The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1439

Chapter 1439: Bottomless Pit

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"It'd be great to be the world's number one, but you need to have your life to enjoy it! It's no good! I have to retreat!"

A martial artist gnashed his teeth, struggle in his eyes and a mighty battle taking place in his heart. Finally, he reversed course, crawling upward on his hands and feet.

He sensed that if he didn't turn around now, he would truly lose his grip and die in vain.

One person turning around was like the first domino in a line, and other martial artists instantly began to turn around and reluctantly climb back up. This formed a stark contrast with that desperate struggle to be first from before.

Treasure was important, but life was even more important.

As time went on, the vast majority of the martial artists continued to descend, driven by the allure of treasure. Twelve hundred meters, fifteen hundred meters, eighteen hundred meters, two thousand meters Several hours passed, and the lack of noise besides the sound of climbing had become rather frightening.

However, the pit continued to have no end, continued to be that bottomless abyss.

As time went on, more and more martial artists could no longer keep up and were forced to turn back.

Wang Chong was motionless, minimizing his breathing to its utmost. If one didn't look carefully, one would even think that he was a lifeless corpse.

The Turtle Breathing Art!

The unusual art he had learned from the Sindhu monks finally had a chance to display its use.

Martial artists were unable to endure in thin-air environments because their metabolisms were too powerful. But if one dropped their metabolism to the lowest possible level, one would naturally need much less air.

Thus, even if the air was thin, one could still move around normally.

This was the countermeasure Wang Chong had thought of to deal with this bottomless abyss.

"Not bad!"

On the head of the white dragon, the Demonic Emperor Old Man had been extremely worried about Wang Chong. But now that he heard how long Wang Chong needed for each breath and that his metabolism had dropped to its lowest possible level, he couldn't help but subtly nod.

Although Wang Chong was young, he was extremely experienced. There was no need to worry about him in situations like these.


A moment later, the Demonic Emperor Old Man closed his own eyes and used an unusual art of his own.

He did not know Wang Chong's Turtle Breathing Art, but as a grandmaster of the martial arts world and the evil path's number one, the Demonic Emperor Old Man knew far more arts than Wang Chong.

At the same time, the Wushang Village Chief also minimized his breathing.

The multitude of martial artists continued to clamber down the walls like monkeys. Fortune was found in danger, and there were still many martial artists unwilling to give up in the face of this particular danger.

We must be nearly three thousand meters from the top now! But there's still no bottom in sight. Just how deep is this pit left behind by the Origin Immortal Lord? And why did he have to make his treasury so complicated?

Wang Chong sat motionless, using his Stellar Energy to attach himself to the white dragon. Meanwhile, his mind was buzzing with thought.

Whether in this life or the last, Wang Chong had been through countless dangerous places, but none of them had made him feel as insignificant as this giant chasm. The people hanging on the walls were like tiny ants, and they were liable to drop down at any moment.

This pit seemed to be part of a world of giants, and no one knew where its terminus was.

At three thousand meters, the air was extraordinarily thin. This distance was unimaginable for many martial artists, comparable to an abyss. But Wang Chong sensed that this was a small distance for this massive pit with a diameter of seven to eight hundred meters.

Everyone who comes here is here to become the world's number one, but who knows how many of them can last until the bottom?

As this thought passed through his mind, Wang Chong slowly raised his head.

From Wang Chong's perspective, up above was darkness. The opening they had come in through was suspended high in the sky, a tiny star about the size of a sesame seed. And from what he could make out, there were still many martial artists clambering their way down.

These scenes combined to give an impression of this place as a dark passage to another world.


As he was thinking, his surroundings trembled and a large amount of stones and gravel dropped down. The white dragon also trembled, shaking Wang Chong along with it.

Startled, Wang Chong hurriedly steadied himself.

It's the pit wall!

Wang Chong's eyes gleamed as he focused on the cave wall down below.

At this depth, the light was extremely weak, and it should have been impossible to see anything. But Wang Chong could see a faint white light reflecting off the walls.

"Chong-er, be careful! The walls here are much smoother and the stones are looser. We can't use the white dragon any longer!"

The Demonic Emperor Old Man's voice came out of the darkness, extremely grim.

After three-thousand-some meters and with no end in sight, the walls of the pit had become more difficult to climb. This was something that no one had expected.

"Brother Fang, get ready to dispel the white dragon. We'll use our own feet! Chong-er, are you ready?" the Demonic Emperor Old Man sternly said, speaking first to the Wushang Village Chief and then to Wang Chong.


The Wushang Village Chief nodded. He had used the white dragon to be cautious, as they did not understand this place very well, but there was no need for it now.

"Your disciple understands!"

Wang Chong sternly nodded, but there was little change to the expression on his face.

The change had come faster than expected, but Wang Chong was also of the opinion that it was time to use his own hands and feet.


A few moments later, one of the white dragon's feet slipped, sending another shower of dirt and stone plummeting into the abyss. The weight of the dragon and the three passengers upon it was far more than the walls could bear.

It was now much better for the three to split up and travel alone.


With a dragon cry, the Wushang Village Chief clenched his hand. The lifelike white dragon immediately vanished, turning into a six-foot-long white cane that flew into the Wushang Village Chief's hand like a bird.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! The Demonic Emperor Old Man had already leaped forward, creating a small arc in the air. His two feet firmly attached themselves to the smooth surface of the wall, and powerful Stellar Energy surged through his soles and into the cave.

The Demonic Emperor Old Man proceeded to simply traverse the cave wall like he was walking on flat ground, heading deeper into the darkness. The Wushang Village Chief also extended his cane, landed on the wall, and began to follow the Demonic Emperor Old Man in a similar fashion.

As for Wang Chong

Although his strength was limited, as a master of the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art, he was extremely proficient when it came to exploiting the pull of his Stellar Energy.


The moment he jumped off the white dragon, he extracted some energy from the Energy Condensation Pearl and gathered it into an energy vortex at his abdomen. This produced a repulsive force that more than halved the immense pull coming from the bottom of the pit. Meanwhile, his two feet extended toward the wall and were soon held fast to it.

This should be enough. Using this method, I should be able to minimize the pull from the bottom of the pit, Wang Chong quietly said to himself.

The energy vortex was something he had begun to think about even before entering the pit, but he had still needed some time to finally comprehend it. He wasn't sure about it at first, but it was now apparent that this energy vortex was proving rather effective. Even so, Wang Chong did not dare to be careless.

This pit was a dangerous and unknown world. Wang Chong's little trick only allowed him to maintain a fine balance. While he had it easier than others, he was still in no place to relax.

No one knew what other perils might be within this massive pit!

"Everyone, be careful! It's probably going to get a lot more dangerous from here." The Demonic Emperor Old Man spoke one last time before he vanished into the darkness.

Wang Chong closely followed.

Thirty-five hundred meters, thirty-seven hundred meters, thirty-nine hundred meters

As they ventured deeper and deeper, breathing became increasingly arduous. There were many places where the wall seemed extremely smooth, but the slightest pressure would cause it to crumble like tofu, making it very easy to fall.

How are we still not at the end?

Wang Chong creased his brow. He could hear the sounds of crumbling stone around him, and in the darkness, he could vaguely make out that a few people were continuing to descend.

There were significantly fewer martial artists at this depth than there had been at the beginning, but it was still a significant number.

Wang Chong sensed that there were seven or eight hundred.

Some people were using sabers and swords, and some people were even using steel rope. Everyone was using their own skills, and no matter who they were, anyone who could reach this level was an incredible expert.

Wang Chong focused his mind and continued to make his way down.

To walk down a cave wall as if one was walking on flat ground was extremely difficult. If he fell, not even Wang Chong knew if he would be able to survive.

Four thousand meters, five thousand meters, seven thousand metersat this depth, not even the light from the entrance could be seen anymore.

He was surrounded by a world of darkness that was brimming with danger.

And there was still no sight of the end.