The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1432

Chapter 1432: Coercing Song Yuanyi

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"We have no relationship with this Bagushidu. Just what does he mean by suddenly sending us this treasure map?"

The Black Yin Ancestor and the others looked suspiciously at the back of the Turkic emissary.

No one went to the temple without a problem, and the people gathered here were all titans of the martial arts world. If anyone claimed that Bagushidu had simply offered up the treasure map out of his sincere good will, no one would believe it.

Wang Chong looked at the emissary with an uncertain look in his eyes.

He had actually heard about this Eastern Turkic King the moment he had entered the northwest, from the mouth of the Formation Elder, but even the Formation Elder had not met this man, let alone Wang Chong.

Wang Chong had not expected Bagushidu to hand over the Origin Immortal Lord's treasure map of his own volition, even delivering it right into his hands.

"The Imperial Court"

A dark cloud of worry appeared on his brow as he recalled the words of the Turkic emissary. For a moment, he felt a complicated mixture of emotions, but he quickly suppressed it and said no more.

On another mountain, an Eastern Turk expert voiced the question on his mind. "Your Highness, these Tang have always been on unfriendly terms. Why did Your Highness hand over such a precious treasure map?"

The Eastern Turkic Khaganate had always been at war with the Great Tang, and though these martial artists were not campaigning generals, they were still Tang. There was simply no reason to give them the Origin Immortal Lord's treasure map.

"Heh, to take, you first have to give. If we don't open up the treasury, how can we get what's inside?"

Bagushidu placed his hands behind his back, and as a breeze blew past, his robes snapped and fluttered. He exuded the air of a farsighted tactician.

The mantis stalked the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind, and he was the oriole.

Very few people knew that he just as fiercely desired that number one art of the Central Plains as anyone else.

Let's see just how mysterious the Origin Immortal Lord that was mentioned in Master's will really is!

A light flitted through his eyes before Bagushidu swiftly managed to compose himself.

With Bagushidu's treasure map, the group now had five pieces, only one piece away from the complete map to the Origin Immortal Art.

No one, not even Wang Chong, had expected that they would be so close to success.

"Only the last piece is left! To think that we're this close to success!"

The Formation Elder muttered to himself as he gazed at the five map pieces illuminated by the Energy Condensation Pearl.

Countless people had tried to open up the Origin Immortal Lord's treasury over the centuries, but not a single person had succeeded. Many people had struggled and fought over what turned out to be a fake treasure map, losing their lives in vain.

But now, all this would come to an end.

"But even though we have five map pieces, they're useless without the last piece!" the Lone Silence Ancestor couldn't help but say.

Everyone instantly became deathly still, and Wang Chong began to think.

Although they had five treasure maps, no one knew where the last one was. If they couldn't complete the map, then this celebration of theirs would be extremely brief.

"Hahaha, in truth, a lot of people actually know where the final piece is, but no one is willing to say it. As that's the case, I'll speak on your behalf!" the Black Yin Ancestor suddenly said. He glanced at the Lone Silence Ancestor and chuckled.

"Almost all the martial arts titans who have appeared in the northwest have a map with them. As they say, you don't go to the temple unless you have a problem, and this area is where the Origin Immortal Lord's treasury is said to be. Right now, we've all handed over our treasure maps, so just think about it. The faction that has yet to appear is where the final map piece is."

The Righteous Alliance's Song Yuanyi!

Wang Chong's brow rose in understanding.

In all of the northwest, the only large faction that had yet to join with them was the Righteous Alliance!

The Lone Silence Ancestor and Four Ends Martial Lord turned grim, apparently expecting what the Black Yin Ancestor would say.

"Hahaha, Young Master Wang truly is intelligent. The Righteous Alliance is the number one faction of the martial arts world. You didn't think that they came all the way to the northwest just to hunt down the Demonic Emperor and his disciple, right?" the Black Yin Ancestor said. After his battle with Wang Chong, this evil path ancestor had clearly begun to speak of Wang Chong with more respect.

"We only speculated that it could be the Righteous Alliance, and besides Alliance Lord Song is not that easy to deal with," the Lone Silence Ancestor hesitantly said.

Song Yuanyi's Eternal Spring Mantra was renowned throughout the world. Not even the Lone Silence Ancestor was confident that he could take it on.

Moreover, the Righteous Alliance was the number one alliance and a faction of immense power. Song Yuanyi, Xie Guangting, and the other vice lords were all difficult to deal with.

If it was not necessary, the Lone Silence Ancestor did not want to provoke them.

The Four Ends Martial Lord frowned and said, "Crucially, it seems like Alliance Lord Song doesn't have much interest in the Origin Immortal Treasury. If he's not willing to hand over the map, there's not much we can do!"

In a one-on-one, he wasn't afraid of Song Yuanyi, but they weren't facing only the Righteous Alliance Lord.

"Hahaha, relax! Song Yuanyi will definitely hand it over."

The Black Yin Ancestor mysteriously smiled.

"Alliance Lord, they've already gathered five pieces!"

In the temporary base of the Righteous Alliance, all the Righteous Alliance Elders and experts had gathered.

None of them had expected Wang Chong's group to so quickly find five map pieces. After all, that map piece had not been in the hands of a person of the Central Plains, but that mysterious Eastern Turkic King. For Bagushidu to hand it over voluntarily was truly surprising.

"Damn! What in the world is this Bagushidu up to?! The Demonic Emperor's group is only missing one map piece now!"

Sikong Yuanjia's beard was trembling in rage.

"Hmph, it doesn't matter how many pieces they have. Yuanjia, pass on my order! Get ready to leave," Song Yuanyi declared with a wave of his sleeve.


As he was speaking, someone loudly shouted, and a few moments later, a Righteous Alliance disciple rushed in.

"Alliance Lord, the people of the Five Ancestor Alliance want to meet you!"


The words of the scout caused everyone to look at each other in dismay. Ouyang Changheng and Sikong Yuanjia creased their brows in concern.

The Five Ancestor Alliance and the Righteous Alliance got along like fire and water. The Five Ancestor Alliance would not be seeking a meeting now for anything good.

Everyone turned to Song Yuanyi.

"No meeting!"

Song Yuanyi was cold and aloof, his thoughts as inscrutable as always.


Loud laughter rang out through the air.

"Alliance Lord, are you in such a rush that you can't even see a friend? Just where are you going?"

Though the voice started from very far away, in a storm of energy, the source of this voice soon arrived, leaving a long trail of vapor in its wake.

In short order, five or six energies on par with the Black Yin Ancestor were making their way to the Righteous Alliance base.

And behind them was an astonishing number of Five Ancestor Alliance disciples and unaffiliated martial artists. A rough estimate would put their numbers at five to six thousand.

On the mountain, Song Yuanyi and Xie Guangting instantly paled.

This force needed only a few moments to arrive at the base of the mountain.

"Those who visit come with ill intentions and those with good intentions do not visit! Let's go together to take a look!" the taciturn Xie Guangting suddenly said, his eyes fixed on the base of the mountain.

Song Yuanyi slightly nodded in reply, and he and Xie Guangting went down together.

The two sides drew closer and closer until there was only a distance of around two hundred feet between them.

Song Yuanyi and Xie Guangting were leading the Righteous Alliance party, with Sikong Yuanjia, Ouyang Changheng, and the other elders right behind them.

The group on the other side was led by the Black Yin Ancestor, flanked by the Myriad Ghost Ancestor and the Bone Devil Ancestor. Farther back were the Four Ends Martial Lord and the Lone Silence Ancestor.

Wang Chong, the Demonic Emperor Old Man, and the Wushang Village Chief were standing at the very back.

"It seems like the Black Yin Ancestor is certain that the last map piece is with Song Yuanyi."

Wang Chong smirked as he watched Song Yuanyi and the Black Yin Ancestor from the very back.

Not too long ago, Song Yuanyi and the Black Yin Ancestor had worked together to deal with him, but now, they were standing opposed. The shift in alliances had been so abrupt that no one could have expected it.

"Chong-er, you can't get careless about this matter. Backstabbing is commonplace in the martial arts world. They can join together with us to deal with Song Yuanyi, but they can also join with Song Yuanyi to deal with us. You must be vigilant against them at all times," the Demonic Emperor Old Man emotionlessly said, his hands held behind his back.

"Your disciple understands. But as we were pursued by them for so long, why not use the Origin Immortal Art to have them fight with each other?"

Wang Chong smiled.

He naturally didn't trust the Black Yin Ancestor and the Five Ancestor Alliance. He was just using them. But he had to admit that he found the nasty scowls on the faces of Song Yuanyi and Xie Guangting rather satisfying.

The Demonic Emperor Old Man did not reply. He looked ahead, where the Righteous Alliance disciples were ready for battle, their faces brimming with indignation.

Before Song Yuanyi had said anything, Sikong Yuanjia bellowed in fury, "Black Yin Ancestor, what are you up to!?"

"Where did this nobody come from? Your alliance lord hasn't even said anything. It's not the turn for a mere slave to speak!"

The Black Yin Ancestor sneered as he shot a threatening glare at Sikong Yuanjia.