The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1374

Chapter 1374: Three Consecutive Victories

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Song Yuanyi looked straight ahead, his gaze unwavering.

"Do I need to repeat myself?"

"I will comply, Alliance Lord!"

The Imperial Martial expert quickly lowered his head and bowed.

After straightening himself, he looked at the evil path disciple, Zhao Dayong, his eyes gleaming with the smile of a cat playing with a mouse.

"Haha, since that's the case, I won't be merciful!"

The mood became strange. Only Young Master Qingyang remained with his back straight and head held high, his expression utterly unperturbed.


With this order, the two quickly stepped forward.

Zhao Dayong was trembling in fear and on the verge of tears. Although he had defeated two opponents that were stronger than him already, the battle this time was completely different. It was simply impossible for a low-tier Profound Martial expert to defeat an Imperial Martial expert. If those two ancestors hadn't been watching him from the back, he would have already taken to his heels.

"Listen to me! Don't panic!"

The cold and rational voice of Young Master Qingyang rang out in his ears, imbued with a soothing power. This familiar voice immediately caused Zhao Dayong to calm down.

The battle quickly began


In a flash, the Imperial Martial expert cast away all miscellaneous thoughts, his expression becoming one of complete focus. Although he was much stronger than his opponent, as an Imperial Martial expert, he had a strong will and would never make the mistake of underestimating his opponent.

"Li position, Hungry Ghost Lunges at Prey!"

Before that Imperial Martial expert had even taken action, Young Master Qingyang's voice rang out. While everyone was wondering what in the world he was up to, Zhao Dayong had already begun to move.

Thwish! Even though he sensed no threat and there was no one at the Li position, he still lunged over.

Rumble! A moment later, there was a massive boom as a powerful energy, sharp and vicious, smashed into the place he had been standing.


The crowd called out in alarm. If Young Master Qingyang had not spoken earlier, that evil path disciple would have been heavily injured.

"How could this be!"

The Imperial Martial expert was shocked to see that his attack had missed.

He had been in the martial arts world for many years, but this was the first time he had ever seen something like this. A 'cripple' lacking in strength was able to instruct a weakling who also wasn't that strong in defeating those stronger. This was simply inconceivable!

Swish! Swish! Swish! Zhao Dayong was shocked and frightened by this sight and fearfully pulled away. But the Imperial Martial expert did not pursue, apparently still immersed in his shocked stupor.

"I'd like to see just how many of my attacks you can dodge!"

After finally getting over his shock, the Imperial Martial expert of the Righteous Alliance shot forward, his palm thrusting at Zhao Dayong!

"Five Ghosts Raise the Palanquin!"

Young Master Qingyang's cold voice rang out once more. As expected, with the crashing of Stellar Energy and an intense explosion, this attack missed as well.

This fellow isn't simple

Standing in the crowd, Wang Chong was paying close attention to how this battle developed. When he saw Zhao Dayong dodge both the attacks from the Imperial Martial expert, he began to vaguely sense something.

What ordinary people saw was Zhao Dayong narrowly dodging the attacks of someone much stronger than him, but this was not what Wang Chong saw.

If one wanted to be like Young Master Qingyang and instruct Zhao Dayong in easily dodging his opponent's attacks, one needed to not only predict the opponent's movements, but Zhao Dayong's as well.

When one considered that Young Master Qingyang was just an ordinary martial artist who was at the True Martial realm at most, this was truly astonishing.

This fellow's calculation abilities have definitely reached an astonishing level. He's probably completely calculated what sort of martial arts this Imperial Martial expert will use, as well as how and when he will use them. He truly possesses an astonishing intellect to accomplish this. If not for the innate problem with his meridians, he would definitely be an extremely powerful expert! Wang Chong inwardly marveled.

He rarely misjudged anyone, and he was sure that this Young Master Qingyang was an expert that was extremely difficult to deal with. The vast majority of such people had proud personalities, so it was no wonder he could not tolerate anyone pretending to be him. He didn't even mind working with the infamous Five Ancestor Alliance.

On the battlefield, the battle had reached a crucial juncture. Zhao Dayong was constantly dodging, again and again barely escaping with his life. Each time, the spectators would gasp in alarm. Wang Chong scanned the area and saw that whether it was the Myriad Ghost Ancestor, the Black Yin Ancestor, Song Yuanyi, or Xie Guangting, they were all focused on this battle.

Even Song Youran and Song Jue were entranced.

Wang Chong watched for a few moments before mentally commenting, The battle will be over soon. This Imperial Martial expert is going to lose.

Everything was reflected in his mind like a clear mirror. That Imperial Martial expert appeared to have the advantage, but in reality he was, step by step, falling into Young Master Qingyang's tempo. As he sent off attack after attack, not even he had realized that he had lost his initial sharpness and had started to get impatient.

More importantly, with each attack, his martial arts, techniques, offensive traits everything was exposed to Young Master Qingyang.

He had no idea that his true enemy was not Zhao Dayong, but that person standing on the edge of the battlefield who appeared energetic and focused as he commanded another, not appearing ill in the slightest: Young Master Qingyang!

As time passed and the battle reached its most intense point

"Zhao Dayong, Kan Position, Jun position, Xun position, Zhen position Little Ghost Offering Blade, Five Ghosts Move Mountains, Hungry Ghost Soars to the Heavens, Ghastly Ghost Qi, Ghost King Ventures Forth, All Ghosts Wail, right abdomen, Taiyi point!" A string of orders issued from Young Master Qingyang's mouth.

Stellar Energy roiled and churned as that Imperial Martial expert apparently had the initiative and was almost completely overwhelming Zhao Dayong. But a moment later, the 'passive' Zhao Dayong began to move like a snake. He used 'Little Ghost Offering Blade' to dodge the oncoming attack, breaking free of the Imperial Martial expert's 'pursuit'.

For Young Master Qingyang to be able to apply a commonplace and basic technique like Little Ghost Offering Blade to such a level had all the Righteous Alliance disciples sighing in wonder. Only one who had comprehended martial arts to a divine level would be capable of such a feat.

But this was not the end.

After escaping the pursuit of the Imperial Martial expert's attack, not only did he not flee, he turned around and charged back at the expert. Five Ghosts Move Mountains, Hungry Ghost Soars to the Heavens, Ghastly Ghost Qi, Ghost King Ventures Forth, All Ghosts Wail he swiftly used this string of techniques.


The Imperial Martial expert did not just sit back. Seeing his opponent charge over, he immediately engaged in his own fierce offensive, his moves swift and vicious, infused with destructive power. Someone of Zhao Dayong's Profound Martial realm cultivation would surely face either death or severe injury.

But everyone realized to their consternation that once, twice, thrice Zhao Dayong appeared to predict all these counterattacks and used a different technique to dodge each one. And after using one technique, he would immediately shift to another. This was a result of the tacit understanding that had developed between him and Young Master Qingyang over their collaboration.

These ordinary techniques seemed to become divine and supreme skills.

As he missed again and again, the Imperial Martial expert paled and grimaced. In the end, he had lost all of his original confidence and composure.

An Imperial Martial expert was being played around with by a Profound Martial expert. No one could accept this.


As Zhao Dayong was using the Five Ancestor Alliance's 'Ghost King Ventures Forth', that Imperial Martial expert finally panicked and shot off to the side to escape.

He was finally afraid, not of the Profound Martial Zhao Dayong, but of the man behind him, that unfathomable Young Master Qingyang who seemed to be able to predict his every movement.

But he had not expected that Young Master Qingyang had even predicted his flight.

As he moved to flee, Zhao Dayong's Ghost King Ventures Forth suddenly changed halfway into 'All Ghosts Wail', the attack shooting like a bolt of lightning toward the Imperial Martial expert of the Righteous Alliance.

Kyaaaaa! The air suddenly shrieked with the wailing and weeping of ten thousand ghosts. "Aaah!" A scream tore through the air, and that Imperial Martial expert who had just taken flight was stabbed in the right abdomen by a saber. He dropped from the sky, staggering and swaying on the ground as blood flowed out of the wound.

His face was as pale as a sheet of paper, and he stared at Zhao Dayong and Young Master Qingyang with eyes brimming with shock and terror.

"This this is impossible!"

His confidence, his power all of it had been shattered.


After a short moment of silence, the crowd suddenly exploded, their eyes wide open and their jaws slack.

"Heavens! This is impossible! Impossible! Just what did I see?!"

"An early-tier Profound Martial expert actually defeated an Imperial Martial expert?! This is just too absurd!"

"Do my eyes deceive me? Tell me, did I really just see that?!"

All the martial artists present stared at that crimson blood and that saber in absolute shock. Even the Black Yin Ancestor, the Myriad Ghost Ancestor, Song Yuanyi, and Xie Guangting had grave and solemn expressions.