The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1429

Chapter 1429: The Four Ends Martial Lord Arrives

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

The discrepancy in strength between the two sides was vastly different from what the evil path ancestors had first imagined.

Wang Chong had clearly been suffering from a cultivation defect that rendered him incapable of fighting intense battles, but he seemed completely unaffected in the battle with the Black Yin Ancestor. And now they had to consider the Wushang Village Chief, who seemed to possess an unfathomable strength of his own.

At this time, even the strongest of them, the Bone Devil Ancestor, felt some apprehension and did not dare act recklessly.

"Wei Wuxie, how do you think I will deal with you?" the Demonic Emperor suddenly asked.

His eyes slowly scanned the trio, his face a sheet of ice.

This simple question instantly made the three pale, and the dread in their heart only increased.

Before his dantian had been destroyed, the Demonic Emperor had been publicly acknowledged as the hegemon of the evil path. He knew all the martial arts of the evil path like the back of his hand.

None of these three had ever beaten the Demonic Emperor Old Man in a one-on-one match.

How could they not fear the existence that had cast a shadow on their hearts for several decades?

But at this moment, a fierce explosion of Stellar Energy resounded in the distance, the shockwave sweeping over the earth. At the same time, everyone sensed a vast sea of energy beginning to rapidly approach them.

"This is?"

Wang Chong creased his brow and turned his head in the direction of that energy.

Experts of the Saint Martial realm were extremely sensitive. The sensation this person gave Wang Chong told him that they were an expert on par with the Myriad Ghost Ancestor and Song Yuanyi.

And this energy was also extremely strange. Wang Chong couldn't help but associate this Stellar Energy with the energy that could be found deep within the sea.

"It's him!"

The Demonic Emperor Old Man raised an eyebrow as if realizing who this was, and he also looked over at the approaching energy.

On the other side, the evil path ancestors sighed in relief. There was much less pressure on them now that this new energy had appeared. The reputation of a man was like the shadow of a tree. The Demonic Emperor had caused all the members of the martial arts world to tremble in fear at his name not merely because of his cultivation, but also his abundant experience in killing and his cruel and vicious way of doing things.

The strongest and most stubborn of this trio was the Bone Devil Ancestor, but if it was not absolutely necessary, not even the Bone Devil Ancestor was willing to offend someone as fierce as the Demonic Emperor.


The other party did not seem to be trying to hide.

A piercing whistle tore through the skies and seemed to be getting closer and closer to the two groups.

A moment later, everyone saw a powerful bolt of energy flying out of the distance like a meteor.

In the blink of an eye, this bolt of energy appeared several hundred feet behind the Bone Devil Ancestor.

Kaboom! That vast and all-consuming energy suddenly turned and plunged into the ground. A moment later, a silver-haired elder, his face tough and stern, appeared before everyone's eyes.

This elder had a sharp gaze, his eyes as bright and dazzling as stars. What drew the most attention, however, was the green hairpin thrust in his hair and the pair of green long-necked cranes emblazoned on his left and right breasts.

There were white cranes, red-crowned cranes, and black-necked cranes, but Wang Chong had never seen a green crane before.

This elder exuded an air of mystery.

"What a lively scene! To think that so many of my fellow Daoists would be here! But it seems that I managed to arrive at just the right time."

The elder grimly scanned the crowd, and then he began to slowly amble forward.

As this elder walked forward, Wang Chong immediately noticed that water droplets had begun to condense on the rocks, like the dew of autumn or winter.

As Wang Chong was thinking, the Formation Elder breathed, "The Lone Silence Ancestor! It's really him! I didn't think that the Origin Immortal Art would even draw out an old monster like this!"

With a thought, Wang Chong immediately condensed his voice into a beam and sent it over.

"Senior Zhou, who is this Lone Silence Ancestor?" Wang Chong softly asked. "He seems to practice a rather unusual art!"

"It is said that the martial arts world has twelve ancestors. This refers to the twelve strongest ancestors of the righteous and evil paths, characters who are not to be lightly provoked. The Lone Silence Ancestor is one of them, and his territory is in the northeast, in Youzhou. He rarely leaves and does not usually involve himself in the matters of the Central Plains. Thus, even when your master was doing what he did back then he was able to keep to himself. He cultivated a Water type art. As long as there is water, his strength will massively increase. It's said that he can even draw on the water in the cloud layer to summon up a storm.

"Under a torrential downpour, almost no one can oppose him!" the Formation Elder said.

Although the Formation Elder had always been focused on studying formations, he still had some understanding of the famous individuals of the martial arts world. After all, he still belonged to this world. Moreover, almost everyone in the martial arts world knew about the Lone Silence Ancestor.

"Ah? Summoning storms!"

Wang Chong was startled to hear this. Whether in this life or the last, he had never interacted much with the people of the martial arts world. He had never known it to possess such a supreme art!

And this was not one of the ten great arts.

But Wang Chong was also aware that while the art was very important, most important of all was the person that cultivated it.

There were some people who possessed such prodigious talent that even though they were not destined to learn one of the ten great arts, their persistence and talent allowed them to take the arts they did have to a divine level, breaking past the fetters of their techniques.

Although these people didn't have the ten great arts, they were so powerful that they were not one bit inferior to those people who did cultivate the ten great arts.

At this level, there was no need for power to be connected to one's art. Power came from the martial artists themselves!

And the Lone Silence Ancestor was clearly this sort of person!

"Hmph, yet another person greedy for the Origin Immortal Art has come. Good! I can kill you all in one fell swoop!" the Demonic Emperor Old Man suddenly said.

Killing intent surged within his body, causing the space for several hundred feet around him to distort. This time, a brand-new and intimidating energy erupted from his body.

Even Wang Chong found this energy to be a little unfamiliar.

But on the other side, the Bone Devil Ancestor and even the Lone Silence Ancestor grimaced. In terms of cruelty, the Demonic Emperor was truly the worlds number one. He had slain countless experts of the righteous and evil paths, with even someone like the Bone Devil Ancestor suffering at his hands.

Although the Demonic Emperor's dantian was broken, he still exuded that familiar ruthless aura that made everyone's hearts thump in fear.

Just when the atmosphere had almost frozen with tension

"It's here! This is the direction! I can't be wrong! A battle just took place here!"

"Look over there! So many people! Everyone, follow!"

A vast clamor could be heard in the distance as a large number of people began to make their way here.

Wang Chong's group had remained here for far too long, attracting the attention of far too many people. Practically all the martial artists in the northwest were converging on this place. This unprecedented gathering of martial artists made even Wang Chong rather fearful.


Wang Chong subconsciously turned to his master. The situation was extremely bad for them, and the longer they stayed, the more attention they would attract.

Once enough martial artists gathered, they wouldn't be able to leave at all.

But before Wang Chong's group could decide if they were leaving or going, a thunderous boom came from the extreme north, and then a vast storm of energy began to approach.

As if heralding the arrival of this figure, the air began to burn and scorching waves of heat swept over.

"Good! The Lone Silence Ancestor, the Myriad Ghost Ancestor, the Black Yin Ancestor all the supreme experts of the world are gathered. How could this lord miss out on such a gathering!?"

A figure atop a warhorse rode out of the distance, his booming and domineering voice ringing in everyone's ears.


With a cry, the horse sped up, seeming to be riding on clouds as it practically flew forward.

"It's the Four Ends Martial Lord!"

The Formation Elder's lips trembled. The three evil path ancestors together with the Lone Silence Ancestor were hard enough to deal with, and now, the tough and domineering Four Ends Martial Lord had shown up. The situation was getting worse and worse.

And worst of all was that the arrival of this newcomer had seemingly ended any hopes of leaving.

Countless thoughts ran through Wang Chong's mind. He had never heard of this Four Ends Martial Lord, but from the Formation Elder's reaction, he could guess that the Four Ends Martial Lord was a being of the same level as the Lone Silence Ancestor and the Myriad Ghost Ancestor.

This person had the domineering and scorching energy of the blazing sun, the first time Wang Chong had ever seen energy of such ferocity.

It seems like it will be a battle to the death!

Wang Chong stroked the Energy Condensation Pearl in his bosom. At least everything was out in the open now.

Neeeigh! A few moments later, the Four Ends Martial Lord had appeared in the north and stopped a short distance from Wang Chong's group. He was wearing golden armor and radiating waves of heat. The monstrous horse he rode on made him seem even more imposing.

If he didn't look carefully, Wang Chong would have taken him to be some Great General of the court!