The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1425

Chapter 1425: The Power Of Purging

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"It's the Gu Poison King!"

Within his stone formation, the Formation Elder was just beginning to rejoice once he saw the bees beginning to scatter, believing that they had gotten through this trial. But upon hearing the voice, he shivered all over and knew that the Gu Poison King, the most dangerous of them all, had still not been removed.


At the same time, Wang Chong, the Demonic Emperor Old Man, and the Wushang Village Chief all turned solemn and began to warily observe their surroundings.

"Seal off your pores and watch your surroundings!"

The Demonic Emperor Old Man's voice resounded in the ears of Wang Chong and the Wushang Village Chief. His eyes moved as swiftly as lightning bolts as they observed the area.

Although they had killed three of the old poison masters, the Demonic Emperor Old Man was not one bit relaxed. On the contrary, he had become even more serious. The Wushang Village Chief and Wang Chong did not belong to the martial arts world and had little awareness of what went on within it, but the Demonic Emperor Old Man and Formation Elder knew.

Their sudden and fierce attack had killed three of the five while another one had fled, but the survivor was more frightening than the other four added together.

Strictly speaking, the Gu Poison King was not considered a martial artist.

This was because to martial artists, anyone who primarily attacked with other methods besides Stellar Energy were not martial artists. This category of people was known as 'unorthodox warriors', and the Gu Poison King from the Miao territory fell under this category.

His attacks were far too bizarre and apparently invisible. It was said that he used flying Gu that were difficult to detect with the naked eye.

It was rumored that they could slowly infiltrate the Stellar Energy of a martial artist until they bored into the body.

As this sort of attacking style was too bizarre, frightening, and unpredictable, even when the Demonic Emperor dominated the evil path, he rarely entered the Miao territory.

Naturally, he had little conflict with this Gu Poison King.

Moreover, the Gu Poison King had never appeared in places outside the Miao territory, remaining an unfathomable existence, so the two had never really fought before.

But the appearance of the Origin Immortal Art and the temptation of being the world's number one had broken this calm. For the first time, these two titans would battle.

"Zhang Wenfu, I gave you five minutes to think and hand over the treasure left by the Origin Immortal Lord, but you used this chance to kill the Seven Fiends King and the others! As they say, if this can be tolerated, what cannot be tolerated? You've gone on long enough with your bullying ways! Don't blame me for using my Gu!"

The cold and furious voice continued to resound in their ears, tinged with an extreme danger.

"Brother Wenfu, Brother Fang, get in! Watch out for the Gu Poison King's flying Gu!" the Formation Elder anxiously called out from the ground.

The Gu Poison King was a character that not even he dared to provoke.

Those invisible attacks of his were far too terrifying. Formations could only be used for defense, not offense, and each attack method was different and needed a plan to deal with. Brute force alone would not do.

"Brother Fang, Chong-er, hurry and go back!"

The Demonic Emperor Old Man slowly landed, his sleeves drifting in the air. His eyes continued to warily scan his surroundings. Wang Chong and the Wushang Village Chief had no experience in dealing with such attacks. If he was by himself, he was at least confident enough to protect himself.

"Master, be careful!"

Wang Chong had never seen his master so serious before, and from this, he understood just how formidable this Gu Poison King was. Wang Chong did not dare to be careless, and immediately rushed toward the Formation Elder along with the Wushang Village Chief.


As the two retreated, a gust suddenly blew out from the southeast.

The wind blew past the Demonic Emperor Old Man, Wang Chong, the Wushang Village Chief, and the stone formation set up by the Formation Elder. Thump! With a groan, the Formation Elder suddenly clenched his teeth and fell over like a wooden beam.

"Not good!"

A split-second later, the Wushang Village Chief grimaced as he dropped down from the sky and staggered on the ground.

"Wang Chong, watch out!"

By the time his feet hit the ground, his face had already started to turn purple. The Wushang Village Chief immediately sat down and began to circulate Stellar Energy. It seemed like countless insects were crawling under his skin, causing it to bulge and writhe.

"Gu poison!"

Wang Chong realized in alarm what that evil wind had been.

There was no question that the Gu Poison King had mixed his Gu poison into that evil wind.

He knew of the Wushang Village Chief's strength. This person was only second in strength to his master, yet he had so quickly fallen victim to this attack.

But as these thoughts ran through his mind, Wang Chong suddenly staggered, his vision turning dark as his Stellar Energy stopped circulating, causing him to drop from the sky.

Not only that, even though Wang Chong had clearly sealed off all his pores, once he scanned his body with Psychic Energy, he could see numerous unimaginably small creatures infiltrating his body through his pores.

These tiny things were truly as small and slender as hairs, but they were constantly moving, burrowing deeper into his body. These were clearly living creatures.

And some of the extremely fast ones had only needed a few seconds to reach Wang Chong's meridians.

Just what are these things!?

In shock, Wang Chong hurriedly imitated the Wushang Village Chief, seating himself on the ground and using Stellar Energy to suppress them.

But Stellar Energy seemed to have little effect on these hair-sized beings. It only managed to slow them down, not actually stop them.

Wang Chong immediately broke out in a cold sweat.

He had never encountered such a bizarre method of attack. The attacks of martial artists seemed to be of little use against these beings.

At this moment, only the Demonic Emperor Old Man was in relatively decent condition. His face was pale and there were tiny beads of sweat on his forehead, but he still remained floating in the air.

"Zhang Wenfu, this is what happens when you oppose me! These Hair Gu of mine were made by having the forty-nine most vicious Gu of the Miao territory devour each other! They're the strongest Gu in the entire Miao territory!"

The Gu Poison King's voice rang out, gloating over their struggles.

"I know of the special attributes of you martial artists, so when raising them, I took them into my own body and fed them my own Stellar Energy. Your stubborn resistance will only put off your time of death. No matter what you do, you're doomed!

"If you had just handed over the Origin Immortal Lord's treasure, you could have avoided this fate, but now that you dared to oppose me, you brought this on yourself. Once I kill you, those treasures will be mine all the same."

No one said anything. Wang Chong, the Demonic Emperor Old Man, and the Wushang Village Chief all clenched their teeth as they focused, while the Formation Elder had already fallen unconscious.

Invisibly killing people was the most terrifying trait of the Gu Poison King.

The Formation Elder was one thing, but Wang Chong and the Wushang Village Chief were both top-class experts, yet it had taken only seconds for the Gu Poison King's attack to work on them.

This was the power of the Gu Poison King's Hair Gu!

Just what are these things?

Cold sweat seeped out of Wang Chong's forehead. He had never imagined that he would encounter an attack so terrifying and bizarre that even all the energy of his body was powerless against it.

Senior Zhou has already fallen unconscious from the poison, and Master and the Wushang Village Chief are also suffering from the poison. If this continues, we might all die here!

Wang Chong's mind rapidly spun.

But the Gu Poison King had dominated the Miao territory for many years, and not even the Demonic Emperor had been able to do anything to him. How could someone of such power be dealt with so easily?

But as Wang Chong was panicking, the unexpected occurred.

"Warning! Small unknown organisms are attempting to invade the Stone of Destiny. It has been determined that the conditions are appropriate to activate the Stone of Destiny's Purge ability. Does user allow the activation of this ability?"

The Stone of Destiny's emotionless voice resounded in his mind, catching Wang Chong by surprise.

What's going on here?

This was definitely unexpected. Wang Chong had been with the Stone of Destiny for so long, but he had never heard of it having some 'Purge' ability. But although he was surprised, Wang Chong quickly understood what was going on.

Those Hair Gu must have entered my brain through the meridians and entered the Stone of Destiny's area of influence. They were regarded as invaders, triggering the Stone of Destiny's counterattack.

Activate the Purge ability!

Wang Chong activated the Stone of Destiny without hesitation.

The Stone of Destiny's voice spoke once more. "Purge ability activated! For the span of one hour, user can exterminate all unknown organisms of this type. The countdown begins now!"

One hour!

Wang Chong was shocked by this voice.

He had taken this ability to be targeted on himself and to be passive, but it was now apparent that the Purge ability could also be used on others and was an extremely active ability.

I get it! The Hair Gu are constantly invading, so just clearing out the Hair Gu currently in my body is far from enough. This is why the Stone of Destiny has given me the ability to actively purge.

Wang Chong quickly understood the reason, and his confidence in its power swelled.

Activate, Purge!

Wang Chong immediately activated the Stone of Destiny's ability, and a moment later, an invisible pulse of energy erupted from his body.

Unlike other energies, this pulse of energy originated from the Stone of Destiny in his brain.

Once this pulse of energy had swept through his body, Wang Chong reached out with his Psychic Energy. He discovered that all those Hair Gu that had been crawling throughout his body had been instantly obliterated.