The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1379

Chapter 1379: The One With Better Skill

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

The Imperial Martial experts of the two alliances thoroughly understood the moves being used in this battle, but in the hands of those two, those martial arts were so different as to seem like completely different moves.

"This fellow really is quite formidable!"

At this time, Wang Chong also slightly frowned. When Song Youran had first mentioned Young Master Qingyang in front of him, talking about how he had studied all the martial arts in the world, Wang Chong had taken it all in stride.

But at this point, Wang Chong had to devote his absolute focus to this battle. If he were not seeing it for himself, he would have never believed that the martial arts world possessed such an individual.

Wang Chong was only able to maximize the strength of that Imperial Martial expert of the Righteous Alliance to such an extent because he had lived two lives and commanded tens of thousands of soldiers on the battlefield as a Great General.

But Young Master Qingyang was lacking in strength, only at the True Martial realm at most, so for him to be able to extract so much power from his expert was truly astonishing.

The battle intensified, but while Wang Chong merely furrowed his brow and turned serious, Young Master Qingyang paled and cold sweat seeped from his forehead.

"Gukong point, Ceaseless Demon Sea!

"Guanyuan point, Myriad Demon Blood Tears!

"Kun position, Corpse Mountain Blood Sea!"

Young Master Qingyang constantly called out techniques, his mind whirring at incredible speeds as he tried various ways to defeat his opponent. Slowly, he was beginning to lose his calm.

A hint of concern appeared in those calm and confident eyes.

This was a powerful foe like none he had seen before. His every attack had been exquisitely calculated, consuming a great deal of mental energy, but even so, the two of them were still unable to overcome each other, both equally matched.

"Young Master Qingyang, if you don't defeat this kid, then according to our deal, I'll take you to be the fake Young Master Qingyang and personally kill you!" the Black Yin Ancestor suddenly hissed in his sinister voice.

These words made the mood even tenser, and Young Master Qingyang's eyes widened, his complexion growing even worse. As for the guard next to Young Master Qingyang, he repeatedly clenched and unclenched the hilt of the saber at his waist.


He was brimming with rage, but not even he could do anything to this infamous and powerful ancestor of the evil path.

The Black Yin Ancestor was different from others. If he carelessly lashed out at him, he had an eighty percent chance of being killed.


The surrounding crowd softly cursed upon hearing the Black Yin Ancestor's words.

But this had always been the Black Yin Ancestor's nature, and the crowd did not dare to curse too loudly. Meanwhile, the Black Yin Ancestor's words had instantly caused a shift in the battle.

The level of danger in this clash instantly soared. Apparently, that Five Ancestor Alliance expert had heard the Black Yin Ancestor's words and had begun to attack even more fiercely.

"Surging Ghost Flames!

"Unbridled Demon Pack!

"Offering Life to the Devil!"

Young Master Qingyang's fingers were clenched within the sleeves of his robe, his expression one of unprecedented focus.

"I won't lose! Not to anyone!"

The long and fierce stalemate had stimulated the proud and unyielding personality of Young Master Qingyang.

He would never lose to anyone amongst his peers, nor could any of his peers ever defeat him. This was a deeply-held conviction and the source of his pride and dignity.

As he stared at the evenly-matched experts on the field, a sharp light flashed through his eyes as he made a decision.

"Li position, Offering Life to the Devil!

"Xun position, Demon Rises Ten Feet!

"Ghost Demon Fusion, Shenzhong point!"

Young Master Qingyang issued three orders in a row, upon which the Five Ancestor Alliance expert immediately responded. Thwish! His body moved through the air like a fish through water, his speed rapidly increasing.

Clang! When he was only a few feet from his opponent, the sword in his hand let out a cry and instantly fired off five dazzling bolts of evil path Sword Qi.

These bolts of Sword Qi seemed to want to tear apart the world. With these seemingly desperate last-ditch bolts of Sword Qi, Young Master Qingyang had finally succeeded in slightly altering the trajectory of the Righteous Alliance expert, restricting his area of movement.

And what followed was the strongest attack, 'Ghost Demon Fusion'.

"This is"

Wang Chong's heart trembled at this sight.

The two had fought for so long that even he was forced to admit that Young Master Qingyang possessed an incredibly rare talent.

Wang Chong had tried quite a few times to defeat him, but all his attempts had failed.

If this situation had continued, he would have still been able to defeat him, but it would have taken a significant amount of time.

But now, Young Master Qingyang had used three moves in a row, each move powerful and posing a significant threat to Wang Chong.

However, this actually made Wang Chong even closer to victory than at any previous moment.


In an explosion of Stellar Energy and black smoke, just as that Five Ancestor Alliance expert was about to use the third move, Wang Chong's eyes flashed as he issued his own directions.

"Li position, Sword Points to the South Mountain!"

Bzzz! Following Wang Chong's order, the Righteous Alliance expert slid away like a snake in grass, immediately retreating back.

"It's useless! You can't escape!"

On the other side, Young Master Qingyang's eyes gleamed with harsh light. 'Ghost Demon Fusion' was not something that Wang Chong could avoided simply by backing away.

Kyaaaa! In a chorus of shrill wails, the Five Ancestor Alliance expert swung his sword, and then a savage ghost king and a dreadful demon emerged from the black fog surrounding him.

These two beings howled and roared as they, together with the Five Ancestor Alliance expert, charged heedlessly toward the Righteous Alliance expert.

Four feet, three feet, two feet The Righteous Alliance expert soon found himself in an extremely dire and passive position. As he faced down the extremely powerful Ghost Demon Fusion, a hint of panic appeared on his face.

"This kid's lost!"

Many of the evil path disciples in the Five Ancestor Alliance smiled at this development.

"Hahaha, right now, if I kill you, not even Song Yuanyi will do anything about it!" the Black Yin Ancestor said with a strange laugh. Dense evil path Stellar Energy quickly flowed from his dantian into the fingers of his right hand. The moment that Righteous Alliance expert was defeated, he would immediately move to kill Wang Chong.

"Young Master Qingyang!"

Seeing that Wang Chong was on the verge of defeat, Song Youran and Song Jue instantly paled. He had previously agreed that the loser of this contest would be killed.

Meanwhile, Song Yuanyi's and Xie Guangting's robes began to flutter around them, but the two remained motionless and restrained.

The deciding moment of this battle between Wang Chong and Young Master Qingyang was imminent. One foot, eight inches, six inches Time seemed to stop as everyone waited with bated breath. The battle seemed decided at this moment. Everyone could see that Righteous Alliance expert being defeated and then Wang Chong being executed.

There was no question that the one who lost would be the fake Young Master Qingyang.

Anyone who dared to deceive titans of the martial arts world like the Righteous Alliance Lord and the Black Yin Ancestor only had death to look forward to. But what happened next left everyone with their eyes wide and mouths agape.


Without any warning whatsoever, when the tip of that sword was only a few inches from the Righteous Alliance expert, it suddenly stopped and began to wobble. And within the Five Ancestor Alliance expert's body, two streams of Stellar Energy fiercely collided against each other.

"How could this be?!"

The Five Ancestor Alliance expert was stunned, a look of incredulity on his face. He had been preparing to celebrate a victory, not for something like this. And while such an abrupt conflict of energy was easy to deal with under normal circumstances, it was absolutely fatal in an intense battle like this.


The crowd exploded with cries of shock.

"What's going on?!"

Everyone was dumbstruck. This sort of change was incredibly obvious, and for experts of the Imperial Martial realm, an error that was simply unforgivable.

At this point, the only person who had maintained their composure was Wang Chong.

"Now is the moment!"

A vicious gleam shone in Wang Chong's eyes. While others might have been surprised by this sight, it was entirely within Wang Chong's expectations.

"Qichong point! Immortal Leads the Way!"


A thunderous bellow resounded through the air, and then that Righteous Alliance expert almost instinctively followed Wang Chong's instruction.

Over the course of this long battle, he had developed an instinct for following Wang Chong's orders. More importantly, there was nothing better he could do at a time like this.


A miserable scream could be heard as that Five Ancestor Alliance expert was struck by a punch to his Qichong point. His body went flying like a ragdoll, slamming into the ground with a crash and digging out a giant pit in the ground.


Absolute silence!

Upon seeing the final result that was the bloodstained Five Ancestor Alliance expert smashed into a crater on the ground, everyone was struck dumb with amazement.