The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1385

Chapter 1385: Scramble The Treasury Opens

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

The Universe Sundering Art was the number one art in the world when it came to shattering Stellar Energy, and even the most powerful defenses had little to boast about in front of Xie Guangting. But Xie Guangting had only just charged out when Wang Chong soared into the sky like a leaf in a gale, wrapped up in a fierce energy.

Xie Guangting didn't have time to stop him. He could only look up into the sky as, in a flash of light, Wang Chong vanished like a popped bubble.


Even someone as shrewd and experienced as Xie Guangting couldn't help but be startled by this sight. His vast sea of Stellar Energy roiled around him, not knowing where to go.

"It's the Origin Immortal Mountain's seal!"

After a moment of thought, Xie Guangting understood what was going on.

"Demonic Emperor Zhang Wenfu took him into the Origin Immortal Mountain!" Song Yuanyi observed as he stepped forward, his solemn eyes focused on the same point as Xie Guangting. "The seal of the Origin Immortal Mountain has been completely opened!"

As if in response to Song Yuanyi's words, the opening of that crack that extended from the middle of the sky down to the ground accelerated. The ground began to shake and sway as the illusions of the Origin Immortal Mountain surrounded by the dazzling glow disappeared, replaced by an ever-widening ripple. At the center of this ripple, a heaven-soaring peak, its surface black and brown, began to slowly emerge from behind that vast fissure in space.

As that craggy and precipitous mountain slowly emerged, everyone present had a strange feeling that this divine Origin Immortal Mountain had been there the entire time. It had just been concealed in a fold in space.

Now that the space was unfolding, this mysterious mountain was finally appearing before mortal eyes.

"Look over there!"

Someone pointed and shouted, and a moment later, everyone saw what that person had noticed: a gigantic stone stele placed in front of the Origin Immortal Mountain. This stele had been forged from the toughest Xuanwu stone, and two rows of golden words had been chiseled onto it.

'Treasury of the Origin Immortal Art, left behind for the destined ones'!

Everyone could clearly make out those dazzling words, and the mood of the region instantly changed.

"It's the Origin Immortal Art, the Origin Immortal Art It really is here!"

An unaffiliated martial artist's eyes went wide and his breathing became fast and ragged. Other martial artists went red in the eyes, avarice emerging on their faces.

The Supreme and Infinite Origin Immortal Art was the strongest martial art of the Central Plains. Anyone who knew its name knew just how powerful it was.

Song Yuanyi's Immortal Universe Eternal Spring Mantra was unparalleled when it came to recovery ability, repulsing power, and long-term combat. Xie Guangting's Universe Sundering Art was incomparably powerful when it came to offensive ability, shattering Stellar Energy, and direct combat. The Myriad Ghost Ancestor's Myriad Ghosts Pilgrimage Great Yin Art and Demonic Emperor Zhang Wenfu's Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art also belonged to the ranks of the supreme arts of the world.

If one could learn any one of these techniques, they could become a tyrant or hegemon of the world that others would have to look up to in awe and respect.

But the above-mentioned arts, no matter how formidable, all paled in comparison to the Supreme and Infinite Origin Immortal Art. Of the ten supreme arts, only the Supreme and Infinite Origin Immortal Art was known as an 'immortal' art.

"The Origin Immortal Art, the Origin Immortal Art as long as I can find this art, I can surpass Song Yuanyi, the Black Yin Ancestor, and even Demonic Emperor Zhang Wenfu! Haha, the treasury is open! This number one art of the world is mine!" an unaffiliated martial artist muttered to himself, turning insane eyes on the Origin Immortal Mountain. Swoosh! He lunged forward while the others were still immersed in shock, charging toward the mountain.

Whether it was Song Yuanyi, Xie Guangting, or Demonic Emperor Zhang Wenfu, these were all dreaded hegemons of the world of sects, but at this moment, the enormous temptation of the number one art had made everyone forget their fear. As they said, riches and honor were found in danger, and even if they had to venture through a sea of fire and travel over a mountain of blades, they did not care.

"Who dares to fight over this with me!? Out of my way!"

As that first unaffiliated martial artist charged forward, a sword shot with astonishing speed at his back.


This martial artist was unable to react in time, and the sword pierced through him, dropping him dead to the ground.

"Out of my way! The Origin Immortal Art is mine! Anyone who stops me will die! The one who obtains the Origin Immortal Art will be the strongest expert in the world!"

Hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of martial artists charged at the Origin Immortal Mountain.

The crowd was thrown into a frenzied disarray, and the sight of those people with their red eyes alarmed and frightened many Righteous Alliance disciples. In this situation, not even the Righteous Alliance dared try to stop these people.

"Alliance Lord, what do we do?"

Sikong Yuanjia and Ouyang Changheng leaped forward to Song Yuanyi's side. They had come to deal with Demonic Emperor Zhang Wenfu, but the Supreme and Infinite Origin Immortal Art was also one of the Righteous Alliance's objectives.

"The Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art has an innate flaw that can only be fixed through the Origin Immortal Art. Given what happened just now, Zhang Wenfu is probably inside the Origin Immortal Mountain already. If he manages to find this art, not only will he completely recover all his lost cultivation, he will simultaneously possess the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art and the Origin Immortal Art. With just one of these, he was able to stir a gruesome storm in the world of sects, making everyone pale at the mention of his name. If we let him cultivate both, no one in the entire martial arts world will be able to hold him down! At that moment, all the sects in the world will be facing a disaster!" Ouyang Changheng said, his eyes brimming with concern. If the Righteous Alliance did not move now, they might lose the chance forever.

Song Yuanyi looked ahead and solemnly said, "There's no rush! This sort of treasure can't be easy to obtain, and getting in first doesn't necessarily mean obtaining the Origin Immortal Art more quickly. Let's wait a little!"

Treasures would come to those who were virtuous. As the Righteous Alliance Lord, Song Yuanyi was well aware that the more formidable a treasure, the more dangerous it was to obtain it.


As if in response to Song Yuanyi's conclusion, those martial artists charging forward abruptly vanished when they were about fifty to sixty paces from the Origin Immortal Mountain.

Sikong Yuanjia and Ouyang Changheng blinked in shock at this sight and grimaced. Even though they were Elders of the Righteous Alliance, they had no idea how those martial artists had vanished. Even their auras had vanished from perception, as if they had popped out of existence.

More importantly, those people had vanished in the same way as Wang Chong.


"The treasure belongs to anyone who gets in there first!"

"Haha, Origin Immortal Art, I'm coming!"

The allure of the treasure had thrown these martial artists into a frenzy, all of them fearing that they would be left behind. None of them noticed what had happened up ahead, nor did anyone care.


One, two, three one hundred, two hundred, five hundred more and more people charged over with only one idea on their minds, one wave after another disappearing at a distance of fifty to sixty paces from the Origin Immortal Mountain. In order to obtain the treasure for themselves, many people attacked the martial artists around them. Various kinds of Stellar Energy and weapons flew through the air, creating a scene of utter chaos.

Numerous people dropped to the ground, motionless, before they could charge all the way. Even the evil path disciples of the Five Ancestor Alliance couldn't help but pale at this sight. If the Five Ancestor Alliance charged in at a time like this, it would probably be dashed to pieces by the frenzied crowd.


A shrill and miserable scream suddenly came out of the Origin Immortal Mountain, quickly joined by many more into a vast undulating chorus. The sound made everyone's hair stand on end.

These screams were like a bucket of ice water. Those martial artists who were heedlessly charging forward while attacking those around them quieted down and stopped their attacks. Even those martial artists at the very front came to an uneasy halt.

"Be careful! There are traps inside!"

An unaffiliated martial artist stopped, his face stricken with unease.

The frightening screams had caused everyone to calm down and realize that many martial artists had simply disappeared.

"Damn it! I just knew that this kind of treasure wouldn't be that easy to get!"

Although many of them were still anxious to try and obtain the treasure, they were also extremely fearful.

Those martial artists who had charged in had all been of comparable cultivation level, but in just a short while, they had all been slain. From this, one could see just how formidable the traps within were.

"Haha, what a lot of cowards!"

The Black Yin Ancestor made no attempt to hide his disdain. He and Song Yuanyi had yet to move out, but the Black Yin Ancestor and the Five Ancestor Alliance had a different idea in mind. While Song Yuanyi had predicted that there was danger ahead, the Black Yin Ancestor and his people had been waiting for the others to scout the path for them.

And even if these people managed to get the treasure, as long as the Five Ancestor Alliance stood guard at the entrance, no matter who got the Origin Immortal Art, they would have to obediently offer it up to the Five Ancestor Alliance.

"Let's go! It's our turn now!"

The Myriad Ghost Ancestor, Pei Luanchang, raised his robe and covered more than a hundred feet with a single stride, breaking away from the group to make his way toward the front.

Now that everyone else had stopped, it was naturally time for the Five Ancestor Alliance to make its move.


The Myriad Ghost Ancestor had just made his first step when the world began to shake. A dazzling golden light soared up from the Origin Immortal Mountain, and then a revolving 'Wuji1' symbol appeared in the sky.
1.The Wuji symbol, which stands for the infinite and everlasting, is literally just a blank circle. The Taiji symbol, which everyone is probably more familiar with, is that of the interlocking black and white spirals symbolizing Yin and Yang.