The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1396

Chapter 1396: The Five Ancestor Alliance Arrives On The Scene

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"How, how how could this scoundrel be so powerful!? Despite all the people we have, we can't do anything to him!"

Sikong Yuanjia had started the battle with a bold and heroic resolve, hoping to capture the little demon Wang Chong in one single stroke, but he grew increasingly alarmed until, finally, five minutes later, he could no longer keep track of Wang Chong's movements.

Cold sweat began to pour down Sikong Yuanjia's back.

Before the opening of the Origin Immortal Mountain, Wang Chong had singlehandedly received attacks from both Song Yuanyi and the Black Yin Ancestor. When watching from the back, Sikong Yuanjia had not taken this to be anything impressive, but only now, after truly exchanging blows with him, did he understand just how frightening this little demon was.

Pressure clung to him like a shadow, causing him and the other Righteous Alliance Elders to gasp for breath, all of them using all their strength, their eyes wide open.

At this moment, no one knew that elsewhere, several dark figures were watching the entire formation from above, their brows tightly creased.

"Milord, this Demonic Emperor is too powerful. We've even moved over Song Yuanyi and all the subordinates around him to the Stop Gate, but they still can't do anything to him!" a figure standing to the left said, their eyes wide open and their voice deeply shaken.

They had initially believed that sending over a titan of the martial arts world would be enough to suppress the Demonic Emperor's group, but reality was far more complicated than they had imagined.

"Hmph! When two tigers fight for supremacy, one of them will inevitably be injured." The leading figure put their hands behind their back and firmly declared, "No matter how powerful that Demonic Emperor is, he must have a limit. If Song Yuanyi isn't enough, just send over that other one as well!"

The others all trembled at these words, a hint of panic in their eyes.

"But, Milord"

One of the figures was sweating all over as they strenuously tried to argue.

"This formation uses the power of the world and has its own set rules of operation. Even we only have partial control over it. If there's an excessively large shift or we go against the laws of the formation, not only might we fail to hold these people, we might even cause some damage to the formation. In the worst case, we might even lose the ability to control the formation in the future."

Everything had a price. Even they could not alter the formation without limit.

"Just do as I say!" the leader firmly ordered. "Alter the mechanisms at the Qian Palace and Xun Palace, moving them to the southeast position. This will minimize the damage. This will only partially damage the formation at worst, not destroy it completely!"


The subordinates hesitated for a few moments before leaving to carry out their tasks.

The battle in the Stop Gate was intensifying. The Demonic Emperor Old Man versus Song Yuanyi, Wang Chong versus Sikong Yuanjia, the Formation Elder versus the Righteous Alliance expertseach battle had reached a fever pitch. Moreover, as time went on, the traps of the Stop Gate were also intensifying.

Of the eight gates, the traps of the Stop Gate were the most unique. When one first entered it, the attacks would not be that strong, and many martial artists could deal with them on their own. This would lead them to believe that the Stop Gate was not that dangerous. But few people knew that the lethality of the Stop Gate was connected to time. As more time passed, the attacks of the Stop Gate would get more powerful.

At the start, these attacks might have felt like a scratch felt through one's shoe, but by the end, they would be like a dagger pressed up against one's back.


The air howled as countless arrows poured down.

At the start, each arrow had the strength of a base Profound Martial expert's attack. But now, they were at the peak Profound Martial realm. Under this mass of attacks, everyone's Stellar Energy was rapidly consumed. The Righteous Alliance experts were the first to start feeling the pressure.

"Damn it! This formation is too dangerous! If this goes on, we'll all die here!"

"That old man is too despicable! He's hiding in the formation like a turtle, and we can't do anything to him!"

"Forget about him! Demonic Emperor Zhang Wenfu is just way too powerful! Let's go and help Elder Sikong to capture that fake Young Master Qingyang."

Under the rain of arrows and stones, the pale-faced experts turned their attention to Wang Chong.


The Righteous Alliance experts shot into the air, sending all kinds of energy hurtling toward Wang Chong.

These people followed closely behind their attacks, charging up with incredible speed.

"A clown's tricks!"

Wang Chong's eyes chilled. His body swayed, and then the countless arrows and stones were pulled on by the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art and sent howling toward the Righteous Alliance experts.


The experts paled in fright. Before they could react, however, the arrows and stones had come down.

In a flash, these hand-picked Righteous Alliance experts were rapidly drained of Stellar Energy, and they plunged from the Imperial Martial realm to peak Profound Martial realm, and then to base Profound Martial realm, and finally, all the way to the True Martial realm.

A few of the experts were even nailed to the ground by this rain of arrows.

Wang Chong had exquisite control over energy. These arrows pierced through their hands, shoulders, legs, and feet In this way, they were robbed of the ability to fight but did not lose their lives. For Song Youran's sake, Wang Chong had still decided to show mercy.


At the most intense moment of the battle, the surrounding space trembled once more as if some invisible fist had slammed into it. And soon after, battle cries could be heard.


With these battle cries came roiling black smoke. Wang Chong turned to the southeast and saw various martial artists wearing black robes and waving all variety of weapons as they charged forward.

"Five Ancestor Alliance!"

Wang Chong's eyes widened in shock as he recognized this approaching force.

One Righteous Alliance was hard enough to deal with. Wang Chong had never imagined that the Five Ancestor Alliance's men would also appear here.

"This is!"

The sight of the Righteous Alliance experts in fierce combat with Wang Chong and the Demonic Emperor caused the Five Ancestor Alliance experts to stare at each other in speechless shock.


But the howling rain of arrows made them unable to pay attention to anything more.

Clingcling! Clangclang! The collisions of sabers and swords and explosions of Stellar Energy rang out ceaselessly. In just a few moments, the storm of attacks from the Stop Gate had further intensified.

"Haha, Song Yuanyi, Zhang Wenfu, I didn't think that I would meet you like this! As they say, better to arrive at the right time than arrive early! Alliance Lord Song, let me help you out!"

At this moment, a strange laugh like the hooting of an owl resounded, and then boom! A figure exploded forward with astonishing speed toward Song Yuanyi and the Demonic Emperor.

"Luo Qiyin, you're very bold to dare appear before this old man!"

With a thunderous roar, the Demonic Emperor Old Man turned his head and shot a sinister glare at Black Yin Ancestor Luo Qiyin.


Luo Qiyin had been charging forward, but the Demonic Emperor Old Man's sudden and cold stare caused his heart to thump and his feet to stop in mid-air.

Deep within his eyes, a sliver of panic and terror appeared.

Once bitten by a snake, one would be afraid of even rope for ten years. The Demonic Emperor Old Man's reputation in the world of sects was far too terrifying, particularly in the evil path. Even the Black Yin Ancestor and the Myriad Ghost Ancestor were incapable of contending against Demonic Emperor Zhang Wenfu. When Zhang Wenfu reigned, although the Black Yin Ancestor and Myriad Ghost Ancestor had still been major leaders, they were buried under the shadow of the Demonic Emperor.

Such was the terror the Demonic Emperor inspired that even though his dantian had been shattered, his cultivation dispersed, and he had gone missing for more than two years, all the major leaders of the evil path still feared him.

"Luo Qiyin, you and Pei Luanchang actually dare to act so impudently before me? This old man knows your martial arts like the back of his hand, and you want to challenge me?" the Demonic Emperor Old Man boomed in a tyrannical tone.

Luo Qiyin's face was stricken with fear, but he soon sensed the eyes watching from behind him, and then a thought ran through his mind. He immediately turned wrathful, his rage fueling his courage.

"Zhang Wenfu, cease your huffing and puffing! Your dantian has been shattered and you no longer have the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art. Do you really think that you're still the Demonic Emperor of the past? Song Yuanyi, let's work together and kill this Demonic Emperor."

Luo Qiyin turned to Song Yuanyi, indicating that they should work together.


Shrieks and wails began to resound as the Black Yin Ancestor spread apart his arms, his large sleeves making him seem like some enormous bat. Roiling evil energy surged up from him and swept toward the Demonic Emperor.

"Hand of the Black Woman!"

As the Black Yin Ancestor stood several dozen feet from Zhang Wenfu, the thick black fog behind him suddenly parted, revealing an enormous pitch-black hand that shot toward Zhang Wenfu.

Hand of the Black Woman!

This was one of the Black Yin Ancestor's strongest techniques. When he was traveling through the Eastern Sea, Luo Qiyin had come upon an extremely evil piece of Xuan Metal. The Xuan Metal was imbued with extremely thick Yin energy and evil energy. No one knew where this piece of metal had come from, but Luo Qiyin realized that this could serve as a trump card for the evil path, so he had it refined into a giant hand which he called the Hand of the Black Woman.

To use this hand, one had to sacrifice some heart blood each time, so Luo Qiyin very rarely used it. But this sacrifice resulted in great power. If not for the fact that the Demonic Emperor was the strongest foe he had ever faced, Luo Qiyin would have never used it.


As the massive hand slammed down, the earth sundered apart while ghosts wailed and wept. It was like countless mountains were crushing down on the Demonic Emperor.

"Emperor Descends from Heaven!"

At almost the same moment, Song Yuanyi commanded the Eternal Spring Emperor to attack, sending a dazzling beam of Sword Qi down from the heavens toward the top of Demonic Emperor Zhang Wenfu's head. Immediately after, Song Yuanyi stomped forward and rushed into close quarters combat with the Demonic Emperor.