The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1380

Chapter 1380: Identity Exposed

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"How how could this be!? How could such a thing be possible?!"

The Black Yin Ancestor's mouth was agape, his face covered in disbelief.

This was definitely not the result he wanted!

"Impossible! Impossible! I can't possibly lose to him!"

No one was more shocked at this time than Young Master Qingyang.

A moment ago, he had been confident, relaxed, and energetic, and there had even been a thin smile on his lips as if he could already see the final victory.

But a moment later, he had lost. The discrepancy between the expectation and result was so vast that the light in Young Master Qingyang's eyes instantly went out and his lips began to tremble.

He was Young Master Qingyang, and Young Master Qingyang was him!

No one could compare to him in understanding of martial arts. This was the source of his self-confidence, what allowed him to go and find the Black Yin Ancestor so he could have this contest with Wang Chong. Young Master Qingyang had never once doubted himself or what would happen if he did lose, because such a thing was simply impossible!

But the result before him had been a fierce slap to his face.

"Impossible! This can't be!"

Young Master Qingyang lowered his head and muttered to himself, his body soulless and dejected as it struggled to digest this enormous shock.

The innate flaws of his body had prevented him from cultivating martial arts, or to be more precise, prevented him from achieving very much. But his insight, experience, and understanding were things that he believed he would not lose to anyone in.

With his True Martial realm Tier 1 cultivation, he had raised a Saint Martial realm guard who was comparable in strength to an Imperial Great General, and this was the foundation of his confidence and pride.

But now, he had lost in his field of greatest expertise, a fact he found more difficult to accept than if he had been killed.

"Black Yin Ancestor, you've seen the final result. I trust that you have nothing more to say!" A cold voice rang out as Righteous Alliance Lord Song Yuanyi suddenly stepped forward.

His gaze immediately locked onto the distant Young Master Qingyang.


The Black Yin Ancestor's face instantly twisted into a nasty grimace.

"Young Master, let's get out of here!"

The taciturn guard behind Young Master Qingyang suddenly seized his shoulder and shot into the distance.

"Hmph! Think you can escape!"

With a snort, Song Yuanyi looked coldly at Young Master Qingyang and his guard in the air. As an illustrious leader of the martial arts world and one of its top five experts, he was not someone Young Master Qingyang and his guard could so easily escape from.


The air resounded with metallic clattering as Song Yuanyi leaped into the air.


People cried out in alarm, many of them with tense expressions.

Everything had a price to pay, and at this moment, everyone could already see that 'fake Young Master Qingyang' being killed in a single blow by Righteous Alliance Lord Song Yuanyi.

Although Young Master Qingyang was renowned throughout the martial arts world and his guard was a top-class expert, they were still lacking in comparison to Song Yuanyi.

But just when it seemed like Young Master Qingyang and his guard would be killed by Song Yuanyi in a single blow


In a flash of light, a vigorous torrent of Eternal Spring Stellar Energy hurtled through the air, but not at Young Master Qingyang and his guard. Rather, it was fired at the motionless figure of Wang Chong!


"Alliance Lord!"

Song Youran and the other Righteous Alliance disciples called out in shock and amazement.

Based on what had been previously agreed, now that Young Master Qingyang had defeated that other young man, he had proved his identity. Song Yuanyi should have gone to kill the 'fake Young Master Qingyang' who was trying to escape, but instead, he had chosen to attack the real Young Master Qingyang.

Wasn't this entirely the wrong way around?

And Young Master Qingyang had even helped them before.

But there was no disputing now that the Righteous Alliance Lord had attacked Wang Chong, and Wang Chong was on the verge of being seriously injured. Boom! The bolt of energy landed, but Wang Chong swiftly managed to move several dozen feet away, dodging Song Yuanyi's powerful strike.

"Alliance Lord Song, what are you doing!?"

Wang Chong's robes flapped around him as he stared in 'shock' at the slowly descending Song Yuanyi.

"At a time like this, you still want to keep pretending?"

Song Yuanyi placed his hands behind his back and turned his emotionless face to Wang Chong.

"If you were the real Young Master Qingyang, you would have never been able to dodge that strike just now."

Song Yuanyi's words instantly had the crowd chattering. Meanwhile, Song Youran and Song Jue became as pale as ghosts and all the other Righteous Alliance disciples began to look toward Wang Chong.

It was known throughout the martial arts world that Young Master Qingyang was not a powerful martial artist. If Wang Chong had truly been Young Master Qingyang, he would have never been able to dodge Song Yuanyi's sudden strike.

At that moment, the entire region fell into a stunned silence, thousands of pairs of eyes focused on a single point.

So many incidents had happened in such a brief amount of time that many people were still trying to get their heads around the entire matter.

First, the 'Young Master Qingyang' of the Five Ancestor Alliance had surprisingly lost, and then Righteous Alliance Lord Song Yuanyi had not pursued the fake Young Master Qingyang but the 'real Young Master Qingyang', and now, the fake had become the real and the real had become the fake This left a few of the slower people in the crowd utterly baffled.

The mood turned strange, everyone looking at each other in consternation and not even daring to breathe too loudly.

Everyone understood that there was some fact here that they were currently unaware of. Even the guard who had fled into the distance with Young Master Qingyang now stopped in confusion.

"Young Master, what's going on here?" the guard whispered, his face a picture of confusion. He maintained a certain distance between them and the two alliances so that he could promptly flee if anything strange happened.

But it seemed like neither Righteous Alliance Lord Song Yuanyi nor the Black Yin Ancestor had the time to worry about them.

"Hahaha, Song Yuanyi, this old man was underestimating you. It seems like you finally understand which one is fake and which one is real!"

Loud laughter broke the silence as the Black Yin Ancestor slowly walked forward, his eyes swiftly turning on Wang Chong.

"Kid, just who in the world are you?! You can surpass Young Master Qingyang in martial arts and even dare to trick me and Alliance Lord Song! Truly audacious! A person like you couldn't possibly be part of the martial arts world! Tell me, where did you come from!?"

As the Black Yin Ancestor spoke, his eyes flashed and a vast tide of Psychic Energy locked onto Wang Chong. At this moment, if Wang Chong made any sort of suspicious action, he would immediately receive a thunderous blow.

At the same time, Righteous Alliance Vice Lord Xie Guangting and Myriad Ghost Ancestor Pei Luanchang also turned to look. Four titans of the martial arts world were all staring at a youth that they didn't even know the name of.

Some mysterious youth had simultaneously offended titans of both the righteous and evil paths. This was unheard of in the martial arts world.

Just who is this kid?

It was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop, the vast crowd of unaffiliated martial artists not daring to say a word. All of them had only come here to see a good show, but no one was in the mood to laugh now.

This was someone who dared to play around with two titans of the martial arts world, who dared to challenge and defeat the Young Master Qingyang who was famed for his erudition in martial arts Although this person was young, he was so daring that even the most arrogant and crooked of the evil path disciples were stunned.

"Haha, kid, you're finished! I'd like to see who will save you now!"

Of course, Ji Andu was positively ecstatic.

That Song Yuanyi had not pursued the 'fake Young Master Qingyang' but attacked Wang Chong had even taken him by surprise. But after his initial shock, he rejoiced. He had believed this entire time that Wang Chong had fooled Song Yuanyi, but it was now apparent that Song Yuanyi had been aware of what was going on the entire time.

This crafty old fox!

"Father, this can't be! There must be some sort of mistake or misunderstanding here!" At this moment, Song Youran rushed out of the crowd and clung to her father, her face pale and a faint ray of hope in her eyes.

No matter what, she would never believe that the man who had saved her from Wei Changting and had helped Elder Ouyang and the other members of the Righteous Alliance would be some fake Young Master Qingyang.

"And besides, even if he's fake, he's never done anything wrong to our Righteous Alliance! Why does Father have to attack him?!"

Song Youran looked up at her father as she gripped his hand, fearful that Song Yuanyi would continue to strike at Wang Chong.

"Junior Sister! At a time like this, you're still speaking up for him?" Ji Andu cried out in fury at this sight.

Wang Chong couldn't care less about Ji Andu's opinion, but he still mentally sighed. At this point, there was no need to keep deceiving Song Youran. She was a good girl, even believing that he was the real Young Master Qingyang after seeing him dodge her father's attack.

She was probably the only person in the entire region who still believed this.

"Miss, there's no need for you to continue speaking up for me! It is true that I am not the real Young Master Qingyang!" Wang Chong loudly proclaimed.

Every matter had its end, and this was the end of his excursion in the martial arts world.

Song Youran's body swayed upon hearing Wang Chong's words. Her lips tightly pursed and the blood completely drained out of her face.