The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1434

Chapter 1434: Opening The Origin Immortal Treasury I
Chapter 1434: Opening the Origin Immortal Treasury! (I)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

With some people leading the way, other people also began to rush into the distance.

"Hmph, who dares to fight with this ancestor!? Anyone who dares to claim the Origin Immortal Treasury is the enemy of our Five Ancestor Alliance!"

The Black Yin Ancestor coldly snorted, his robes flapping as he charged forward. He was followed right behind by the Myriad Ghost Ancestor and Bone Devil Ancestor.

More than half of the martial artists in the region flew off in the direction indicated, afraid that if they were too slow, they would lose out.

"It's not right!"

But at this time, Wang Chong remained motionless, his expression calm and cold. From what he could see, the points of light in the air were still shifting.


A few seconds later, as Wang Chong and the Demonic Emperor Old Man watched on, the starry points of light turned into several streams of smoke. Those silvery streams of smoke wriggled and shifted until they finally turned into lines of Bird Seal Script.

"What is this?"

This sudden change immediately attracted everyone's attention. The Four Ends Martial Lord and Lone Silence Ancestor, who had already gotten some one hundred feet away, sensed what was happening and immediately stopped and turned back.

"What are these words? Who recognizes them?"

The surrounding crowd chattered. The words reflected by the treasure map undoubtedly contained some important information, but they were so old that no one present understood them.

Wang Chong slightly raised an eyebrow of seeming recognition.

He truly did recognize a few of these Bird Seal characters.

But with so many people watching, Wang Chong said nothing.

Those words continued to wriggle around in the air for a few seconds before completely vanishing.

"Let's go!"

The Demonic Emperor Old Man swept his sleeve, taking the six map pieces into his sleeve. Then he grabbed Wang Chong's shoulder and took Wang Chong and the Formation Elder with him into the sky.

Behind him, the Wushang Village Chief's body flashed as he followed.


In the blink of an eye, a tide of thousands of martial artists was making its way toward the northwest.

"They actually managed to find the entire map to the Origin Immortal Treasury! Should we leave or follow?"

Righteous Alliance Vice Lord Xie Guangting slowly stepped forward, his face calm and emotionless.

Whether that map left behind from so long ago by the Origin Immortal Lord was real or fake, whether the treasury could be opened or not it was like nothing could ever shake Xie Guangting's mind. Xie Guangting was Song Yuanyi's finest assistant, always offering him a strong hand no matter what the occasion was.

The winds howled across a greatly-emptied space. With the departure of all those martial artists, only the Righteous Alliance disciples remained here.

Everyone was waiting for Song Yuanyi's order.

"'Leave'? Why should we leave? The Origin Immortal Lord's treasury is finally about to be opened, and we even offered up the last treasure map piece. Why shouldn't we go to take a look?"

His eyes gleaming like blades, Song Yuanyi firmly ordered, "Pass on my order! All members of the Righteous Alliance should prepare to move out!"


Song Yuanyi stomped forward, and then he soared into the air in a plume of dust. Behind him, Xie Guangting leaped into the air as well. As the Lord and Vice Lord of the Righteous Alliance led the way, all the Righteous Alliance disciples began to follow them toward the northwest.

Around an hour later, a vast assembly of martial artists had gathered at the spot indicated by the star on the treasure map, and were all searching the area.

Every martial artist was brimming with excitement and anticipation of the world's number one Origin Immortal Art.

"Found it!" someone suddenly shouted. A martial artist was standing next to a bulging stone as he waved at the others. But there was also news coming in from other directions.

"The Qian Palace, the Li Palace! You guys, go to the southeast and take a look!"

In the center of the crowd, a martial artist who seemingly had some understanding of formations was directing the group in searching the entire region.

"It seems like there's no need for us to do anything!"

The Demonic Emperor Old Man, Wang Chong, the Wushang Village Chief, and the Formation Elder stood to the side.

From their distant standpoint, they could see that this area was essentially flat, aside from some rocks and gravel blown over from the Moheyan Desert on the southern end. There seemed to be nothing in the area connecting it to the Origin Immortal Lord's treasury.

Although Wang Chong's group initially believed that they would need to intervene, reality ended up taking them by surprise.

With thousands of martial artists combing the area, many abnormal details were turned up, with some objects even being dug out of the ground.

So many martial artists had gathered, and quite a few of them had prodigious abilities. Although they could not compare to the Formation Elder when it came to understanding formations, when they worked together, they produced an effect that not even the Formation Elder could achieve.

It took only a few moments for everyone to realize that a massive circular formation was hidden underground. This formation was formed from countless massive stones and had a diameter of several dozen kilometers. If they did not have the indication from the map and the cooperation of so many martial artists, they would have never been able to find it.

As the Formation Elder watched the hustle and bustle, he suddenly spoke.

"It can't be wrong. This place has an ancient formation that's several dozen times the size of the previous Origin Immortal Formation. It's so large that it's simply impossible for us to completely reveal it.

"But in my view, not even the Origin Immortal Lord could have set up such a massive formation. In my view, he must have borrowed the region's geography and terrain, perhaps even the flow of spiritual energy.

"In this way, he would only need to modify one part of the region, which he could use to influence the other parts and set up this massive formation. This should be what the field of formations calls a Natural Formation!

"However, I have yet to determine the purpose and rules governing this formation."

"'Natural Formation'?"

Wang Chong was startled by the Formation Elder's words.

"Mm, the Nature Formation gets its name from its resemblance to nature itself. This ancient method of creating formations has been lost for many years, and no one knows how to do it now."

The Formation Elder looked around as the stone formation was gradually revealed, and sighed in wonder. The more he came across the things left behind by the Origin Immortal Lord, the more awe and respect he felt.

"What a pity that such powerful formations were lost to time!"

Wang Chong smiled and said, "Heh, Senior Zhou, be at ease. If this formation can be opened, I will definitely find a way to get you the Formation Divine Treatise."

He naturally understood what the Formation Elder was thinking. This man had no interest in martial arts. His sole desire was the Origin Immortal Lord's lost 'Formation Divine Treatise'.

"Ha, kid, for that, this old man won't be polite."

The Formation Elder immediately felt energized. He extended a finger and pointed forward and to the left.

"If my guess is right, the activating core of the formation should be over there!"

A martial artist who had been waiting on the side for some time immediately relayed the Formation Elder's words.

This group had some degree of respect for this formation grandmaster traveling with the Demonic Emperor. Many martial artists quickly began to dig around the area pointed out by the Formation Elder.

"There really is something here!"

As the earth was excavated, the martial artists soon found several fallen stone pillars. Strange patterns had been carved into the pillars along with some indistinguishable words. Judging by the state of the stone pillars, they had been abandoned for centuries, perhaps even a thousand years.

"It's not that simple! Since the Origin Immortal Lord left behind this treasure map and left behind the Origin Immortal Formation and this ancient formation, he must have made the proper arrangements. It's impossible for there not to be a way to open the treasury. It's just that we haven't found the right method yet."

As the Formation Elder spoke, he closed his eyes and began to move around his fingers, his mind calculating.

"Alliance Lord, you think these fellows can really find the treasury?"

As the Formation Elder began to calculate, a pair of eyes slowly looked away. On a low hill, Song Yuanyi and Xie Guangting stood side by side, surrounded by Sikong Yuanjia and the other alliance elders.

While everyone else was digging up the region for the Origin Immortal Treasury, the people of the Righteous Alliance remained unmoved.

There was a lot of activity going on, but there was still no sign that the Origin Immortal Treasury was on the verge of opening.

"There's no rush. Let's keep watching for now."

Song Yuanyi gazed at that youthful figure in the distance, his expression calm.

Song Yuanyi was well aware that the cooperation and teamwork being shown by all these different martial artists was feigned. Whether they found the treasury or not, all that would result in the end would be a bitter battle. And that would be the perfect time to strike.

Let's see how long you can last!

Song Yuanyi's eyes flashed for a moment before returning to normal.

A few moments later, the Formation Elder opened his eyes and gave an order.

"Southwest, push the first stone pillar!"

Rumble! Several martial artists pushed the southwestern stone pillar, and a second later, the earth rumbled as the ground toward the southwest broke open. An arc of stone pillars had suddenly burrowed out of the earth.

"Southeast, push the second and third pillars!" the Formation Elder ordered again.

Rumble! The earth shuddered as yet another line of pillars emerged out of the flat ground.

"To the east, the seventh rock

"To the south, the fourth rock!"

As all the martial artists complied with the Formation Elder's orders and pushed one excavated rock after another, the earth shuddered and groaned.

This seemed to set off a series of chain reactions, and only a few moments later, a massive circle of stone pillars had appeared, and then a second, a third

Around an hour later, the basic shape of a formation had appeared, and as the Formation Elder issued more orders and the formation continued to evolve, those four collapsed pillars at the center of the formation seemed to come to life and righted themselves.

Suddenly, the earth quaked as a massive object began to emerge from beneath those four pillars at the center of the formation.