The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1424

Chapter 1424: Breaking Out Ii
Chapter 1424: Breaking Out! (II)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Let me go first!"

Wang Chong jumped out of the Stellar Energy barrier and vanished.

At a place several thousand feet away, Wang Chong reemerged.


A wave of Stellar Energy erupted forward. On the ground, a small mountain of writhing snakes was blasted apart by this attack.

Bits and pieces of poisonous snake splattered into the sky.

But with the small mountain of snakes gone, a person's body was revealed.

This person was lying straight against the ground and wearing clothes made of snakeskin, allowing him to merge perfectly with the snakes around him.

When Wang Chong appeared in the sky, this person's eyes were closed and he was devoid of aura, making him indistinguishable from a dead man. However, his elderly face and the snake scales on his wrist revealed who he was.

The Snake King!

When he saw that figure down below, Wang Chong smiled mockingly. If these people thought that they could hold them down using just some poisonous snakes, bees, and crows, they were far too simpleminded.

Boom! The images of the sun and moon appeared on Wang Chong's shoulders as he thrust a palm in the direction of the Snake King.

"No! Impossible!"

At almost the same moment, the supine Snake King's eyes flew open as he sensed danger, and he stared at the ghost-like figure of Wang Chong in the air in disbelief.

His Snake Ambush Art was a supreme art passed down from ancient times and had been refined by numerous generations of Snake Kings. Once it was used, one would not leak out even the smallest bit of aura. Even the best experts would find it hard to sense one.

And one's aura would become like a snake. Outsiders would only sense that a pile of snakes was there.

Relying on this bizarre concealment art, the Snake King had crisscrossed the land for decades without anyone ever discovering his true body.

And with his ability to control one million snakes, few in the martial arts world dared to offend him.

The Snake King would have never imagined that a youth of eighteen or nineteen would have been able to expose him.

The Snake King immediately got up and spat out black mist from his mouth. He wanted to escape, but it was already too late.

With a single explosion, the battle was over.

The Snake King had just risen to the air when he was immediately brought back down, blood gushing out of every orifice.

His meridians and organs had all been pulped.

Martial artists like this who primarily used poisonous creatures to attack were basically dead once discovered, particularly when fighting experts of Wang Chong's level.


Meanwhile, in a gust of wind, the Demonic Emperor Old Man shot up high into the air, appearing above the clouds.

"Not good!"

A sinister elder with a crooked nose paled in fright at the sight of the Demonic Emperor Old Man.

This elder with sinister eyes was riding on the back of an enormous crow with a wingspan of seven or eight meters and a length of four or five meters, its physique muscular and brimming with energy.

The sinister elder riding the crow was controlling these poisonous crows from nearly ten thousand meters in the air.


The Black Poison King had his giant crow turn around and flee. He had never imagined that the Demonic Emperor would appear at such a high altitude.

The dark clouds should have served as a perfect cover. Moreover, he flew at such high altitudes that not even supreme experts like Song Yuanyi could reach.

The Black Poison King had never imagined that a person would be able to rely on their own power to appear in front of him.

The Black Poison King's face paled as fear emerged in his eyes.

"You think you can run away from this old man?" the Demonic Emperor Old Man coldly said as he stared at the Black Poison King's fleeing back.

Perhaps if he had done so before he had been discovered, there would have been a chance, but now only death awaited him.


The crow flew into the distance like a bolt of lightning.

But it only made it a few thousand feet before a sharp bolt of energy caught up, coming in at an angle to pierce through the crow and the Black Poison King on its back, whereupon it exploded.

"Damn it! Watch out!"

"Zhang Wenfu, you dare!"


"Kill them!"

The deaths of the Snake King and the Black Poison King, two of the five old poison masters, were something that none of them had expected.

The swiftness of Wang Chong's and the Demonic Emperor Old Man's assaults had caught them completely off guard.

Hissss! With the deaths of the Snake King and the Black Poison King, the world fell into disarray. The writhing army of snakes surrounding the group suddenly became confused and leaderless. Gradually, they began to scatter.

Some of the snakes even opened their mouths and began to bite at the Snake King's body, fighting with each other for the right to feed on his corpse.

And some poisonous snakes that were natural enemies began to fight with each other, throwing the snakes into even greater disarray.


Meanwhile, the crows that had blotted out the sky seemed to awaken and scattered in various directions.

Without the Snake King and Black Poison King, these snakes and crows were no longer under control and began to flee.

But although the snakes and crows were gone, the scorpions and poisonous insects intensified their assault. With a rustling sound, countless insects of various sizes emerged from the earth to attack Wang Chong's group.

The purple-black scorpions stood out the most amongst these insects.

Meanwhile, a vast, buzzing cloud of bees began to attack.

"Brother Zhou, are you ready?" the Wushang Village Chief suddenly asked.

When the Demonic Emperor Old Man moved out, he had taken on the mission of looking after the Formation Elder.

"Relax! It can last for a little while without a problem!"

The Formation Elder smiled. In this brief time, he had laid down a formation. Though it wasn't that strong, it was more than enough to stave off these attacks.

The Wushang Village Chief smiled and nodded, and a moment later, boom! He shot forward like a cannonball, emanating powerful waves of Stellar Energy from his body.

Papapa! Countless bees dropped to the ground before they could even get close, all of them jolted to death by the Wushang Village Chief's Stellar Energy.

"You think that no one can find you if you hide underground?"

As the Wushang Village Chief floated in the air, he spoke in a voice that was neither loud nor soft. He lacked the domineering air of the Demonic Emperor Old Man and appeared mellow and calm. However, the Wushang Village Chief's attitude was completely different from the genial atmosphere he exuded.


A moment later, the sound seemed to drain out of the world, and then a massive bolt of energy shot down from the heavens and sharply stabbed into the earth.

"Not good!"

Four to five hundred meters below the surface, a figure wearing a gray and black robe trembled in shock and opened his eyes.

Upon close examination, one would realize that this person was lying in the mouth of some sort of centipede monster.

The underground was a forbidden place for martial artists. Not even the best of them could travel through the ground like it was air.

This black-robed man, held in the mouth of this centipede monster that traveled four or five hundred meters below the surface, would normally be impossible to discover.

Alas, despite his best efforts, he had still been discovered by Wang Chong's group.

"How could it be like this?"

A hint of panic appeared in the eyes of the Seven Fiends King. He subconsciously pressed his right hand on the ground to get up, momentarily forgetting that he was deep underground, where escaping was not so easy.


At this moment, the vast white bolt of Stellar Energy stabbed down like a sword, slicing through the Seven Fiends King and his centipede monster.

"Aaaaah!" With a wretched scream, this infamous controller of poisonous insects bled out of every orifice and died.

The dense collection of poisonous insects that had only been ten-some meters from the Formation Elder suddenly stopped and began to fight each other.

With the deaths of three of the five poison masters, the chaos on the battlefield only increased.

"Damn it! How could this be?! Just how did they find us?"

At the same time, far in the distance, behind a group of mountains, a figure tossed aside the stone slab concealing him and began to flee. As he flew, countless golden bees buzzed alongside him. This was naturally the Five Poisons Elder.

His face was panicked and ashen, and his only thought was to get as far away as possible.

Their encirclement of Wang Chong's group had practically been a sure thing. No matter how strong that group was, they should have never been able to deal with an endless tide of snakes, bees, crows, and insects.

But now, three of them were dead. Although the Five Poisons Elder had not been discovered yet, he had seen enough of their ability to not dare take the risk.

After all, his deceased comrades had possessed far greater concealment abilities.

In the world of martial arts, hiding far away was nothing exceptional at all!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

With several blinks, the Five Poisons Elder soon vanished into the distance.

A swarm of bees was not enough to deal with Wang Chong's group. He did not dare to remain in the northwest for even half a moment more.

"Zhang Wenfu, you and your disciple are far too arrogant! Do you really think that even like this, I can't deal with you?"

Moments after Wang Chong, the Demonic Emperor Old Man, and the Wushang Village Chief had dispatched their opponents, a cold and furious voice resounded, seemingly circling around in the air as it spoke.