The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1422

Chapter 1422: Surrounded By Fierce Poisons

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


The crows moved with incredible speed, and even more unsettling was that flocks of crows had appeared from other directions and were also rapidly making their way toward Wang Chong's group.

They were quickly being surrounded by crows.

"Brother Wenfu, let's join together to deal with these crows. No matter what, we can't let them land!" the Wushang Village Chief said.

He had little understanding of the martial arts world, but he could tell that the current situation was extremely unfavorable to them. It would be fine if they could see the opponent they were fighting, but it was much harder to defend against this bizarre method of attack, and they also had to protect Wang Chong and the Formation Elder.


The Wushang Village Chief brought the index and middle fingers of his right hand together while Stellar Energy surged out of his dantian. The Demonic Emperor Old Man also stopped and looked at the sky, a vicious light in his eyes. Fierce pulses of Stellar Energy rose from his body as he prepared to attack.

Birds would be tireless in their pursuit. Simply running away was no solution.


The vast flock of crows blanketed the sky. Just as the group was about to attack, one of the crows suddenly opened its mouth and let a finger-sized black pill drop from its mouth, and then a second, a third Tens of thousands of crows began to let loose a rain of pills.

The group was left flabbergasted by this sight.


Cautiously, the Wushang Village Chief struck out.

"Five Dragons to the Heavens!"

Five beams of Stellar Energy erupted from his body, turned into dragons and soared into the sky.

A split-second later, the Demonic Emperor Old Man's eyes flashed with cold light as he attacked as well.

"Energy Swallows the World!"


Vast waves of Stellar Energy collided against the thousands of pills, causing them to explode into black clouds of poisonous gas. With tens of thousands of pills exploding, the entire area was soon covered by thick black mist.

Bangbangbang! Elsewhere, some of the black pills managed to hit the ground and also detonated into poisonous gas, and the group was soon surrounded.


The cawing of crows was incessant as one black pill after another dropped down from the sky and exploded near the group.


Wang Chong paled and immediately flicked three antidote pills into the hands of his master, the Wushang Village Chief and the Formation Elder.

Although someone of his master's cultivation level was essentially immune to ordinary poisons, it was best to guard against any mishaps. Moreover, it was clear from the words of the Formation Elder that the Five Poisons Elder and the Black Poison King were no ordinary individuals. The poisons they refined were bound to be unusual.


But at this moment, with a caw, one of the crows behind Wang Chong folded its wings and shot down from the sky like an arrow. Before it could land, Wang Chong had already flicked a bolt of Sword Qi through the air that shot through its open mouth and out its back.

The crow dropped from the sky before it could make it even halfway.

However, this was only the beginning. After dropping down the screen of poison gas, the tens of thousands of crows changed strategies and began to hurtle toward the four people on the ground from various directions.

"Chong-er, just sit back and rest! Don't recklessly use your energy! I'll deal with these crows!"

The Demonic Emperor Old Man's voice resounded in his ear.


A wave of Stellar Energy spread out from his body, creating a dome that covered the entire group. And with a casual flick of his finger, the Demonic Emperor Old Man created countless bolts of energy and fired them off at the crows in the sky.


But unlike the bees, these crows seemed to sense something and instantly scattered.

A sharp light gleamed in the Demonic Emperor Old Man's eyes. Just from how these crows acted, he could tell that there was someone controlling them, allowing them to be just as nimble and intelligent as any martial artist.


The Demonic Emperor Old Man coldly snorted. No matter what method his foe used to control these crows, dodging his attacks was not as easy as it seemed.

This thought had just passed through his mind when thumps began to resound from all around him as crows fell from the sky like rain drops.


But now, there was an extremely soft sound, almost inaudible at first, but it was soon so loud that it could not be ignored.

The Demonic Emperor Old Man suddenly waved a sleeve, sending a burst of Stellar Energy hurtling toward a gap in the poison mist. Through this gap, one could see countless wriggling black figures on the ground that caused even the Demonic Emperor Old Man to grimace.


After the bees and the crows, innumerable snakes were now making their way to the four.

There were even more snakes than there had been bees and crows, and a large variety of them at that. There were sand vipers, rock vipers, iron string pythons, golden ring snakes, silver ring snakes They were all gathered here in a dense and uncountable mass.

And things were not calm within the Stellar Energy barrier either.


Soft rustling noises could be heard from deep underground. While these could be ignored at any other time, at a time like this, any abnormality would draw Wang Chong's attention.

With a thought, Wang Chong sent a stream of Psychic Energy into the ground.

A moment later, Wang Chong saw that a vast sea of poisonous insects was digging through the earth toward Wang Chong's group.

"These bastards!"

Wang Chong's eyes narrowed and he scowled. After the bees and crows, they were now even being attacked from the ground. But if his adversaries thought that this was enough, they were gravely mistaken.


Wang Chong stomped down, sending Stellar Energy rumbling into the ground. A second later, he heard a chorus of chirping and shrieking as those bugs hidden underground were pulverized.

But before Wang Chong could even catch his breath, yellow-green poison gas began to waft out of the earth.

As this yellow-green gas encountered the Demonic Emperor Old Man's Stellar Energy, it actually began to penetrate through the barrier.

Although it was penetrating very slowly, the feat alone was shocking.

"These fiends!"

The Demonic Emperor Old Man immediately sensed that his Stellar Energy barrier was under attack. Boom! The Demonic Emperor Old Man sent out several pulses of energy until the poison gas was completely swept away.

Meanwhile, boundless energy pounded against the ground like a giant hand, compacting the loose earth until it was as tough as steel.

"Haha, it's pointless. Knowing that you've got a profound cultivation, I added a little extra something to this poison." A sinister and indescribably bizarre voice resounded in their ears. "Zhang Wenfu, your strength is incredible and ordinary poisons can't do anything to you. However, I'd like to see how long your Stellar Energy can last as I send wave after wave!"

"Hmph, is that so?"

The Demonic Emperor Old Man sneered, but no voice came in response. These people apparently had some secret art of long-distance voice transmission, but it was different from the more common types.

The Wushang Village Chief spoke up at this time. "Brother Wenfu, the situation is bad. The Five Poisons Elder and the Black Poison King are both in hiding, and they seem to be able to use the eyes and ears of their poisonous creatures. If we don't find their real bodies, it doesn't matter how many of these crows or insects we kill. Who knows how many we will have to kill until we kill them all?"

Although they had managed to kill swaths of poisonous creatures, the Wushang Village Chief's heart was heavy.

Poison mist hung so thickly around them that they couldn't see anything, but the buzzing and cawing was only getting louder, and a cacophony of strange cries could be heard around them.

Rather than decreasing, the number of poisonous creatures was climbing.

"The Five Poisons Elder, the Black Poison King, the Seven Fiends King, the Snake King just how many of these fierce characters have come to the northwest this time?! If this continues, we can kill for several days and nights and still not be done!" the Formation Elder suddenly blurted out, his face ghastly pale.

"Brother Zhou, what do you mean?" the Wushang Village Chief couldn't help but ask.

"Scorpions, poisonous insects, bees, snakes, crows the Five Poisons Elder and Black Poison King can't control so many kinds of creatures. And based on the sound, there are probably millions of insects, far surpassing the ability of those two old monsters. And the ones in the martial arts world best at controlling poisonous insects are the Snake King and Seven Fiends King.

"The allure of the Origin Immortal Art is simply too great. Right now, what I'm worried about is if even more of these old monsters are coming this way. This is very, very bad."

The Formation Elder's eyes were brimming with concern.

Earlier, when they had been hiding in the formation, they had been able to easily handle the situation, as could be seen by how so many factions of the martial arts world were searching for them but had turned up nothing.

But now, in the face of so many poisonous creatures, no matter where the Formation Elder hid or what sort of formation he set up, it would be instantly exposed.

These poisonous creatures were a perfect counter to the Formation Elder.