The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1411

Chapter 1411: The Origin Immortal War Banner

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Although the Universe Puzzle can be solved by an individual with incredible talent, it's not something that can be done in a short time."

With these last words, the leader turned in another direction.

If one looked down from the sky, one would discover that the energy of the world unleashed by the core of the formation was not being radiated generally in every direction. Instead, it was traveling a specific 'S' path, creating a massive Yin Yang diagram within the Origin Immortal Formation.

As this vast energy slowly moved, displaying the harmony of Yin and Yang, it also showed signs of instability as it turned inward.

"When the universe in harmony and Yin and Yang come together, the strongest power of the formation will be ignited, completely wiping out these martial artists. At that time, no matter what level a martial artist is at, they will not be able to survive the formation!"

The leader turned back to Wang Chong and coldly laughed.

In this contest, it no longer mattered how formidable Wang Chong's armor was, or that he had destroyed the stone pillars. What was important was that he would die like the rest.

And the powerful suit of armor would become their offering piece.

"Get ready! Once all the people in the formation are crushed to pieces by the formation's power, we will leave this place!" the leader ordered.

"Yes, Milord!"

Time went by, second by second.

Wang Chong stood in a daze in the core of the formation. Through the armor, one could see that his pale and sweat-covered face was twisted into a nasty grimace. He had clearly reached the center of the formation and only needed one step to get inside and destroy the entire thing, but Wang Chong had failed again and again to get through the door.

He had rushed in three times, but the formation had thrown him out three times. Wang Chong's Stellar Energy was rapidly decreasing and wouldn't be able to last for long.

There's no time the Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor can only last for thirty seconds before completely vanishing. Without the Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor, I won't be able to get through those flames.

Within the armor, Wang Chong's expression was solemn, his heart madly thumping.

He had never felt more nervous than now.

This was his last chance. If he didn't break the formation, if he were thrown out again, he would lose any chance of reaching the center of the formation again.

Cold sweat dripped down the tip of Wang Chong's nose, flowing along his lips, and then his neck Each drop of cold sweat felt like it was counting down the seconds for Wang Chong.

The formation left behind by the Origin Immortal Lord was much more difficult to break than he had imagined.

Where is it? Where is it?

Any formation can be broken. But just how do I actually get into the core of the formation?

Wang Chong stood motionlessly in front of the golden sphere like a statue.

Time seemed to stop as tens of thousands of thoughts rushed through his mind.

A familiar and deep voice rang out in his ear. "Chong-er, Senior Zhou has asked me to pass on a message. The Supreme Ultimate gives birth to Yin and Yang, and Yin and Yang give birth to the Four Images. There is no formation that is isolated. Each is an integrated whole. As long as you can understand this final secret, you can definitely enter the core and break the formation!"


Wang Chong was surprised by these words. His master had sent him a message using the world of energy.

But in order for the message to be so clear, he had to be extremely close. It was apparent that the shifting of the formation had pushed his master and the Formation Elder out of the Rest Gate and into the third or fourth layer of the formation.

"Master, your disciple understands!"

Wang Chong quickly focused and closed his eyes.

As Wang Chong began to think, elsewhere, the Demonic Emperor Old Man opened his eyes and left the world of energy.

Wang Chong's guess had been correct. The Demonic Emperor Old Man and Formation Elder had been forced out of the Rest Gate and into the third or fourth layer of the Origin Immortal Formation. Endless stones, arrows, and flames were shooting toward them, but all of them would veer away at a distance of several dozen feet and strike another area.

Wang Chong's deriving of the Origin Immortal Formation model had opened the Formation Elder's mind. He had developed an even greater understanding of the formation and was able to use more of its power.

This region might have seemed dangerous, but the two of them were actually quite safe.

The Demonic Emperor Old Man turned to the Formation Elder and asked, "Old scoundrel, what exactly did you intend with those words?"

"How do I know? I was just speaking about some common knowledge when breaking formations. If I had known this was going to happen, I would have told him earlier!" the Formation Elder worriedly said.

"As the formation still isn't broken, I guessed that the kid definitely ran into some problem. The Origin Immortal Formation was left behind by the Origin Immortal Lord and is known as the number one formation, so the core is definitely surrounded by dangers and has many defenses. This is all I can do to help."


The Demonic Emperor Old Man was alarmed by these words, his face paling.

He had believed that the Formation Elder had some clear aim in this message, but it now seemed like the Formation Elder was just flailing around.

This is going to be difficult!

The Demonic Emperor Old Man turned solemnly toward the core.

"Brother Zhang, don't worry. That kid possesses incredible talent. The Origin Immortal Formation might be the world's number one formation, but if he can comprehend that principle, breaking the formation is not out of the question," the Formation Elder soothed, his voice timid.

Meanwhile, Wang Chong had no idea of the 'truth'.

He stood in front of the golden sphere, his mind rapidly spinning.

The Supreme Ultimate gives birth to Yin and Yang; the Yin and Yang give birth to the Four Images; all things are of one body

Wang Chong pondered the Formation Elder's message.

Countless images were flitting through his mind, but Wang Chong began to turn the Origin Immortal Formation model in his mind in a completely different way.

He was trying to examine the formation from a completely different angle.

The Supreme Ultimate gives birth to Yin and Yang, Yin and Yang to the Four Images The metal ball at the core could just be a massive Supreme Ultimate!

Wang Chong suddenly had an idea. A moment later, Wang Chong's Origin Immortal Formation also underwent a massive transformation.

Another formation appeared in his mind, but this time, a metal ball much smaller than the original appeared in the core.

The moment the sphere appeared, Wang Chong felt like the formation gave off an entirely different feel. The model he had derived only had an eighty percent similarity to the real one, but now, it was at ninety percent.

Wait! I'm still missing the stone pillars!

He recalled those stone pillars he had destroyed earlier, and also those pillars of red crystal around the golden sphere. With a thought, these important parts were added to his formation model.

As these stone pillars appeared, Wang Chong was inspired, and the formation began to turn in a completely different method.

Yin and Yang to the Four Images, the Four Images to Yin and Yang!

Wang Chong suddenly began to operate the tens of thousands of formation gates in the Origin Immortal Formation according to the Yin and Yang, which immediately caused a chain effect through the model.

Only ten seconds were left now.

Wang Chong's mind was spinning faster and faster, the calculations in Wang Chong's mind approaching the tens of millions.

Seven seconds!

Boom! The Origin Immortal Formation in his mind suddenly came to a halt. At that moment, Wang Chong could clearly see an 'S' curve running through the formation, the metal sphere as its center.

From above, it appeared exactly like a Yin Yang diagram.

Wang Chong suddenly understood.

Hold on! The passage into the formation core isn't those tunnels, but the places that 'S' curve in the Yin Yang symbol is passing through There were never that many entrances into the core, only two of them!"

Wang Chong's eyes focused on the places in the golden sphere where the 'S' passed through.

Two seconds!

Wang Chong could sense that the Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor was rapidly weakening, and he could also sense that intense heat outside, so hot that even the toughest steel would melt.

Without the Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor's protection, he would immediately die the moment he was dumped into the sea of flames.

One second!

At that last moment, Wang Chong finally reached the part of the sphere that aligned with the 'S' curve.

All he saw was a smooth metal surface with no passage at all, but Wang Chong charged at it without hesitation.


To his surprise, that tough 'wall' suddenly rippled like water.

Wang Chong's felt his body loosen as he charged in.

That tough metal wall had been an illusion!

Rumble! As Wang Chong passed through the final barrier, the Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor disappeared, and he rolled into the core.


At that moment, the three figures watching from the air were struck dumb.

After what seemed like both a moment and like countless epochs, Wang Chong opened his eyes and saw the core of the world's number one formation.

The golden sphere's insides were much emptier than Wang Chong had imagined.

In comparison to the flames and poisonous smoke outside, this place was an oasis of solitude. Wang Chong saw an altar in this space, and a yellow war banner had been thrust into this altar.