The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1427

Chapter 1427: Bone Devil Ancestor Wei Wuxie

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Though Wang Chong's group had moved very quickly, they had underestimated the desire of the members of the martial arts world for the Origin Immortal Art.

Now that they had been found by the martial arts world titan that was the Black Yin Ancestor, it would be basically impossible to hide. They would have to handle him before they could leave.

"Seniors, be careful! If the Black Yin Ancestor is here, the rest of the Five Ancestor Alliance won't be far off."

Wang Chong looked at the Black Yin Ancestor in the sky, alarm bells going off in his head.

One Black Yin Ancestor posed little threat to the group. Either his master or the Wushang Village Chief was enough to deal with him. But if the Black Yin Ancestor was here, it meant the Myriad Ghost Ancestor and the other Five Ancestor Alliance experts were close by, and it would be much more difficult to deal with them.

The Demonic Emperor Old Man looked up at the sky and calmly said, "Luo Qiyin, a person has to know their own limits. In front of this old man, you would also show your desire for the treasury of the Origin Immortal Lord?"

Although the Black Yin Ancestor was a titan of the martial arts world, there was still a big gap between the two.

"Hahaha, don't misunderstand!" The Black Yin Ancestor's booming voice came down from the sky.

As the dark clouds seethed, the Black Yin Ancestor's dragon form streaked down like a comet. Boom! Dust plumed into the sky.

"Heheh, Demonic Emperor, I just want to make a deal. Zhang Wenfu, you are also a venerable elder of the martial arts world and should understand its current state. Right now, almost every faction in the martial arts world is looking for you. In this situation, you don't actually think that you could easily escape and dig out that treasury, do you?

"Why not hand over that treasure from the Origin Immortal Formation and the Origin Immortal Art treasure map to me? In exchange, I can give you some top-class arts and treasures of the martial arts world. Of course, if you feel like you're still taking a loss, I can also give you thirty percent of the treasures in the Origin Immortal Lord's treasury, excluding the Origin Immortal Art. What do you think?"

The Black Yin Ancestor maintained his black dragon form, his dragon whiskers floating in the wind as he radiated a mighty aura.

The Black Dragon Divine Art!

This was the Black Yin Ancestor's strongest fighting form. In the face of this leader of the evil path who had slaughtered his way through the martial arts world, not even the Black Yin Ancestor dared to be careless.

Although he was calm on the surface, he was tense within, prepared to engage in a fierce battle with the Demonic Emperor.

"Hmph, you alone don't have the right!"

The Demonic Emperor Old Man coldly examined the nearby black dragon, his every move exuding dominance and tyranny.

Although the size difference between the Demonic Emperor and the black dragon was huge, the power difference was the reverse. The weaker party was actually the massive black dragon.

Upon hearing the Demonic Emperor Old Man's answer, the Black Yin Ancestor flicked the tail of his dragon form, a hint of rage appearing in its eyes. But before the Black Yin Ancestor could speak, a cold and emotionless voice rang out.

"Since that is the case, it seems we will have to use force! Leave the Origin Immortal Lord's treasure here, by your own will or by force!"


The winds howled, and a moment later, dark smoke began to seethe out of the ground, blanketing the world with turbid energy. Wang Chong clearly felt the Stellar Energy in his body being disrupted, its flow being hindered.

Myriad Ghost Ancestor!

As this name flitted through Wang Chong's mind, he began to scan the area with his eyes. The only person able to control turbid energy over such a large area and affect the internal flow of Stellar Energy was the Myriad Ghost Ancestor, Pei Luanchang.

Although the Black Yin Ancestor would often outshine Pei Luanchang, Wang Chong had never dared to underestimate him.

Anyone who could become an elite expert of the evil path and become one of the leaders of the Five Ancestor Alliance could not be a simple character, nor could a simple character have ever attained such status. Moreover, Pei Luanchang cultivated one of the ten great arts, the Myriad Ghosts Pilgrimage Great Yin Art.

A dog that bit would not bark. Despite possessing such a supreme art, he rarely flaunted it, causing some people to inadvertently forget about him.

For Wang Chong, it was this kind of person that was the most terrifying.

He had always ranked the Myriad Ghost Ancestor above the Black Yin Ancestor when it came to threat level.


A figure appeared several thousand feet behind the Black Yin Ancestor and began to move with deceptive speed along a winding track toward the group. His face was as hard and inflexible as a wooden statue. Wang Chong was also able to note the unique route the Myriad Ghost Ancestor was taking.

Every time he advanced, he seemed to be one with the surrounding rocks, trees, and shadows, causing others to be unaware of his presence.

Space Contraction!

Wang Chong immediately recognized this powerful technique.

Space Contraction was not some legendary spell, but an incredibly formidable technique from an ancient era, one of the most difficult movement techniques to cultivate. In his studies, Wang Chong had once found records on this ancient art.

But back then, it had been widely acknowledged that 'Space Contraction' was a lost technique.

Wang Chong hadn't expected to see it here.

But before he had any more time to think, a storm of energy entered Wang Chong's perception. On the distant horizon, evil energy churned as the Elders, Protectors, and various experts of the Five Ancestor Alliance, several hundred in all, quickly moved toward Wang Chong's group to surround them.

It was clear that the Black Yin Ancestor and the Five Ancestor Alliance had come prepared.

"Luo Qiyin, it seems like you're seeking death!"

The Demonic Emperor Old Man stood tall, his figure like a vast and imposing mountain. Whether it was the Black Yin Ancestor or the Myriad Ghost Ancestor, during his reign, none of them had dared to even breathe loudly, let alone go against his orders.

Even though the era had changed and he had retired for two years, if the Black Yin Ancestor thought he could get the Origin Immortal Lord's treasure from him, he was simply delusional.

Suddenly, a different booming voice rang out. "Hahaha, as expected, Brother Zhang is a hero to the bone. You haven't lost any of your spirit. I heard that that treasonous disciple destroyed your dantian, and everyone was saying that you had already retired to live the life of a cripple. Only I did not believe. How could the mighty Demonic Emperor be someone like that? And as expected, after only two years, you've regained your past cultivation. Truly deserving the title of Demonic Emperor!

"I just knew that one Luo Qiyin wouldnt be enough for you, and adding Pei Luanchang wouldn't do. But I wonder if the addition of this Wei Wuxie will change anything?"

Rumble! That voice seemed to come from very far away, but in the blink of an eye, another figure appeared on the horizon, and in just a few seconds, that figure seemed to have halved the distance and was gracefully descending to the ground in a beautiful arc.

It stood together with Pei Luanchang and Luo Qiyin.

"Brother Zhang, long time no see!"

As this voice spoke, the air seemed to freeze with tension.

Even Wang Chong slightly grimaced.

Wang Chong was not familiar with the individuals of the martial arts world, but he could tell that this newcomer, this old man who called himself Wei Wuxie, was a top-class expert on the same level as the Black Yin Ancestor and Myriad Ghost Ancestor.

One Black Yin Ancestor was easy to deal with, and the Myriad Ghost Ancestor didn't add much more difficulty, but three of these titans of the evil path was another story altogether.

"Bone Devil Ancestor!"

The sight of that old man with a deathly pale complexion had the Formation Elder shivering and stammering in terror.

Bone Devil Ancestor Wei Wuxie had already possessed a thunderous reputation thirty-some years ago.

If there had been a ranking of the members of the evil path, even if Wei Wuxie had not occupied the number one spot, he would definitely have been in the top three.

With three of these demons of the evil path gathered here, the group was in grave danger.

"Wei Wuxie, after two years of not meeting, it seems that you really have gotten a lot stronger. You actually dare to threaten me."

At this time, the only person able to maintain their composure was Wang Chong's master, Demonic Emperor Zhang Wenfu.

As the number one of the evil path, he possessed an innate aura of dominance and pride.

These three ancestors of the evil path all possessed extraordinary strength and influential status, but the Demonic Emperor had once been the noon sun of the martial arts world. The gap between those three and him was still rather large.

"Heh, Brother Zhang, in the past, with you, the Demonic Emperor, here, I would definitely turn around and leave without a second thought. But if you want someone to blame, blame the allure of the Origin Immortal Art. As they say, men will die for profit as birds will die over food. Perhaps if we fight with Brother Zhang today, we might be able to seize those treasures left by the Origin Immortal Lord."

Wei Wuxie stepped forward, his expression confident and fearless.

"Haha, Zhang Wenfu, there's no need for you to keep putting on this hard appearance. The only one in your group that can fight is probably you alone. But your dantian has been destroyed. As for your disciple, he's able to take a blow from me and Song Yuanyi, so he doesn't shame you. Alas, if my guess is right, he's already beginning to suffer from cultivation defect!

"Although the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art is incomparably powerful, it can easily cause cultivation defects. Once it is cultivated to a profound level, one's energy will start to fall into disarray. Demonic Emperor, you've probably come to the northwest to search for the Origin Immortal Art for the sake of this disciple of yours!

"Hahaha, Demonic Emperor, we know how powerful you are. The number of people who can defeat you in the entire martial arts world can probably be counted with one's fingers. If we truly had to fight, we might not be able to beat you, but your disciple will be doomed."

The Black Yin Ancestor turned a sinister gaze on Wang Chong, clearly harboring ill intent.