The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1377

Chapter 1377: The Real And Fake Are Indistinguishable

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Get out of my sight already!"

A furious bellow rang out. The Black Yin Ancestor had an extremely nasty grimace on his face. He was the one who had chosen Ghost Owl, and his defeat was no different from Wang Chong slapping him in the face.


"Young Master Qingyang! It really is Young Master Qingyang!"

"That fake on the other side had better start running!"

After a momentary silence, the Righteous Alliance side exploded with thunderous cheers. The consecutive defeat of three Righteous Alliance experts by the Five Ancestor Alliance had left them gasping for breath and completely downcast, but their revenge had come swiftly, and they now seized this moment to mercilessly jeer at the Five Ancestor Alliance.

The Black Yin Ancestor's expression instantly turned even more unsightly.


As for the real Young Master Qingyang in the Five Ancestor Alliance, his hands balled into his fists and his face turned red. The true Young Master Qingyang was right here, but the crowd was hailing that fake as Young Master Qingyang as well. There was nothing more ridiculous in this world.

"Young Master, this person isn't simple!" whispered that ever-present guard behind Young Master Qingyang. His eyebrows were creased and his right hand pressed against the saber on his waist. His entire body exuded a dangerous and murderous intent.

He existed for the sake of protecting Young Master Qingyang. Anyone who dared to harm his young master or show him disrespect would be killed!

Young Master Qingyang suppressed the rage in his heart and sternly said, "I underestimated him!"

He had originally believed that when he came with the Black Yin Ancestor to see the fake and challenged him, the fake would definitely back off. But it was now obvious that his thinking had been too simple. From the display just now, he could see that he was facing down a powerful foe and not the mediocre poser he had imagined.

But the more this was the case, the more unable he was to let this fake go.

In understanding of the martial arts of the world, he would not lose to anyone.

"Let me see how long you can keep pretending in front of everyone!"

A chilling light flashed through Young Master Qingyang's eyes.


The crowd chattered and buzzed. This conflict involved the Righteous Alliance and the Five Ancestor Alliance, and also the illustrious Young Master Qingyang of the martial arts world. Everyone had come to watch while treating the whole thing as a play, but as the 'plot' got more complicated and confusing, they all unknowingly became entranced.

"These two possess such frightening talent, but just which one is the real Young Master Qingyang?!"

The crowd looked at Wang Chong and then looked at that youth standing with the Five Ancestor Alliance, their minds dominated by a single question.

"Black Yin Ancestor, you've seen the result. Is there anything else you want to say?"

Song Yuanyi finally spoke, his face devoid of emotion as he looked at the Black Yin Ancestor.

"Haha, it's not over yet. Song Yuanyi, why are you in such a rush? Or are you trying to say that your Righteous Alliance can't bear to lose in front of so many people?"

The Black Yin Ancestor sinisterly chuckled as he retorted.

Song Yuanyi refused to comment.

"Haha, this matter has gotten even more interesting."

A hint of cruelty appeared in the Black Yin Ancestor's eyes.

"Now, Alliance Lord Song and I will each choose an Imperial Martial expert. Rest assured, neither I nor Alliance Lord Song will play any tricks. Their strength will be at the same level. But let me warn you in advance that after this battle, whoever fails will be the fake Young Master Qingyang and die!"


Wang Chong showed no reaction, but Young Master Qingyang slightly paled. The Black Yin Ancestor had not mentioned anything like this to him before.

"Haha, everyone in the world knows that Young Master Qingyang knows the martial arts of the world like the back of his hand. As both of you instruct your respective martial artists in battle, the one who loses must unquestionably be the fake."

The Black Yin Ancestor moved his sinister gaze back and forth between Wang Chong and Young Master Qingyang.

"Neither of you thought that you could actually leave alive after deceiving Alliance Lord Song and me in front of so many people, right?"

Wang Chong placed his hands behind his back and confidently proclaimed, "Black Yin Ancestor, you've truly got a bad heart! But I won't lose!"

Although Young Master Qingyang was known for his erudition in martial arts, Wang Chong had probably seen even more martial arts, though he had probably not researched them as thoroughly as Young Master Qingyang. Moreover, Wang Chong also had the world of energy, an ability his master had developed after cultivating the Myriad Spirit Sea Art.

No matter what sort of opponent he faced, he could see how Stellar Energy flowed through their bodies, detect the key 'pivots', and find their weaknesses.

In this way, Wang Chong could achieve the same result as Young Master Qingyang through a different method.

"Hah, kid, you've got guts!"

The Black Yin Ancestor flashed a mouthful of white teeth and gave a strange laugh.

"Hmph, then let's do it! I'm the real Young Master Qingyang, and no one can imitate me!"

Young Master Qingyang had been rather hesitant at first. Although he possessed profound perception, his strength was lacking, so he was still rather fearful in front of a titan of the martial arts world like the Black Yin Ancestor. But Wang Chong's provocative words had forced his hand.

"Haha, okay!"

The Black Yin Ancestor loudly laughed.

"Alliance Lord Song, do you have any objections?"

"Let us do as the old ancestor proposes!" Song Yuanyi noncommittally replied. Since they had already begun, they should see things through until the very end.

The crowd once more began to chatter, their eyes roving between Wang Chong and Young Master Qingyang.

"I wonder which one will win?"

At this stage, everyone was incredibly interested to see how this contest would turn out. Whichever one was fake, anyone who could match wits with Young Master Qingyang up to this point couldn't possibly be some nobody.

The Black Yin Ancestor and Song Yuanyi quickly chose their respective experts. This time, the two made extremely fair choices, both experts at the same level of power. Although no one dared to say that they were completely identical, the difference was so small as to be negligible.


Wang Chong and Young Master Qingyang both stepped forward. At this moment, everyone was all eyes, and even those unaffiliated martial artists who had come to watch a good show stopped smiling.

Everyone was brimming with anticipation for this battle, but the loser would be executed before the crowd. This was no longer some simple game, no longer anything worth smiling about.

As Wang Chong and Young Master Qingyang stepped forward, so did the two experts from the Righteous Alliance and Five Ancestor Alliance.

Young Master Qingyang looked at his counterpart and solemnly said, "You've made a mistake. You shouldn't have pretended to be me and infiltrated the Righteous Alliance. Not even I can do anything to help you now."


Wang Chong slightly raised an eyebrow, a hint of surprise in his eyes. Putting aside everything else, that this Young Master Qingyang was able to say such words improved Wang Chong's impression on him.

"Relax! I won't lose!"

Wang Chong grinned.

"Hmph, truly stubborn!"

Young Master Qingyang clenched his teeth, his complexion darkening.

"Since that's the case, I'll fulfill your wish!"

The mood instantly tensed.

The two experts slowly stepped forward, staring at each other, their expressions far more nervous than Wang Chong's and Young Master Qingyang's.

After all, Wang Chong and Young Master Qingyang were only moving their lips while they were the ones engaged in mortal combat. When the Righteous Alliance and Five Ancestor Alliance gathered in one place, regardless of the reason, a bloody battle was bound to occur.

The battle quickly began. Both experts got closer and closer, but Wang Chong and Young Master Qingyang remained silent, issuing no pre-battle instructions.

The trials from before had allowed both of them to get a rough understanding of their counterpart's abilities. At their level of talent and skill, there was no need to do anything unnecessary.


Just when everyone was thinking that those two experts were dragging things out, they simultaneously struck, bold and upright Stellar Energy clashing with evil and sinister Stellar Energy. Swish! Powerful bolts of energy shot outward, carving deep furrows in the ground. Unlike the battles of the Profound Martial realm, those of the Imperial Martial realm were far more dangerous.

The two Imperial Martial experts were on each other like battling tigers, and in a few short moments, they had both used exquisite and dangerous techniques. Both of them were pushing their respective movement techniques to their limit, rushing here and there across the battlefield with such speed that it was impossible to tell where they were.

Everyone watched with bated breath, and Wang Chong and Young Master Qingyang were even more focused, taking in every movement. This was a contest between the two, the first in which they actually compared abilities. For now, this was a test of their eyesight.

In this short clash, not only did the two of them have to analyze the strength, martial art, and fighting style of their own expert, they also needed to analyze the habits, moves, and weaknesses of the opposing expert.

There was only one chance. Analysis of the two martial artists would majorly influence the rest of the battle, eventually determining which one survived.

It became so silent that one could hear a pin drop. The eyes of the crowd would alternate between the experts battling and Young Master Qingyang and Wang Chong.

"Young Master, you can do it!"

Song Youran and Song Jue clenched their fists as they worried over Wang Chong. Meanwhile, Ji Andu had a completely different reaction.

"Hmph, just some random fake! I wonder what your death will be like!"

Ji Andu hadn't believed Wang Chong from the very beginning, and when he saw the Young Master Qingyang on the other side, he became even more sure of his conclusions. He cared little for this battle. After all, when the fake met the real, was there any need to wonder what the result would be?