The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1381

Chapter 1381: Theory Versus Actual Combat

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

A hint of apology appeared in Wang Chong's eyes, but he quickly calmed himself down and focused on Song Yuanyi. His expression remained calm and indifferent, showing no fear, even in front of four titans of the martial arts world.

"Alliance Lord Song, I just have one last question. Just where was my flaw? Upon self-inspection, I don't believe that I had any particular place that stood out. As it is, I won, so I am the real Young Master Qingyang, so why did Alliance Lord attack me?"

Wang Chong's confident and leisurely question silenced the crowd.

Even at a time like this, Wang Chong was still so laid-back and confident, asking where exactly he had messed up. Even the most arrogant and unbridled of the crowd couldn't help but admire his daring.

This kid is quite the character! Just on his bearing alone, few people can compare to him! the crowd mentally noted.

But the crowd soon turned its attention to Song Yuanyi.

"That's right! This ancestor is also rather curious." The Black Yin Ancestor voiced the question on everyone's mind. "Song Yuanyi, just where did this kid mess up? Not long ago, didn't you wholeheartedly believe him? Why did you turn around at the final moment and attack him?"

Let alone the spectators, even he wanted to know why Song Yuanyi had suddenly attacked the victor of the bout. This was a question that would gnaw at everyone's mind until they finally learned the answer.

"I've never explained myself to anyone, but seeing as you saved Youran, I suppose I can let you know the reason for your death!"

With a shake of his robe, the indifferent Song Yuanyi stepped forward, a vast energy bursting out of his body.

"You're truly very smart, but alas, you played your part too well! For one person to have one thing suspicious about him is nothing much, but a second and a third then it's not that simple.

"When you first appeared on the mountain pretending to be Young Master Qingyang but didn't have your guard at your side, that was suspicious point one. That night, Ji Andu accused you of doing nothing during the raid and even trying to escape, and while his own conduct was rather lowly, there was no reason for him to lie. This was the second suspicious point. And then another 'Young Master Qingyang' appeared in the Five Ancestor Alliance. This is the third suspicious point. Regardless of the truth behind these three points, they cast doubt on your identity."

Song Yuanyi's voice resounded in everyone's ears, everyone carefully listening. As for Wang Chong, after he finished hearing the explanation, he couldn't help but sigh.

These titans of the martial arts world not a single one of them is simple! Song Yuanyi clearly suspected me, but he didn't say a single word! Only now did he abruptly lash out with a killing strike!

On the night of the raid by the men in black, Song Yuanyi had already inspected him. Wang Chong believed that the power of the Stone of Destiny had allowed him to successfully deceive Song Yuanyi and pass this trial. Now, however, Wang Chong realized that Song Yuanyi's doubts toward him had never once subsided.

It was just that he was far too shrewd and kept his doubts completely concealed.

If Wang Chong hadn't been on his guard the entire time, he would have fallen into Song Yuanyi's trap.

"Alliance Lord Song is truly formidable, to be expected of the leader of the righteous path!"

Wang Chong quickly regained his composure. As his lips curved into a smile, he once more assumed the calm and graceful bearing of the Young Marquis.

"But even this only amounts to suspicion. In the end, what was it that allowed Alliance Lord Song to be sure of my identity? Could it be that winning was actually a mistake?"

Everyone immediately perked up their ears and looked to Song Yuanyi.

This kid was doomed, as no one could escape alive from the grasp of Song Yuanyi and so many titans of the righteous and evil paths. Such a thing would make them the laughingstock of the entire world. What everyone wanted to know right now was just how Song Yuanyi had been so sure that Wang Chong was not the real Young Master Qingyang.

Even Ji Andu was paying attention to this response. Although he had had it out for Wang Chong this entire time, wanting nothing more than to kill him, not even he had been able to see any sort of flaw.

"Winning naturally can't be considered a flaw, but your flaw was that you performed too well. At times, overdoing it only makes things worse!"

Song Yuanyi's eyes flashed as he calmly spoke.

"On the last move, when he used Ghost Demon Fusion and you had Zhou Hangyi use Sword Points to the South Mountain to retreat, that was when you truly revealed your flaw."


For the first time, Wang Chong was startled, as was everyone else. Even the distant Young Master Qingyang was rather baffled. Even in his view, Wang Chong's Sword Points to the South Mountain was just an ordinary technique. No one understood what Song Yuanyi was talking about.

"When it comes to an understanding of all martial arts, there is still a difference between surface and in-depth, above and below. The true Young Master Qingyang is only at the True Martial realm in cultivation level. How could he understand the specific details of the Imperial Martial realm?

"But you are different. When that Imperial Martial disciple of the Five Ancestor Alliance used 'Offering Life to the Devil' and 'Demon Rises Ten Feet', you seemed to know that his body was enduring the maximum burden it could endure. Using the third move, Ghost Demon Fusion, was certain to cross this threshold and throw his Stellar Energy into disarray. Am I wrong?

"Someone who had never reached the Imperial Martial realm and did not have abundant fighting experience would never know something like this.

"Young Master Qingyang only knows about theory, but you have experience in actual combat. As they say, a difference of a hair can result in an error of one thousand li. Is there any need to talk about which one is real and which one is fake?"

Song Yuanyi shot an indifferent glance at Wang Chong.

The battle between the real and fake Young Master Qingyangs had left everyone else dazzled and confused, but Song Yuanyi had succinctly explained everything. One only had theory while the other had actual combat experience. Thus, it became easy to see which was the fake between Wang Chong and Young Master Qingyang.

Upon hearing Song Yuanyi's explanation, the crowd began to chatter. As for Wang Chong, he was stupefied. He had never expected that it was his method of winning that had caused him to lose. This argument displaying the difference between theory and actual combat left Wang Chong with no retort, and even the distant Young Master Qingyang was speechless.

"The older are still the wiser!"

If Song Yuanyi hadn't mentioned it, he would have never noticed this subtle difference between him and Wang Chong.

"So this person is an extremely powerful martial artist. That being the case, why did he do all this?"

Young Master Qingyang turned to Wang Chong, who was surrounded by the Black Yin Ancestor and the other three major individuals of the martial arts world. Although he knew what the final answer was, it only left him more confused.

Although Young Master Qingyang could not practice martial arts, he had managed to build up a great sense of pride through his erudition in martial arts knowledge. However, in front of Wang Chong, he couldn't muster up any pride at all. He was around the same age as Wang Chong, but Wang Chong was superior to him in both martial arts and talent. This was the first time he had been truly defeated by someone in his entire life.

Although Wang Chong had pretended to be him, Young Master Qingyang couldn't build up any hate for him. On the contrary, he felt a little admiration.

Putting aside anything, in terms of pure learning and understanding, he had defeated him and even dared to deceive Song Yuanyi and the Black Yin Ancestor. Very few people could compare to such a man.

"Alliance Lord Song, this one is filled with admiration. As expected, anyone who can reach Alliance Lord Song's position cannot possess mediocre abilities. But is the crime of pretending to be Young Master Qingyang really deserving of the death penalty? And did I not help you once?"

Wang Chong looked at Song Yuanyi and smirked. Earlier, he had been worried about facing down the attacks of these martial art titans, but now, he seemed very frank and open.

"Keke, foul brat, do you really think that you can leave alive at this stage? Even if Alliance Lord Song does nothing, this ancestor will tear you to pieces."

Killing intent surged in the Black Yin Ancestor's mind as his eyes flashed with dangerous light.

"If you were just pretending to be Young Master Qingyang, seeing as you saved Youran, then even though you deceived me, I would have still spared your life. Alas, you are the disciple of Demonic Emperor Zhang Wenfu!" Song Yuanyi coldly said.


The crowd immediately erupted at Song Yuanyi's words. Even the Black Yin Ancestor and the taciturn Myriad Ghost Ancestor instantly grimaced, their pupils constricting.

"Song Yuanyi, you're sure? He's Zhang Wenfu's disciple?!" the Black Yin Ancestor anxiously said, turning to Song Yuanyi.

"I was unsure at the start, but now, I am certain."

As Song Yuanyi spoke, he waved a hand behind him.

"Chu Nan, tell everyone what you found out!"

"Yes! Alliance Lord!"

A Righteous Alliance expert called Chu Nan got down on one knee and bowed before standing back up.

He thrust his hand into his other sleeve and took out a scroll. Shaking it open, he revealed a drawing of a man.

It was an elder around eighty or ninety years old, his hair completely white and a cane in his hand.


Wang Chong's heart trembled at this sight.

Village Chief!

The drawing held in the Righteous Alliance expert's hand was clearly one of the Village Chief who Wang Chong had been separated from. The one who had drawn this image was extremely formidable. The image depicted the Village Chief in the middle of battle, and his expression and demeanor were very accurate, at least ninety percent similar to the Village Chief in real life.

"This is one of the comrades of Demonic Emperor Zhang Wenfu that we encountered yesterday. He is extremely powerful, and if Alliance Lord had not promptly arrived, many of our men would have been heavily injured by him. One of the experts present at the time made a drawing of this man, and then we had this drawing delivered by messenger bird to various places, using the power of the Righteous Alliance to search for any information on this comrade of the Demonic Emperor.

"We originally believed that since this person had never appeared in the martial arts world before, he would be very hard to track down, but little did we expect that we would learn something from the nearby Western Regions. Based on what we heard, this person is the leader of an elite cavalry force of the Great Tang Imperial Court, with people calling him the Wushang Village Chief. Almost all the members of that world-renowned Wushang Cavalry come from his village."

After speaking for a while, Chu Nan paused.