The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1431

Chapter 1431: Bagushidus Gift

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Wang Chong quickly took the treasure map thrown over by the Bone Devil Ancestor and scanned it with the Energy Condensation Pearl, revealing the same silver threads and points of light.

"It's real!"

Wang Chong nodded, completely unsurprised by this result. The Five Ancestor Alliance, the Lone Silence Ancestor, and the Four Ends Martial Lord were all existences of immense power and experience. They would be able to easily identify whether a map that came into their possession was real or fake.

Wang Chong's group now had four treasure maps. Only two more were needed to create the complete treasure map leading to the Origin Immortal treasury.

In the end, a battle on the verge of breaking out had turned into a peace conference. No one had expected this outcome.

"What? The Lone Silence Ancestor, the Four Ends Martial Lord, the Black Yin Ancestor, and the Demonic Emperor have all started to work together?!"

All the Righteous Alliance experts reeled in shock when they heard the news of this partnership. Even the extremely composed Righteous Alliance Lord Song Yuanyi couldn't help but reveal a hint of surprise on his face.

He had believed that these titans of the martial arts world would immediately start fighting each other for the sake of the treasure map, unwilling to give a single inch. To his surprise, however, instead of fighting, they had handed over their treasure maps.

"That's not all! The four parties have announced to all the martial artists of the northwest that they should hand over their treasure maps so that everyone can open the Origin Immortal treasury together! As we were coming back to report this, we saw many martial artists heading over to offer up their treasure maps," the Righteous Alliance disciple kneeling on the ground apprehensively said.

The most dramatic development of all had taken place in the northwest, and things were looking grim for the Righteous Alliance.

Song Yuanyi closed his eyes, his body turning motionless as he began to ponder.

"Keep watching! I want to know what they're doing at all times!" Song Yuanyi sternly replied.

Even the most ordinary Righteous Alliance disciple could sense something different in Song Yuanyi's tone.

The moment Wang Chong's group had reached an agreement with the Five Ancestor Alliance and the Four Ends Martial Lord, the largest alliance in the entire northwest had emerged. Although this alliance was fraught with infighting and was far from united, liable to dissolve at any moment, it would at least remain united until the last two pieces of the treasure map were found.

"Let me! Let me!"

"I have a treasure map here!"

"I also have one!"

Many martial artists gathered from across the region, with the reputation of the alliance leaders playing a critical role.

Many martial artists were handing over treasure maps in the hopes of finding the last two pieces, but the final result was rather disappointing.

Ten-some treasure maps were handed over, some of these having been passed on through generations of martial artists, stored and treasured for centuries. But all of them, without exception, were fake.

"It's pointless! All these treasure maps are forgeries!"

Wang Chong threw a treasure map to the side, the disappointment in his eyes difficult to conceal.

Finding the first few pieces had been rather easy, but finding the last two was a rather arduous task. Numerous true and false treasure maps leading to the Origin Immortal Lord's treasury had appeared over the centuries, but the real maps were few and far between. Moreover, lacking a single piece would make all their efforts for naught.

The effort to gather the pieces of the Origin Immortal Lord's treasure map had reached a standstill.

When everyone else was at their wit's end, the Lone Silence Ancestor suddenly spoke, grabbing everyone's attention. "Actually, I know of someone who probably has one of the Origin Immortal Lord's treasure maps."

"Lone Silence Ancestor, what do you mean? If you know where another map has been this whole time, why didn't you say anything until now?"

The Black Yin Ancestor was rather furious to hear this.

The others turned to the Lone Silence Ancestor, awaiting his answer.

"It's just that the matter is a little complicated," the Lone Silence Ancestor said after a few moments of silence.

As the hegemon of the northeastern region, the Lone Silence Ancestor had always been blunt and forthright, keeping to his word, even to the Demonic Emperor Old Man. This was the first time the group had ever seen this sort of expression on his face, and they sensed that something strange was going on.

The Four Ends Martial Lord, seeing the look on the Lone Silence Ancestor's face, abruptly asked, "Lone Silence Ancestor, could there be some martial artist of the Central Plains that even you fear?!"

"You're wrong. The person that I fear and who possesses the fifth treasure map piece is not of the Central Plains! He is a Turk!" the Lone Silence Ancestor sternly said.

"A Turk?!"

These words took everyone by surprise, even Wang Chong showing a hint of shock. As the Great Tang's King of Foreign Lands and a Great General who had fought on many foreign battlefields, Wang Chong was very sensitive when Turks were mentioned.

"Could it be"

Wang Chong suddenly thought of something.

"This person has an extremely high status amongst the Turks! He is a King of the Eastern Turkic Khaganate called Bagushidu!"

The Lone Silence Ancestor did not keep everyone in suspense and revealed the name of the person he was thinking of.

"You might not have a deep understanding of this man, but he has a thunderous reputation in Youzhou and possesses incredible strength."

"Bagushidu I seem to have heard of this name," the Bone Devil Ancestor said. "But, Brother Lone Silence, might you be regarding him too highly? If he really does have a treasure map, with all of us here, can we really not deal with a single Turk?"

The Demonic Emperor, the Bone Devil Ancestor, the Myriad Ghost Ancestor, the Lone Silence Ancestor, and the Four Ends Martial Lordthis was an utterly enormous strength. The Bone Devil Ancestor was not a conceited person, but he found it very difficult to imagine someone in the world that this group needed to fear.

"It's a rather long story. This Bagushidu himself, he is not very strong, but he possesses an extremely powerful weapon that imbues him with incredible strength. In the Eastern Turkic Khaganate, it is said that Bagushidu's strength has reached an unfathomable level. Even Ozmish Khagan of the Eastern Turkic Khaganate regards him with utmost respect! I happened to spot him once from a distance, and I immediately knew that he is an extremely frightening foe!" the Lone Silence Ancestor solemnly said.

Bagushidu rarely entered the interior of the Central Plains, so it was natural that the titans of the martial arts world knew little about him. No matter how the Lone Silence Ancestor explained it, they wouldn't understand him, so he was not prepared to go into specifics.

"In short, this man is extremely strong. Moreover, in Youzhou, I once heard that he had a treasure map to the Origin Immortal Lord's treasury. If he finds out what we're up to, he will definitely decide to flee, and we might not have the strength to stop him. At that point, it won't matter how many pieces of the treasure map we can gather."

The Lone Silence Ancestor's words plunged the crowd into silence.

It was true that if this Turk decided to run, no one would be able to stop him.

The Demonic Emperor Old Man and Wang Chong glanced at each other and frowned. There was no reason for the Lone Silence Ancestor to lie, and if this was the truth, their effort to find the Origin Immortal Art had just become extremely difficult.


At this moment, a Five Ancestor Alliance disciple began to rush over. Once he was close, he immediately got down on his knees and lowered his head.

"Reporting to Ancestor: there is a Turkic warrior outside who wishes to see the ancestors and offer a gift!"


Everyone was startled by these words.

"Invite him in!" the Black Yin Ancestor immediately ordered.


A few moments later, an Eastern Turkic warrior with deep eyes and a hawkish nose was guided in. He wore an azure robe with the insignia of a gyrfalcon emblazoned upon it.

"Paying respects to the ancestors!"

The Turkic emissary respectfully bowed, his attitude neither too meek nor too humble.

The Black Yin Ancestor creased his brow and asked, "Who are you? Who bade you come?"

"Haha, this one is a nameless soldier coming on my master's order to give the ancestors a gift!" the Turkic emissary loudly proclaimed.

The group exchanged glances, and in the end, it was the Four Ends Martial Lord who spoke.

"Who is your master? And what is your gift?"

"Heh, we heard that the ancestors were gathering people to hand over their treasure maps so that the treasury left by the Origin Immortal Lord could be opened. My master, His Highness Bagushidu, has asked this one to offer up this treasure map of the Origin Immortal Lord's!" the Turkic emissary said.


The crowd was thrown into a clamor by these words. Although they had some guesses, this was far too much of a coincidence. They had just been talking about this Eastern Turkic King, and mere moments later, he had delivered the treasure map to their door. They could not help but be suspicious.

That Eastern Turkic emissary was all smiles, pretending not to notice the change in the looks he was receiving.

He immediately strode forward to stand before Wang Chong.

"King of Foreign Lands, I hear that the Great Tang's Imperial Court has undergone a great transformation. I did not think that the King of Foreign Lands would be so broad-minded and magnanimous that you would even appear here!"

The emissary smiled as he offered up a scroll with both hands.

Everyone was startled by this act. There were many martial arts titans present, but to their surprise, this Eastern Turkic King had chosen to offer the treasure map to the most unremarkable and youngest of their number, the Demonic Emperor's disciple.


Wang Chong instantly paled.

But before Wang Chong could say anything, that Turkic emissary had placed the map in his hands and withdrawn.

"I have delivered the treasure map. Forgive this one for taking my leave!"

The emissary left, not even tarrying for a moment.