The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1378

Chapter 1378: Evenly Matched

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

It's enough! These two people truly do have similar strength. The Black Yin Ancestor didn't try any tricks this time.

Wang Chong's eyes flashed as he commented to himself. But this was only more indicative of how badly the Black Yin Ancestor wanted to kill him.

The people of the evil path were all people who tended to seek vengeance over the smallest grievances, and the Black Yin Ancestor in particular, as a major leader of the evil path, had a high regard for himself, yet an 'insignificant' character like Wang Chong had ruined his plans in the Righteous Alliance's temporary base and forced him to flee. This was an offense and disgrace for the Black Yin Ancestor, like petting the hindquarters of a tiger or stroking the whiskers of a dragon. In the Black Yin Ancestor's view, Wang Chong was already a dead man.


After three seconds, there was an enormous explosion as the two Imperial Martial experts pushed away from each other and landed back in their original positions.

The surroundings once more fell silent, but the mood only intensified. But those two experts only warily watched each other like hunting leopards, ready at any time to begin the next round of attacks.

One second, two seconds, three seconds Whether it was Wang Chong, Young Master Qingyang, or the two experts, none of them moved.

"What are they doing!?"

As the crowd was slowly beginning to lose its patience, bang! The two experts lunged forward once more.

When the two were only a few feet from each other and about to clash, Wang Chong and Young Master Qingyang called out almost simultaneously.

"Dragon Form Crane Image!"

"Myriad Ghosts Emerge from Yin!"

A moment later, the Righteous Alliance expert's body erupted, the images of dragons and cranes spiraling out from him to assail the Five Ancestor Alliance expert from various angles. But even more incredibly, a split-second later, the Five Ancestor Alliance expert's also erupted with seething smoke that attacked from the same angles.

The two used similar techniques and attacked from the same angles as if they were fighting their own shadow. The result was obvious.

Boomboomboom! In a series of explosions, the attacks of the righteous and evil experts met, and though both dearly wanted to defeat their opponent, the result of this clash was the same as the previous one.

The two separated and returned to the edges of the battlefield. Wang Chong and Young Master Qingyang simultaneously frowned. They had reached the same conclusion in this round, resulting in a complete tie.

Even in the martial arts world, such a thing was incredibly rare.

The winds shrieked through the space between the two, causing the mood to grow even tenser. Even the Black Yin Ancestor and Song Yuanyi had unwittingly been entranced by this fight.

Wang Chong and Young Master Qingyang soon made their next moves.

"Mountain River Pull!"

"Heavenly Demon Descent!"

Wang Chong had determined just now that the Righteous Alliance expert and Five Ancestor Alliance expert each had at least three powerful techniques. The Mountain River Pull was one of these, as was the Dragon Form Crane Image. With these orders, the battlefield went through another transformation.

Bold and righteous Stellar Energy erupted from the Righteous Alliance expert's body like a volcano, and his aura instantly became much heavier. The image of a mountain appeared in the air, but this mountain had been completely turned over so that its peak faced down, making it seem like the mountain was pouring all its power into the Righteous Alliance expert down below.

The Mountain River Pull was a supreme technique of the Righteous Alliance that could greatly boost one's offensive power. But Wang Chong had chosen this technique for the angle and position one took when using it.

"Lingxu point!"

Wang Chong's voice resounded.

"Yindu point!"

Young Master Qingyang's voice also resounded. For this round, both of them had chosen to attack, and the points chosen were precisely where the weak points of the two experts were located. In the last two clashes, the two of them had succeeded in finding the weaknesses in the opposing expert.

But as both of them had found the weaknesses in their opponent, the final result was easy to imagine.


Stellar Energy intermingled amid thunderous explosions, and then a powerful shockwave sent both experts flying. Young Master Qingyang instantly furrowed his brow as if he had encountered some intractable problem.

"Impossible! What's going on here?"

Young Master Qingyang raised his head and stared at Wang Chong.

He had begun to study and read through the martial arts of the world as a small child, and while those two instructions just now had seemed simple, they were the crystallization of his vast intelligence and understanding. A gap as thin as a hair would lead to an error of one thousand li, and as long as there had been a tiny gap, the result would have been vastly different.

No ordinary person was capable of this.

Comprehension was like an onion and had many layers. Young Master Qingyang had believed that he could easily defeat his foe, but reality had unfolded much differently from how he had expected.

"Just who is he? How could there be someone in the world like me who knows all martial arts like the back of his hand and has reached a similar level of attainment? Most importantly, how can this person be as young as me!?"

Young Master Qingyang examined Wang Chong's face. Although he found it difficult to believe, the fake Young Master Qingyang on the other side was also seventeen or eighteen years of age.

It wasn't impossible for someone to reach the same level as him, but they wouldn't be young and would be more like Song Yuanyi or the Black Yin Ancestor. Young Master Qingyang was astounded to find that there was a person so similar to him in this world.

At this moment, there was someone even more shocked than Young Master Qingyang: that ever-present guard standing behind him.

"Impossible! Young Master is so formidable only because of Just where did this young man come from? And why is he pretending to be Young Master?!"

The tall and muscular guard had lost his usual composure. Although this battle had only been going on for a short time and his young master and that youth on the other side had only spoken twice, these two times were enough to deal an earth-sundering strike to his mind.

He had traveled with his Young Master across the realm and seen many experts and masters. He had also seen many geniuses and young elites, each one more eye-catching than the last, but in his eyes, they were nothing but clowns. In terms of talent, understanding, and erudition in martial arts, none of them could compare to his young master.

If not for the limits imposed on him by his body, his young master would have become renowned throughout the world, standing proudly even in front of titans like Song Yuanyi and the Black Yin Ancestor!

"Ghostly Traverse!"

"Mountain River Storm!"

"Devil Path Five Prison!"

"Blazing Sun in the Sky!"

The battle continued. Young Master Qingyang continued to use all his power to instruct the Five Ancestor Alliance expert into unleashing a flurry of attacks against the Righteous Alliance expert.

At that moment, the Five Ancestor Alliance expert seemed to have turned into the sharpest saber, his actions crisp and simple, his every move aimed at his opponent's vital points.

In the hands of Young Master Qingyang, that Five Ancestor Alliance expert's strength was maximized. His location was constantly changing and his techniques came one after another like a flowing stream. It was as if Young Master Qingyang had calculated beforehand all the countless attack trajectories and chosen the simplest, fiercest, and most lethal one.


The spectating crowd cried out in wonder and shock at this Five Ancestor Alliance expert's performance. For some reason, when they saw those fierce attacks, they felt like there was a dagger pressing up against their backs. All of them believed that if they had been the one on that field, they would have been pushed to their breaking point long ago, a feeling that made their hair stand on end.

But even more astonishing was Wang Chong's reaction.

If the Five Ancestor Alliance expert under Young Master Qingyang's control was a flourishing saber that seemed unstoppable, the Righteous Alliance expert under Wang Chong's control was a sword that swam through the air with lethal precision.

His movement techniques were nimble to the extreme, and most importantly, under the storm of attacks from Young Master Qingyang, Wang Chong not only did not draw back, but used the same 'offense is the best defense' strategy as Young Master Qingyang.

The two of them had chosen the same strategy, and so it seemed like it was one person fighting himself. Once again, the final result was obvious.


The crowd hollered and gasped in concern again and again as both experts were placed into perilous positions.

"Damn! These two fellows are too terrifying! Are these really Imperial Martial experts?"

An unaffiliated martial artist wiped his forehead, which was already drenched in cold sweat.

The real and fake Young Master Qingyangs were both too frightening. Under their command, this battle of two Imperial Martial experts had become incomparably dangerous.

It felt like one was walking on a metal wire, with the slightest lack of caution sending one into the abyss. Although the martial arts of the evil and righteous paths never got along and would usually fight to the death if they met each other on the road, with the same level of danger, this battle was on an entirely different level.

In this battle, the person whose will broke first and who decided to back off would end up dead in the dirt, but both Wang Chong and Young Master Qingyang seemed unperturbed.

"I don't believe it! I can't believe it! Are these really the techniques of our Five Ancestor Alliance and the Righteous Alliance?"

The spectators were pale and covered in cold sweat, and the disciples of the Five Ancestor Alliance and Righteous Alliance had suffered an even greater shock. This was especially the case for the Imperial Martial experts, whose faces were fraught with disbelief and absolute shock.