The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1410

Chapter 1410: The Universe Puzzle

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


Wang Chong took out a broken sword he had taken from the Righteous Alliance group and cast it forward.

The sword moved much faster than the stone shards, but the steel it was forged from corroded faster than the rocks. As soon as the sword entered the red smoke, it rapidly began to corrode and blacken.

The rest of the sword was melted down the moment it entered the flames.

Despite Wang Chong already having prepared himself, he couldn't help but stare.

The swords of the Righteous Alliance were not made from ordinary steel. Since this red miasma could so quickly corrode it, it had to be exceptionally formidable.

As for those fierce flames in the back ordinary armor would probably instantly be melted down.

"The Immortal Lord left behind both this poisonous smoke and the flames. Both of them are extremely fierce, able to turn into slurry the most precious of weapons and the finest suits of armor.

"Since ancient times, no one has ever been able to get past these traps. If not for the seal left behind by the Immortal Lord, even we would be doomed if we ventured within, let alone outsiders. He can't possibly force his way past those traps!"

The leader looked down on Wang Chong, waiting for his final choice. Forward was death, and retreat was also death.

No matter what, those martial artists who ventured deep into the formation were doomed.

The two subordinates remained silent, and all three of them watched Wang Chong and waited for him to make his move.

Everything can finally come to an end! the two said to themselves.

A split-second later


After some thought, Wang Chong decided to press forward.

Before he entered the red smoke, Wang Chong equipped the Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor.


The three watched this transpire in shock.

"Hmph! I overestimated him! Even the best armor has a chink that will allow the smoke and fire to get in. This kid is finished!"

The two subordinates shook their heads. They thought that Wang Chong might test the waters a few more times or that he would retreat in the face of difficulty, but this result was not at all what they had expected.

Within this region, Wang Chong's chances of survival were nil.

As they watched him take his first few steps into the smoke, they patiently waited for him to fall over.

"Stone of Destiny, seal the armor!"

Wang Chong was focused and cared little about what might be happening outside. As he stepped into the core region, he had all the chinks of his armor sealed, turning the Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor into an isolated space that kept everything out.

The miasma hissed as it assailed the Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor, but all its corrosive power was kept on the outside.

The smoke was so thick that he could see nothing.

Wang Chong spread out his Psychic Energy and advanced.

I only have five minutes left. I have to hurry, Wang Chong quietly said to himself.

Although he seemed to have easily kept out the corrosive poison, Wang Chong was extremely grave at this time. The Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor was powerful, but it consumed massive amounts of Stellar Energy. Wang Chong was incapable of maintaining this state for very long.


Wang Chong picked up the pace, and he soon passed through the poisonous smoke and entered the seething flames.

Just before entering, Wang Chong noticed several large crystal pillars arranged in an orderly fashion at the intersection of these two zones. Wang Chong once more saw the same black fang symbols that had been carved on the Doomsday Altar on these crystal pillars.

There are more and more of these symbols! Wang Chong said to himself. Everything gave him an indescribably bizarre feeling.

The Origin Immortal Formation was still the Origin Immortal Formation, but it was now bursting with mystery and secrets.


An armor-covered sole stepped into the flames, and Wang Chong was soon deep into the sea of fire.

An indescribable heat traveled up his foot, and every part of his body soon felt scalding hot. Not even the Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor could completely keep out the heat.

Wang Chong felt like his entire body was on fire, and even his breath scorched him.

With advantages come disadvantages! The Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor is sealed, but this means I can only breathe the air inside the armor. This air won't last for very long. I have to get through here quickly!

Rumble! Wang Chong immediately rushed toward that giant golden sphere, each of his steps causing the earth to quake.


The three figures hidden in the core trembled all over as they watched Wang Chong ceaselessly proceed toward the sphere, their eyes almost bulging out.

"How could this be? Impossible! Impossible!"

"Whether in the Central Plains or the Western Regions, no armor can block the smoke and fire of the Immortal Lord! Impossible!"

The three didn't dare to believe their eyes, and their minds were rocked by unprecedented shock.

The Origin Immortal Lord was one of their mythical figures, and they regarded the defensive methods the Origin Immortal Lord had left to protect the formation as an impregnable fortress.

But now, all their deep convictions were shattered by a youth of eighteen or nineteen.


Amidst the seething red fire, that figure continued to rapidly advance. In just a few moments, Wang Chong had passed through the sea of fire and reached the golden sphere.

The three felt their hearts turn into blocks of ice.

"It's too late! He's about to destroy the formation!"

"We have no way of stopping him!"

The three had dead eyes as they stared at Wang Chong's erect figure.

The invincible legend of the formation that had persisted for several hundred years was about to end at the hands of Wang Chong.

Go in!

Wang Chong had little time to worry about what might be going on elsewhere. He gazed at the dark tunnel that was the height of several adult men and rushed inside.

The tunnel was quiet, bereft of any traps or mechanisms.

Wang Chong was extremely cautious at the start, but he was soon flying through the tunnel.


Just as Wang Chong had proceeded seventy or eighty feet into the tunnel, there was a metal clattering. Countless sharp metal teeth suddenly protruded from the walls of the tunnel and began to close around Wang Chong.

There was a deafening shriek as the metal spikes scraped against the Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor.

"Not good!"

Wang Chong hastened his pace while Stellar Energy exploded from his body. He hoped to jolt back the spikes long enough for him to get into the core before they completely closed around him.

But a moment later, the heavens and earth seemed to turn, the entire world going upside down.

Not only that, the tunnel became a long arc while an enormous energy wrapped around him and threw him to the end of the tunnel.

Boom! Wang Chong exploded out from between the metal teeth.

The immense power slammed him into the ground in a cloud of dust. Before Wang Chong could get back to his senses, the air howled as a vast energy began to hurtle toward his head from above.

Wang Chong dodged backward, barely avoiding a massive stone pillar that pounded into the ground.

"Alarm Gate!"

Wang Chong's eyes widened as he stared at the stone pillar. There were no such formation attacks in the core. These stone pillar attacks would only appear in the eight gates around the core. He knew that he had been thrown out of the formation's core, but how had he appeared here?

But there was little time for Wang Chong to think, as more and more stone pillars were hurtling toward him, all of them pulsing with energy. As they struck the ground, they left massive pits and stirred up great clouds of dust.

Wang Chong's mind rapidly spun in calculation, and he soon realized where he was.

The third layer! It's actually the Alarm Gate in the Qian Palace of the formation's third layer! How could this be?

He had clearly already entered the core of the formation, so how had he come out in the third layer?!

The Origin Immortal Formation had somehow skipped the first and second layer and used some unknown method to throw him into the third.


Metallic chirps quickly shook Wang Chong from his stupor. A pack of golden beetles spotted Wang Chong and quickly rushed over. Clings and clangs rang out as they rammed themselves against the Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor.

There's not much time left!

Wang Chong's heart chilled as he rushed back into the formation and back toward the core.


A few moments later, with another boom, Wang Chong was thrown out again.

This time, he was in the fourth layer, and when he charged in a third time, he was tossed into the second layer. It was like there was an invisible barrier that prevented Wang Chong from getting any farther.

"Milord, what's going on?"

The two subordinates looked at each other in confusion.

No one had ever gotten as deep as Wang Chong, so for a moment, not even they understood why Wang Chong was being constantly thrown out.

The leader thought for a few moments and then chuckled. "Heh! If my guess is correct, this is the Universe Puzzle! The last checkpoint left by the Origin Immortal Lord.

"These people thought of things too simply. The things left behind by the Immortal Lord are not so easy to disarm. If one wants to get into the formation's core, they must solve the Universe Puzzle. But I only have a theoretical understanding of it, as no one has ever triggered it before. For this successor of the Demonic Emperor to reach this place is something he should be proud of, but that's as far as he can go."