The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1402

Chapter 1402: Finding The Truth

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


After some time, Wang Chong opened his eyes, having completed the fusion of the Nine Palaces with the eight gates.

"Success?" the Formation Elder asked Wang Chong. Wang Chong nodded, prompting the Formation Elder's eyes to brighten and a look of relief to appear on his face. "Not bad!

"Now that you've calculated out the entirety of the Origin Immortal Formation, you have a full grasp of how the formation operates, so there will be very little that can harm you. However, you must remember that the model that you have created inevitably has some differences from the actual Origin Immortal Formation, so you can't be careless. In addition, with those mysterious people controlling everything from the shadows, they could adjust the rules of the formation at any time. You need to be on your toes and react according to the situation."


Wang Chong nodded. The formation he and the Formation Elder had worked together to construct could predict ninety-seven percent of the shifts, but for the remaining three percent, he would have to depend on himself.

"There's still one more hour until the formation activates again. You have to get into the core as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you'll end up going back and forth on the outer rings of the formation with no hope of breaking the formation."

"Senior, be at ease. One hour is more than enough. I've already found the shortest route to the core of the formation. It'll take me just twenty minutes to reach the core."

The Demonic Emperor Old Man walked over and said, "Chong-er, I won't be going with you this time. Your master has little understanding of the art of formations. Not only might I not be of any assistance to you, I might even serve as a distraction."

A normal person couldn't help but be worried for Wang Chong, but the Demonic Emperor Old Man was well aware of just how different his disciple was. He had experienced dangers that even those of the martial arts world would find difficult to imagine. In addition, this Origin Immortal Formation could not be underestimated. It was shifting so constantly that lagging behind by one second might result in a group being separated into different parts of the formation. This would only distract Wang Chong and completely ruin the plan.

This was the reason the Demonic Emperor Old Man had chosen not to go with Wang Chong.

However, he did walk to Wang Chong's side and place a palm on Wang Chong's shoulder. An immense energy poured into Wang Chong's body, rushing into and storing itself within his dantian.

Wang Chong was taken by surprise, and then he understood what was going on.

"This energy is equivalent to a full-strength attack from me. It could be of help to you at a crucial moment. But remember, for this operation, don't stick around and fight with others. You only need to destroy the formation," the Demonic Emperor Old Man said, a hint of concern in his voice.

"Master, be at ease. I know what to do."

Wang Chong respectfully bowed.

With everything ready, Wang Chong took in a deep breath and quickly plunged into the formation.


The scene before him instantly shifted as Wang Chong left the Rest Gate and ventured into an unfamiliar space. But in a flash of light, Wang Chong saw that he was standing across from the Demonic Emperor Old Man and the Formation Elder, who were looking at him in consternation.

His surroundings appeared to be identical to the Rest Gate he had just left.

"The View Gate!"

Wang Chong faintly smiled as he looked at the 'master' and 'Formation Elder' standing on the other side. Of the eight gates, the View Gate was simultaneously the most and least dangerous. As long as one could see through its illusions, it posed little threat. This was why it formed a part of the route Wang Chong had chosen.

Wang Chong closed his eyes, spreading out his Psychic Energy, and swiftly made his way to the next formation gate.

In the second formation gate, rows of large stone pillars floated several thousand meters in the air. The stone pillars trembled and then hurtled toward Wang Chong down below. But before these stone pillars could land, Wang Chong had confidently left for the next formation gate.

His expression was calm, his steps relaxed and unpanicked. And more importantly, each one of his steps appeared to have gone through hundreds of calculations.

Boomboomboom! The stone pillars sent dust pluming into the sky, but Wang Chong was long gone.

To go from the Rest Gate to the heart of the formation required passing through countless formations gates, and Wang Chong had chosen those that posed the smallest threat. But in order to reach the core as quickly as possible and reduce the possibility of being cast out of a formation gate by that hidden faction, Wang Chong would occasionally choose to venture through more dangerous formation gates.

Yet though they were dangerous, as long as he used the right method, he could still leave the formation gates before the attacks could arrive, or pass through while paying the smallest price.


But as Wang Chong stepped into the next formation gate, he encountered a somewhat different situation. His nose was immediately assailed by the pungent scent of blood.

As Wang Chong looked around, he saw that the ground was covered in the fallen bodies of numerous martial artists. Some of them had been crushed by stone pillars, others pincushioned by arrows, while others were blackened and shriveled from poison. There were also some who had died from attacking each other However, all of them, without exception, had fear etched into their twisted faces at the moment of death.

Wang Chong's heart jolted at this sight. It was obvious that these people had died at the hands of the formation controlled by that hidden faction.

As he pressed on, he encountered more and more corpses.

"The formation is hastening its harvest!"

Wang Chong found the sight of these corpses rather unbearable. These were all skilled experts of the martial arts world, but alas, they had all died in this place. And Wang Chong could sense that the hidden faction within this Origin Immortal Formation was intensifying its killing intent toward these martial artists.

"If I don't think of a way to stop them, it won't be long before everyone is killed."

Wang Chong picked up his pace.

Around him, the formation rumbled and groaned as various parts of it rushed past and into the distance.

Wang Chong's mind was constantly calculating, that virtual Origin Immortal Formation overlaying itself atop the Origin Immortal Formation before him.

When the two completely coincided, Wang Chong rushed into the next formation gate.

"Milord, that kid is moving again!"

As Wang Chong was moving about, deep within the formation, three observant figures had almost instantly noticed Wang Chong's actions.

A split-second later, they turned their attention to the distant Demonic Emperor Old Man and Formation Elder.

"Milord, they left a group behind. What do we do now?!" one of the figures said.

Wang Chong's group had been moving together at first, making them easier to deal with. But now, they had split up, immediately leaving this trio somewhat at a loss.

"Concentrate our power on the kid. Throw him into the Pain Gate or Death Gate. As for the Demonic Emperor Old Man and that Formation Elder, keep a close eye on them and prepare to strike at any time. Today, no one will be allowed to escape!" the leader said.

"Yes, Milord!"

The subordinates immediately bowed and withdrew.


As Wang Chong was putting all his power into modeling the formation, the formation suddenly rumbled and the surrounding Stellar Energy was thrown into disarray.

"Have I already been noticed?"

Wang Chong stopped and suddenly turned in the direction of the formation's center. Although he couldn't see how the entire formation was shifting, Wang Chong could sense that its movements had begun to pick up speed.

"But this isn't enough to stop me!"

Wang Chong smiled.

The path he had chosen to get to the center of the formation was the simplest and most direct. It was basically impossible to hide his movements from the people controlling the formation.

But Wang Chong had also predicted that they would try to counter him.

Wang Chong accelerated and pressed forward.

"Hey! This kid is moving even faster!"

"He's definitely noticed something."

"Milord said that this group has someone who understands formations and can derive the rules of the formation. It seems like this kid also knows a little."

"The formation left by the Immortal Lord is not that easy to see through! Not even formation grandmasters can accomplish this, much less a kid like this. Does he really think he can break the formation just by moving faster? I'm already impatient to see him thrown into the Death Gate and crushed to death."

In the center of the formation, two figures were observing Wang Chong. With a push of the hand, they hastened the shifting of the part of the formation around Wang Chong.

A moment later, the various Alarm Gates, Pain Gates, and Death Gates began to gather around him, instantly plunging him into danger.

No matter which direction he went, he would enter one of these dangerous gates.

Even if Wang Chong entered the least dangerous Alarm Gate, these people had ways to make Wang Chong go through dangerous gate after gate so that he would come under the ceaseless assault of the formation.

Even a peak Great General would eventually be drained of all their Stellar Energy under such an attack and ultimately die.

But a moment later, the two of them were left stunned. Wang Chong gave a knowing smile and abruptly stopped.

Wang Chong had been advancing nonstop since leaving the Rest Gate, approaching the center of the formation in a roundabout manner.

But now, he had come to a complete halt. The two of them could even see him raising his head up at them and grinning.

"What's going on here?"

The two stared at each other, a strange mood in the air.