The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1412

Chapter 1412: Breaking The Formation

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

The war banner was only three-some feet tall. The banner itself was made of some unknown material, and several ancient words had been written on it in a bold and flourishing style.

Wang Chong did not recognize these ancient words, but from their shape, he could understand their meaning.

'Origin Immortal War Banner'!

As he gazed at this banner made of unknown material, a thought flitted through Wang Chong's mind.

The Formation Elder had once said that all large, powerful formations had a special object serving as their formation core, just like the Nine Dragon Blood War Banner. The core of the Origin Immortal Formation was clearly this war banner.

If I pull out this banner, I should be able to break the formation, Wang Chong remarked to himself.

After consuming so much energy, he had finally reached this place.


At this moment, a massive boom resounded.

The ground began to shake as a dreadful energy exploded out from beneath the altar.

This energy poured into the banner, causing it to swiftly transform. The red crystal pole soared to a height of twenty feet and the thickness of the rim of a bowl. Even the triangular yellow banner swelled to several dozen times its original size.


Immense energy began to pour off the Origin Immortal War Banner, shooting into the sky as a pillar of light.

A moment later, Wang Chong could sense this frightening energy splitting off into thousands of different streams that flowed to the outer parts of the formation.


As this energy erupted, everyone else in the formation once more heard that familiar rumble, and the power of the formation strengthened once more.

"It's over! We're doomed this time! The formation has gotten even stronger! It's impossible for us to survive!"

In a certain part of the formation, an unaffiliated martial artist got down on his knees and looked in despair in the direction of the rumbling and buzzing.

"Am I really going to die here? I don't want to! Someone, come and save me! I don't want to die!"

Elsewhere, a martial artist covered in wounds got down on his knees.

"It's gotten stronger! We're all going to die this time!"

Thump! Thump! Thump! More and more people dropped to their knees with despair in their eyes.

After this long battle, they had consumed vast amounts of Stellar Energy and used up all their medicines. The constantly increasing power of the formation was something they were no longer capable of standing up to.

"Ancestor! Those bugs are coming again!" a hoarse and fearful voice called out.

In the third layer of the formation, wounded experts of the Five Ancestor Alliance fearfully stared at the golden beetles flying toward them.

In front of them, Black Yin Ancestor Luo Qiyin seemed to have seen nothing at all. His robes flapped around him as he solemnly stared at the center of the formation.

Although these Golden Armor Stellar-Piercing Beetles were formidable, for the Black Yin Ancestor, the true danger was at the core of the formation.

It's too powerful! This sort of formation can't be destroyed by anyone! I was thinking too simply! the Black Yin Ancestor berated himself.

Even a titan of the evil path like him had consumed a significant amount of energy in traveling from the outer ring of the formation to this place. The constant attacks of the formation gates had made the Black Yin Ancestor feel for the first time like it was impossible to win.

If the outer ring of the formation was this powerful, the Black Yin Ancestor found it difficult to imagine how dreadful the core was.

Song Yuanyi, breaking the formation were you not able to do it either?

As the Black Yin Ancestor turned his head in another direction, countless thoughts ran through his mind.

At the very same moment, elsewhere, Song Yuanyi was also looking silently at the core.

"Alliance Lord, our brothers have suffered many injuries. We can no longer keep advancing!" a Righteous Alliance expert behind Song Yuanyi sorrowfully said.

Song Yuanyi had led his group into the second layer of the formation. Only a little more was needed until they reached the core, but his group was on its last legs.

The various formation attacks were constantly getting stronger, and even though Song Yuanyi was leading them, they had reached their limit. Even if they could hold on until they reached the core, they would probably be wiped out to the last man.

Song Yuanyi said nothing, only stared inscrutably into the depths of the formation.

Chirping could be heard around them as the golden beetles danced in the air, some of them even gnawing away at Song Yuanyi's Eternal Spring Stellar Energy. But these frightening beetles that seemed to counter martial artists gnawed through Song Yuanyi's Stellar Energy very slowly. It was as if they weren't eating the Stellar Energy they so enjoyed, but a piece of stone or metal.

This was the first time these golden beetles had met such a tough opponent. This feat alone was enough to make countless martial artists of the world sigh in praise.

Song Yuanyi's Stellar Energy had enveloped the Righteous Alliance experts behind them, baiting away all the golden beetles.

But even though he could regard these dangerous beetles as though they didn't exist, Song Yuanyi's heart was heavy. He could deal with the golden beetles, but he could do nothing against the endless stream of attacks from the formation.

As they had passed through the endlessly shifting formation gates and been thrown into the Alarm Gate, Pain Gate, and even almost the Death Gate, Song Yuanyi's Righteous Alliance force had suffered grievous casualties. The ground was speckled with blood while the pale-faced Righteous Alliance experts gasped for breath. It was obvious that they could no longer continue.

Song Yuanyi could abandon them and go alone, but this would sign the death warrant for the Righteous Alliance experts here.

This titan of the righteous path was facing an intense dilemma.

Is there really nothing to be done

Song Yuanyi placed his hands behind his back and muttered to himself, his eyes fixed on the core.

For the first time, he found it difficult to make up his mind.


The earth trembled as energy erupted out of the core and spread out over the rest of the formation.

A deathly stillness gripped the formation as everyone, their hearts heavy, awaited the final judgment.


As everyone's resolve was failing and they awaited death, a slender and vigorous palm gripped the Origin Immortal War Banner atop the core altar.

"It's time for everything to end!"

Wang Chong stopped in front of the altar and placed his other hand on the Origin Immortal War Banner as well.

Now that the wave of energy had ceased to erupt, everything had gone back to normal, and the Origin Immortal War Banner had shrunk back down. Without the slightest hesitation, Wang Chong fiercely tugged on the Origin Immortal War Banner.

"Mm? I can't pull it out!"

Wang Chong raised an eyebrow in surprise. Despite the strength he exerted, the war banner hadn't even moved an inch. It appeared to have taken root in the altar. After a brief moment of thought, Wang Chong exerted more strength.

Eight hundred jin, five thousand jin, ten thousand jin the power in Wang Chong's wrist constantly increased, but the final result remained the same.

Wang Chong changed his strategy, bringing out the energy of the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art, the Fire of Mara, the Fire of Lu Wu, and even the Art of God and Demon Obliteration and his other arts. Finally, he heard a clack from the base of the altar, and the Origin Immortal War Banner slightly swayed.

Wang Chong immediately increased the power, and the banner began to sway more heavily. Boom! With a massive explosion, the banner came loose and a massive fissure cleaved the altar in two.

As the altar fell apart, a deafening boom of thunder emanated from the core of the formation.

"What's going on here?"

This thunderous boom made all the martial artists in the formation look upward in alarm.

No one knew what had happened, but they could sense that with this thunderous explosion, a tear seemed to have opened up in the sky, allowing the energy of the outside world to flow inside.

Not only that, they could sense that the formation had suddenly gotten much weaker, and was continuing to weaken by the second.

"What happened? Did someone break the formation?!"

Everyone proceeded to turn in the direction of the core.

The formation would not weaken without reason, and this was certainly not how everyone had expected things to turn out a few moments ago.

At the same time, Song Yuanyi, Luo Qiyin, and Myriad Ghost Ancestor Pei Luanchang turned to look at the center of the formation. Unlike the others, these three were absolutely certain that someone had entered the core and destroyed the formation.

"So fast! Just who could have been so formidable as to reach the core so quickly?!"

At this moment, all three of them were alarmed and confused.

They understood how exceedingly difficult it was to get into the core. Even if Song Yuanyi's Stellar Energy could ignore the golden beetles, he had still been unable to reach the first layer of the formation, let alone anyone else.

"Could it have been the Myriad Ghost Ancestor?"

Song Yuanyi thoughtfully narrowed his eyes.

In all the Five Ancestor Alliance, if there was one person who could break the formation, it was Pei Luanchang, who, though rather inconspicuous, was actually even stronger than the Black Yin Ancestor.

Song Yuanyi had not seen him since they had entered the formation.

"Could it be that fellow, Song Yuanyi?"

At the same time, the Black Yin Ancestor suspected that it was Song Yuanyi.