The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1395

Chapter 1395: Fierce Battle

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"This scoundrel is together with Demonic Emperor Zhang Wenfu and his disciple, so he can't be easy to deal with. Wei Wen, take a few people and kill that old man. As for the fake Young Master Qingyang, leave him to me!" Sikong Yuanjia spoke in a booming tone, his finger extending toward the Formation Elder, upon which eight Righteous Alliance experts immediately lunged toward him.

"Damn it! What are you after me for!?"

The Formation Elder paled at this sight. He was truly just an innocent bystander caught in the crossfire. He had never committed any crime against the world. Merely by being together with Zhang Wenfu, he had already been attacked twice by experts of the Righteous Alliance.

"Senior Zhou, get behind me! I'll protect you!"

At this crucial moment, Wang Chong stepped in front of the Formation Elder to protect him.

"Kid, you're just a clay Bodhisattva who can't even protect yourself, yet you have the time to worry about others! Someone! Join me in capturing this kid so that we can set the record straight!"

Sikong Yuanjia's eyes chilled as he shot forward to attack Wang Chong.


As Sikong Yuanjia attacked, Wang Chong immediately thrust a palm forward, but Sikong Yuanjia had no intention of dodging.

"Zhurong Divine Armor!" Sikong Yuanjia bellowed.

Dense flames burst out of his body and swiftly congealed into fiery red armor. The attack unleashed from Wang Chong's palm bounced harmlessly off the half-foot-thick Zhurong Divine Armor. Meanwhile, Sikong Yuanjia continued to fly forward with astonishing speed, his trajectory not at all affected.

A defensive divine art!

Wang Chong's eyes flashed.

He had already seen Sikong Yuanjia while on the mountain, but this was the first time they had actually exchanged blows.

The martial arts of the world were divided into offensive, defensive, agility, and speed arts. Sikong Yuanjia's martial art clearly belonged to the defensive category and appeared to be one of the very best. For it to emerge utterly unharmed after taking one of his attacks meant that this divine armor Sikong Yuanjia was wearing had reached an astonishing level of toughness.

But Wang Chong was quick to respond.

Swish! Swish!

Wang Chong flicked his finger, sending several milky-white bolts of energy at Sikong Yuanjia.

"Petty tricks!"

Sikong Yuanjia sneered and immediately swung a fist at one of these bolts of energy.

But a moment later, as fist energy intertwined with the bolt of energy, Sikong Yuanjia immediately felt as if the Zhurong Divine Armor around his arm had been pierced through. The incomparably tough Zhurong Divine Armor was actually incapable of blocking that bolt of milky-white energy, and two more bolts of energy were shooting straight at his face.

Not good! Sword Qi!

A frightening thought flitted through Sikong Yuanjia's mind. Sikong Yuanjia had originally believed that Wang Chong had only fired off some dense bolt of energy, but only when he truly interacted with it did he realize that this extremely sharp energy was none other than that martial energy which was the most difficult of all to cultivate, Sword Qi.

Sikong Yuanjia sensed that these milky-white bolts of energy that were about as thick as a finger were each made from condensed slivers of Sword Qi. Each sliver of Sword Qi was tougher than steel and as sharp as a divine weapon. Sikong Yuanjia's Zhurong Divine Armor could block Wang Chong's attacks, but it could not prevent itself from being cut through by these unremarkable slivers of Sword Qi.


With no time to think, Sikong Yuanjia twisted his head to the side, barely avoiding Wang Chong's attacks. "Aaaah!" There was a scream from behind him as one of Wang Chong's bolts of Sword Qi shot through the head of a Righteous Alliance expert, dropping him to the ground.

Art of God and Demon Obliteration!

Wang Chong had inherited this art from Great Tang War God Su Zhengchen, but for a variety of reasons, Wang Chong had focused on advancing the easier Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art, leaving the more difficult Art of God and Demon Obliteration on the wayside at the early stages, with greater understanding of the technique still far off in the future.

But even so, Wang Chong's cultivation level paired with the lethality of the Art of God and Demon Obliteration meant that even the Sword Qi of the early stage was enough to pose a major threat. Not even Sikong Yuanjia's Zhurong Divine Armor could do much to stop it.

"Everyone, together! Kill him!"

Seeing Sikong Yuanjia suffer a setback, the Righteous Alliance experts bellowed and quickly charged up.

"Damn Righteous Alliance, a bunch of bastards!"

The Formation Elder was both shocked and furious. These Righteous Alliance experts showed no regard in their attacks, including the Formation Elder as one of their targets. With no time to think, the Formation Elder waved a sleeve, sending out a formidable Stellar Energy to knock back the arrows that were coming up behind him.

At the same time, he opened up his palm, revealing five multicolored pebbles that he scattered around himself. The moment they thumped to the ground, the Formation Elder disappeared in a flash of light.

"What's going on here?"

The eight attacking Righteous Alliance experts slowed down, staring in wide-eyed shock at the now-vacant space before them.

"Impossible! This scoundrel couldn't possibly have escaped!"

One of the Righteous Alliance experts gnashed his teeth and thrust out a palm, sending out a wave of energy that shattered several stones in the air as it hurtled toward the position the Formation Elder had just occupied. Boom! A ripple appeared in the air as that wave of energy seemed to strike something solid.

"Over there! Don't let him escape!"

The Righteous Alliance experts excitedly turned in the direction the Formation Elder had vanished and sent all kinds of energy toward it.

But before any of their attacks could land, all the arrows and stones flying through the air were pulled on by some immense force into a vortex that proceeded to howl toward the Righteous Alliance experts.


The vortex of arrows and stones dashed to pieces the energy attacks of the Righteous Alliance experts and continued onward toward them.

"How could this be!?"

"This scoundrel has taken control of the Origin Immortal Formation's energy!"

The Righteous Alliance experts paled in fright, their eyes almost popping out of their sockets. No one could have imagined that this short old man would be so powerful, turning around the power of the formation and using it against his foes.


The Righteous Alliance experts immediately radiated Stellar Energy to fight back against the arrows and stones. This downpour of arrows and stones was clearly stronger than before, shaking the experts so badly that their wrists went numb and the energy within their bodies seethed.

Nearby, another vortex began to take shape, bringing with it a second wave of arrows and stones.

"Damn it! Pull back!"

The Righteous Alliance experts turned apprehensive at the situation and hastily retreated.

They had come to attack the Formation Elder, but a moment later, they were running off faster than they had come.

"You little bastards! Get over here! Come on! Try and get this old man!"

In a small formation of a few square feet, the Formation Elder heartily laughed at the fleeing Righteous Alliance experts, a smug look on his face.

He was not skilled at martial arts, and while he wasn't that weak, he was also no match for the likes of the Demonic Emperor Old Man, Song Yuanyi, and even Righteous Alliance Elders like Sikong Yuanjia. The martial arts world was a dangerous place, and if he didn't have a few tricks, he would have never been able to travel the world.

Those five pebbles had been one of the Formation Elder's tricks.

While the Formation Elder had not been able to comprehend the rules of the Origin Immortal Formation, he had been able to study some of its secrets. These secrets coupled with his own attainments in the field of formations allowed the Formation Elder to locally control some of the formation's energy and use it against the Righteous Alliance experts.

"The evil path is a crooked one, and all the people upon it must be punished! Everyone, work together and exterminate this little demon!"

Meanwhile, the battle between Wang Chong and Sikong Yuanjia's group of Righteous Alliance Elders had reached a fever pitch. The robes of the Righteous Alliance Elders flapped in the air as they attacked Wang Chong from various angles, torrents of Stellar Energy raging back and forth.

Such an offensive would be enough to make anyone pale.

And Wang Chong was in a very weakened state, still recovering from his cultivation defect. Despite this, Wang Chong remained fearless.

"Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor!

"Vast Heaven Earth Art!

"Art of God and Demon Obliteration!

"Void Movement Technique!"

Light flashed on Wang Chong's body as he was covered in the black Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor, and then he used the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art, at the same time flicking out sharp bolts of Sword Qi with his finger.

Most terrifying of all was the Void Movement Technique Wang Chong had obtained from the men in black. Although Wang Chong had not completely comprehended it at the start of the battle, he was frighteningly comprehending it in the middle of the battle.

At the start, Wang Chong had been very clumsy in his application of the Void Movement Technique and had exposed himself throughout, but the fearsome defenses of the Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor allowed him to endure the attacks of Sikong Yuanjia and company.

But Wang Chong quickly began to accustom himself to the Void Movement Technique, and under the pressure of battle, with the mantra of the Void Movement Technique flitting through his mind again and again, he actually began to deepen his understanding of the technique. Moreover, actual practice was far superior to just groping around in the darkness.

Sikong Yuanjia and the Righteous Alliance Elders were able to keep track of Wang Chong at the start and barrage him with attacks, but by the end, Wang Chong was getting faster and faster, his movements increasingly unfathomable.

And as the Sword Qi of the Art of God and Demon Obliteration mixed with the Stellar Energy of the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art rained down, threatening to strike at their vital points, it was soon Sikong Yuanjia's group that was on the back foot.