The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1407

Chapter 1407: Under The Same Tent

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


The moment Wang Chong entered the formation gate, he heard bangs and shouts. Within this formation gate, Wang Chong saw various peak Imperial Martial experts wearing uniforms emblazoned with the symbol of a white crane on Yin and Yang. They had assembled into a tight sword formation that they were using to resist the stones and arrows pouring down as well as the dark red lava gushing out of the ground.


"Zhou Chang, hold! Alliance Lord will definitely come and save us!"

"Yes, we can't give up, no matter what! Let's destroy this formation together!"

These martial artists were in an extremely poor situation. Not only did they have to fend off the attacks from the formation, but also the attacks of the golden beetles. However, these martial artists worked together extremely well, and it also seemed like they had already paid some painful price to learn the weakness of these golden beetles.

The martial artists were constantly swinging their swords at the surrounding golden beetles. Even though there were thirty to forty of these beetles, none of them were able to break through, as they were knocked away before they could get close.

But the most obvious sight here was the massive black Qilin standing at the center of the sword formation. This giant Qilin's large feet were constantly stomping down, and it shattered more than half of the incoming attacks. Besides that, it had also drawn over a significant number of beetles.

Through this method, the black Qilin was sacrificing itself to protect those Imperial Martial experts.

"Righteous Alliance!

"Elder Ouyang!"

Wang Chong's face froze in surprise. He had never imagined that he would encounter Ouyang Changheng and the Righteous Alliance experts in such a central part of the Origin Immortal Formation. Though they were seemingly able to hold on, Wang Chong could tell that they were faring very badly.

Ouyang Changheng's black Qilin was not even exerting half of its usual power, and the Righteous Alliance experts it was protecting were all pale, cold sweat rolling off their foreheads and flowing down their backs and chests, drenching their bodies and even the ground beneath their feet. It was clear that their Stellar Energy reserves would not be able to last for long.

Moreover, if a single gap appeared, the golden beetles would immediately exploit it, with consequences too frightening to be imagined.

"Who goes there!?"

"It's you!"

"It's the fake Young Master Qingyang!"

"What are you talking about? He's the Demonic Emperor's successor, a demon of the evil path!"

Thunderous roars rang out as the Righteous Alliance experts noticed Wang Chong's entry into the formation gate. In a flash, there was a clanging of swords and sabers, with a good portion of their weapons pointed at Wang Chong. The air instantly tensed.

"This little demon can only have appeared here harboring evil intentions. Even if we must die today, we can't let him off easily!"

"Bastard! He wants to ambush us! Kill him!"

"Forget it! We'll bring him down with us!"

The Imperial Martial experts of the Righteous Alliance furiously bellowed. Although Wang Chong was enclosed entirely within the bizarre and mysterious Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor, he had still been almost instantly recognized.

Outside the formation, Wang Chong had used this armor in his battle against Righteous Alliance Lord Song Yuanyi and Black Yin Ancestor Luo Qiyin, leaving a deep impression on the onlookers.

No one had expected Wang Chong to show up while they were trying to cope with the traps and dangers of this place. Everyone in the martial arts world knew of Demonic Emperor Zhang Wenfu's infamous reputation. No matter where Wang Chong had come from, he had already become associated with the evil path and the title of 'demon'.

If this were any other time, they wouldn't have needed to fear him.

But they had consumed more than half their Stellar Energy and were reaching the end of their rope. How could they not be alarmed and furious?

Wang Chong's expression chilled at this sight.

He had been considering whether he would save these people, but if they truly dared to attack him, then he couldn't be blamed for what happened next.


A furious roar came from overhead. At this crucial moment, Ouyang Changheng's black Qilin spoke, his voice extremely harsh and severe.

"Anyone who dares to attack Young Master Wang will be punished according to the laws of the alliance!"

These words took all the Righteous Alliance experts by surprise, and even Wang Chong couldn't help but raise an eyebrow.

"But, Elder, he's a disciple of the Demonic Emperor!" a Righteous Alliance expert said in concern, his momentary distraction almost allowing a golden beetle to get in.

'If you encounter the Demonic Emperor or his disciple, kill them at once' was an order from the alliance lord. No one had expected Ouyang Changheng to suddenly defy this order. They couldn't help but hesitate.

"There is no 'but'! Everyone, stand down!

"Young Master Wang saved our Righteous Alliance. If not for him, we would have already been dead at the hands of the Black Yin Ancestor. We are the Righteous Alliance, not the Evil Alliance. Returning kindness with hostility is not something that we can do. I can't meddle with the orders of the alliance lord, but inside this formation, none of you are allowed to attack Young Master Wang!"

Ouyang Changheng's voice was stern and tolerated no objection.


Although they were extremely unwilling, none of them dared to defy the elder.

Wang Chong had been watching from the sidelines this entire time. He had been expecting a major battle, so Ouyang Changheng's attitude had taken him by complete surprise.

"Young Master Wang, my apologies. The righteous and evil paths have been opposed to each other since ancient times, and I am incapable of changing Alliance Lord's attitude. I hope that Young Master can forgive us!"

Ouyang Changheng's voice came from the mouth of the black Qilin.

"Elder is too polite," Wang Chong sternly said.


At this moment, a scream could be heard from the southeast. One of the Imperial Martial experts had been caught off guard, allowing one of the golden beetles to rush past his sword at his Stellar Energy barrier. This Imperial Martial expert was already exhausted and was incapable of resisting. In the blink of an eye, the golden beetle had gnawed through his Stellar Energy and burrowed into his body.

"Aaah! Save me! Save me!"

The Imperial Martial expert collapsed to the ground and rolled around in pain.

"Huang Tong!"

Everyone paled, but before they could rush up to assist, one golden glowing beetle after another rushed into the gap created by Huang Tong's fall.

Clingcling! Clangclang!

Swords collided against the golden beetles, ceaselessly knocking them away. But this only added to the chaos. Without their sword formation, these martial artists were no longer capable of holding out against the golden beetles. More screams rang out as the Righteous Alliance experts fell to the ground.

And when it rained, it poured. With another rumble, the sky darkened and thousands of arrows and stones began to howl down.

The next wave of formation attacks had come, and these arrows and stones flew over with thunderous howls. It was clear that they were even stronger than before.

"Not good!"

Ouyang Changheng was alarmed by this sight. Bellowing furiously, he swatted at the sky with one of his large Qilin claws. "Aaaah!" A scream tore through the air as a particularly large golden beetle, surrounded by a dazzling glow, gnawed through Ouyang Changheng's Stellar Energy and burrowed into his shoulder.

Unlike the other golden beetles, this one was surrounded by a dark red glow that made it seem like an agate.

The momentary lapse in concentration caused countless arrows wrapped in destructive energy to crash into Ouyang Changheng's body. Each one of these had an immense weight, and thousands of these arrows striking his Qilin body immediately caused Ouyang Changheng to vomit blood.

The black Qilin in the air began to sway, the Stellar Energy forming its body rapidly dimming.


The Righteous Alliance experts called out in alarm. They lunged in panic toward Ouyang Changheng, all their former composure lost, even forgetting about the attacks coming from behind them.

The closer one got to the center of the formation, the more powerful the attacks were. These people had only been able to survive for so long by relying on Ouyang Changheng! But not even Ouyang Changheng could endure for that long.


Panicked cries rang out as more and more golden beetles converged on the Righteous Alliance experts, even the golden beetles around Wang Chong. Seeing that Ouyang Changheng and the Righteous Alliance experts were about to die to the golden beetles, Wang Chong immediately rushed forward.


There was a thunderous explosion as golden-red light erupted from Wang Chong's body. At the same time, Wang Chong also began to exert a massive absorption force that he used to pull away the stones and arrows and turn their might toward the outside of the formation gate.

"Yin Yang Shift!"

Wang Chong used the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art without hesitation. Keekee! The golden beetles chirped as they were suddenly pulled away from the Righteous Alliance experts and toward Wang Chong.

Not even the golden beetles could resist the explosive pull coming from Wang Chong.


Hundreds of golden beetles slammed against the Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor.

"Elder Ouyang, a favor for a favor. This is all I can help you with. After ten seconds, retreat into the Stop Gate in the back. Ten minutes later, it will take you to the seventh and eighth layer. This is your only chance to retreat. If you venture any farther, your chances of survival will be slim to none!"

Wang Chong's voice resounded in everyone's ears.

"This is the last time I will help you!"

Before the Righteous Alliance experts could understand what Wang Chong's final words meant, Wang Chong suddenly extended his armor-covered right hand and pulled at the sky.

Rumble! The entire world seemed to groan, and then a vast and pure worldly energy surged down from the sky, striking Ouyang Changheng and the Righteous Alliance experts.