The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1376

Chapter 1376: The Ghost Prison Art

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"As for safety, with Alliance Lord Song here, how can you possibly be worried?"

Wang Chong's last words finally calmed the Righteous Alliance disciple down, and he was able to muster up some courage. Ghost Owl was formidable, but Alliance Lord Song was on an entirely different level. Even if the Black Yin Sect wanted to try and kill him, it would find it very difficult to succeed.

"Young Master, be at ease. I will fight with all my strength!" the Righteous Alliance disciple energetically said.

This battle attracted the attention of countless people. Now that the crowd had seen the power of the Five Ancestor Alliance's Young Master Qingyang, they were filled with anticipation for the Righteous Alliance's Young Master Qingyang. One of them had to be a fake!

As the two combatants stepped forward, the air became tense.

"It seems like the one on the Righteous Alliance's side should be a fake. I bet that he'll fail in just three moves!"

"Three moves? Are you crazy? Ghost Owl's Ghost Prison Stellar Energy will probably make it so that he'll fall to the ground before he even gets within three feet!"

Almost none of the chatter in the crowd showed optimism for Wang Chong.

"Kill him!"

As Ghost Owl emotionlessly stopped onto the field, he heard a soft whisper in his ear. Startled, Ghost Owl swiftly understood.

But as he was gathering Stellar Energy, the figure across from him suddenly charged forward. Though Ghost Owl was surprised, he quickly realized that it was that martial artist from the Righteous Alliance! A mere Profound Martial expert had actually chosen to attack first.

"Hmph, how suicidal!"

Ghost Owl had an inflexible and surly personality, but even he couldn't but smile in derision at this sight. If this fellow had been like Zhao Dayong and tried to circle around, he might have been able to last for a while, but he instead chose a straight-up attack. This was so idiotic that it was no different from suicide.

The plans that Ghost Owl had made beforehand were no longer needed. He only needed one move to finish off his opponent.

And the crowd had much the same reaction as Ghost Owl.


As they watched that Righteous Alliance disciple 'suicidally' attack, the crowd erupted in laughter.

"This guy's a fool! An egg trying to break a stone!"

"I overestimated him! How could you possibly defeat Ghost Owl like this?!"

Even Righteous Alliance Lord Song Yuanyi couldn't help but crease his brow. He had never seen how Wang Chong had commanded the Righteous Alliance's sword arrays to attack and suppress the Black Yin Ancestor, and by the time he had arrived, everything was over. All he had were the accounts from Ouyang Changheng and the other disciples.

Out of his trust for Ouyang Changheng and the numerous disciples, Song Yuanyi had not doubted this matter, but Wang Chong's orders were far too surprising. This was clearly not a wise move.

As for Vice Lord Xie Guangting, although he said nothing and his face remained calm, his eyes were flashing with emotion. At that moment, no one could tell what he was thinking.

One hundred feet, eighty feet, seventy feet, sixty feet

As the distance closed, Ghost Owl coldly laughed and immediately released the Ghost Prison Stellar Energy in his body. Awoooo! Churning black mist surged out and ghosts wailed as the Ghost Prison Stellar Energy emerged and immersed Ghost Owl's surroundings. The roiling black Stellar Energy appeared like countless evil ghosts struggling in the prison of the underworld, inspiring fear in all who looked upon it.

Everyone believed that the Righteous Alliance disciple's defeat was imminent. Ghost Owl wouldn't need to do anything, just let the thick Stellar Energy permeate his surroundings, and the battle would be over in less than one second.


A moment later, the Profound Martial disciple of the Righteous Alliance shot into the thick ghostly fog around Ghost Owl like a comet.


Just as the Righteous Alliance disciple charged, there was a sharp shriek, and then the Stellar Energy began to rumble and the air rippled. In that brief moment, Stellar Energy had clashed several times.

Raaa! There was a roar, and before anyone could react, that Righteous Alliance disciple who had just charged in staggered out of the fog and fell to the ground, looking in Ghost Owl's direction with an incredibly pale face.

"Did he lose?"

Everyone instantly turned to Ghost Owl.

At the same time, the Black Yin Ancestor and the Myriad Ghost Ancestor slightly curled their fingers, waiting for the moment to strike and kill that fake Young Master Qingyang. But a moment later, the air resounded with gasps and cries of shock.

"Heavens! How could this be? What in the world happened just now?"

"Ghost Owl Ghost Owl lost!"

Hundreds of pairs of eyes were staring at Ghost Owl. That person that all of them believed would be the victor had a sword sticking through his chest, blood flowing from the wound, and his face was one of absolute disbelief.

This sword had struck a vital point on his chest, severely wounding him with a single blow.

"Impossible, absolutely impossible!"

On the edge of the battlefield, Young Master Qingyang's eyes bulged, his mind in disarray and his face in disbelief.

His original indifference, composure, and confidence were instantly swept away, leaving behind only profound shock. When a Profound Martial expert challenged an Imperial Martial expert, even he could only obtain victory by dragging out the battle and exhausting the opponent's will and patience so that an opportunity would open up to strike a single, fatal blow.

But the martial artist that Wang Chong had chosen had attacked immediately. This was simply unbelievable.

And at this time, only a small number of people understood what had really happened.

"This is"

Song Yuanyi and Xie Guangting slowly looked away from the battlefield, their brows creasing.

They were not as confused as the other spectators, as they had clearly seen what had happened just now. But clarity only made them feel even more confused.

Ghost Owl's Ghost Prison Stellar Energy could disrupt the flow of Stellar Energy in all martial artists weaker than him, even Imperial Martial experts, causing it to slow down and even grind to a halt. But for some reason, that Righteous Alliance disciple Wang Chong had chosen had been utterly unaffected.

Not only that, he managed to barely dodge two attacks of Ghost Owl's in a row, but when it came time for the third strike, Ghost Owl's Stellar Energy suddenly began to conflict with itself and Ghost Owl panicked. This was the roar that everyone heard, issued by Ghost Owl in his moment of disarray.

Afterward, that Righteous Alliance disciple thrust out with his sword. Logically speaking, someone with as much Stellar Energy and as high a cultivation level as Ghost Owl's should have been able to easily block it, but for some reason, a weak point appeared where there shouldn't have been one. That Righteous Alliance disciple's sword slid through that small crack and into Ghost Owl's chest.

Few people noticed that Ghost Owl's Ghost Prison Art had already been broken at this point.

If they hadn't seen it for themselves, no one would have ever dared to believe that this Profound Martial expert Wang Chong had chosen would win, and after being the first one to attack as well!

"Threatening the east while striking the west, luring the enemy into attack, and a pair of incredibly perceptive eyes He had lost this battle from the very beginning."

Song Yuanyi muttered to himself as he pensively glanced at the nearby Wang Chong. If he weren't seeing it now, he would have never believed that a youth of seventeen or eighteen possessed such talent.

But Song Yuanyi still didn't understand how Wang Chong had managed to do it. The Ghost Prison Art of the Five Ancestor Alliance was not transmitted to outsiders, and this art was so formidable that not even Song Yuanyi knew about any flaws it might have. Just how had Wang Chong seen through its flaws so that he could bait Ghost Owl into causing a conflict of Stellar Energy in his body, resulting in his loss to a martial artist much weaker than him?

As Wang Chong's robes flapped in the wind, he could sense countless gazes staring at himsome of them suffused with shock, others admiration, disbelief, or envy.

But most of the people had looks of extreme confusion. Everything had happened far too quickly, and only a very small number of people besides Wang Chong knew what had actually happened just now.

This is called picking the wrong move! Anyone else would have done fine, but the Black Yin Ancestor thought he was being smart and actually chose someone who cultivated the Ghost Prison Art! A perfect opportunity for me to flaunt my strength!

Wang Chong calmly and leisurely smiled at the Black Yin Ancestor, who was ghastly pale.

The Ghost Prison Art was renowned throughout the evil path, but Wang Chong had long ago heard from his master that this art possessed a massive flaw that made it barely worth mentioning. When using the Ghost Prison Net technique of this art and then using the Ghost Prison Vacuum, one's Stellar Energy would immediately be thrown into disarray. The two meridians linked with one's arms would conflict and tangle together like two pythons.

At that point, even a high-tier Imperial Martial expert like Ghost Owl would suffer a drastic plunge in strength, leaving him completely open.

This was actually what Wang Chong had told that Profound Martial disciple to do. After baiting out 'Ghost Prison Net' and 'Ghost Prison Vacuum', he had succeeded in making the impossible possible. But for Wang Chong, this was as easy as breathing.

Moreover, through the world of energy, he had already located Ghost Owl's 'Qi Gate' and his weak points. Thus, even though Ghost Owl had an Imperial Martial realm cultivation and had planned for every possibility, he would still inevitably lose.