The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1437

Chapter 1437: A Display Of Divine Abilities

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

It was impossible to see the bottom of the pitch-black pit, and the sides were glossy and smooth.

Everyone felt as if this crater was a bottomless abyss: deep, mysterious, dangerous, frightening.

The many martial artists gathered before this yawning chasm felt like tiny ants.

Absolute silence reigned.

Time seemed to stop for a moment. All the eyes of the crowd were fixed on the massive pit.

Although there was no evidence for it, everyone instinctively had the same idea.

This massive pit was the true entrance into the Origin Immortal Lord's treasury.

But now that the entrance was actually open, nobody said anything, their previous excitement instantly cooling.

"Look over there!" one of the martial artists standing at the front shouted, pointing ahead.

Everyone followed his finger and spotted a stone stele around six or seven feet high near the mysterious pit. Several characters had been written in cinnabar onto the stele, each word written with such force that they bored into the surface of the stele.

The crowd had been so focused on the massive pit that they had failed to notice it at first.

'Origin Immortal Art, No Gate to Fortune or Disaster. Only the Destined Will Obtain It!'

Wang Chong's eyes flashed as he recognized the words on the stele.

"The Origin Immortal Art, it's really the Origin Immortal Art! The treasury left by the Origin Immortal Lord must be down this pit! Let's go already!" someone shouted with incredible excitement.

In the past, everyone would have already been charging in, but now, the call was greeted with silence. Even that martial artist who had shouted remained motionless.

Everyone was looking at each other, and a strange and awkward atmosphere began to settle in.

Everyone was waiting for someone else to go in and find out if all this was real.

The martial arts world was one full of backstabbers. Anyone who could have appeared here was not an easy customer. None would them dare to charge in until they had figured out what was going on.


Seeing that everyone else wasn't moving, the Black Yin Ancestor snorted. A moment later, he waved his sleeve, pushing in three or four unaffiliated martial artists, sending them high into the air and over the pit.

These martial artists had just appeared above the chasm when an invisible energy seized them and dragged them straight down.


Screams tore through the air as these martial artists streaked like comets into the pit and vanished from sight.


Those around the Black Yin Ancestor and the Five Ancestor Alliance immediately backed away like they had noticed a venomous snake.

Others turned to the bottomless black hole in dread, their faces pale.

"There's something weird about this pit!"

The crowd felt fear in their hearts as they looked at the yawning chasm.

The Black Yin Ancestor's actions had been rather brutal, but he was a member of the evil path, so this action was not completely unexpected.

In contrast, this enormous pit, based on the trajectory of those martial artists, clearly had some sort of abnormal pull that would hasten one's descent.


At this moment, a bird cried from overhead as it flew above the mountain. But a moment later, the bird screeched as the pull dragged it into the pit.


Everyone instantly paled at this sight.

Even the likes of the Black Yin Ancestor and the Lone Silence Ancestor couldn't help but twitch a little.

Almost all people who had reached the Black Yin Ancestor's level of cultivation could use abilities similar to the Celestial Wolf's Divine Procession. But no matter how strong they were, they couldn't be like birds and fly freely in the skies.

However, even a bird had instantly been pulled down from the sky and into the abyss, so what hope did they have?

"It seems like entering the Origin Immortal Treasury wont be as easy as we imagined," the Wushang Village Chief suddenly said.

Ever since the Origin Immortal Formation, no one dared to underestimate the things left behind by the Origin Immortal Lord.

Although no one had actually seen what was inside, their intuition told them that this pit was fraught with dangers.

"Chong-er, do you still remember those words that appeared above the Energy Condensation Pearl?" the Demonic Emperor Old Man suddenly said.

"I remember!" Wang Chong whispered, understanding what his master was talking about.

When the six map pieces had been gathered, everyone's attention had been on the star map and the location of the Origin Immortal Lord's treasury. Few people noticed the Bird Seal Script characters that had appeared at the very end.

But Wang Chong understood just how important those words were.

"The false is not false; the bewildering mists conceal the sun and moon; the vast sea covers the pearl!

"The true is not true; descend into the abyss and the nine layers of caves within caves, the vast and mighty Thousand-Year Mansion within Mansions!"

This was probably the 'abyss' being referred to here.

There had been a few more words there, but as there were many people around, it was not the right time to talk about them.

The Demonic Emperor Old Man said nothing, only nodded. There was a pensive look in his eyes.

The Origin Immortal Lord would never leave something behind without reason. There was definitely some profound meaning to these phrases.

The crowd around the pit began to chatter, but no one dared to venture in.

As everyone was hesitating, the temperature suddenly soared, and then a red cloud shot through the air and began to travel down the pit along its edge.

This sight caught the crowd by surprise.

"It's the Four Ends Martial Lord!"

Wang Chong immediately noticed who this was. This was the only person in the region with such bold and fierce Stellar Energy.

"Hahaha, it's not that easy to take the Origin Immortal Art for yourself!"

The Black Yin Ancestor sinisterly chuckled and swiftly made his move.


With a thunderous roar, the Black Yin Ancestor began to seethe with black smoke. A few seconds later, he had transformed into a massive black dragon. Whoosh! He began to crawl toward the massive pit.

Crrsshcrsssh! A great deal of rubble fell into the pit as the Black Yin Ancestor began to climb his way down the smooth walls of the pit, and soon, he had vanished from sight.

Everything the Origin Immortal Lord had left behind was dangerous and would probably kill most martial artists. But for martial arts titans like the Four Ends Martial Lord and the Black Yin Ancestor, not even the greatest dangers could stop them from seizing the world's number one art.


The sight of the Four Ends Martial Lord and the Black Yin Ancestor charging forward stimulated the ambition in the crowd.

"Brothers, charge!"

"The Origin Immortal Lord's treasury is already open! Don't let the Four Ends Martial Lord and the Black Yin Ancestor take everything for themselves! Everyone, go!"

"Fortune and status are for the bold! The title of world's number one will be mine!"

"Bastards! Don't let them take it!"

The motionless crowd of martial artists seemed to have been awakened, and they began to surge toward that seemingly bottomless pit. If one did not enter the tiger's cave, how could one get the tiger cub? No matter what sort of danger resided in the pit, it could not overcome the temptation of the Origin Immortal Art.

And if the Four Ends Martial Lord and Black Yin Ancestor had gone down, what did the rest of them have to fear?

The martial artists were soon rushing toward the edge of the chasm, using various kinds of skills and formidable arts to make their way to the bottom.

"Let's go!"

The Lone Silence Ancestor suddenly extended a hand. Thick mist began to gather as he summoned all the surrounding water in the area. Soon, he had created a massive ball of clear water that shifted around in the air.

Thwish! With a wave of his hand, the Lone Silence Ancestor had this ball of water engulf him and the martial artists beside him. It soared into the air and then into the pit.

But as it reached the edge of the pit, the ball of water transformed into a seventy-foot-tall crane that began to glide along the edge of the pit.

Even after a long while, one could still hear the cry of that water crane.

"Go! Don't let them have it!"

This sight further stimulated the martial artists, and thousands of them began to climb down the smooth walls of the pit.

"Hmph! Fighting with us for the Origin Immortal Art? You don't know your own strength!"

With a furious bellow, a massive white bone devil emerged from the Five Ancestor Alliance group. This massive bone devil was thirty to forty meters tall, completely made from white bones, and surrounded by black streams of energy. It exuded a thick aura of death.

Whoosh! Whoosh! The bone devil crawled along on its hands and feet, approaching the chasm with astonishing speed. All the martial artists who happened to be standing in the Bone Devil Ancestor's way were knocked into the air or to the side like dead leaves.

As he crawled toward the Origin Immortal Treasury's entrance, the Bone Devil Ancestor swept out a hand and took the Myriad Ghost Ancestor and a large number of Five Ancestor Alliance experts onto his back. After doing this, the Bone Devil Ancestor began to crawl down the walls of the pit, disappearing into its depths with the Myriad Ghost Ancestor and the Five Ancestor Alliance experts.