The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1440

Chapter 1440: Ambush In The Darkness

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"What's going on here? It's already seven thousand meters! Why is there still no end?!"

A frantic roar exploded out of the darkness. After climbing so far and consuming so much Stellar Energy, after the air had become so thin and the walls so dangerous, some martial artists had finally reached their breaking point.

If they had known that this pit would be so deep from the very start, many of them would have considered for a very long time before venturing in. But what was most crucial was not that it was deep, but that there was no telling how deep the pit went. This was the most excruciating aspect.

"Let's go!" a reluctant voice called out. "If this continues, we'll be exhausted to death before we even reach the Origin Immortal Treasury."

Even these powerful martial artists had begun to lose hope, and some of them had already turned around and started the climb back up.

In the face of this seemingly endless challenge, they had finally decided to retreat.

This is fine. At least we can eliminate some of the weaker competitors beforehand!

Wang Chong smiled. He instantly understood what the Origin Immortal Lord's intention was.

The temptation of the Origin Immortal Art was simply too much, and there was almost no martial artist that could resist it. This bottomless pit could make the majority of martial artists shrink back in the face of difficulty, avoiding meaningless casualties.


Suddenly, a scream rang out through the darkness, loudly echoing throughout the pit. And unlike before, this was a scream of extreme pain, the scream of someone who had been injured by an ambush.


Wang Chong grimaced and he immediately sensed intense danger. But before he could react, he heard several piercing whistles coming toward him.

Across from Wang Chong, twenty to thirty needles were approaching at astonishing speed.


Wang Chong immediately sent out a burst of energy from his dantian, which took the form of a wall to protect his surroundings.

Pingpingping! The assassination needles were all knocked away.

But a moment later, he heard a 'pahpahpah' coming from over his head.

"Not good!"

Wang Chong trembled in understanding. Turning his head, he saw that twenty to thirty meters above him, a row of needles had thrust into the wall. A moment later, the Stellar Energy in these needles detonated.

Rumble! Dirt and stone poured down, smashing toward Wang Chong.


Wang Chong thrust his palm out behind him and then lunged to the side.

A split-second later, several dozen needles wrapped in destructive energy shot toward Wang Chong. Half of them were aimed directly at him while the other half were aimed at the loose rock around him.

The pull of the pit was immense, and it was directly affecting Stellar Energy. This was extremely dangerous to martial artists, and as this mysterious assailant was forcing Wang Chong to move around while also destroying the walls around him, they clearly harbored ill intentions.

They wanted nothing more than for Wang Chong to fall.

More Stellar Energy rumbled out of Wang Chong's body, rapidly expanding the energy vortex in front of his abdomen so that he could better resist the pull of the cave. At the same time, Wang Chong once more moved positions, creating an enormous pull from his body that held him fast to a part of the wall some seven to eight meters away.

As he was doing all this, Wang Chong waved a sleeve, sweeping up ten-some needles and the seven or eight boulders that were coming from above with his Great Yinyang Stellar Energy and sending them flying at his assailant.


The flickering images of the sun and moon appeared around Wang Chong as he pushed the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art to its limit, and those needles and boulders picked up speed, flying as quickly as lightning bolts.


A few seconds later, explosions could be heard from the other side along with the sound of rubble crumbling down. After that, a strange and evil laughter could be heard.

"Kekekeke, kid, you're rather lucky to have escaped with your life!"

"The Black Yin Ancestor!"

Wang Chong's eyes chilled, instantly recognizing the voice.

The Black Yin Ancestor had moved out faster than most, following mere moments after the Four Ends Martial Lord. Logically speaking, he should have been at least two thousand meters ahead of him, but it turned out that he had turned back and laid an ambush.

Wang Chong could tell from his voice that he was seven or eight hundred meters away, on the other side of the pit.

If this were the surface, this distance would be nothing at all. But in this pit, where the air was thin and the pull of gravity strong, flying was extremely difficult. Not even peerless experts like Wang Chong and the Black Yin Ancestor could cross this gap.

It was precisely because the Black Yin Ancestor had noticed this that he had decided to lay his ambush.


As Wang Chong's mind was rapidly turning, trying to think of a way to deal with the Black Yin Ancestor, there was a shout of alarm.

"Zhang Wenfu, you bastard!"

The Black Yin Ancestor's panicked and furious voice faded into the distance.

It sounded like he had suffered some sort of loss.

"Chong-er, how is it? Are you injured?"

In a rush of air, a figure appeared at Wang Chong's side, looking solemn. His master, the Demonic Emperor Old Man, had at some point turned around to check on him.

"I'm fine!"

Wang Chong felt a surge of warmth as he shook his head.

"But it seems like the Five Ancestor Alliance has already begun to target others."

When gathering the pieces of the treasure map, everyone had worked together, with even the Black Yin Ancestor playing a significant role. But now, their relationship as temporary allies had clearly come to an end.

The Black Yin Ancestor's attack clearly indicated that their relationship had entered a new phase.

In this phase, everyone would use all the tricks available to kill their opponents and reduce their competitors.

"The situation down here is very complicated. Our vision is restricted, as is our strength. Do your best to not get very far from me. In this way, no matter what sort of scheme there is, your master can deal with it at any time," the Demonic Emperor Old Man sternly said. Ever since they had entered this pit, the Demonic Emperor Old Man had become abnormally grave.

Wang Chong nodded and closely followed the Demonic Emperor Old Man as they continued down.

Six hours had already passed since the start of this expedition. As Wang Chong and the Demonic Emperor Old Man ventured deeper, on the surface, more than seven thousand martial artists had ventured into the enormous pit.

And by now, those martial artists who had given up were beginning to emerge.

This was the first time in the history of the martial arts world that so many people had taken part in a single activity, with even titans like the Black Yin Ancestor participating.

"Young Master, this place is too dangerous. Are we really going down?"

In a place extremely far from the pit, a tall and imposing guard looked to Young Master Qingyang.

Around four hours ago, some martial artists had climbed out of the pit with some information. One could constantly hear phrases like 'air too thin', 'walls too smooth', 'bottomless', and 'pull too great' from their conversations. All of this information indicated that this bottomless pit was far too dangerous and was not the right place for them.

Although Young Master Qingyang was an erudite scholar of martial arts, he himself did not possess a very high cultivation level. In the eyes of most of these martial artists, he was little different from an ordinary human.

If even these martial artists could not endure, there was little doubt about how Young Master Qingyang would fare.

"Sword Dragon, you know what my personality is like. The Origin Immortal Art is the world's number one art, and the treasury's opening is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If we don't go in and see what's inside, I will be left with a lifelong regret."

Young Master Qingyang, in his azure robe, stared with shining eyes at the pit.

Young Master Qingyang's movements were eccentric, and he rarely interacted with the martial arts world. No faction had ever been able to recruit him to their side.

But even though Young Master Qingyang had little desire for status or authority, he had an interest that everyone in the world knew about.

Young Master Qingyang liked to tour and adventure. Wherever the strange or dangerous could be found, there he would be. Young Master Qingyang spent more than half his time engaged in this pursuit.

Now that the Origin Immortal Lord's treasury had been opened, the treasury of one who had truly been the strongest, Young Master Qingyang had to go in and take a look, even if he died inside.

As Young Master Qingyang's constant guardian, the man known as 'Sword Dragon' could only sigh.

He had already known what the answer would be, but he had still hoped to persuade Young Master Qingyang otherwise.

"Sword Dragon understands. No matter where Young Master goes, your subordinate swears to follow," Sword Dragon sternly said, his eyes determined. No matter how dangerous it was, as long as he was there, he would ensure that not even a hair of the young master was harmed.

Sword Dragon quickly put Young Master Qingyang on his back and then took some rope to tie himself and Young Master Qingyang together. This was to avoid any unexpected mishaps.

There were no longer many martial artists around the pit. With Young Master Qingyang on his back, Sword Dragon fearlessly strode toward the pit. But before they could descend, a black stream of energy rushed ahead of them and plunged into the depths.

At that moment, the two of them clearly sensed an immense aura on this black figure that was on par with the likes of the Black Yin Ancestor and Song Yuanyi.

"That is?"

Sword Dragon shivered as deep apprehension appeared in his eyes.

"Eastern Turkic King, Bagushidu!"

Young Master Qingyang's eyes flashed as he spoke.

He was a natural scholar, and though he did not have a deep relationship with the factions of the martial arts world, he knew all the martial artists, even the experts of the surrounding foreign countries, like the back of his hand.