The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1430

Chapter 1430: An Unexpected Development

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Wang Chong, you must be extremely careful," the Formation Elder whispered from behind Wang Chong. "The Four Ends Martial Lord was originally an officer in the military posted to the border, but he happened to come upon an inheritance from the Fierce Yang Sect of more than two hundred years ago. The item most emblematic of this sect is that Fierce Yang Golden Armor he's wearing as well as his peerless Fierce Yang Divine art. The Four Ends Martial Lord has already cultivated his Fierce Yang Divine Art to a supreme level, almost to the point where he can turn himself into a sun that can scourge the world! His strength is simply dreadful!"

It seemed like today's events were bound to end messily. The Demonic Emperor Old Man stared at the Four Ends Martial Lord, his eyes seething with killing intent.

"Have you also come for this?"

It had been a very long time since he had commenced a slaughter, but if these people thought that they could use their numbers to bully him around, they were gravely mistaken.

The thick killing intent coming off the Demonic Emperor Old Man's body caused everyone to become extremely nervous.


As these groups were in a stand-off, to the northeast, a figure was observing everything from a distance. The symbol of the Yin Yang and white crane on his uniform was extremely obvious.

"Hurry and report to the alliance lord!"

He suddenly turned around and began to rush into the distance. At the same time, a messenger bird flew up from his hand.

On a mountain several li away, a Righteous Alliance disciple respectfully kneeled.

"Reporting to Alliance Lord! The Lone Silence Ancestor and the Four Ends Martial Lord have arrived. Together with the ancestors of the Five Ancestor Alliance, there are now five top-class experts of the martial arts world gathered there. In addition, we've also spotted that extremely powerful elder standing by the side of Demonic Emperor Zhang Wenfu."


The surrounding Righteous Alliance experts were thrown into a great stir by the scout's report, and they began to converse with each other.

Matters were developing far faster than they had imagined. A day ago, all of the martial artists had been mobilized but had failed to find even the shadow of the Demonic Emperor. But now, the Demonic Emperor's location was exposed and had instantly attracted the titans of the martial arts world.

Sikong Yuanjia stepped forward and sternly said, "This matter involves the Origin Immortal Lord and the treasure he left behind. The Five Ancestor Alliance and the Four Ends Martial Lord are already there, so shouldn't we go over as well? Otherwise, the Five Ancestor Alliance might end up taking the Origin Immortal Art."

"That's not necessary. Taking action here is inferior to being still. For now, we will watch."

Song Yuanyi stood on the summit, gazing to the southwest with a bright light in his eyes.

The surrounding experts were struck dumb. But no one in the Righteous Alliance dared to oppose Song Yuanyi's decision.

"Yes!" everyone replied in unison.

Meanwhile, toward the southwest, a bloody storm seemed imminent.

No one dared to take the threat of the Demonic Emperor, the number one individual of the evil path, lightly. Everyone, including the Lone Silence Ancestor and the Myriad Ghost Ancestor, appeared apprehensive, tensing their muscles as they readied to fight.

And then, something unexpected happened.


The Four Ends Martial Lord upon his massive horse suddenly shook his wrist. Cling! A decorated metal tube shot with astonishing speed toward the Demonic Emperor. Pa! The tube exploded while still in the air. Just when everyone believed that the Four Ends Martial Lord had chosen to attack first, a dark golden scroll flew out of the explosion at a much slower speed.


The Demonic Emperor Old Man reached out and took that golden scroll, and he immediately recognized it for what it was.

An Origin Immortal Art treasure map!

For the Four Ends Martial Lord to throw out something as precious as the treasure map caused everyone to pale and their breath to catch in their throats. The mood had suddenly shifted.

Not even Wang Chong had expected something like this.

"There are six pieces of the treasure map in all. If we don't have all of them, then the individual pieces are useless. Moreover, the Origin Immortal Art has been lost for several hundred years without any progress in the search. This is the closest we've ever been."

The Four Ends Martial Lord met the gazes of the crowd head-on and voiced a most startling proposal. "Rather than none of us having it and the Origin Immortal Art being completely lost, it would be better if we all worked together to open up the way to the treasury. As for what happens after, that will depend on one's individual skill."

Each piece of the Origin Immortal Art's treasure map was extremely valuable. When one appeared, it would stir up a bloody storm in the martial arts world as countless factions vied over it. For the Four Ends Martial Lord to simply throw a piece away was an extremely foolish act in the eyes of the crowd.

But slowly, the crowd began to understand, their expressions softening.

"It's true. The Origin Immortal Art has been lost for several hundred years. No one has obtained it in all this time, but countless lives have been sacrificed in the process. If everyone simply holds on selfishly to their own piece of the treasure map, no one will obtain the Origin Immortal Art. It's much better for everyone to bring out their piece so that we can open the treasury together."

"In addition, it's not like handing over a piece of the treasure map is the same as handing over the Origin Immortal Art. In the end, obtaining the Origin Immortal Art will still depend on a person's ability."

The mood of the crowd had become rather strange.

Although the Four Ends Martial Lord's argument was very reasonable, talking was different from doing. Was it really that easy to hand a treasure map that one had gone through utmost pains to obtain over to the Demonic Emperor?

"Hmph, idiots! Why should we give our treasure maps to him, instead of him giving his treasure map to us? And why should we believe him?"

The Black Yin Ancestor coldly snorted, viewing the Four Ends Martial Lord's actions with utter contempt. But just when the Black Yin Ancestor had finished speaking


Another treasure map was thrown down near the Demonic Emperor Old Man.

"I presume that the mighty Demonic Emperor is not someone who will go back on his words. Four Ends Martial Lord, let's do as you propose. I hope that we truly will be able to open up the Origin Immortal Treasury at the very end!" the Lone Silence Ancestor said. Unexpectedly, he had also possessed a piece of the treasure map.

Everyone finally understood why he had left his territory to travel to the distant northwest.

The Demonic Emperor Old Man extended his hand and took the treasure map, then he turned around and gave it to Wang Chong.

"Chong-er, take a look."

There were real and fake treasure maps. Only with the real treasure map could one open the treasury, and the Energy Condensation Pearl in Wang Chong's possession was the only way of distinguishing the real from the fake.

"Yes, Master!"

Wang Chong first took the Four Ends Martial Lord's treasure map and waved the Energy Condensation Pearl over it. Beams of light reflected off the treasure map, immediately revealing silver threads that reflected back white points of light.

"It's real!"

Wang Chong then took the Lone Silence Ancestor's treasure map, which similarly revealed silver threads that reflected white points of light.

Both of the treasure maps were real!

Wang Chong's group already had one treasure map, and with these two additional ones, they had three in total. Only three more were needed to obtain the complete map to the Origin Immortal Lord's treasury.

"What a surprise! It seems like we really do have a chance of opening up the Origin Immortal Lord's treasury!" Wang Chong quietly remarked.

Matters were proceeding much more smoothly than expected. The Four Ends Martial Lord and the Lone Silence Ancestor had a daring and breadth of mind that ordinary people could not compare to. Others probably wouldn't give up their treasure maps even if they were going to be killed.

But when he raised his head, Wang Chong noticed a sinister gaze upon him.

"Kid, can I take a look at that pearl?" the Black Yin Ancestor suddenly said in his sinister voice.

Although he was doing his best to hide it, Wang Chong had still noticed that sliver of greed in his eyes.

"Of course not!"

Wang Chong smiled and quickly put away the Energy Condensation Pearl, upon which the Black Yin Ancestor instantly scowled.

Wang Chong's face was brimming with derision. He was fearless, even in front of a titan of the martial arts world like the Black Yin Ancestor.

"Black Yin Ancestor, no one goes to the temple without a concern, and anyone who has appeared in the northwest this time has some sort of aim. You didn't appear in the northwest to deal with the Demonic Emperor, I presume? If my guess is correct, you also have a piece of the Origin Immortal Lord's treasure map." The Four Ends Martial Lord spoke once more, addressing the Black Yin Ancestor and the Five Ancestor Alliance.

There might have been an excuse for any other place, but any titan of the martial arts world who appeared in the northwest, where the Origin Immortal Art was said to be hidden, had a very high chance of having a map for the Origin Immortal Lord's treasury on their person.

"Four Ends Martial Lord, don't speak nonsense. Our Five Ancestor Alliance has no such map!" the Black Yin Ancestor immediately retorted. But even as he spoke, a scroll was already flying through the air.

"Take this treasure map!"

The Black Yin Ancestor raged, but just when he was about to curse and scold, he saw who had spoken and immediately took back his words.

The Bone Devil Ancestor!

"Old Five, you can't use emotions to make decisions! As long as we can open the Origin Immortal treasury, are you afraid that we can't seize the Origin Immortal Art for ourselves?" The soft whisper of the Bone Devil Ancestor's voice spoke into his ear.

Although the Black Yin Ancestor was known as the strategist of the Five Ancestor Alliance, in terms of authority, the Bone Devil Ancestor ranked above him. This expedition to the northwest had also been the Bone Devil Ancestor's idea.

"Yes, Second Brother!"

The Black Yin Ancestor lowered his head and said no more.