The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1413

Chapter 1413: Harvest From Breaking The Formation

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

In all the martial arts world, the only person the Black Yin Ancestor knew to be capable of destroying the world's number one formation was Song Yuanyi.

As for the Demonic Emperor and his disciple, both Song Yuanyi and Luo Qiyin had chosen to forget about them.

How could the Demonic Emperor, who had stirred up countless storms of blood and killed people like they were flies, destroy the formation for the sake of others?

The two of them would never believe such a thing was possible.

But a moment later, for these titans of the martial arts world, the unbelievable occurred.

With a great rumbling, the core began to radiate endless light. As the light began to shift, the back of a familiar youth appeared in the sky of the Origin Immortal Formation.

There was a war banner in his hand that he was apparently pulling on.

Although they couldn't see his actual face, everyone instantly recognized him.

"The Demonic Emperor's disciple?!"

"The fake Young Master Qingyang?!"

Cries of alarm came from various parts of the formation.

The match between Wang Chong and Young Master Qingyang had attracted far too much attention. Many still remembered how that audacious youth had dared to have a contest of skill with Young Master Qingyang right in front of Song Yuanyi and the Black Yin Ancestor.

The Black Yin Ancestor and Song Yuanyi had particularly nasty scowls on their faces.

As titans of the martial arts world, they had each believed that it was the other who had entered the core and destroyed the formation. To their surprise, the one who had assisted all the people of the martial arts world by entering the core and destroying the formation was one of the people they had immediately ruled out.

The result was unquestionably a sharp slap to the face.

"Hahaha, Zhang Wenfu, you see! That kid really did make it into the core!

"Haha, good! As expected of the Demonic Emperor's disciple!"

The Formation Elder's eyes were practically glowing at the sight of Wang Chong's magnified figure, and he was jumping around in excitement.

There had been a moment where he wondered if Wang Chong had already failed. But in the end, Wang Chong had really managed to do it. He had broken the world's number one formation.

And just the thought that he had been the one to teach Wang Chong about formations had the Formation Elder bursting with pride. Indeed, it was enough to keep him proud for the rest of his life.

"It's too soon to be that excited. Until the formation is completely destroyed, there's still no guarantee of how things turn out," the Demonic Emperor Old Man indifferently said, appearing utterly unmoved. Only the trembling of his eyelids betrayed his true emotions.

Meanwhile, in the formation core, Wang Chong only saw the light erupting from beneath the banner. He was completely unaware that his every move in the core was being displayed for everyone else to see.

"Only a little bit left!"

Wang Chong was completely focused on the Origin Immortal War Banner. The connection this banner had with the energy of the world was getting looser by the moment. He was pouring in so much of his energy that the energy circulation in his body was falling into disarray and cold sweat was pouring out of his forehead. But he had no time to worry about such things.

"Just a little more and I can break the formation!"

After what seemed simultaneously like a second and like countless eons, there was a boom. Wang Chong felt his entire body relax as he finally pulled out the Origin Immortal War Banner.

The moment he pulled out the banner, countless cracks appeared on the altar with a clackclackclack, and then it simply exploded.

With the destruction of the core, the entire formation swayed. Enormous explosions came from various parts of the formation as if in response to the destruction of the core.

Wang Chong could sense that the dangerous Origin Immortal Formation was now deflating like a punctured balloon. The boundless pulses of energy were rapidly weakening.


A moment later, the formation exploded with cheers. Seeing the change in the formation, all the martial artists celebrated the fact that they had survived this calamity.

Some of them even released their weapons and plopped to the ground.

But in the core of the formation, Wang Chong cared little about such things. Pulling out the Origin Immortal War Banner had resolved the crisis.

The formation would need some time until it completely collapsed, and what Wang Chong was focused on right now were the several objects revealed by the altar's explosion.

There was a black statue, about the size of a fist, of some unknown beast. The beast had a savage expression as though about to leap at its prey.

Wang Chong immediately noticed the lower jaw of the beast and the sharp fangs protruding from its mouth. Wang Chong's heart began to thump. The lower jaw and fangs of this small beast were none other than those of that symbol on the Doomsday Altar.

Is this the true form of that beast symbol on the Doomsday Altar?

Wang Chong blinked as he murmured to himself.

All this gave him a feeling of indescribable mystery, one that only got stronger as he examined the beast statue.

This Origin Immortal Lord of unknown background was undoubtedly inextricably connected to those apocalyptic invaders.

No matter what, I have to find out the truth. Just what in the world is going on here?

That Doomsday Altar that had summoned the otherworldly invaders to destroy the Great Tang and all the other civilizations of the continent was a secret that no one had ever found the truth to, not even at the very end. They didn't even know how it had been constructed or the materials used in its construction.

But this time, Wang Chong sensed that he had accidentally bumped into one of the crucial truths behind the calamity.

Wang Chong took in a deep breath and quickly noticed that the small beast had two horns, and that something was held between them.

This was a red translucent pearl about the size of a thumb. It seemed like lava was flowing within the pearl, and Wang Chong could sense powerful pulses of energy. Wang Chong suddenly felt like this red pearl was a bottomless pool of water, capable of holding endless amounts of energy.

But Wang Chong quickly shook himself free of this illusion.

His eyes turned to another nearby object that had been revealed by the explosion of the altar. This was a mysterious scroll, old and mottled, that appeared to be made of some strange fusion of metal and cloth. The scroll was extremely clean, and he could see at a glance that it was covered in golden threads outlining many mysterious patterns and words.

Wang Chong opened his palm and drew the scroll into his hand.

Upon opening the scroll, Wang Chong brightened up in surprise. "This is the diagram for the Origin Immortal Formation!"

The scroll displayed an exquisitely detailed formation diagram that contained more than ten thousand formation gates and countless traps, and also the pathways through which energy circulated through the formation Everything needed was here, in all its complexity and immensity. It was even more complex and immense than the Origin Immortal Formation that Wang Chong had derived.

As Wang Chong read it over, he saw detailed accounts of secretive functions that had been triggered.

Wang Chong had already managed to derive a model that was ninety percent similar to the real Origin Immortal Formation, and with this formation diagram, he further deepened his understanding.

Upon seeing a certain part in the center of the formation diagram, Wang Chong coldly laughed. "So it seems like those people controlling the formation were hiding here!"

With a flourish of his palm, he put away the black beast statue and the Origin Immortal War Banner.

Swish! His body vanished, and then he suddenly appeared at the edge of the core, next to the golden walls of the sphere. He pressed his palm on a protruding golden brick, and there was a clacking and groaning. A golden staircase spiraled down, creating a new path.

Wang Chong rushed up the staircase to the top of the golden sphere.


As he rushed upward, he sent out his Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art, drawing in the now-unbound energy drifting through the world into his body. This loose energy was currently the only source of Stellar Energy Wang Chong had to replenish himself.

As he continued to travel up the stairs, he put on the Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor and used the world of energy to communicate with his master.

A few moments of rest and the energy he had absorbed was enough for Wang Chong to last until the Demonic Emperor Old Man arrived.

In a flash of light, Wang Chong reached the hidden space at the top of the golden sphere. Those figures who had once stood on this golden platform seventy to eighty meters in the air had vanished long ago. All that was left was a massive screen made of dark red crystal and several shattered mechanisms, clear signs that those figures had once occupied this place.

"I came too late!"

As Wang Chong walked up to the crystal screen, he saw a mess of footsteps on the floor that informed him that he had found the right place.

It was obvious that these people had realized he would probably come up here and left beforehand.

"Just who are these people?"

Wang Chong frowned in confusion. He had expected at least a brief battle.

As he calmed down, Wang Chong gradually began to notice a few suspicious points. Now that he thought about it, since these people had such a high vantage point, they had probably been observing his every movement.

In other words, they had had plenty of opportunities to stop him.

But for some reason, these people had completely given up. Even when he was pulling out the war banner and destroying the formation, they still had not appeared.

This was completely different from the way they had used the formation to kill all the people within it. It was far too abnormal.

After some thought, Wang Chong quickly understood. "It's not that they're unwilling, but that they can't! Since these people control the Origin Immortal Formation, they must have an extremely close connection to this place. If they won't even appear when the formation is in danger of being destroyed, the reason must exist with them. They probably have to take some sort of unbreakable oath before they are able to control the formation!"

It was obvious that these people had some deep connection with the Origin Immortal Formation.