The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 142

Chapter 142 Uninvited Guest

Chapter 142: Uninvited Guest!






In a brief moment, the price of the sword had already soared beyond a hundred thousand, taking even Li Lin was taken by surprise. At eighty thousand gold taels, this saber was already twofold the price of the sword sold previously. As such, Li Lin thought that most would be hesitant to bid.

However, from the look of it, a month of anticipation had fed the crowds desire. Furthermore, the idea of it being exclusive had stimulated their interest in the auction.




The bid was still increasing rapidly, and those spectators couldnt help but feel thrilled by the sight. It wasnt everyday that one got to see the sales of a valuable top-notch saber.

The sabers outside were only worth a maximum of six hundred gold taels. Only in the Imperial Army could one see weapons that were worth several ten thousand gold taels. Even though it was expensive, many interested people had started preparing for this auction since over half a month ago, some even diving straight into action after witnessing the battle between Commander Zhao and Commander Huang.

Its too thrilling! 120,000 gold taels, thats more than three times the price of the previous sword!

Cant you tell how valuable that saber is? Even the material used is two times that of the previous sword! Furthermore, this is the first saber master crafted. Even if one chooses not to wield it, its price will definitely rise with time, reaping one immense profit in the future!

Did you see that? Thats Commander Jing! Even Commander Jing is here! Hes from a true prestigious clan with great affluence and a long history. The Jing Clan has already been one of the top clans since the Sui Dynasty, it isnt something that other clans outside can match up to!

Indeed! Even though the Jing Clan has kept a low profile, causing it to be less known than the other clans out there, it is, in the truest term, a behemoth! 120,000 gold taels means nothing to a clan of that level.

Thats true! Theres the Bai Clan as well. If I recall correctly, this seems to be their sixth generation of Imperial Army commander? Theres no way they would allow this opportunity slip by them! To think that the demand for the Wootz steel sword would be so great!

At the back of the hall, the faces of the spectators were red in agitation, and they seemed even more excited that those involved in the auction. To spectate such bustle with just ten gold taels was indeed a worthy trade!

Who in the Imperial Army would care about ten mere gold taels?






There was a limit to the price of every single weapon. When the price reached 140,000 or so, the increment started to slow.

Clearly, in the crowd thought that the true value of this weapon was around 150,000 gold taels, or at the very least, not exceeding that amount.

Not bad!

Seated behind Li Lin, Zhao Fengchen nodded slightly. This price was already way beyond his expectations. It seemed like the popularity of the Wootz steel sword was truly immense in the Imperial Army.


Upon seeing this sight, Li Lin couldnt help but chuckle. This price may seem decent, but Wang Chong had explained to him about the uniqueness of this saber was. Infused within it was a whole new advanced technology, and it had gone through an additional refinement process as compared to the previous sword sold.

Back then, Li Lins sharp senses told him that this could serve as an impetus for further bring up the price.

Everyone, speaking of which, I have yet to show you all the weapon. Thus, allow me to present it to all of you!

Li Lin suddenly grabbed the handle of the saber and pulled on it lightly.


A crisp sound reminiscent of the call of a mighty dragon seeped into the hearts of the spectators. Then, a cold gleam similar to the dance of a wyrm flashed across the ceiling of the hall. In an instant, the light in the entire room dimmed, as though their radiance were stolen.

Everyones heart abruptly stopped at this instant. What Li Lin grasped in his hand was a uniquely-designed long saber. It was a seven chi long, and from the hilt to the very tip, it was precisely two fingers wide. The slight arc of the saber brought out an enchanting aesthetics to it.

What that took their breaths away was the bewitching flowing river and fleeting clouds pattern on the surface of its blade. No one would say a word if one claimed that it had reached the apex of beauty. Yet, at the same time, it exuded an aura of callousness, and it felt as though it would escape from Li Lins grasp at any moment to strike them down. A cold and savage aura struck the hearts of the crowd.

In an instant, the bustling hall fell absolutely silent.

Zhao Fengchen was in the midst of bringing a cup of tea to his lips when he saw the saber, and he froze. Due to the lack of time, he didnt get a chance to view the saber when Li Lin first brought it in.

He thought that since the two were both Wootz steel weapons, the only difference would be in their exteriors. However, at this moment, Zhao Fengchen realized that the saber in Li Lins hand was very much different from his sword.

And this wasnt just a matter of the design!


Upon seeing that he had succeeded in grasping the attention of the entire hall, Li Lin nodded in satisfaction. Shua! Grasping the blade with just his right hand, Li Lin did a light vertical cut.

His movement wasnt large, but the effects that this cut brought was astonishing.


The temperature in the hall abruptly lowered. Originating from where Li Lin stood, a huge wind suddenly blustered. The peaceful air current in the room turned chaotic with a slight jerk of Li Lins wrist.

The air seemed to have been cut into innumerable pieces, and even the wooden debris around the black metal table started flying in the air, turning in a circular motion as though it was swept by a vortex.

The two commanders by Zhao Fengchens side who had been watching the entire spectacle nonchalantly suddenly narrowed their eyes, and their faces suddenly changed.

Exceedingly sharp!

Li Lins cultivation was far superior to Wang Chongs, causing the stir caused by his vertical cut was much greater than that of Wang Chongs.

Everyone in the room was an expert, and with a glance, they could tell that the sword had been sharpened to the extremities. Even Zhao Fengchens sword couldnt start to compare with it!

Ah! My clothes!

One of the Imperial Army members attending the auction suddenly exclaimed. Lowering his head, he glanced at the undershirt, which was slightly exposed out of his armor, in shock.

Unknowingly, his undershirt had been torn apart by the wind Li Lins saber had generated!

Everyone immediately turned to look at the seven chi long saber once more, but with a vastly different expression this time.

This saber was way too sharp!

With this kind of saber, challenging a slightly stronger opponent wouldnt pose a problem at all. Before such a powerful weapon, the movements of ones opponent would be restricted, leaving him unable to exert his full strength.

150,000! Lord Li, Ill take that saber!

Someone suddenly raised his hand and shouted.

160,000! I want it!



Recovering from their shock, the crowd immediately flew into a frenzy. This saber had reached an inconceivable level of quality, becoming an ideal weapon of slaughter. Truly, it lived up to its name, Deaths Abyss.

More importantly, it was only available here!


Another voice shouted.


Li Lins face was flushed, and he clenched his fists tightly in agitation. The reason why he didnt draw the blade previously was to bring up the hype of the auction when things were starting to die down, and the effects didnt let him down.

Wait a moment!

Suddenly, a cold bellow sounded. This voice was extremely bright, and it carried immense might with it, causing even the roof of the palace to shake slightly.

The sudden bellow caused the hall to plunge into silence. Countless gazes shot toward the direction of the voice, and astonishment appeared on the faces of many.

Lord Huang!

Lord Huang!

General Huang!

Fear marked the faces of some of the Imperial Army members seated in front, and some of them even stood up and bowed respectfully.

Huang Xiaotian! What are you doing?

Zhao Fengchen had been sitting silently at the very front of the hall. However, upon seeing the intruder, his face immediately turned cold. He stood up, and a powerful aura gushed out as though a huge torrent.

The temperature in the hall dipped, and the atmosphere suddenly turned tense.

Amidst the group who had just entered, there was a brawny, full-bearded, tanned man. He was Zhao Fengchens archenemy, Huang Xiaotian!

The fight over the seat of a marshal had caused Zhao Fengchen and Huang Xiaotians relationship to turn hostile, and after the selection, their relationship worsened further. No one could have imagined that Huang Xiaotian would appear here.

In an instant, the entire hall fell silent. Everyone held their breath, not daring to speak a word. The heavy atmosphere crushed down on everyone in the hall.

Hmph! Why cant I come? Does this palace belong to you? Besides, arent you lot the ones who invited me here?

Huang Xiaotian possessed large menacing eyes, and his black full-beard on his face made him look boorish. On top of that, he spoke loudly. His characteristics gave others the impression that he was an unreasonable person.


As he spoke those words, he flicked his wrist and a metal token appeared between his fingers.

Seeing the metal token, Zhao Fengchens complexion immediately turned awful. He quickly glanced at Li Lin.

It isnt me, I dont know about it as well

The twist came too abruptly, and Li Lins complexion wasnt any better than Zhao Fengchens. The relationship between Zhao Fengchen and Huang Xiaotian was as though fire and water, and before Zhao Fengchen, Huang Xiaotian was a taboo topic.

The other party was clearly here to wreak havoc and embarrass him.

The metal token in Huang Xiaotians hand wasnt issued from Li Lin. He was already on the same boat as Zhao Fengchen, and on top of that, this auction was organized by him. How could he so be foolish as to wreck his own auction?


Seeing Li Lin shake his head, Zhao Fengchen took in a deep breath, and his complexion alleviated slightly. Thinking about it now, it wasnt difficult at all for Huang Xiaotian to procure the metal token. After all, the number of followers the other party had didnt pale to him in any way.

Huang Xiaotian, what do you intend to do? This isnt your campground!

General Huang, dont do anything rash!

Take a good look here! Even though this auction is organized by Lord Zhao and Li Lin, the buyers are our brothers. If you dare to wreak havoc here, it is equivalent to going against all of us!

The two commanders seated beside Zhao Fengchen stood up as well.

Even though Zhao Fengchen had won the marshal selection, Huang Xiaotians influence was still immense. Despite his failure, he still managed to land the seat of a vice marshal.

Thus, no one dared to go too far.

Hmph! It is exactly for the sake of our brothers that I am here today! I cant simply sit idly and watch as you scoundrels scam our brothers money!

With a icy-cold expression, Huang Xiaotian bellowed rudely. As he spoke, he walked straight toward the center of the hall.

Your name is Li Lin?

Walking up to Li Lin, Huang Xiaotian narrowed his eyes. Cold words left his disdainful lips, and he didnt even try to conceal the threat in his tone at all:

You sure have good eyes to follow Zhao Fengchen. I hope that you achieve great things in the Imperial Army!

Huang Xiaotian, how dare you!

Smacking the table, Zhao Fengchen flew into a rage.

On the other hand, threatened by Huang Xiaotian in his face, Li Lins complexion was also awful.

Even though his position in the Imperial Army rose greatly due to Wang Chongs Wootz steel sword, he still wasnt a match for figures of Huang Xiaotian and Zhao Fengchens level!

Regardless of whether it was Huang Xiaotian or Zhao Fengchen, they possessed vast connections and powerful backing. Li Lin had once secretly looked into it, and his investigations unintentionally brought him to the depths of the royal palace. Fear struck him, and he didnt dare to dig any further then.

A faction war of this scale wasnt a joking matter.

Between their fight, Li Lin knew that he was only a small shrimp. If not for the slight backing he possessed as a son-in-law of the Wang Clan, even though he had earned merit by presenting the Wootz steel sword to Zhao Fengchen previously, Huang Xiaotians fearsome influence would still be more than sufficient to reduce him to dust!