The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1375

Chapter 1375: Battle Ghost Owl

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

The feats accomplished by that young man in the azure robe in this one battle had revealed his astonishing talent and immense potential.

Even titans of the martial arts world had to treat such an individual with great caution.


In the crowd, Song Youran and Song Jue clenched their fists, their faces devoid of blood.

As for Young Master Qingyang, he was proud and confident, his body radiating a transcendent aura. With this set of battles, he had succeeded in intimidating the entire crowd. A moment later, he turned to Wang Chong, a smile of challenge on his lips.

Truly, while strange things happened every year, this year was chock-full of them. Someone was actually pretending to be him! But he had chosen the wrong person to imitate. Was it that easy to pretend to be him? What an idiot!

All fell silent as everyone quickly noticed what Young Master Qingyang was doing and turned their eyes to Wang Chong.

The total pressure of the crowd quickly weighed down on Wang Chong's body. Even Song Youran and Song Jue turned to look, and if one looked carefully, one would notice that their lips were faintly trembling.

At the start, the two of them had firmly believed in Wang Chong's identity, but after witnessing what they had, even their faith had been somewhat shaken.

"No matter what any of you say, I believe in what he says. Only he can be the true Young Master Qingyang!" Finally, Song Youran came forward and loudly spoke, her face red with agitation. It was clear that she was willing to risk everything.

Seeing this, Wang Chong felt both moved and a little ashamed, but at a time like this, he could only ask for her forgiveness. If his identity were exposed now, there was no question that Song Yuanyi, Xie Guangting, the Black Yin Ancestor, and the Myriad Ghost Ancestor would all attack him.

Wang Chong's life would instantly be in great peril. There was nothing he could do about the current situation.

Little girl, don't blame me!

With this thought, Wang Chong quickly calmed back down.

This was the first time he had actually run into the situation of the fake Li Kui running into the real Li Kui1, and after witnessing those three battles, Wang Chong had become rather interested in this Young Master Qingyang.

Young Master Qingyang took two steps forward and called out, "So? It's not too late to confess!"

To his surprise, Wang Chong chuckled and stepped forward. "Haha, so I only need to instruct a Profound Martial disciple in defeating an Imperial Martial expert to immediately become Young Master Qingyang?"


Young Master Qingyang was rendered momentarily speechless in his fury.

The gap between the Profound Martial realm and the Imperial Martial realm was a vast chasm. Everyone knew this, and this was why everyone was so shocked that he had been able to instruct a disciple at the bottom of the Profound Martial realm in defeating an Imperial Martial expert. But in Wang Chong's mouth, this magnificent feat had become something as easy as taking a drink of water. This was naught but blatant humiliation, something that he could never accept.

"Hmph, then let me see just how capable you really are!"

Young Master Qingyang glared.

This matter had already made him unreasonably angry and also incredibly amazed. In front of the real Young Master Qingyang and having personally seen the skills of the original, this youth was still so calm and composed. He had never imagined this sort of result, and he could only conclude that this youth was either a fool or a madman!

But regardless of which it was, he would never permit him to continue acting so impudently.

"Alliance Lord Song!"

Wang Chong looked to Song Yuanyi, who gave a slight nod of approval.

Only then did Wang Chong turn to the Black Yin Ancestor.

"Black Yin Ancestor, let's save ourselves the trouble. Send up an Imperial Martial opponent!"

"Bastard thing!"

The Black Yin Ancestor was so infuriated by these words that his face turned green and purple.

"Ghost Owl, you go!"

The enraged Black Yin Ancestor immediately chose a Five Ancestor Alliance expert behind him with a vast aura. Upon seeing this martial artist, the Righteous Alliance disciples gasped in shock.

"This isn't fair! The Five Ancestor Alliance is being too shameless!"

"If this is allowed, Young Master Qingyang will lose for sure!"

The foe the Black Yin Ancestor had chosen for Wang Chong was much stronger than the expert the Righteous Alliance had chosen.

"Hmph, he was the one who said it. Is Ghost Owl not of the Imperial Martial realm? If he wants to prove himself, I trust that a small difficulty like this won't be much of an obstacle!"

The Black Yin Ancestor coldly snorted.

The Righteous Alliance disciples were all incensed and despondent, but in front of the Black Yin Ancestor, they could only swallow their objections. But those unaffiliated martial artists who had come to the northwest for the Origin Immortal Art privately chattered amongst themselves, all of them viewing the Black Yin Ancestor's actions with great contempt.

Although Ghost Owl was an Imperial Martial expert, everyone in the martial arts world knew that he cultivated a superb art known as the 'Ghost Prison Art'. With this art, he could absorb an endless flow of extremely sinister and foul energy from deep beneath the ground.

And when he used this art, his body would be surrounded by a churning and thick ghostly fog. Anyone who entered this fog would unavoidably have their flow of Stellar Energy disrupted. Even Imperial Martial experts were not immune to this effect, let alone Profound Martial experts.

This point alone meant that the Righteous Alliance had no chance of winning.

"It seems like the Black Yin Ancestor has it in for that kid and will only be satisfied if he can kill him," a spectating martial artist whispered.

"Black Yin Ancestor, since you've made your choice, there's no need to waste any time. Let's get this started so we can end this battle quickly!" Wang Chong confidently proclaimed, his hands held behind his back and his eyes shining with disdain as he stared at the Black Yin Ancestor.


Righteous Alliance Lord Song Yuanyi had just been preparing to step forward and have the Black Yin Ancestor switch Ghost Owl out for someone else, but upon hearing this, he frowned and swallowed back his words.

Meanwhile, the crowd was stupefied, but after a momentary silence, the several hundred disciples of the Five Ancestor Alliance exploded in laughter. Even Young Master Qingyang and the Black Yin Ancestor smiled in derision.

Wang Chong's attitude was one of a complete braggart!

For Young Master Qingyang to instruct an early-tier Profound Martial expert to defeat an early-tier Imperial Martial expert was already the limit, but Wang Chong was aiming even higher.

Who did he think he was?

This scoundrel had no idea how high the heavens were or how thick the earth.

Young Master Qingyang's expression relaxed. "Hmph, I thought he had some ability, but trying to slavishly copy me isn't something that just anyone can do!" he said coldly, waving his sleeve.

"Young Master has always been without peer. This person is nothing but a clown!" said the indifferent voice of that imposing guard who was constantly at Young Master Qingyang's side.

Young Master Qingyang smiled in reply.

As for the Black Yin Ancestor, he was chuckling with his strange laughter. This was arrogance without limit. This fool wanted to instruct an ordinary Profound Martial expert in defeating Ghost Owl, one of the best experts of the Imperial Martial realm!

It was a complete joke.

"Haha, kid, since you want to show off, this ancestor will satisfy you!"

The Black Yin Ancestor strangely laughed as he looked at Wang Chong, who was already a corpse in his eyes. Whether this was the fake or the real one, this brat was finished!

"Young Master Qingyang, have you gone crazy? Why did you agree to this fight? Ghost Owl's Ghost Prison Art is extremely powerful, and he's always had a vicious and cruel personality. He also has incredible battlefield experience. You should have never agreed to this fight!"

Song Youran rushed up to Wang Chong and clenched his arm, almost going crazy on Wang Chong's behalf.

As for the Righteous Alliance expert that had been chosen by Wang Chong to fight against Ghost Owl, his face had become ghastly pale. This was no longer a battle, but assisted suicide!

"Young Master Qingyang, I know that you're the real one, but can we not change opponents?!"

His lips trembled as he spoke. The only reason he hadn't completely fallen apart yet was because he had seen how Wang Chong had commanded the Righteous Alliance disciples in killing Black General Impermanence and pushing back the Black Yin Ancestor. But this was a one-on-one duel, not a group battle.

That yawning gap in strength left him with no hope of victory.

"Relax! Leave everything to me! If the situation looks bad, I will promptly concede!"

Wang Chong patted him on the shoulder.

"Young Master Qingyang, have you gone crazy? Do you know what you're saying?"

Song Youran was anxious and angry.

"This isn't a game. Do you know what will happen if you lose?!"

This was not some simple sparring match, nor did it have anything to do with this Righteous Alliance disciple and Ghost Owl. This was about which one was the real Young Master Qingyang.

If Wang Chong failed, it meant that Song Yuanyi had been fooled by a fake Young Master Qingyang in front of a vast crowd. Even if Song Yuanyi was unwilling, he would have to kill Wang Chong to clear the air and issue a warning to the rest of the world.

But Wang Chong seemed incapable of understanding the severity of the matter, and he was even laughing.

Wang Chong pretended as if he couldn't hear. Instead, he asked Song Youran about something else.

"You said just now that Ghost Owl cultivates the Ghost Prison Art?"

"You're asking me this now? Who doesn't know that Ghost Owl cultivates the Ghost Prison Art?!"

Song Youran was practically beside herself with anger and concern.

Wang Chong said nothing, but a strange light flashed in his eyes.

Ghost Prison Art? This will be quite fun!

No matter how angry Song Youran was, the battle was about to begin.

"Listen to me. For this battle, seal off your Lesser Shang, Lesser Yang, and Mingmen points. In addition, listen for my orders. When I tell you to strike, strike immediately and don't worry about anything else!" Wang Chong whispered into the ear of that Profound Martial disciple.

This Righteous Alliance disciple was stricken with terror, but as Song Yuanyi and Xie Guangting were present, he no longer had the choice of not participating in this battle.

1. For the fake Li Kui meeting the real Li Kui, please refer to the note in Chapter 1096.