The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1420

Chapter 1420: Full Scale Manhunt

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Heh, this trip to the northwest Central Plains is getting more and more interesting."

Eastern Turkic King Ashina Bagushidu looked down the mountain with a pensive look, the winds causing his robe to dance around him.

"I believed that everything would end when the Origin Immortal Formation was broken, but it now seems like there's still quite a long way to go.

"Nalu, what useful information have you gathered from those Great Tang martial artists?" Bagushidu asked without turning his head.

"Milord, all the Central Plains martial artists, and also those tribal martial artists from the Western Regions, are searching for the Great Tang's King of Foreign Lands. However, they have still not found his location. Although it's a little strange, when you consider that they have a person skilled in formations with them and that the King of Foreign Lands was the one who broke the formation, they've probably used some sort of formation to hide themselves," that person called Nalu reported in a clear and crisp voice. Surprisingly, it was a young Turkic woman, her face concealed behind a black veil that hid her true looks.

"Heh, since this kind of news is going around, he won't be leaving so easily. Once the time is right, he will probably appear. Rather what of the information on the Origin Immortal Art that I had you spread several days ago?" Bagushidu asked.

"Your Highness, there is probably no one in the martial arts world that doesn't know of the matter. It's not just the Four Ends Martial Lord. Even that existence who stands on the same level as Song Yuanyi, the Lone Silence Ancestor, is coming to the northwest."

"Oh? That's even better."

Bagushidu couldn't help but chuckle.

"I heard that when the Lone Silence Ancestor was young, he got into a series of quarrels with Song Yuanyi, and the two now can't stand the sight of each other. Nothing could be better than drawing this person over."

An Eastern Turkic subordinate in the back bowed and said, "Absolutely! We might even be able to use the bait of the Origin Immortal Art to remove a major foe of our Eastern Turkic Khaganate while also weakening the strength of the martial arts world of the Central Plains."

Although Song Yuanyi was known as the leader of the righteous path, in reality, the martial arts world was also strictly divided into regions, with Song Yuanyi only being a leader of one of these. It was just that this was the largest of the regions.

The Lone Silence Ancestor governed another region, and this region was part of the Great Tang's northeast, adjacent to the Eastern Turkic Khaganate. From a certain perspective, he was a major enemy of the Eastern Turks.

Just the fact that they could get the martial artists of the Great Tang to fight among themselves had made the expedition worth it.

"Right, Milord, the Khagan has sent word that we've reached an accord with the Great Tang's Confucian Sect," one of the guards suddenly said. "There are basically no more obstacles left in the Great Tang's Imperial Court. Only the Great Tang's King of Foreign Lands is left. As long as he still remains, many variables will continue to exist.

"The Khagan knows that Your Highness is not willing to intervene in government affairs, but this matter is of utmost importance. He hopes that Your Highness will think about the good of the Khaganate and do everything in your power to eliminate that King of Foreign Lands."

"Heh, tell the Khagan that I already know."

Bagushidu smiled, utterly unmoved.

If he wanted to do something like this, it was only because he wanted to, not because of anyone else. Not even the Khagan could order him around.

The guard saw Bagushidu's expression, clenched his teeth, and added, "The Khagan has also said that if this task is done, Your Highness will be made State Teacher, and the status of the Everlasting Sect in the Eastern Turkic Khaganate will be restored."

The guard lowered his head.

Upon hearing this, Bagushidu's face shifted, no longer as composed as it was before.

"Did the Khagan say this himself?" Bagushidu grimly said.


The guard bowed.

The surroundings instantly became deathly still, the other subordinates falling silent.

After a long while, Bagushidu finally spoke. "Go back and tell the Khagan that I agree to his terms."

As time passed and the sun rose and fell, various factions heard the news and began to hunt down Wang Chong.

At this time, Wang Chong was gathered together with the Demonic Emperor Old Man, Formation Elder, and the Wushang Village Chief.

"What is going on here?"

"The first two pieces of news really were spread by us, but what's this about the third piece?"

The four in the stone formation glanced at each other.

Although Wang Chong's group had intentionally leaked the information on the Energy Condensation Pearl and the six pieces of the map, the message regarding becoming the number one person in the world had nothing to do with them. In truth, the first two pieces of news combined were not as shocking as the final one.

"When the sandpiper and clam fight, it's the fisherman who profits. It seems like we aren't the only ones fishing these waters. Someone else must have spread this information," the Wushang Village Chief said.

"No matter what, we have to obtain the Origin Immortal Art."

He shot a glance at Wang Chong as he spoke.

Wang Chong's Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art was a hidden bomb that could blow up at any moment.

There were no early warnings with this kind of thing. Wang Chong had reached such a level of profundity in the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art that not even the Demonic Emperor Old Man could determine whether he would survive.

"But we still have to be careful of these hidden factions, those people operating the Origin Immortal Formation and the men in black who appeared at the end. They are both hiding in the shadows, and if we're not careful, they might get the drop on us.

"Chong-er, do you still remember what that batch of men in black who appeared at the end looked like? You're sure that they're not with the group that was pursuing us?"

The Demonic Emperor Old Man turned to Wang Chong.

As the Origin Immortal Formation was crumbling, a group of men in black had forced open the formation and made a charge at the core. Wang Chong had been the only one to see their faces.

"Master, although I don't know what's going on, your disciple is sure that they are not together with that other group."

He gave a detailed recount of what had happened that day to his seniors.

"When I was on the platform, I thought that they were coming at me, but I quickly realized that something was wrong. Although they were dressed like our pursuers and had the same kind of aura, they didn't seem to recognize me. On the contrary, they mistook me for one of those people hiding in the core," Wang Chong sternly said.

"Now that your disciple has thought about it, it seems like there is a different group in the northwest region besides the one chasing us that seems to have come for the Origin Immortal Formation. These two groups are different in various ways and don't seem to interact with each other very much."

The Demonic Emperor Old Man said nothing, only slightly frowned as he began to think.

Wang Chong had actually already told them about these two groups. This was no laughing matter. If the men in black actually had two groups hiding in the northwest region, he would have to consider what sort of power might be influencing all this from the rear.

Moreover, if those two groups were constantly watching from the shadows while they tried to open up the treasury, they would never be able to rest easy.

"Zhang Wenfu, stop thinking about these things. We have to resolve the kid's ailment. As for those men in black, you're the Demonic Emperor! Are you actually afraid of them?"

The Formation Elder was more easy-going.

The Demonic Emperor Old Man lowered his head and said to himself, I can only hope that's the case.


At this moment, the sounds of fighting came from the distance, drawing their attention.

"Martial brothers, get out of here! You dregs, no matter what, I'll never give the treasure map to you!"

As a furious roar rang out, a group appeared on the horizon, staggering and lurching as they fled in the direction of Wang Chong's group.

The way they ran clearly indicated that they were injured.

"Treasure map?"

The short Formation Elder was the first to react, shooting up to his feet with a bright light in his eyes.

"Hahaha, Eight Heroes of the Northern Pass, you can't escape! Just obediently hand over the treasure map! The world's number one? Ha! I advise you to stop dreaming!"

"That's right! Hand over the treasure map and we can spare your lives! Otherwise, all of the Eight Heroes of the Northern Pass will be buried here today!"

Cold laughter could be heard as another group pursued with savage looks on their faces.


There was a scream as one of the fleeing martial artists was struck by a saber and brought to the ground.

"Huo Guo, you bastard! I won't forgive you for this! One day, I'll kill you all to make you pay for this!" the man at the very front said, his eyes crimson and bulging in anger.

The fleeing group was getting closer and closer to where Wang Chong's group was. A few moments later, they were only fifty to sixty meters away from the stone formation.

Thud! As they were fighting, one of the fleeing martial artists was sent flying and hit the ground. His hands loosened, causing a flashing golden object to fly out of his hands and land near the stone formation.

"Treasure map! It's really a treasure map!"

The sight of that treasure map flying out finally broke the Formation Elder's will, and he prepared to charge out and seize it.

"Hey! Zhang Wenfu, kid, what are you still waiting for? Don't you want to open up the Origin Immortal treasury and obtain the Origin Immortal Art? The opportunity has been dropped at our feet!"

The Formation Elder had always been an impatient one, and there was no way he could restrain himself.


Before the Formation Elder could rush out, a slender and forceful hand gripped his shoulder and brought him to a halt.