The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1398

Chapter 1398: Apex Clash Ii
Chapter 1398: Apex Clash! (II)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Damn it, old man, why are you always attacking me!?"

Within his formation, the Formation Elder glared at a Righteous Alliance Elder while cold sweat seeped out of his forehead. Originally, he had been able to control the power within the Stop Gate to protect himself, but for some reason, a moment ago, the link between his formation of five stones and the Origin Immortal Formation had loosened, upon which the situation rapidly began to deteriorate.

The Formation Elder was also now in peril.

"You useless pieces of trash, you're a complete disgrace! You cant even deal with one old man who knows how to use formations!"

The Righteous Alliance Elder outside the formation had sharp eyes as he commanded the Righteous Alliance experts to surround and attack the Formation Elder. Bang! An arrow as thick as a finger shot over, but the Righteous Alliance Elder waved a hand, pulverizing the arrow and the stones coming behind it.

"Everyone, attack now! This old man can't hold on for much longer. Capture him, then capture the little demon, and finally, we execute the calamity on the world of sects that is Demonic Emperor Zhang Wenfu!"

Under the command of the Righteous Alliance Elder, the experts redoubled their assault on the Formation Elder.

In the air, Wang Chong took in everything. If this situation continued, all three of them would soon be defeated.


At that moment, Wang Chong's eyes flashed and he quickly got to work.

"Senior Zhou, the Qian Palace is now in what position?"

Wang Chong immediately used a voice transmission art to deliver his words into the Formation Elder's ear.

The Formation Elder was startled at first, but he quickly responded, "The northwest, six degrees to the north!"

"Senior Zhou, once you receive my signal, immediately withdraw from your formation. I will take you from here."


The Formation Elder's mind was greatly soothed by these words. He quickly turned his attention back to that Righteous Alliance Elder. With a flick of his finger, a stone immediately flew at the Righteous Alliance Elder's head.

"Old scoundrel, come and fight this old man!"

As he shouted, he threw out another stone.

On the other side, Wang Chong was pushing the Void Movement Technique to its maximum extent, constantly moving around as he rapidly calculated.

There's not much time left, and there will only be one chance. Eight, seven, six, five

Wang Chong mentally counted down. When he reached 'five', he immediately unleashed a thunderous roar.

"Now is the moment!"

Wang Chong thrust out a palm, firing off several bolts of God and Demon Obliteration Sword Qi, pushing back Sikong Yuanjia and his Righteous Alliance Elders. At the same time, he rushed toward the Formation Elder's position.

Boom! The Formation Elder had been awaiting Wang Chong's signal, and at this moment, he created a small crack in his formation.

"Stop them!"

On the other side, the Righteous Alliance Elder grimaced as he sensed something strange going on and immediately thrust out a palm. But though his reaction was fast, Wang Chong moved much faster.


Countless streams of energy along with a dense rain of arrows and stones crashed against the area the Formation Elder had occupied. In an explosion of Stellar Energy and dust, the stone formation set down by the Formation Elder was obliterated.

But he could no longer be seen within the formation.

Suddenly, a Righteous Alliance expert with sharp eyesight noticed Wang Chong carrying away the Formation Elder and heading in the direction of Song Yuanyi and the Black Yin Ancestor. "Over there!"

Song Yuanyi spotted Wang Chong and his eyes oozed disdain as he thrust a palm at Wang Chong. "A mantis trying to stop a carriage, only seeking death!"

Churning Eternal Spring Stellar Energy instantly transformed into dragons and snakes that flew toward Wang Chong, wrapped in destructive power.

"Vast Heaven Earth Art!"

Wang Chong immediately unleashed his Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art to its maximum extent, a sun and moon shooting toward Song Yuanyi.


The two Stellar Energies clashed, and just when Song Yuanyi was going to pursue Wang Chong, he felt his Stellar Energy being drawn away for a moment, opening a gap.

Song Yuanyi called out in alarm.

He had already cultivated his Eternal Spring Mantra to the point that his Stellar Energy was dense, tenacious, and tougher than steel. But this Wang Chong, a junior with little fame in the martial arts world, was actually capable of shaking his Stellar Energy.

"Master! Go!"

Wang Chong did not linger. After suppressing Righteous Alliance Lord Song Yuanyi with a palm, he immediately rushed off to the Qian Palace in the northwest.

Meanwhile, there was a thunderous boom as two waves of Stellar Energy collided.


In a flash, the Demonic Emperor vanished. Although he didn't know what Wang Chong's plan was, he unreservedly trusted his disciple.

"Chong-er, you go over first! I'll hold the rear!" the Demonic Emperor Old Man said, following close behind Wang Chong as he headed toward the Qian Palace.

"Song Yuanyi, hurry! Don't let him run! This master and disciple must be at their limits!" Black Yin Ancestor Luo Qiyin sternly said.

His eyes were staring straight ahead as he shot forward like a bolt of lightning.

Song Yuanyi said nothing, his expression remaining cold and aloof, but he pursued even faster than the Black Yin Ancestor.

However, as the two began their pursuit, the air rippled and a dense forest of energy bolts blasted toward them, the result of the Demonic Emperor Old Man's Myriad Spirit Sea Art.

"You can't escape!"

As this vast forest of energy bolts exploded forward, the Black Yin Ancestor clenched his teeth and unleashed his energy so that he could muscle through the blast.

Song Yuanyi was also unleashing all of his Eternal Spring Stellar Energy. He managed to avoid more than half of the energy bolts and created a mirror of Stellar Energy that he used to slide through.

The two avoided the Demonic Emperor's attacks using their own methods. Behind them, Sikong Yuanjia, Ouyang Changheng, and the many Righteous Alliance experts followed.

Boom! Boom! The air trembled as Song Yuanyi and the Black Yin Ancestor doggedly pursued.

"It's useless! You can't escape!"

Song Yuanyi's eyes were cold and bursting with severe light. The two were separated by so little distance that Song Yuanyi would need only a few seconds to catch up.

As Wang Chong's group continued to flee, the Demonic Emperor Old Man messaged Wang Chong, "Chong-er, what do we do now?"

The Origin Immortal Formation was incredibly complex. In this situation, it would be very difficult for them to escape.

"Relax! They won't be able to catch up!" Wang Chong said, his eyes unprecedentedly sharp while he mentally continued to count down.

Three, two, one

As he reached 'one', boom! The surrounding space shuddered as Wang Chong led the Demonic Emperor Old Man and the Formation Elder into a formation gate.

"Where are you going!?"

An explosion came from behind them. Song Yuanyi and the Black Yin Ancestor had caught up, and they were so close that even their breathing was audible. Five steps, four steps, three steps Just when the two sides were about to start yet another pitched battle, an invisible hand seemed to snatch up Wang Chong's group and take them away. With the whistling howl of a comet, Wang Chong's group vanished. The last thing Song Yuanyi and the Black Yin Ancestor saw was Wang Chong turning his head and giving them a strange smile.


As the three vanished, Song Yuanyi and the Black Yin Ancestor were left stunned.

"Damn it!"

The Black Yin Ancestor charged forward, his teeth clenched as he stared hatefully at that now-vacant space. There was not a single person to be seen.

Wang Chong had truly just managed to vanish together with the Formation Elder and the Demonic Emperor Old Man.

"Foul brat! If this ancestor runs into you again, I'll kill you no matter what! Bastard! Bastard! Bastard!"

The Black Yin Ancestor's roar resonated through the space.

But a moment later, the Black Yin Ancestor's shouts came to a stop. In a furious explosion, the earth crumbled and countless attacks came pouring down. The formation had finally begun its assault.

As Song Yuanyi and the Black Yin Ancestor came under attack, the three escapees were safe and sound. Wang Chong's group had finally returned to the Rest Gate.

"That was risky!"

The Formation Elder patted his chest and walked out from behind Wang Chong. For a moment there, Song Yuanyi and the Black Yin Ancestor had almost caught up. Those two titans plus the many experts behind them were difficult for even the three of them to deal with.

"That was really too dangerous. Fortunately, the kid managed to calculate things in time. Just three seconds later and the Rest Gate would have passed by us. That was our final chance at survival."

The Formation Elder's heart was still thumping in fear from the situation.

"Chong-er, how are you doing?"

The Demonic Emperor Old Man strode over to Wang Chong.

Just now, Wang Chong had used his formidable calculation abilities to help the group escape danger. While all this seemed easy, the Demonic Emperor Old Man could clearly tell what was going on.

Wang Chong's face was ghastly pale and his breathing was unstable, as were his meridians. The state of his body was definitely not as calm as the expression on his face implied.

The Demonic Emperor Old Man only couldn't fight a long battle because his dantian had been shattered, but Wang Chong was in danger of triggering his cultivation defect at any moment.


The Demonic Emperor Old Man's words caused the Formation Elder to turn around and nervously look at Wang Chong.