The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1394

Chapter 1394: Eternal Spring Emperor

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

One misstep would lead down a road of errors. Going through the View Gate to the Stop Gate, and then back to the Rest Gate, was the shortest path to escape danger. If they missed out, the turning of the formation would sweep them up in a vortex that would bring into increasingly dangerous areas until their deaths.

Even if they did not fall into the Death Gate, returning to the Rest Gate still required passing through one hundred and eight formation gates. The calculations required over this process exceeded one hundred thousandan immense number, even for someone like Wang Chong.


As Wang Chong was focused on calculation, the space suddenly trembled, and a vast energy suddenly began to approach.

"Alliance Lord, watch out!"

A shout rang out, and before anyone could react, a slender figure charged out of the storm.

Klack! Klack! The moment that person appeared, a thick, fragrant aroma filled the air, and countless flowers and grass brimming with life dropped from the sky. At the same time, patches of green appeared around that person and rapidly began to expand.

Countless other individuals followed this man, all of them wearing the same uniform with the striking emblem of the white crane and the Yin Yang symbol on their left chest.

The Righteous Alliance Lord!

Wang Chong turned in shock upon sensing this familiar energy. Across from him stood a proud figure, his imposing and majestic bearing leaving a deep impression on anyone who beheld him. If this was not Righteous Alliance Lord Song Yuanyi, who else could it be?

"Ah! The Demonic Emperor!"

"Everyone, be careful!"

Swords and sabers were pulled out of their sheaths as the pale-faced Righteous Alliance experts around Song Yuanyi immediately recognized the Demonic Emperor Old Man. In a flash, they all assumed defensive postures.

A person's reputation was like the shade of a tree, and in the world of martial arts, there was no one who did not know the name of Zhang Wenfu. Let alone those of the righteous path, even evil path disciples would pale in dread and awe at the mere mention of his name.


The stones and arrows continued to pour down, but merely by standing there, Song Yuanyi was able to repel all these attacks.

The Immortal Universe Eternal Spring Mantra!

As one of the top three arts of the righteous path, it excelled, was perhaps unparalleled, when it came to defense. This Origin Immortal Formation might have been littered with traps, but their threat to Song Yuanyi was limited. The Eternal Spring Mantra could deal with such attacks far easier than any other arts. This was primarily why Song Yuanyi had had Xie Guangting remain outside while he ventured inside.

"Zhang Wenfu! I finally found you and your disciple! This time, none of you should even think about leaving alive!"

Song Yuanyi's expression was cold and aloof, his eyes exuding a sharp and intimidating light. And at a time like this, he was the only person in his group who could remain so calm and composed.

As a leading light of the righteous path, Song Yuanyi was definitely one of the strongest experts of the present era, and with his Eternal Spring Mantra, he could face the Demonic Emperor without fear.

"Hahaha, Song Yuanyi, when this old man was making his name, you were just some nobody martial artist. If your master were here, this old man might have been a little apprehensive, but you! You are not worthy!"

The Demonic Emperor Old Man's beard and hair began to dance as his body erupted with tides of astonishing power. This was the natural aura of a lion, and even a titan of the martial arts world like Song Yuanyi appeared inferior before him.

In the current martial arts world, Righteous Alliance Lord Song Yuanyi had a thunderous reputation and was known by countless people. The name 'Song Yuanyi' itself inspired respect and awe, and even Wang Chong could find little advantage when fighting with Song Yuanyi.

But the Demonic Emperor Old Man was different. The Demonic Emperor was currently sixty-some years old while Song Yuanyi was around fifty. The two were separated by a gap of ten-some years. While Song Yuanyi had a resounding reputation, Zhang Wenfu in his prime had a reputation that far surpassed that of the Righteous Alliance Lord.

When Song Yuanyi was only a youth of ten-some years, Demonic Emperor Zhang Wenfu was already the great demon of the martial arts world, inspiring dread whenever people uttered his name. In terms of experience, Song Yuanyi could not possibly compare to Zhang Wenfu.

"Demonic Emperor, that was then and this is now. Your era is over. Evil cannot suppress the righteous, and no matter what you say, I will represent the heroes of the righteous path and all those martial artists you killed in vanquishing you and your disciple!" Song Yuanyi sternly said, not backing down at all in front of this legend of the martial arts world.

The present was not the past. The Demonic Emperor Old Man's cultivation level had long ago begun to decline, and he could no longer use the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art. Meanwhile, Song Yuanyi had cultivated the Immortal Universe Eternal Spring Mantra to an incredibly high level. Even if the Demonic Emperor still had his evil arts, he would feel no fear.

"Yuanjia, Changheng, we'll deal with the Demonic Emperor. The Origin Immortal Art is secondary, but we must kill this master and his disciple!"


Sikong Yuanjia and the elders behind him bowed. Only Ouyang Changheng glanced at Wang Chong with a complicated look in his eyes.

Why did he have to be the Demonic Emperor's disciple?

Ouyang Changheng inwardly sighed.

He even now still remembered how Wang Chong had helped the Righteous Alliance beat back the Black Yin Ancestor, and he still felt immense gratitude over it. If Wang Chong had been anyone else's disciple, none of them would have allowed him to fall into this situation, but the Demonic Emperor There was no room for negotiation.


There was a thunderous boom as Song Yuanyi made the first move. This was actually the first time Song Yuanyi had decided to go on the offensive for a battle of this level. Demonic Emperor Zhang Wenfu was the most powerful and most legendary existence in the martial arts world, and also the most feared.

Although Song Yuanyi had always been extremely well-respected within the martial arts world and was one of its leading figures as well as an extremely experienced combatant, he was well aware that there was still a gap between him and the Demonic Emperor. In the face of such a foe, he did not dare to be careless, and understood that only by taking the initiative could he have any sort of advantage.

Thwish! Song Yuanyi thrust forward the index and middle fingers of his right hand like a spear. The air shrieked as thousands of swords made from Eternal Spring energy manifested and shot toward the Demonic Emperor. At the same time, even more Stellar Energy began to shift and writhe, and in the blink of an eye, a mighty and wrathful 'Eternal Spring Emperor' had been summoned.

The Eternal Spring Mantra was easy to learn but difficult to master. Each step required a vast commitment of time and energy. Song Yuanyi had needed nearly six years of bitter cultivation before he finally succeeded in forming the being that symbolized the apex of the Eternal Spring Mantra, the Eternal Spring Emperor!

The moment he summoned the Eternal Spring Emperor, Song Yuanyi entered his strongest state. No matter how strong his opponent was, he could take them on directly and fight for a long period of time. There was no technique in the world that could compare to this one when it came to tenacity and longevity.


In the face of Song Yuanyi's deluge of attacks, the Demonic Emperor Old Man remained calm and composed. He merely extended a finger, upon which countless bolts of energy came shrieking forward at his command, each one aimed at one of Song Yuanyi's swords of Eternal Spring energy.


These two different kinds of energy collided in the air.

Endless killing intent filled the air as heavy shockwaves of energy swept through the area.

"Zhang Wenfu, use all your tricks! Today, only one of us can leave alive!" Song Yuanyi's icy voice resounded through the air, seeming to come from every direction. Suddenly, the floating Song Yuanyi thrust out a palm, instantly sending waves of Eternal Spring Stellar Energy raging down to the ground. But unlike before, this Stellar Energy flashed with a metallic luster.

Song Yuanyi had cultivated his Eternal Spring Stellar Energy to such a high level and to such a high density that it was even tougher than steel.


The Demonic Emperor leaped forward, immediately rising into the air. At the same time, endless Stellar Energy poured out of his every pore and shot toward Song Yuanyi in a furious storm. The Demonic Emperor Old Man's Stellar Energy also had a metallic luster, but it differed from Song Yuanyi's in that this was the luster of that sliver of Stellar Energy the Demonic Emperor had drawn from the Subtle realm.

Boom! The Stellar Energies clashed, but this time, Song Yuanyi's body trembled as he was pushed back.

Even with his Eternal Spring Stellar Energy cultivated to its peak and the Eternal Spring Emperor summoned, Song Yuanyi was still lacking compared to this legend of the martial arts world.


Song Yuanyi's eyes gleamed with cold light as he lunged back into the fray. Although he was slightly weaker than the Demonic Emperor Old Man in terms of strength and cultivation, the Eternal Spring Stellar Energy's recovery and repulsing abilities allowed Song Yuanyi to challenge any level of expert.

He did not even fear Demonic Emperor Zhang Wenfu.

The air rumbled and groaned with the sounds of collisions. The battle between Song Yuanyi and the Demonic Emperor Old Man grew fiercer and fiercer, causing even those arrows and stones of the Stop Gate to be obliterated before they could even get close.

As Song Yuanyi and the Demonic Emperor Old Man, the new and old hegemons of the martial arts world, battled, on the other side, Sikong Yuanjia and the other Righteous Alliance Elders were eyeing Wang Chong and the nearby Formation Elder.