The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1403

Chapter 1403: Sudden Shift In The Formation

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Already starting to scheme against me?"

Wang Chong looked up at a certain spot in the air and smirked.

Practice led to true understanding. Although he hadn't been learning formations for very long, after creating the model of the formation and constantly verifying and correcting it as he ventured farther into the formation, his understanding was rising at an astonishing rate.

Just now, Wang Chong had clearly sensed a vast difference in the formation gates around him compared to what he had calculated. His intuition told him that he was now surrounded by many dangers and traps.

In this situation, any path he chose would lead to death.

In the worst case, he would end up in the Death Gate. Alas, while these people were smart, they had forgotten something.

The formation gates were changing at every moment, and it was impossible for them to remain at a single position for long. No matter how many dangerous formation gates were around him right now, at the end, all of these gates would move away.

Wang Chong was confident and assured, seemingly able to see through all secrets.

"Three, two, one now!"

Wang Chong lunged toward the northwest. As he stepped into the northwest formation gate, he took a flying leap and rapidly moved forward.

"The View Gate!"

The two hidden figures in the center of the formation instantly grimaced.

This was the only path of survival in the formation gates around Wang Chong, and it would whisk Wang Chong away from this trap-laden area.

The two found it difficult to maintain their composure.

Any martial artist who had fallen into this formation was like an ant before them, something to be played around with and then crushed.

But Wang Chong seemed to them like a crafty and slippery mud fish, able to slide out of their hands and see through their tricks and intentions. In the end, they were the ones being played with.

But the more this was the case, the more the pair could not tolerate Wang Chong.

"He seems to be extremely skilled in calculation. This sort of move won't be able to stop him."

"Since that's the case, let's throw into chaos all the formation gates around him. Let's see him calculate his way out of that!"

"Let's also shift around the Nine Palaces again. This will maximize the difficulty of his calculation. I don't believe that we can't stop him!"

The two once more activated the formation, altering the movement of the formation around Wang Chong.


One dangerous formation gate after another appeared around Wang Chong as the formation began to move faster and faster.

"To the southwest, three seconds!

"Southeast, two seconds!

"Qian Palace, one second!

"Kan Palace, three seconds!"

Wang Chong rushed forward, his sleeves flapping in the air. His left hand formed gestures while his mind rapidly calculated.

As he plunged forward, he would dodge to the left and right, constantly changing his position.

There were even times when he would abruptly step back and enter a formation gate behind him.

In this entire process, his movements seemed to be utterly unpredictable and lacking any rhyme or reason.

In the center of the formation, the faces of those two figures grew increasingly unsightly.

Wang Chong moved forward or backward, left or right, seemingly at random, but the view was completely different through the eyes of these formation operators.

As these two shifted the formation around, Wang Chong was constantly surrounded by soul-shaking dangers.

But each time, Wang Chong was able to barely escape this danger by the skin of his teeth.

It felt like he was walking on a steel wire, the slightest error casting him into the abyss.

Around ten minutes later, thump! Wang Chong stepped into another part of the formation.

Looking in the direction of the formation's center, Wang Chong smiled.

Meanwhile, those two figures in the center nastily grimaced.

Their breathing was ragged, and they had clearly consumed a significant amount of energy. Shifting the formation and altering its rules also required Stellar Energy.

In this clash with Wang Chong, they had consumed half their energy, but in the end, they had still failed.

This was something the two of them had never imagined.

"How could this have happened?!"

The two were furious and dismayed, and they were also unwilling. This was their territory! It was impossible for them to lose!

"I don't believe that we can't deal with him!"

As the two were prepared to move around the formation again, a dignified and icy voice resounded.

"Enough! Ignore that kid. Immediately activate the formation and get rid of these greedy martial artists!"

"Yes! Milord!"

The two trembled and hurriedly bowed.

"What's going on?"

At almost the same moment, within the Origin Immortal Formation, Wang Chong stopped. All was quiet around him, the attacks that he had predicted abruptly disappearing.

But this was of no comfort to Wang Chong. On the contrary, he deeply frowned, sensing an immense danger in this abnormal calm.


As Wang Chong was thinking, he heard an unprecedented boom come from the core of the formation that made the ground tremble.

"What's going on here!?"

This abrupt boom immediately attracted the attention of all the other martial artists in the formation.

It was as if the earth was tearing itself apart. Everyone couldn't help but be deeply concerned over such a thing.

"Alliance Lord, what do we do now?"

Elsewhere in the formation, Sikong Yuanjia and the others turned to Song Yuanyi.

Unlike others, these Righteous Alliance Elders had also sensed thick ripples of worldly Origin Energy along with this explosion.

These waves of Origin Energy left even these illustrious elders of the martial arts world feeling tiny and insignificant.

Each of them felt frightened and uneasy.

Song Yuanyi said nothing, his back as straight as ever and his face just as cold and aloof. It was like nothing in the world was capable of shaking him. But deep within his eyes was a pensive and contemplative expression. The Origin Immortal Mountain should have contained the number one art of the world.

But it was clear from the current situation that this had been a trap. The true location of the Origin Immortal Mountain was still a distant dream. Now, the only reason that kept him here was hunting down Demonic Emperor Zhang Wenfu.

"Advance!" Song Yuanyi suddenly said, his voice calm and his expression grim and determined. "It's impossible to retreat now. The only way out is to enter the core of the formation and destroy it!"

There was no way to recall a loosed arrow. Since they had entered the formation, there was no going back.

Even someone like Song Yuanyi who did not understand formations knew that entering the core of the formation was the most direct and violent method for undoing a formation.

Although the Origin Immortal Formation was dangerous, Song Yuanyi, who had the greatest defensive art in the world, would find the attacks much easier to deal with.

"Let's go!" Song Yuanyi emotionlessly said as he led the way.

A moment later, a rumbling came from behind him. Kacrack! The earth cracked open, and then suddenly


The formation gate behind Song Yuanyi suddenly became four gates, immediately splitting up all the Righteous Alliance members.

"Alliance Lord, save me!"

A Righteous Alliance expert's eyes widened as he reached out his hands in fear toward Song Yuanyi. His expression was that of a drowning man reaching for a rope.

But a moment later, in a flash of light, the formation gate shifted, whisking away the Righteous Alliance expert and ten-some disciples like some invisible monster.

In a few seconds, they had completely vanished.

"Not good!"

"Everyone, be careful!"

"Ah! Alliance Lord!"

Cries of alarm rang out as one Righteous Alliance expert after another vanished. Hwooo! Song Yuanyi's Eternal Spring Stellar Energy gathered into tentacles that flew through the air, arriving just in time to pull back four or five Righteous Alliance experts before the area behind him turned into a gray void.

Other than the few Righteous Alliance Elders and experts at Song Yuanyi's side, all the others had been instantly shuffled away by the formation, even Elder Sikong Yuanjia.

"Damn it!"

Song Yuanyi finally lost his composure, his face twisting into a nasty scowl.


At almost the same time, in a distant area, the Five Ancestor Alliance's group was facing a similar problem.

In the blink of an eye, the several hundred Five Ancestor Alliance experts had been split up across various formation gates. Screams were ringing endlessly through the air.


With a furious roar, Black Yin Ancestor Luo Qiyin grimaced and punched several times at his surroundings. Churning evil energy swept forward, but after traveling several dozen feet, it seemed to strike some invisible barrier that instantly dispelled it.

A few moments after entering the formation, the Black Yin Ancestor had been separated from Myriad Ghost Ancestor Pei Luanchang, and now the majority of his disciples had been shuffled away. This left Luo Qiyin simply fuming.

But before the Black Yin Ancestor could vent his rage, the earth boomed and the space beneath him began to shudder and shift. Vast energy suddenly swept the Black Yin Ancestor off his feet and tossed him out of the formation gate.



The remaining Five Ancestor Alliance disciples at the Black Yin Ancestor's side immediately paled in fright.

They shot into the air to try to bring the Black Yin Ancestor back to the ground.

But before they could do anything, the Black Yin Ancestor was cast into another space in a flash of light, vanishing from sight.