The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1419

Chapter 1419: The Four Ends Martial Lord

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Have you found out where the information came from?"

On a high mountain, Song Yuanyi stood with his hands behind his back and gazed at the Wind Elder standing before him.

The Righteous Alliance was strictly organized and was a faction that was spread throughout the world. Each of its elders was responsible for a different region, and the Wind Elder was the person in the Righteous Alliance responsible for intelligence-gathering and spies.

The Wind Elder bowed and respectfully said, "Alliance Lord, our investigations found that this news has already spread throughout the entire northwest, and even the disciples of our alliance are discussing it. There's no smoke without fire. This news didn't come from our Righteous Alliance or the Five Ancestor Alliance, and none of the unaffiliated martial artists know what's going on. Based on the current situation, I suspect that it was the Demonic Emperor and his disciple who are intentionally spreading this news!"

If Wang Chong's group had been here, they would have definitely been stunned. The Wind Elder was incredibly terrifying, needing very little time to collect the clues and point the finger at them.

"Hmph, Zhang Wenfu seems to cherish this disciple he took from the Imperial Court very deeply. He's cultivated the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art to such a profound level that he's already suffering from cultivation defect. Based on how that kid performed last time, he's cultivated that evil art to a mature level, on par with Zhang Wenfu at his prime. The weakness of that evil art has probably already begun to manifest in him.

"For his disciple, even the Demonic Emperor will spare no effort!" Song Yuanyi lightly said, his expression extremely cold.

"Alliance Lord, the information leaked by the Demonic Emperor will probably have many people scrambling," the Wind Elder said.

"It's useless. With me here, they will never be able to obtain the world's number one art!" Song Yuanyi firmly said, cutting off the Wind Elder.


Seeing Song Yuanyi's expression, the Wind Elder instantly shut his mouth and did not dare say any more.

"Haha, interesting, truly interesting!

"There this fake Origin Immortal map, and there's a real one! This expedition to the northwest has truly been rather fun!"

Meanwhile, on another mountain, Black Yin Ancestor Luo Qiyin and Myriad Ghost Ancestor Pei Luanchang had gathered together with many other elders. Luo Qiyin had a sinister look in his eyes and an amused expression on his face.

"Old Five, you've got the most ideas. What do you plan to do?" the Myriad Ghost Ancestor asked.

"Heh, that kid broke the Origin Immortal Formation and took the key treasure. Everyone saw it. Our first priority is naturally to find him!"

Luo Qiyin evilly chuckled.

"And didn't he say that only if we have the six pieces of the map can we open the Origin Immortal Treasury? Since that's the case, we'll take both the treasure and map from them!"

The Black Yin Ancestor laughed again.

"Have all the routes out of the northwest been placed under guard?"

One of the Five Ancestor Alliance Elders bowed his head and said, "Ancestor, we've dispatched men onto every road. And in the skies, we have eagles watching night and day. As long as they appear within ten li of those major routes, we'll immediately find out."

The Imperial Court was not the only one that used eagles. The sects had their own secret arts for training birds, and they were even more formidable. And they were even more skilled when it came to chasing down one person or a small group.

"Within three days, I want every inch of this land scoured and that kid's trail found!" the Black Yin Ancestor harshly said.

"Yes, Ancestor!"

A few moments later, the several hundred Five Ancestor Alliance experts rushed out like bees leaving their hive.

The Righteous Alliance, Five Ancestor Alliance, and sects of various sizes were searching for Wang Chong and his master. And while these titans of the martial arts world were getting to work, the unaffiliated martial artists were not just sitting back either.

Even though they didn't have as much grandeur and force as the Righteous Alliance or Five Ancestor Alliance, countless martial artists were still converging on this place, drawn over by news of the Origin Immortal Art.

Although quite a few martial artists had lost their lives in the Origin Immortal Formation, it took only a few moments for more martial artists to take their place.

Even some martial artists from the nearby Western Regions were lured over. The number of martial artists in the northwest had failed to decrease, only increase.

If one stood atop a high mountain and looked down, they would see tents set up everywhere.

And there were still martial artists on the way.

The Origin Immortal Art had a thunderous reputation that everyone knew, but this was an ethereal and elusive existence. No one had obtained it for the last several hundred years, so why would things be different now?

But they were different. The presence of the Origin Immortal Formation and the deaths of so many people had, rather than wearing away at the enthusiasm of the crowd, only drawn to the northwest the attention of practically the entire martial arts world.

Nothing made the Origin Immortal Art seem more real than that vast Origin Immortal Formation and the countless corpses within.

And that last piece of news, 'Anyone who obtains the Origin Immortal Art will become the world's number one', was enough for countless martial artists to go insane!

At this moment, in the southeast corner of the region, twenty to thirty martial artists had gathered together and were silently waiting.

These unaffiliated martial artists were all imposing and powerful, their auras clearly that of the Imperial Martial realm. Only at this level of martial arts could be one considered a true expert. 'Imperial Martial' really just meant 'Martial Emperor'.

Anyone who could reach this level was a known figure in the martial arts world.

But all these Imperial Martial experts had gathered together into a neat formation, their heads lowered as they silently waited.

These people had waited for an hour now, but none of them seemed impatient. On the contrary, they lowered their heads even more, appearing even more respectful.

"You're sure? The Four Ends Martial Lord will really come?"

"That's right! The Four Ends Martial Lord has been in seclusion this entire time and rarely appears in the north. Will he really make an exception?"

"The matter is confirmed without a doubt. I received an order from the Martial Lord not too long ago."

Several of the martial artists whispered to each other, and the mention of the Martial Lord's order immediately made them fall silent in respect.

Everyone in the martial arts world knew that the Four Ends Martial Lord did not belong to any sect. He traveled alone and wandered here and there. Despite this, the Four Ends Martial Lord possessed immense prestige.

His influence was on par with sect titans like Song Yuanyi and Luo Qiyin.

In the eyes of the unaffiliated martial artists, the Four Ends Martial Lord was a paramount existence, a transcendent expert that stood alongside Song Yuanyi.

Moreover, the Four Ends Martial Lord had made his name in the martial arts world many years ago. He had twenty personal disciples, each with astonishing talent. He had essentially formed a lineage and possessed immense influence and many followers.


At his moment, the thundering of hooves came from the distance, the sound so heavy that even the earth beneath their feet seemed to be shaking.

Grains of dust were jumping and jolting into the air.

"The Martial Lord! The Martial Lord is coming!"

One of the Imperial Martial experts suddenly raised his head and looked forward with extreme excitement.

A figure wearing shining red armor appeared on the horizon, the cape on his back flapping in the wind as he rode in on a mighty Ferghanan steed taller than an adult man.

The hooves pounded against the earth to a thunderous cadence.

Although this man came alone, the momentum of his charge felt like it could topple mountains and reverse the seas.

As that man charged forward, the air around him seemed to blur.

Any martial artist who saw this would pale at the sight.

And as the warhorse got closer, a bold and upright energy like that of the blazing sun could be felt.

"It really is the Martial Lord!"

The waves of heat caused everyone to become excited. There was only one art from which one could feel emanations of scalding energy from tens of thousands of feet away: the Four Ends Martial Lord's 'Paramount Fierce Yang Divine Art'.


With a sharp neigh, a long shadow cast itself over the group. That mounted figure had arrived.

The mood was exceptionally somber and serene.

"Paying respects to Martial Lord!"

Everyone lowered their heads in respect.

All was silent as that storm of energy stood before them. But each of them could sense a sharp and majestic gaze, so powerful as to be tangible, slowly scanning them.

After a long while, a cold and aloof voice rang out.

"Rise! Tell me everything you know about the Origin Immortal Art!"

The mounted figure raised his head, his domineering eyes pulsing with vast waves of energy.

"Yes, Martial Lord!"

Without the slightest hesitation, they recounted all the events regarding the Origin Immortal Art that had happened over this period of time.

A long period of silence ensued.

"Within three days, I want to know the whereabouts of that Great Tang's King of Foreign Lands!" The dignified voice spoke once more, and then with a rumble, the horse rode past the Imperial Martial experts and into the distance.

A vast plume of dust was left in its wake, flooding across the land.

The northwest became more and more active. Countless experts continued to converge, all of them searching for Wang Chong.

At this moment, no one noticed someone standing on the outermost edge of the region, watching with hands held behind their back. As they observed the martial artists hustling and bustling about the northwest, they smirked.