The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1438

Chapter 1438: The Unseen Danger

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"It's about time for us to move out as well"

Righteous Alliance Lord Song Yuanyi's eyes flashed as he drew back his gaze.


Vast quantities of vitality poured into the ground beneath Song Yuanyi's feet, and a moment later, a massive vine as thick as an arm rose out of the ground. This giant vine seemed to have a mind of its own, and after picking up Song Yuanyi and Xie Guangting, it began to creep toward the pit.

Just a few moments later, it began to slowly sink down into the pit, vanishing with its two passengers.

Right behind the two, more giant green vines miraculously sprouted out of the ground, creating a green passage into the cave.

"Haha, everyone, follow the alliance lord! Go!"

The Righteous Alliance experts charged forward, climbing into the depths of the pit along the vines left by the Righteous Alliance Lord, their progress both swift and stable.

The vines left behind by Song Yuanyi allowed the Righteous Alliance experts to move much faster than the others.

"Hurry! Follow them down!"

Many martial artists felt their passions ignited at this sight, and they also grabbed onto those thick vines and traveled into the pit.

Each of these thick vines had firmly rooted itself into the smooth walls of the chasm, and with their help, traversing the pit became as easy as walking on flat ground.

"Follow, go!"

More and more martial artists began to mimic this action.

But after they had climbed twenty to thirty meters using these vines, the unexpected occurred. Without any warning, a vine which many martial artists had grabbed onto suddenly vanished in a puff of smoke.

These martial artists who had tried to follow the Righteous Alliance along these vines were caught off guard, and screamed as they plunged into the abyss.


Their screams drew farther and farther away into the pitch-black darkness, continuing to echo against the walls. Those martial artists who were still standing at the edge of the pit became hesitant and backed away in fear.

As for the Righteous Alliance experts, they had long ago vanished from sight.

The entrance to the Origin Immortal Treasury was open, and there was no stopping any of this. Those martial artists who had plunged into the abyss in their attempt to follow Song Yuanyi were merely tiny ripples in the middle of a vast lake.

More and more martial artists rushed toward the bottom of the chasm like so many ants.

The walls of the pit were smooth and steep, and they were much more difficult to gain purchase on than imagined. Screams constantly rang out as people plunged into the abyss, but there was no stopping the massive number of martial artists.

"Chong-er, get ready. We're going down too."

The Demonic Emperor Old Man finally looked away and toward Wang Chong and the Wushang Village Chief.


Wang Chong firmly nodded. The out-of-control Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art in his body was currently the greatest threat to him. Since the entrance to the Origin Immortal Treasury was open, he had to see what was inside.

"Kid, I won't be going into the Origin Immortal Treasury," the Formation Elder suddenly said. "I'm too weak, so even if I go in, I'll just be a burden. It's better for me to remain up here.

"Kid, remember what I told you. The Origin Immortal Lord's treasury should also contain a Formation Divine Treatise that's placed together with the Origin Immortal Art. No matter what, you have to get it for me. I'll wait up here for the good news."

The Formation Elder looked at Wang Chong, his eyes gleaming with hope.

That Formation Divine Treatise recorded many now-lost ancient formations. Each formation was incredibly powerful, and while the treatise was useless to the majority of martial artists, it was equal to the world's number one martial art in the eyes of the Formation Elder.

"Mm. No matter what, I will do my very best to get the Formation Divine Treatise for you!" Wang Chong solemnly said.

A few moments later, Wang Chong, the Demonic Emperor Old Man, and the Wushang Village Chief reached the edge of the pit.

"So deep!"

Wang Chong looked down into the chasm.

To look at the pit from a distance and to stand on its edge were two completely different experiences. From the edge, Wang Chong could see only sinister and pitch-black darkness, giving off the impression of a bottomless hole. Wang Chong attempted to spread out his Psychic Energy, but not even his Psychic Energy could find the bottom.

"Let's go down!" the Demonic Emperor Old Man said, turning his head to the Wushang Village Chief. The latter understood and immediately threw out his white cane.


The cane vanished, replaced by a white dragon thirty to forty meters in length.

This was the White Dragon Divine Art of Wushang Village. The Wushang Village Chief had previously used this art to unleash the technique 'Five Dragons to the Heavens', and now, he was using it to transform his cane into a white dragon.

The white dragon crawled down the pit and stopped twenty to thirty meters from the edge, waiting silently.


With a shake of his robe, the Demonic Emperor Old Man jumped down from the edge and landed on the white dragon's head. The Wushang Village Chief's robes spread out as he descended like a giant bird to land next to the Demonic Emperor Old Man.

"No matter what, we have to get the Origin Immortal Art!"

Wang Chong closed his eyes, took in a deep breath, opened his eyes again, and jumped down onto the dragon's tail.

Whoosh! As the Formation Elder and countless other martial artists watched, the dragon began to move its four claws, swiftly bringing Wang Chong, the Demonic Emperor Old Man, and the Wushang Village Chief down into the chasm. In just a few moments, they had overtaken many other martial artists.

How strange. This pit is like a black hole.

Standing on the dragon's tail, Wang Chong carefully sensed everything around him. Now that he was inside, Wang Chong immediately felt a great weight on his body. Some invisible energy was working on his Stellar Energy, making it almost go out of his control and gush out of his pores.

He had never experienced such a situation before, and in this situation, he found it very hard to exert his strength. If Wang Chong was in this situation, one could only imagine how others were faring.

The white dragon swiftly crawled downward, and as Wang Chong looked around, he saw that many martial artists were climbing down the smooth walls.

The walls were smooth and steep, making them difficult to gain purchase on. Thus, many martial artists gathered Stellar Energy on their arms and feet to fix their bodies to the walls.


A scream suddenly rang out, and twenty to thirty meters away, Wang Chong saw several martial artists in a row lose their grip and drop into the abyss.

But there was no stopping these martial artists, and he could still see hundreds to thousands of martial artists completely unaffected, even hastening their climbs.

Time went by.

Five hundred meters, one thousand meters there was still no bottom to be seen, and the martial artists on both sides continued to climb down ceaselessly with no signs of stopping.

Wang Chong looked across and saw only darkness. Even with Wang Chong's abilities, a diameter of seven to eight hundred meters was difficult to see across.

It's getting darker the deeper we go, making it even more difficult to see what's going on below us. When the time comes, we might have to rely on other methods, Wang Chong quietly said to himself.

"Chong-er, careful!"

As he was thinking, the Demonic Emperor Old Man's voice rang out in his ear.

Wang Chong didn't notice anything at first, but in the space of a few breaths, he felt like a heavy stone had been dropped on his chest as breathing suddenly became a much more difficult task.

"The air is getting thinner! Make your preparations!" the Demonic Emperor Old Man warned.

Wang Chong's heart chilled as he understood. As this passage traveled deeper and deeper, the air got thinner and thinner. Without enough air, even a martial artist who could shatter the earth by flicking a finger would start to find it difficult to breathe.

This passage was far more difficult than imagined.

"Those martial artists are starting to hesitate!" the Wushang Village Chief said, his voice extremely solemn.

Wang Chong looked around him.

The thousands of martial artists had been rapidly descending along the walls, but now, many of them had stopped and were hesitantly looking down below. Though they hadn't noticed anything at first, these martial artists now keenly understood that they had already encountered the first obstacle of the Origin Immortal Treasury.

This obstacle was not other ambitious experts, but the rapidly thinning air in the pit.

This was an impassable barrier!

Once the air became thin enough, martial artists would die just like the rest.

"Damn it! How could it be like this?!"

A martial artist who had been crawling along the wall like a spider some several dozen feet from Wang Chong sensed the strengthening stifling sensation, and even his Stellar Energy flow began to be affected. He couldn't help but punch a fist into the wall.

He had originally believed that his greatest foes in obtaining the Origin Immortal Art were top-class experts like the Black Yin Ancestor and Wang Chong. He had never expected that this first barrier of thinning air would become the barrier that he could never overcome. He found this opponent more difficult to accept than any other.

"We'll die if this continues! Retreat! Hurry and retreat!"

"This cave is just too deep, more than one thousand meters Who knows how far down it goes!?" another martial artist said in despair.

They had thought it would be seven or eight hundred meters at most, but they were now at more than one thousand meters with no end in sight.