The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1428

Chapter 1428: Wang Chong Displays His Power

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


The Formation Elder couldn't help but curse.

It was obvious that the Black Yin Ancestor and the others were using Wang Chong to extort the Energy Condensation Pearl and the treasure map from the Demonic Emperor Old Man.


But the Myriad Ghost Ancestor and Wei Wuxie continued to stare at the Demonic Emperor Old Man, ignoring the comments of anyone else.

"Heh, is that so? You seem to think that you've got me."

Wang Chong suddenly laughed at those three ancestors of the evil path.

"Black Yin Ancestor, since that's the case, I'll entertain you!"


In a shockwave of energy, Wang Chong shot out from behind the Demonic Emperor Old Man like a lightning bolt, leaving countless afterimages in the air.


The three evil path ancestors were astonished by this, clearly not expecting Wang Chong to go on the offensive. But a moment later, with a bout of sinister laughter and an amused smile in his eyes, the Black Yin Ancestor shot forward like a cannonball.


Wang Chong and the Black Yin Ancestor collided in front of the crowd, Stellar Energy erupting from both their bodies and gushing several dozen meters into the air.

"Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art!"

"Black Dragon Divine Art!"

As they rose into the air, both of them used their strongest move.

Boom! Boom! Boom! The shockwaves from their battle spread out for several thousand meters into their surroundings.

Images of the sun and moon were constantly manifesting and being extinguished, and torrents of energy were gathered in from as far as several thousand meters away to rapidly circle around a single figure.

And a terrifying pull caused the bodies of dead snakes, small rocks, and even massive boulders to rise into the air, all of them rushing toward Wang Chong.

Such a vast display of power left the Myriad Ghost Ancestor and Bone Devil Ancestor in a state of consternation.

Wang Chong had transformed himself into a dangerous storm, the thick pulses of Origin Energy around him so powerful that they pulverized anything that got close.

The difference between this and the power Wang Chong had displayed several days ago was like night and day. One had their hands and feet tied while the other was fighting at full strength.


A furious roar resounded as the Black Yin Ancestor's massive black dragon form flailed its claws and swiped its tail fiercely at Wang Chong.

The Black Yin Ancestor's dragon form possessed the ability to tear apart mountains with every strike.

Wang Chong's challenge had left this ancestor of the evil path fuming in rage.

"Brat, I'll tear you to pieces!"

The Black Yin Ancestor continued to bellow.

"You'll have to have the ability first!"

Wang Chong's icy voice shot back, giving no ground. At the same time, frenzied waves of energy surged forward.

The air itself had seemingly become his most powerful weapon. Time and again, fierce waves of Stellar Energy would blast aside the Black Yin Ancestor's attacks.

The difference in size between Wang Chong and the black dragon was immense, but the difference in power was the reverse.

Wang Chong's every attack was backed by enormous weight that surpassed even that of the Black Yin Ancestor's dragon.

In this direct confrontation with the Black Yin Ancestor, Wang Chong chose to meet fist with fist.

Besides that, the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art's profound properties reflected a significant portion of the Black Yin Ancestor's attacks.

The ultimate result was that the Black Yin Ancestor trembled all over after each clash like he had been struck by a lightning bolt.

On the ground, the Myriad Ghost Ancestor and Bone Devil Ancestor had been struck dumb. They knew that Wang Chong was the Demonic Emperor Old Man's disciple and had seen him take attacks from Song Yuanyi and the Black Yin Ancestor, but none of them had expected Wang Chong to be so unstoppable, the Black Yin Ancestor needing all his strength to block his attacks.

The Black Yin Ancestor was a top-class expert possessing a divine art and immense combat experience.

But in this battle, the Black Yin Ancestor was seemingly being completely suppressed by Wang Chong. This was simply absurd!

"How how could this be?!"

The distant Five Ancestor Alliance disciples were also frightened and stunned by this sight, almost rendered speechless.

"This kid, this kid how could he be this powerful!?"

Let alone outsiders, even the Formation Elder, who had taught Wang Chong about formations, was agape.

He knew that Wang Chong was strong, but not so strong that he could completely suppress the Black Yin Ancestor.

Wang Chong's strength had completely exceeded his expectations.

"This kid is almost on the same level as his master!"

And when he further remembered that the Demonic Emperor Old Man had said that he had only had Wang Chong as his disciple for two years, the Formation Elder was rendered speechless.

Two years had been enough for the Black Yin Ancestor to be forced to bow his head. Just how talented was such a person?!

He suddenly understood why the Demonic Emperor so cherished this disciple.

What a pity! If only he had been my disciple!

The Formation Elder ruefully sighed in his mind.

In the sky, Wang Chong's battle with the Black Yin Ancestor was intensifying.

"This old man has had enough of you! Die for me!"

The Black Yin Ancestor roared, black smoke seething off his body as various Stellar Energy attacks were fired off from his claws and mouth.

"Hmph, sheer nonsense!"

Wang Chong viewed the Black Yin Ancestor's fury with disdain. With the Energy Condensation Pearl in hand, Wang Chong had finally broken free of the restraints posed by his cultivation defect. He could now move freely and use all his techniques.

"If you won't yield, I'll beat you until you yield!"

As his icy voice resounded through the air, Wang Chong swiftly used the three techniques of the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art.

"Great Yin Yang Art!"

The sun and moon images in the sky suddenly fused together and slammed into the enormous black dragon. The dreadful energy jolted the black dragon so badly that it couldn't even manage a response.

"Vast Heaven Earth Art!"

The world spun and a fierce gale howled. Wang Chong's aura suddenly swelled, and in a flash, a gray fog permeated the world.

This move from Wang Chong caused the Myriad Ghost Ancestor and Bone Devil Ancestor to pale.

There was basically no one in the world that did not know of these supreme techniques of Zhang Wenfu, and the Myriad Ghost Ancestor and the Bone Devil Ancestor had once suffered a loss to this particular move.


Two energies clashed once more, but while the Black Yin Ancestor's dragon seemed as strong as could be, it was thrown back several hundred feet, its body shuddering.

And things were only just getting started.

After using his first two moves, Wang Chong used the Great Destruction Art.

Boooom! There was a massive explosion and it felt like space itself had shattered. Immense destructive energy erupted from Wang Chong's body and hurtled toward the black dragon.

"The Great Destruction Art! How?!"

The Black Yin Ancestor finally revealed a hint of panic. Each of the three techniques of the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art was incredibly powerful, and Zhang Wenfu had relied on these techniques to commence a great slaughter in the martial arts world, killing numerous experts.

The third technique was extremely difficult to cultivate, and one had to have an almost divine ability to control one's energy.

This was not something that could be accomplished through pure strength.

But regardless of what the Black Yin Ancestor thought, it was too late for any second thoughts.


The Black Yin Ancestor only had time to gather his Stellar Energy into his right claw and swipe it forward, but with a terrible scream, he was sent flying by that terrifying energy.

"Damn it!"

The battle was happening with such speed that the Black Yin Ancestor's comrades had no time to respond.


The Myriad Ghost Ancestor immediately lunged toward Wang Chong while the Bone Devil Ancestor sent forward a massive stream of energy to combat Wang Chong's.

These three ancestors had dared to find Zhang Wenfu and demand the Energy Condensation Pearl and the map to the Origin Immortal Lord's treasury precisely because they had the advantage in numbers. As they said, two fists were hard-pressed against four hands, and a strong man couldn't beat a more numerous crew.

No matter how formidable the Demonic Emperor was, he couldn't defeat all three of them working together.

But their plan had relied on a faulty premise.

As the Myriad Ghost Ancestor rose into the air, a white cane lightly tapped against the ground, and a moment later, another immense source of energy rose into the air from behind the Demonic Emperor Old Man.

"If you want to injure the boy, you'll have to get past this old man first!"

The Wushang Village Chief had been standing behind the Demonic Emperor Old Man this entire time, saying nothing and keeping his aura restrained. Even the Myriad Ghost Ancestor and the Bone Devil Ancestor had forgotten about his existence.

But now, the Wushang Village Chief used his indisputable strength to reshape their impression of him.

Rumble! Before the Myriad Ghost Ancestor could get close to Wang Chong, he was stopped by the Wushang Village Chief, and as their palms met, destructive waves of energy swept out.

The Myriad Ghost Ancestor's energy was thrown into disarray and he dropped down to the ground. The Wushang Village Chief also landed back on the ground, but his movements were much more confident and relaxed.


A split-second later, Wang Chong and the Black Yin Ancestor also landed back on the ground. Wang Chong was relaxed and assured while the Black Yin Ancestor, his dragon form dispelled, revealed a nasty scowl.

For a moment, silence dominated the world, all things going still.


A gust of wind blew between the two groups.

The Five Ancestor Alliance disciples did not dare to even breathe too loudly, a nervous tension in their eyes.

As for the Bone Devil Ancestor, Myriad Ghost Ancestor, and Black Yin Ancestor, they silently stared at the Demonic Emperor Old Man and Wushang Village Chief with unsightly grimaces on their faces.