The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1414

Chapter 1414: The Men In Black Take The Stage

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


As Wang Chong was thinking, thunderous roars exploded around him. Wang Chong turned his head and saw from his vantage point more than seventy meters in the air that the numerous martial artists within the tens of thousands of formation gates had begun to fight with each other.

Nearby, Wang Chong spotted the Black Yin Ancestor and Song Yuanyi fighting with each other. Elsewhere, Myriad Ghost Ancestor Pei Luanchang was battling with his master and the Formation Elder.

The formation had ceased operating, but the battle between martial artists had only just begun.

And countless people were heading in Wang Chong's direction.


As Wang Chong looked down on the formation, there was an earth-shaking rumble, and a golden light suddenly burst out above his head. Wang Chong looked up and saw a stunning sight.

A massive golden hand had reached into the Origin Immortal Formation, its massive golden fingers grasping the curved dome of the formation. And then another massive hand reached over and grabbed the formation from the other end.


The two gigantic hands began to pull upon the curved dome, and with a thunderous boom, tore a massive fissure in the sky, almost completely ripping apart the dome.

Air and light rushed in through the gap, illuminating the entire formation.

Not only that, as the formation was already teetering on the verge of collapse, this massive outside force instantly hastened the process.

The earth began to shake as cracks spread across the formation, dividing it into numerous pieces.

"Aaaah!" Many martial artists cried out in panic as they were jolted into the air.

As the martial artists in the formation panicked, a cold and dignified voice came from the fissure in the sky. "The formation is broken, so I'd like to see where you can run now! Hurry and hand over the treasure!"

Wang Chong stared in alarm at the center of the fissure. Between those two golden hands was a figure completely garbed in black robes who was currently heading in his direction.

It's them!

Wang Chong was stunned. He instantly recognized that figure as a member of that faction of men in black who had been constantly chasing him. He was exceptionally familiar with their energy.

In his bosom, the box given to him by the Sindhu High Priest was turning scalding hot, and this was while that black-robed figure was coming his way. There was no question that these men in black were coming for him.


One stream of spiritual energy after another converged around Wang Chong and rapidly strengthened him. Wang Chong's Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art was already in a dangerous state, and absorbing any type of energy could trigger his cultivation defect, but at this point, Wang Chong could not worry about it so much.

Wang Chong had seen with his own eyes the strength of the three bamboo hat men in the Righteous Alliance's temporary base, and the man in black before him could tear apart the Origin Immortal Formation using his own power, making him seem even more formidable than those three.

This was no time for Wang Chong to worry about anything else.


Halos erupted from beneath Wang Chong's feet. As he looked solemnly up to the sky, Stellar Energy seethed within his body.

He had used up the time of the Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor, and without the armor, Wang Chong had little confidence in dealing with these men in black. But at a time like this, Wang Chong had no other choice than to battle.


Wang Chong's entire body tensed as he took a step forward and prepared to fight. He would at least need to hold out until his master and the others arrived.

But a moment later, something completely unexpected took place.

As Wang Chong's right foot stomped down, the ground gave way and mechanisms began to rumble. Before Wang Chong could react, the Stellar Energy he had just gathered up flowed out once more into the ground.

If one looked down from the sky, one would see a miniature formation lighting up around Wang Chong, and Wang Chong was in the exact center.

Light shot up into the sky, and then Wang Chong's vision darkened and the world began to spin, Wang Chong spinning with it. The last thing Wang Chong saw was that man in black in the air trembling in shock and picking up the pace.

Wang Chong could clearly see that this man in black was wearing a golden mask depicting a three-eyed deer, giving him a truly bizarre appearance.


Others could only look on in consternation as the figure of Wang Chong atop the massive golden sphere blinked out of existence, leaving only the empty platform. A split-second after he was gone, golden Stellar Energy slammed into the position he had formerly occupied.

This Stellar Energy was powerful enough to obliterate a mountain, much less a few pieces of metal. Strangely, however, this immense energy striking the golden sphere only caused a slight deformation around the top platform.

The golden sphere was barely affected overall.

"Damn it!"

A vicious gale slammed into the top platform, and at the same moment, the man in black with the bizarre deer mask appeared where Wang Chong had been standing, his robes flying around him.

"I came too late!"

The man in black with the three-eyed deer mask gnashed his teeth.

"Milord, what do we do now?"

"We managed to break the formation with great difficulty, but it seems like they were ready and fled in advance!"

Behind him, two other men in black, their arms spread out like wings, dropped down from the sky. The two of them exuded vast auras, indicating that they clearly possessed great power.

The expression in the eyes of the golden-masked man in black was uncertain and shifting, and his entire body radiated a frightening energy that caused the space for a hundred feet around him to distort. From a distance, the region appeared blurry and unable to endure his power.

"The Origin Immortal Formation has been broken! They can't escape! No matter what, we must have that item!" the golden-masked man coldly said.


At this moment, a gust of air came from behind them, and a slender figure wearing a black robe and with a bone flute on their waist appeared in the distance. He was making his way toward the golden sphere on which the three men in black stood.

"Heh, brothers, this one is King Ashina Bagushidu. It is nice to meet you."

The voice of Ashina Bagushidu came from the distance.

The opening of the Origin Immortal Formation had caused countless martial artists to converge upon it. Only Ashina Bagushidu had remained spectating from a distance. But when the formation broke, this Eastern Turkic King came faster than anyone else.

The voice of Ashina Bagushidu caused the three men in black to turn their icy eyes on him.

"Milord, should we kill him?" one of the men in black said, his eyes cold and frightening.

"There's no need. He is not our target. Don't make unnecessary trouble!"

After taking a glance, the golden-masked man turned back around and ignored this Turkic King. It was as if Ashina Bagushidu was nothing more than an insignificant ant.


In a flash of light, the man disappeared from the golden sphere, and the two men in black behind him soon followed.

"Heh, interesting!"

Not long after they were gone, Ashina Bagushidu drifted onto the platform like a leaf. His eyes were bright as he gazed in the direction the three men in black had departed.

"I didn't think that the Central Plains had a faction like this. But it appears as if they're not associated with any faction!"

The mantis stalked the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind. Ashina Bagushidu had always taken himself to be the oriole, but when he finally acted, he realized that there wasn't only one.

Whoosh! Ashina Bagushidu did not pursue, instead descending into the depths of the golden sphere.

"The altar has collapsed! It seems that kid took the item within the core! I really didn't think that this number one formation of the Central Plains wasn't broken by Song Yuanyi or any of those other titans, but by the King of Foreign Lands, someone with no reputation at all in the martial arts world!" Ashina Bagushidu murmured to himself.

There was nothing before his eyes except for the collapsed altar. Even though Ashina Bagushidu had been outside the formation, its breaking and the projection of light had allowed Ashina Bagushidu to see that young figure.

It had to be said that the final result had even left a supreme King of the Eastern Turkic Khaganate like him flabbergasted in disbelief.

"The Origin Immortal Lord would never leave behind something without reason. The real key to opening the Origin Immortal Lord's treasury might be in that kid's hands!"

As Ashina Bagushidu pondered, he suddenly smiled and took his leave.


As Ashina Bagushidu disappeared, two more people landed on the top platform of the golden sphere, both of them radiating storms of energy.

"We came too late! They've all gone!"

"The last one seemed to be Eastern Turkic King Ashina Bagushidu? He must have an ulterior motive in appearing here at a time like this."

"This matter has nothing to do with us. Our first priority is to find the Demonic Emperor and his disciple. They can't have gone far!"

Song Yuanyi and Xie Guangting, the Lord and Vice Lord of the Righteous Alliance, stood side by side on the platform, their expressions cold and aloof.