The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1426

Chapter 1426: The Origin Soul Blood Cicada

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

After purging the small Hair Gu in his body, Wang Chong felt as if his entire body had been refreshed, and the Stellar Energy circulated through his body much faster than before.


Wang Chong pressed against the ground and shot into the air, instantly appearing at his master's side and placing a palm on his shoulder.

"Master, I've come to help you!"

Without the slightest hesitation, Wang Chong activated the Stone of Destiny's Purge ability, sending that invisible energy into his master's body. Bang! Less than a second later, the Hair Gu in the Demonic Emperor Old Man's body melted away like snow.

In flashes of light, Wang Chong shot over to the Wushang Village Chief and the Formation Elder, quickly purging their bodies of the Hair Gu as well.

"All that's left is the Gu in the air!"

Wang Chong slowly descended to the ground, his bright eyes searching the skies.

The Gu Poison King's Hair Gu could mix into the wind and become invisible. Only exterminating the Hair Gu in the body was treating the symptoms and not the disease. If he wanted to end the Gu Poison King's attack, he needed to purge all the Gu in the area.


Wang Chong slowly extended a palm into the air and activated the Stone of Destiny.

Comprehensive Purge!

An invisible pulse of energy radiated from Wang Chong's right palm.

Hwoooo! While nothing could be seen in the physical world, in the world of Psychic Energy, tens of thousands of Hair Gu were being exterminated, layer by layer.

This invisible pulse of energy obliterated every Hair Gu it encountered.

Once the Stone of Destiny had finished unleashing its Purge power, the area for dozens of li around Wang Chong had been cleared of Gu.

Even the black poison mist that was still hanging in the air had been cleared away.

"No, impossible! Impossible!" A shocked voice resounded through the air. Wang Chong's attack had been just as invisible as the Gu, but while others could not sense its power, how could the Gu Poison King not know what was going on?

He had never expected that these Gu he had raised using his own body and that had made him famous for several decades would be destroyed by a single youth.

"There's one last thing left."

Wang Chong ignored that shocked voice as he closed his eyes.

After the previous battle, Wang Chong was now well aware that none of these five poison masters were as mystical as the legends made them out to be. They, too, were just ordinary people.

The Snake King had hidden his body amongst his snakes, cultivating a secret that allowed him to merge his aura with them to make him difficult to discover. The Black Poison King simply hid himself by flying high in the sky on a giant crow. As for the Seven Fiends King, he had hidden himself four to five hundred meters underground.

None of these people were at a level where they could control their creatures from several thousand li away. Their bodies needed to be near their poisonous pets, but because of their superb concealment techniques, they had managed to avoid detection.

No matter how mysterious and frightening the Gu Poison King was, he definitely shared the same flaw.

Wang Chong's boundless Psychic Energy spread outward, sweeping through every nook and cranny.

A moment later, Wang Chong opened his eyes with a smile on his lips.

"Found it!

"Gu Poison King, it's impolite to not reciprocate, so let me send you a gift!"

Wang Chong's eyes locked onto a withered tree several thousand feet away.

There was nothing too remarkable about this tree, even within the world of energy, but Wang Chong knew that this was where the Gu Poison King's weakness resided.

Swish! Wang Chong shot forward, leaving afterimages behind him, and he was soon in front of this withered tree.

"The danger is over. It's our turn to attack now."

Smiling, Wang Chong grabbed a piece of bark and tore it off with a crack, revealing a massive blood cicada.

This cicada was about the size of a palm and its body was like a translucent jewel, its wings seeming to be made of gleaming crystal.

In every aspect, this did not seem like a product of the natural world.

This blood cicada had been hiding in this tree for some time, and now that it was exposed, it clearly began to panic. Yes, panic! If one didn't see it for themselves, it was difficult to believe that an insect could show emotions similar to a human.

Wang Chong's attack had clearly disrupted its plan. Its wings began to move and it soared into the air, but this was a futile gesture.


The blood cicada had only flown a few feet before Wang Chong seized it.

"Gu Poison King, this is your Origin Soul Gu, right? Everything has its price, or did you really think you could get away without consequence?"

Wang Chong looked at the blood cicada in his hand and sneered.

"Brat, you dare!" A furious voice resounded, but it was one tinged with panic and consternation.

Wang Chong ignored this voice as his fingers came together, crushing the cicada in an explosion of blood.


Almost the moment the blood cicada was crushed to death, a wretched scream came from several dozen li away. Amidst endless yellow sand, a figure shot into the air, vomiting blood. This figure began to flee to the south, shouting all the while.

"Impossiblethis is impossible! No one can destroy my Gu! This can't be"

Unlike the Five Poisons Elder and the others, the Gu Poison King had been hiding in the Moheyan Desert, his aura restrained and his body immersed in the yellow sands.

This was such a long distance that even Wang Chong's Psychic Energy would find it very hard to reach him. Meanwhile, the Gu Poison King was using his Origin Soul Gu to control his Gu from a distance. All those Hair Gu in the air had been released by that blood cicada.

One might hear the term 'Gu Mother' in the Miao territory, and the blood cicada was one of these 'Gu Mothers'.

The Gu Poison King was not much affected no matter how many Hair Gu Wang Chong killed. As long as he had the blood cicada, he could go back and raise some more. This was one of the terrifying traits of the Gu Poison King.

But the Gu Poison King had never imagined that Wang Chong would not only destroy his Hair Gu, but also find the blood cicada.

The Gu Poison King had reached a level where the stronger the Gu Mother became, the more synchronized it became with his soul.

By destroying the blood cicada, Wang Chong had dealt him a lethal strike. According to the traditional stories from the Miao territory, the Gu Poison King had lost more than half of his life with this strike. Even if he returned to the Miao territory, he would only be able to live for another two to three years.

"Demonic Emperor, I'll never forgive you and your disciple!"

The Gu Poison King's hate-filled voice resounded through the air as he vanished.

The snakes, scorpions, mist, and insects had all scattered. Everything had calmed back down, and this unprecedented danger had finally come to an end.

On the ground, the Formation Elder finally came back to his senses, and the Demonic Emperor Old Man and Wushang Village Chief had also returned to normal.

Blood cicada!

"This is the Gu Poison King's Origin Soul Gu. This old man has lived for so many years, but this is the first time I've seen what his Origin Soul Gu looks like."

Everyone gathered at Wang Chong's side and gazed at the insect he had crushed to death. The Formation Elder clicked his tongue in wonder. However, he still felt some lingering fear over what had just happened.

"Wang Chong, you played a big part. Without you, we might have all been wiped out. Right, just how did you get rid of those Gu?"

These words immediately caught the attention of the Demonic Emperor Old Man and the Wushang Village Chief. Even now, the Gu Poison King's attack style seemed impregnable. If not Wang Chong, they did not dare to imagine what would have happened to them.

"It's a long explanation"

Wang Chong thought for a few moments before finding an excuse that could get him through this, placing everything on an accidental miracle. Fortunately, the Demonic Emperor Old Man and Wushang Village Chief were only curious and did not question him further.

Wang Chong had spent most of his time outside honing himself rather than spending time with his master, and his master also rarely questioned him on what he was doing. Thus, neither he nor the Wushang Village Chief found anything strange about this one-time 'miracle'.

The Wushang Village Chief looked up at the sky and said, "Brother Wenfu, Brother Zhu, this attack from the Gu Poison King's group created a great stir that has probably attracted the attention of many people. Our first priority is to get out of here as quickly as possible!"

Now that all the poisonous creatures were gone, they had resolved one crisis, but without this impediment, a new crisis would soon arrive.


Everyone nodded and began to flee toward the southwest.

The northwest was already a place of great danger for the group, so they needed to get out of this 'center of attention' area as quickly as possible.

Alas, the plans of men were no match for the plans of the heavens. Before they could get very far, strange laughter rang out.

"Hahaha, Demonic Emperor, I finally found you!"

The air began to rumble with thunder, and Wang Chong raised his head and saw dark clouds up ahead. Amidst these dark clouds was a massive black dragon that was heading in their direction.

The sight of that mountainous body, even at this distance, placed an immense pressure on them.

"The Black Yin Ancestor!"

Wang Chong's eyes widened and his heart instantly sank.