous Alliance. But now, the situation was entirely different.

This was someone who could instruct an early-stage Profound Martial expert in defeating a middle-stage Profound Martial expert. This alone made the young man similar to Wang Chong.

The second Righteous Alliance expert quickly stepped forward.

This was a high-tier Profound Martial expert, even stronger than Five Willow Step.

"Little Ghost Picks Peaches!

"Little Ghost Offering Blade!"

The same Little Ghost Offering Blade, though preceded this time by a Little Ghost Picks Peaches, felled the second Righteous Alliance expert as well. As he fell to the ground, his eyes were still wide open in disbelief.

The Righteous Alliance was in a dour mood while the Five Ancestor Alliance was spirited and energetic.

"The last one!"

Song Yuanyi frowned as he gestured behind him.


As that disciple was about to come forward, Young Master Qingyang suddenly spoke.

"This one has a proposal. There's no need to go through so much trouble for the next round, and there's no need for Alliance Lord to be so polite. Just send up an Imperial Martial expert!" Young Master Qingyang confidently said.


Young Master Qingyang had barely finished speaking when the crowd of spectating martial artists began to buzz with astounded chatter.

"Profound Martial realm against Imperial Martial realm? What sort of joke is this?"

"If he can do that, then he's truly heaven-defying. Even if others don't believe him, this old man will definitely believe that he's Young Master Qingyang!"

"Everyone knows how to brag. Let's see what happens. In any case, I don't believe that it's possible!"

Let alone these unaffiliated martial artists, even the Five Ancestor Alliance disciples were dumbfounded. Although the Black Yin Ancestor said nothing, his brow imperceptibly creased. It was evident that he had not expected this request from Young Master Qingyang either.

"Alliance Lord, this has to be some sort of plan from the Myriad Ghost Ancestor and Black Yin Ancestor. We can't take the bait!" Ouyang Changheng, standing next to Song Yuanyi, suddenly said.

The gap in strength was far too great, making him suspect that this was not the idea of the young man, but some plan concocted by the Five Ancestor Alliance.

"I agree!"

To his surprise, Song Yuanyi emotionlessly nodded.


Ouyang Changheng was stupefied, but despite his shock, the decisions of the alliance lord could not be defied.

Complying with Young Master Qingyang's request, the Righteous Alliance quickly chose an Imperial Martial expert. The moment this Righteous Alliance expert stepped onto the field, his body erupted with a fierce storm of energy.

Clang! Metal clattering could be heard as a dark red halo erupted from his feet, followed by a second, and then a third. In a few short moments, the Imperial Martial expert's aura reached an astonishing level. The Five Ancestor Alliance disciple on the other side couldn't help but pale in fear and shock.

When compared to this Imperial Martial expert, his own energy was like the light of a firefly. This gap in strength was truly too vast.

"Alliance Lord, is it really necessary to send an expert of my level?"

Once the Imperial Martial expert had stepped forward, he looked back at Song Yuanyi. There was a strange smile on his lips and an awkward expression on his face.

It wasn't that he was looking down on this Five Ancestor Alliance disciple, but the gap in strength was just too big. It was completely different from the two previous battles against opponents of the Profound Martial realm.