The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1397

Chapter 1397: Apex Clash I
Chapter 1397: Apex Clash! (I)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Song Yuanyi's middle and index fingers came together like a sword and fired off a bolt of violet energy several feet long that shot toward the Demonic Emperor's crucial Shanzhong point at the center of his chest.

With little communication, Song Yuanyi and Luo Qiyin had instantly agreed to work together, their teamwork far surpassing that of many martial artists who had worked together for ten-some years.

The pressure facing the Demonic Emperor Old Man was immense.

"Ancestor, join with Alliance Lord Song and kill the Demonic Emperor!"

"Kill him and no one will be left to threaten our Five Ancestor Alliance!"

The Five Ancestor Alliance and Righteous Alliance experts were invigorated by this display, but the final result was exactly the opposite of what they had expected.


Countless bolts of tough and dazzling white energy erupted from the Demonic Emperor Old Man's body.

This Stellar Energy was immensely powerful, able to pierce through metal and shatter stone.

Under the Demonic Emperor Old Man's control, these powerful bolts of Stellar Energy moved as quickly as lightning to counter attacks both near and far from Luo Qiyin and Song Yuanyi.

Not only that, the surrounding Origin Energy gathered together into numerous spears and halberds that attacked the backs, shoulders, and other parts of Luo Qiyin and Song Yuanyi.

The Demonic Emperor Old Man's attack method was completely different from that of Song Yuanyi or Luo Qiyin. Although they seemed numerous and chaotic, if one looked carefully, one would realize that each sharp bolt of energy had been carefully calculated.

Their trajectories had also been finely tuned so that they were aimed at Song Yuanyi's and Luo Qiyin's weak points.

The Black Yin Ancestor and Song Yuanyi were both at an extremely high level of cultivation, and they were also abundantly experienced combats who exposed barely any weaknesses. But the Demonic Emperor Old Man was a grandmaster of battle, and the Black Yin Ancestor and Song Yuanyi who everyone looked up to were clearly lacking in front of him, their fighting techniques appearing clumsy and unpracticed.


The gigantic black hand rumbled with thunder as it hurtled toward the Demonic Emperor Old Man's head. At the same time, the Black Yin Ancestor's body swayed forward, treading through the air as he began to approach the Demonic Emperor Old Man from an angle.

He slapped his palm against the ground, immediately sending countless broken arrows and stones to join his vast flood of Stellar Energy in sweeping toward the Demonic Emperor Old Man.

Rumble! Mere moments after the Black Yin Ancestor had made this attack, a vast stream of white Stellar Energy descended from the heavens onto his flood of evil energy. As if the black flood had been struck in a vital point, it instantly vanished.

Swish! The Demonic Emperor Old Man coldly pointed his right index finger into the distance and fired off a bolt of energy the thickness of a child's arm at the Black Yin Ancestor's Huixin point. Although being struck at this point was usually not fatal, the Black Yin Ancestor immediately paled at this sight and swiftly fled.

"Zhang Wenfu, take my All Things Immortal Fist!" An icy and emotionless voice rang out. Seeing the Black Yin Ancestor retreat, Song Yuanyi had elected to continue his assault, sending a fist flying at the Demonic Emperor.

The punch seemed to be traveling very slowly at first, its every movement clear and visible.

But in reality, the fist was moving with incredible speed, and even more terrifying was the force imbued within it. As Song Yuanyi's fist passed, it left clear creases and scars in the air. This did not seem like a fist, but a beast charging at its prey.

Moreover, as Song Yuanyi's fist flew forward, the Eternal Spring Emperor behind him seemed to come to life, its eyes glowing with a hungry and devouring light. Song Yuanyi began to radiate vitality, and countless grasses and flowers emerged in the air and were swept toward the Demonic Emperor.

But as these flowers were still in the middle of blooming, they began to exude a somber aura.

The All Things Immortal Fist!

This was one of the strongest techniques of the Immortal Universe Eternal Spring Mantra, and it could only be used when one reached the highest level of the Eternal Spring Mantra and had also summoned the Eternal Spring Emperor. It made manifest the fact that as spring gave birth to all living things, when life and vitality reached a certain level of concentration, it would turn to death, into this grim and somber energy.

This was like how the growing season reached its peak in the summer, but after summer came the withering autumn and winter. A waning moon would eventually wax, and a full moon would begin to wane. This principle had been unchanged since the dawn of time.

Once one was struck by the All Things Immortal Fist, that grim aura that was a fusion of life and death would rumble into one's body, by which point not even a celestial immortal could save one's life. Almost everyone who had been struck by the All Things Immortal Fist in the past had been slain by it.

Yet though this technique was powerful, its price was great.

But Song Yuanyi did not mind paying the price. It was clear that he was determined to finish off the Demonic Emperor in this place.


However, the Demonic Emperor Old Man viewed this attack with disdain and took it head-on. Several hundred bolts of energy shot out from his body, coming together like a folding fan into a single thick bolt of energy that suddenly moved to stop Song Yuanyi.

At the same time, the Demonic Emperor raised his left hand and jabbed a finger at the left brow of Song Yuanyi's Eternal Spring Emperor.


Upon seeing this sight, the unflinching and fearless Song Yuanyi finally paled and swiftly pulled back.

"Song Yuanyi, in cultivating the Eternal Spring Mantra to this level, you have done what not even your master could. But your Eternal Spring Mantra is still lacking a little time in the oven. Only when you've found a way to refine that flaw on the brow will you have the right to face this old man alone!"

The Demonic Emperor Old Man was calm and unperturbed, but it was precisely this sort of attitude that further imbued him with the aura of a hegemon. The Righteous Alliance Lord and the Black Yin Ancestor, two top-class experts of the current age, had gathered, but the Demonic Emperor Old Man had not only managed to hold on, he had come out on top.

As the Demonic Emperor that everyone in the martial arts world feared, the Demonic Emperor Old Man had long ago learned all of its martial arts.

Whether it was the Righteous Alliance Lord's Eternal Spring Mantra or the Black Yin Ancestor's Hand of the Black Woman, or any other evil martial art, the Demonic Emperor had seen them all.

Besides that, the Demonic Emperor had himself cultivated the Myriad Spirit Sea Art to a divine level.

The strength of this art was secondary. More importantly, it allowed one to comprehend the origin of all energy, and in front of the Demonic Emperor Old Man's penetrating gaze, not even experts like Song Yuanyi or Luo Qiyin could prevent their flaws from being exposed.

Others might have needed to use one hundred and twenty percent of their strength to battle against these two titans of the martial arts world, but Zhang Wenfu only needed seventy percent!

All the Righteous Alliance and Five Ancestor Alliance disciples were terrified by this sight.

Two years was not a very long time, and anyone in the martial arts world with a modicum of strength had heard of Zhang Wenfu's astonishing reputation. They had all believed that the Demonic Emperor was spent now that his dantian had been destroyed, never expecting that Zhang Wenfu would be even more terrifying after his dantian had been broken than before it.

"Just just who can fight against him?"

Everyone trembled in fear, beginning to unconsciously step back as they stared at that distant demon of the evil path.

Not good! Master can't go on for much longer!

But while the situation seemed to be going well for his side, Wang Chong alone looked in deep concern at his master.

Wang Chong had also studied the Myriad Spirit Sea Art, so he knew the unique trait of this art.

Wang Chong could sense his master's Stellar Energy trembling as it passed through the Shangyang point on the left hand. In this fierce battle where Stellar Energy was violently blowing about, such a tremble was like a drop in the ocean, practically negligible.

But Wang Chong could clearly sense that his master's Stellar Energy was being rapidly consumed and that he wouldn't last for long.

A dantian being shattered and a dispersal of cultivation are two different things. Cultivating the Myriad Spirit Sea Art only requires the dispersal of cultivation, but Master had his dantian shattered. Against the combined assault of Song Yuanyi and Luo Qiyin, he can at most last for another seven or eight minutes. At that point, a flaw will appear within his Myriad Spirit Sea Art that will make it difficult for him to maintain it.

Wang Chong was incredibly worried. After all, Song Yuanyi and Luo Qiyin were still top-class experts. Even his master was hard-pressed to fight both of them at once.

And there was another problem. Now that Wang Chong had successfully cultivated the Void Movement Technique, Wang Chong could move amongst Sikong Yuanjia and the other Righteous Alliance Elders like a fish through water.

But Wang Chong knew that while it seemed like he was having an easy time, he was about to be pushed to the edge of triggering his cultivation defect.

In normal circumstances, Wang Chong could have persisted for an entire hour, but facing so many powerful foes had placed on him a great pressure that had compressed the time he could battle.

Once he reached the time limit, his Stellar Energy would scatter and he would once more suffer from the cultivation defect.

"Wang Chong, kid, save me! I can't last much longer! These scoundrels are about to break my formation!" A thin whisper emerged in his ear, which left Wang Chong stunned. This voice was clearly the Formation Elder's.

Wang Chong suddenly turned his head and realized that the Formation Elder was in a dire situation. At some point, one of the Righteous Alliance Elders had moved over to deal with him.

Not only that, while the Formation Elder had previously been able to use stones and arrows against the Righteous Alliance, there was now clearly some disarray in these attacks, as if they could no longer be controlled.