The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1433

Chapter 1433: Six Together As One

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


Sikong Yuanjia was further enraged by the Black Yin Ancestor's words.

"Are you actually thinking about attacking this ancestor?!"

The Black Yin Ancestor chuckled.

Although Sikong Yuanjia had a high status in the Righteous Alliance and incredible strength, there was still a rather large gap between him and a martial arts titan like the Black Yin Ancestor.

The Black Yin Ancestor turned to Righteous Alliance Lord Song Yuanyi and chided, "Song Yuanyi, is this how one acts as an alliance lord? You can't even control your subordinates!"

"Yuanjia, step back!"

At this moment, Song Yuanyi stepped forward and called back the provoked Sikong Yuanjia.

"Luo Qiyin, this isn't our first exchange. Are you still so stubborn?"

Song Yuanyi spoke coldly, his face devoid of emotion.

"Haha, Alliance Lord Song's martial arts are unrivalled, and the Eternal Spring Mantra is one of the world's greatest arts. In a duel, this ancestor is naturally no match for you. However, no matter how strong Alliance Lord Song is, can you fight against this many people? No matter how strong the Righteous Alliance is, can it fight against the world?"

As the Black Yin Ancestor spoke, he gestured behind him.

"That's right! Alliance Lord Song, hand over the Origin Immortal Lord's treasure map!"

"The Black Yin Ancestor and the others have already handed over theirs. Is the Righteous Alliance still trying to hoard its treasure for itself?"

"Anyone who dares to conceal the Origin Immortal Lord's treasure map is an enemy to the world!"

The Black Yin Ancestor's words caused all the people behind him to begin to shout and roar.

These deafening roars caused Sikong Yuanjia, Xie Guangting, and the Righteous Alliance Elders and disciples to pale. Even Sikong Yuanjia, who was known for his stubborn personality that refused any compromise, couldn't help but turn grave.

The Black Yin Ancestor and the Five Ancestor Alliance were nothing to fear. In past battles, the Five Ancestor Alliance had never been able to gain much of an advantage.

But the thousands of martial artists now backing them and titans like the Lone Silence Ancestor completely changed the equation.

No matter how strong the Righteous Alliance was, it couldn't contend against so many martial artists of both the righteous and evil paths.

An ashen-faced Righteous Alliance Elder walked out from behind Song Yuanyi and sternly rebuked, "Luo Qiyin, don't speak nonsense! Just because you had one of the Origin Immortal Lord's treasure maps doesn't mean that we have one. Do you really think that the Origin Immortal Lord's treasure maps were so evenly distributed?"

"That's right!" Another Righteous Alliance Elder walked out and scolded, "Black Yin Ancestor, don't go around making unfounded accusations! Where did you ever hear that we had one of the Origin Immortal Lord's maps? Where's your evidence!?"

"Hahaha, when have you ever seen this ancestor be reasonable or provide evidence? Everyone, listen up! If we don't obtain the last treasure map from the Righteous Alliance by tomorrow, then the Righteous Alliance is planning to keep the treasure map for itself, intentionally hindering all of us so that no one can obtain the world's number one Origin Immortal Art!"

The Black Yin Ancestor sinisterly chuckled, making no attempt to speak reasonably with the Righteous Alliance. He soon turned his eyes on Song Yuanyi.

"Song Yuanyi, everyone has seen it. You won't force everyone's hand, I presume?"


"Luo Qiyin, you dare!"

The Righteous Alliance members were furious. These bastards of the Five Ancestor Alliance were clearly using this opportunity to make trouble and avenge past wrongs.

As all of them were erupting with righteous indignation and a conflict seemed imminent


A thunderous bellow resounded in their ears.

Righteous Alliance Lord Song Yuanyi stood at the very front, coldly staring at the Black Yin Ancestor, Myriad Ghost Ancestor, Bone Devil Ancestor, and also the Lone Silence Ancestor, Four Ends Martial Lord, and Demonic Emperor Zhang Wenfu. The expression in his eyes was shifting so constantly that no one could tell what he was thinking.

"Alliance Lord is going to fight!"

"These bastards have simply gone too far!"

"A gentleman can be killed, but not humiliated! Brothers, we fight!"

In the back, the Righteous Alliance disciples were all fuming. Song Yuanyi had a place of supreme prestige in all their hearts, and none of them could accept the Black Yin Ancestor so blatantly threatening Song Yuanyi like this.

"Take it!"

A voice rang out, and to everyone's stupefaction, Song Yuanyi flourished his sleeve. The final piece of the Origin Immortal Lord's treasure map flew out of it and toward the Black Yin Ancestor.


As that last map flew out, all the Righteous Alliance disciples became deathly still. On the side, Xie Guangting remained unperturbed as if he had known everything from the start.

"Hahaha, a wise man knows when to go with the flow. Song Yuanyi, you've made the right choice. Everyone else has handed over their own treasure map, so why should the Righteous Alliance keep theirs?"

The Black Yin Ancestor heartily laughed. After suffering a loss so many times at the hands of Song Yuanyi and the Righteous Alliance, he had finally recovered some ground.

"Young Master, for you! With this map from the Righteous Alliance, all six should be gathered. We should be able to find the location of the Origin Immortal Lord's treasury!"

The Black Yin Ancestor tossed the treasure map with little delay over to Wang Chong.

"It really was with him!"

Wang Chong smiled as he drew the treasure map into his palm.

In the end, the person that understood one the most was one's enemy. This saying had been proved today.

The Black Yin Ancestor had fought with Song Yuanyi for so many years that he had developed an extremely deep understanding of him, even knowing that Song Yuanyi was concealing a treasure map.

Of course, if Wang Chong had tried to do all this alone, it would have been very difficult for him to gather the six map pieces in such a short amount of time.

"There's no need to test it by itself. We'll learn if it's real by doing them all at once."

With a shake of his robe, he brought the other five map pieces out of his sleeve.

Swish! With his Stellar Energy, Wang Chong laid the first map piece on the ground, then the second, third, fourth, fifth They were each laid down according to an order determined earlier.

The world fell silent as everyone waited with bated breath, their expressions agitated and their eyes focused on Wang Chong and the final map in his hand.

Even Eastern Turkic King Bagushidu, hidden far away on a distant summit, had turned to look.

"It's time for the final piece."

Bagushidu's eyes burned with passion. Although he had given Wang Chong the fifth map piece, no one could be certain that the map would actually lead to the Origin Immortal Treasury.

Farther away, a pair of bright eyes was also observing everything. Whether it was Wang Chong or Song Yuanyi, nothing in the northwest could escape these eyes.

At this moment, Wang Chong had become the undisputed center of the northwest, the nexus of attention.


Finally, the last map piece, covered in Stellar Energy, was placed into the gap.

As this final piece was put in place, the treasure map was finally complete.

The map was two feet long and three feet wide.

Wang Chong suspended the Energy Condensation Pearl over it, and a moment later, a beam of light shone onto the map. All six map pieces began to shine with silver threads that reflected white starry points of light.

"Real, it's real! The treasure map is real!"

"Look at that! An image has appeared on the map! We're really going to find out where the Origin Immortal Treasury is located!"

Everyone was excited to see the new map created by the silver threads. Even the Black Yin Ancestor found it hard to keep his composure. Greed, joy, madness various emotions flitted through his eyes. If even the Black Yin Ancestor was in such a state, one could only imagine what the others were like.

Wang Chong looked at the treasure map and inwardly muttered, It really appeared. To think that the world's number one art will really appear before me!

This miraculous art was extremely elusive and had never once appeared in his last life. No one knew where it was hidden, not even at the very end. Many people believed that this art had been completely lost.

But with his intervention, history had changed.

"Congratulations to user on finding a clue to the world's number one art. For interacting with a hidden Riddle of Destiny, you have been rewarded 10000 points of Destiny Energy!"

The Stone of Destiny's voice rang out in Wang Chong's mind.

This voice took Wang Chong by great surprise. The Stone of Destiny had never indicated that there was such a mission before.

Could it be a side mission? Wang Chong wondered in shock. But side missions rarely rewarded this much, and why was this mission to search for the world's number one art related to the Riddle of Destiny?

Wang Chong was left deeply perplexed.

This incidental expedition to the northwest seemed to be connected to some secret that he was not aware of.

But there was no time to ponder this, as the bringing together of the six map pieces was leading to a completely new development.

Now that all the silver threads had been revealed, a star map made of countless bright lights appeared above the treasure map.

"Look over there!" a martial artist suddenly shouted, pointing at a particularly large star on the star map. "The place indicated by this star must be where the Origin Immortal Lord's treasury is!"

"Who knows astronomy?" several people began to shout.

Identifying stars was one thing, but proficiency in astronomy was another thing entirely. The majority of the martial arts world was immersed in martial arts; just how many people actually studied astronomy?

"North-northwest!" a voice suddenly declared. "If starting from this place, it's around six thousand, eight hundred steps away!"

Although he was far weaker than the likes of martial arts titans like Song Yuanyi, when it came to knowledge of the heavens and the earth, there was probably no one here that could compare to the Formation Elder.

"Let's go!"

The Formation Elder had barely finished speaking when the air began to howl.

The martial artists at the very back of the crowd had immediately shot into the air, heading in the direction indicated by the Formation Elder.